Chapter 361: Dark Mara Dimension


“Kid, stop dawdling. Just use the Demon Sealing Sword and gut them all.” Tower finally lost his patience.

“I was thinking the same thing.” Killing intent surged out from Chen Feng’s heart. Seemingly having sensed his intentions, the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand trembled lightly.


In the face of their attacks, a powerful dimensional power enveloped Chen Feng. The eight cultivators’ attacks landed on Chen Feng’s body at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud noises rang out due to the force behind their attacks. The combined attacks from eight cultivators with Lightning Tribulations under their belts could easily shatter a 100-zhang-tall mountain. However, when the attacks finally landed on Chen Feng’s body, all they could create was a series of faint sounds.


Chen Feng swiftly swung the Demon Sealing Sword, causing its dimensional power and astral lightning power to radiate out simultaneously. A sword light flashed out and the eight Sky Human stage cultivators were simultaneously cleaved into two each.

As they had all overcome Lightning Tribulation before, they possessed potent soul power. Their bodies were cleaved apart, but their souls did not dissipate. Thus, every one of them controlled the upper part of their bodies as they anxiously attempted to flee.

“It’s useless. You already know that I have a Sacred artefact. Do you think you can get out of here alive?” Chen Feng sneered.

After Chen Feng spoke up, their seas of wisdom exploded at the same instant, causing their souls, which had overcome Lightning Tribulations, to dissipate. Their upper bodies were incapable of making it too far away before falling down to the ground.

“As expected from a Sacred artefact. Activate the array!” Ou Yeqing’s face turned grim. Next, with a wave of his hand, he sent a jade stone up into the sky. The jade stone abruptly exploded and Chen Feng instantly found himself surrounded by darkness. His vision was utterly obstructed and he could not see anything at all.

Emptiness. That was all Chen Feng could feel. Even the ground beneath had transformed into nothingness and it felt as though he was drifting aimlessly throughout the cosmos.

What kind of magic array is this? It can actually block off my five senses. Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, he spread out his soul power to sense his surroundings.

Wherever his soul power went, he found only emptiness. It was as though he had fallen into eternal darkness.

These fellows wouldn’t keep me here forever. They will definitely take action. Chen Feng was in no hurry. Instead, he secretly kept his guard up as he waited for them to take action.

“Chen Feng has gone in for a while now. Why hasn’t he come out yet?” Luo Kong felt somewhat concerned.

“You fellows wait here first. I will go check it out,” Zhou You said before swiftly flying into the valley.

“Humph! Someone else has come!”

“Let them! They don’t know the meaning of death. After entering the Dark Mara Dimension, it will be hard to escape. Do not be anxious. We’ll slowly sap away their strength. The Sacred artefact in Chen Feng’s hand in very powerful. Thankfully, we did not take action right away, otherwise we would have died.”

“Yes. I didn’t think this fellow would be so ruthless. He killed off eight Sky Human stage cultivators just like that. Thankfully, they are outsiders. Their deaths are nothing concerning.”

Zhao Hai and the others were in no hurry to attack. Instead, they gathered together to wait for an opportunity.

“Why isn’t Zhou You back yet? Did something happen?” Luo Kong grew apprehensive.

“I’ll go check it out!”

“Do not be reckless! Let’s go together. If we find something amiss, hurry up and leave and notify the sect,” Shui Yan said.

After entering the valley, they failed to see what was inside the valley. Instead, all the saw was rolling clouds charging towards them.

“What is going on here? Quick, leave!” Shui Yan immediately sensed something amiss.

However, it was too late. The thick clouds quickly engulfed them all. Shui Yan and the others found themselves losing their balance as their surroundings turned dark and they lost their sense of direction.

They had fallen into the same situation as Chen Feng, trapped within the Dark Mara Dimension.

“Why are there so many people?” Ou Yeqing frowned.

“Forget it. We cannot afford to wait any longer. To avoid any unexpected situations, we’ll have to do it now,” Zhao Hai said.

“First, strengthen the magic array!”

At that moment, Chen Feng had realized that his body was slowly losing primary energy. Strands of primary energy slowly flowed out from his various pores before disappearing into the surrounding darkness. In the beginning, due to its minute rate of loss, it had been hard to notice it. Later, however, the rate increased. Although it was no match for the Heavengulping Absorption Technique that he was cultivating, this effect was astonishing.

What a powerful array! It can actually devour the power inside me. Chen Feng immediately channelled the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art. Two overpowering suction forces emerged from Chen Feng’s body to not only absorb back the lost energy, but also to absorb much of the surrounding spiritual energy from the darkness.

“Kid, time to attack. Your companions are in the same situation as you. They have fallen into this dimension,” Tower said.

“What? Lu Ta and the others have entered as well?” Chen Feng was shocked. He knew. As time went by, Lu Ta and the others would have their powers sucked dry. Unlike Chen Feng, it would not take long before their powers were completely sucked away. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng gripped the Demon Sealing Sword. However, before he could take action, he felt several gusts of wind swiftly assailing him from behind. His hand shot out with a grasping motion to catch two incomparably dark chains.

