Chapter 360: Trap


“Guys, what happened?” Chen Feng’s heart skipped a beat and he hastily rushed forward. His soul power surged out to swiftly scan their wounds.

Next, Chen Feng’s fury rose up. Appearance wise, the three of them were only suffering from superficial wounds. However, Chen Feng’s soul power revealed that they were actually suffering from serious internal injuries.

“Looks like they were involved in a fight with others. Were those injuries from the competition?” Luo Kong and the others came forward as well.

“These are not from the competition. The three of us were besieged,” Luo Bo said furiously.

“Don’t talk first,” Chen Feng said as he sent his longevity-type primary energy into their bodies to help them recover.

In terms of recovery effects, the longevity-type primary energy that Chen Feng cultivated was better than medicinal pills. After Chen Feng’s longevity-type primary energy made several circulations throughout the bodies of all three, the wounds within them quickly healed up. The open wounds were also closing up.

Next, Chen Feng linked up with his body armour and mobilized the power of ice and fire, sending them into the bodies of all three.

Not long after that, Luo Bo and the other two opened their mouths to spray out black-coloured blood. After coughing out the black blood, they felt much better.

“What a vicious move. The one who did this must be a cultivator at the Sky Human stage,” Shui Yan said, inspecting their situation.

“Ice-type primary energy. This sect technique can only be cultivated after overcoming Lightning Tribulation.”

Luo Bo, Sun Xuan and Lu Ta took some medicinal pills. With Chen Feng’s help, they were able to stabilize their wounds.

“Who wounded you fellows?” Chen Feng asked grimly.

“It’s those fellows from the Zhao Family and Fairbright Club,” Sun Xuan answered.

“Earlier, I got into a conflict with someone from the Zhao Family. After that, Senior Brother Sun and Senior Brother Luo rushed over. When a fight broke out, the other side unexpectedly brought out Sky Human stage cultivators. They wounded all three of us in an instant,” Lu Ta said.

“Who?” Chen Feng asked solemnly, flames raging within his eyes.

“I don’t know, but I know where they are,” Lu Ta said.

“Lead me to them,” Chen Feng said.

“Brother Chen, the Grand Competition is still in progress. It is better to not get into a new situation first. Wait for the Grand Competition to end before getting revenge,” Shui Yan stepped forward to advise Chen Feng against it.

“Yes. The Zhao Family and Fairbright Club are not to be trifled with. For them to be making a move at a time like this, there could be a trap waiting for you,” Zhou You said solemnly.

“Whether or not there is a trap, the fact that they chose to harm my friends is something I cannot let slide. I must repay them for this,” Chen Feng said grimly.

“Brother Sun, lead the way. I want to see who could be so arrogant.”

“Forget it. Wait until the Grand Competition is over first. They have numbers on their side. I think we should plan this properly,” Sun Xuan said.

“Humph! If I do not repay them for this grudge, I will not be able to steady my mind. Then, I will be incapable of unleashing my full strength in the next match. Brother Sun, don’t worry. I will not be reckless. If it is dangerous, I will just leave,” Chen Feng said.

“All right, then.” Seeing how persistent Chen Feng was, Sun Xuan could only nod his head helplessly.

“Come, let’s go together.” Luo Kong was the first to follow them.

Shui Yan and Zhou You exchanged glances. Then, without uttering a single word, they followed suit. The three of them were a truly close-knit group. Despite knowing there was danger ahead, they would still forge ahead.

“Should we go?” Li Lang, Zhan Jin and the others discussed the matter before finally deciding to follow as well.

They moved forward together. With numbers come strength. Thus, the feelings of concern within them decreased.

“It’s the valley up ahead. I saw those fellows rushing out from the valley. However, I do not know if they are still inside,” Luo Bo said, pointing forward.

“Definitely. I can already notice some people inside,” Chen Feng said, sneering.

“The three of you shouldn’t go in. Senior Brother Zhou, you fellows haven’t recovered from your wounds. You should wait here. I will go in and check it out first,” Chen Feng said.

“Very well. You will need to be careful. If something is amiss, you need to get out immediately. At any rate, we are still within sect grounds. They will not have the guts to go overboard,” Zhou You said.

“Don’t worry,” Chen Feng said. Then, he rushed into the valley.

Humph! If they don’t have the guts to go overboard, they would not have wounded Lu Ta and the others to lure me over. They brought so many fellows into the valley to set up an ambush. They know full well that my master is Sage Enigma Flame. Yet, they still dare to make a move against me. This means they must have a backer. It is said that the Zhao Family has a Human Immortal. Did this cultivation fanatic finally emerge? Chen Feng analysed the possibilities.