The chains were bone-piercingly cold, made from unknown materials. Chen Feng attempted to pull them apart with his hands but failed.

Impressive. It is so hard. Is it made from 10,000-year-old Frost Iron? Chen Feng used both hands to pull them. He could sense that the chains were very long.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

As Chen Feng was attempting to pull the two chains, more attacks came from the void. Countless chains shot forward in various directions to bind Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s hands moved swiftly to catch several of the chains. All of them were as cold as Frost Iron. They were made from the same material.

It did not take long before the other chains bound Chen Feng tightly. Next, sharp spikes protruded out from the chains, attempting to pierce Chen Feng.

Still, Chen Feng possessed the protection of the body armour. The spikes were simply incapable of piercing his flesh.

With a thought, however, Chen Feng suppressed the body armour to deliberately allow the spikes to pierce his skin.

As expected, once the spikes pierced his skin, potent suction forces emerged from them to absorb the blood energy within Chen Feng’s body. It seemed the spikes were desirous of turning Chen Feng into a withered corpse.

Chen Feng closed his eyes, allowing them to suck his blood energy away. After some time, he snapped open his eyes. Next, his whole body furiously stretched outwards and the power of his body armour surged outwards.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

After a series of explosions, the chains binding Chen Feng’s body were all broken and Chen Feng recovered his ability to move.

“This way,” Chen Feng said, wielding the Demon Sealing Sword to abruptly hack down. The darkness before him was cut to reveal a spacious path.

Chen Feng swiftly made his way forward. Whenever he encountered more darkness blocking his way, he would hack down again. In the face of the Demon Sealing Sword, a Sacred artefact, the Dark Mara Dimension entrapping Chen Feng became like paper, easily cut apart.

Earlier, Chen Feng had deliberately allowed the chains to absorb his blood energy to find the source of the chains.

He moved quickly. With the Demon Sealing Sword to open a way for him, he was able to find the spot in the blink of an eye.

“Here!” After saying that, Chen Feng unleashed yet another swing with the Demon Sealing Sword. An overpowering astral lightning power exploded violently. It was as though a black piece of cloth had been struck by a lightning bolt. The darkness before him was immediately torn apart to reveal the outside space. Fresh air surged in and Chen Feng could see the grasses and trees growing within the valley.


When Chen Feng tore open the Dark Mara Dimension, one of the cultivators controlling the magic array was torn apart by the resulting sword energy.

“Not good! He escaped!” Zhao Quan cried out in shock.

“Don’t panic. This is within our expectations. If he cannot escape, how can that Demon Sealing Sword be considered a Sacred artefact?” Zhao Hai said with a sneer.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng kept swinging the Demon Sealing Sword and sword beams, infused with astral lightning, kept exploding all around him. Every time a sword beam exploded, a cultivator would be torn apart, dying in the process. The remaining cultivators who were controlling the magic array – seeing the situation – quickly stopped the array operations and escaped as far as they could.

Finally, every bit of darkness disappeared and the valley returned to its normal state.


Lu Ta, Shui Yan and the others were swinging their weapons about when the darkness disappeared and they all fell to the ground.

Chen Feng quickly rushed forward. After scanning them with his soul power, he found that they were only slightly weakened.

Seeing them doing fine, Chen Feng felt relieved. He knew that their display of weakness was due to them getting trapped in the Dark Mara Dimension earlier.

“Brother Chen, it’s good that you are fine.” Luo Kong struggled for a bit before getting up.

“Guys, leave this place first,” Chen Feng said.

“Leave? Not a single one of you can even think of leaving today, unless you hand over the Demon Sealing Sword!” Zhao Hai led a group of cultivators to block Shui Yan and the others.

“Humph! I don’t believe you fellows will kill us. This action of yours is against the rules!” Shui Yan said coldly.

“Of course, we will not kill you fellows. However, nothing will happen if we beat you fellows up until you are all half-dead. The sect will not trouble our Zhao Family and Fairbright Club for a few trashes,” Zhao Hai continued smugly.

“Chen Feng, why bother struggling? You have already offended our Fairbright Club and the Zhao Family inside the sect. You are practically having a hard time doing anything. Now, all you need to do is to hand over the Demon Sealing Sword and everything can be forgotten,” Ou Yeqing said smilingly.

“He he he! You fellows want the Sacred artefact in my hand? That will depend on whether or not you fellows have the ability.” There was a smile on Chen Feng’s face. After saying that, Chen Feng rapidly dashed forward, unleashing a beam of light using the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand. The beam shot towards Ou Yeqing.


Ou Yeqing failed to dodge in time and his figure was sent flying. When his body fell to the ground, it was utterly charred and black in colour. There was no way to tell if he was dead or alive.


Seeing that, Zhao Hai and the remaining cultivators became so terrified, they quickly backed away. Ou Yeqing was the strongest amongst them. And yet, he was beaten to such a degree. If Chen Feng had attacked them earlier… just thinking about that brought cold sweat down their bodies.

“Since you fellows have chosen to take action, I will kill off every single one of you.” After saying that, Chen Feng charged towards Zhao Hai.

 1 zhang = 3.333 m

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