After entering the valley, Chen Feng instantly saw three figures standing in the middle of the valley. They were waiting for him. Amongst the three were Zhao Hai and Zhao Quan. As for the third, Chen Feng found him familiar as well. He was someone from Fairbright Club.

“Hold it right there!” Seeing Chen Feng charge forward, Zhao Hai quickly shouted. Instantly, the three of them rushed forward to stop Chen Feng.

“As expected. It’s you three. In other words, you were behind Lu Ta’s group getting beaten up,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Ha ha! I didn’t do anything!” Zhao Hai sneered.

By then, Chen Feng could already notice the emanations coming from all around him. With a glance, he saw eight cultivators flying over from various directions to encircle Chen Feng.

“We were the ones who did it,” said one of the cultivators. He possessed a large stature, wielding a staff in his hand.

“Tsk, tsk. In order to deal with just me, you mobilized so many Sky Human stage cultivators. You fellows sure put in a lot of effort into this,” Chen Feng said with a derisive chuckle.

With the exception of Zhao Quan, the others there had all overcome Lightning Tribulation before. Three of them had overcome 2 Lightning Tribulations. Moreover, Chen Feng could sense that there were still others lying in ambush.

“I didn’t see you fellows during our sect’s Grand Competition.” Chen Feng looked at the newcomers.

“Don’t bother probing. They are all friends I invited from outside the sect. They are not members of the sect,” Zhao Hai said with a sneer.

“Kid, the surrounding space is locked. Looks like the other side came prepared,” Tower suddenly said.

“Are there any powerful guys here?” Chen Feng asked Tower.

“There is one with 6 Lightning Tribulations under his belt,” Tower said.

Six Lightning Tribulations! What the hell are they up to here? There is just a minor grudge between us. And yet, they are mobilizing so many people? Not to mention, they are doing this inside the sect, Chen Feng thought.

“Are there only so few of you? Tell those hiding in the dark to all come out,” Chen Feng said scornfully.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Chen Feng had only just uttered those words when another eight cultivators flew out. These fellows looked familiar. They were all disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect. Chen Feng figured that Lu Ta, Luo Bo and Sun Xuan must have believed the other party were from the Zhao Family and Fairbright Club after seeing them.

“Chen Feng, even at a time like this, you can still force yourself to put on a façade of calmness? I have a newfound respect for you,” said a short-bearded cultivator.

“Ou Yeqing, it’s you.” Chen Feng was quick to recognize the cultivator.

Ou Yeqing was a member of Fairbright Club. He had overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations and managed to make it past three rounds in the Grand Competition. However, he ended up losing in the fourth round. As Chen Feng soul power was high enough, he could basically remember all the core disciples he saw in the competition with just a glance. 

“That’s right. It is none other than me.” Ou Yeqing revealed a stern expression.

“Why are you fellows from Fairbright Club all so persistent? You keep coming at me. Don’t you fellows feel bored?” Chen Feng smirked.

“Humph! You killed He Tian and Ma Jun. Did you think everything will be fine just because you don’t admit it? Did you think that Sage Enigma Flame’s support means no one can control you? Today, I will handle you!” Ou Yeqing said icily.

“Looks like you fellows have been planning this for a long time now. You gathered so many people. Do you want to kill me?” Chen Feng suddenly let out a laugh.

“Humph! We are all fellow disciples. As long as you hand over one thing, we will not kill you. We will even escort you out safely. What do you think?” Zhao Hai cast a teasing look at Chen Feng. It seemed he believed Chen Feng to be trapped already.

“Oh? What do you fellows want?” Chen Feng immediately understood their objective.

“The Demon Sealing Sword in your possession!” Zhao Quan suddenly shouted.

“Demon Sealing Sword? You mean this sword?” Chen Feng flipped his palm and the Demon Sealing Sword appeared.

“That is right! This sword! Hand over this sword and we will not make things difficult for you. We can also forget our past grievances. Of course, if you feel unwilling, we can even offer you a sufficiently high number of spirit stones to buy it from you. What do you think?” Seeing the Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand, Zhao Hai’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Strange. I don’t even know the name of this sword. How did you fellows find out?” Chen Feng deliberately put on a puzzled façade. 

“Kid! Not only do we know the name of the sword, we also know that you obtained it from the Demon Trial Grounds. Did you think that nobody knows what you did in the Demon Trial Grounds? Our Zhao Family’s ancestor has long since divined out everything about you!” Zhao Quan shouted smugly.

“Shut up, you fool!” Zhao Hai could not stop himself from berating him.

“What is there to fear? We have successfully tricked him to come over. He can no longer escape. So what if his master comes out? No matter how powerful Sage Enigma Flame may be, he is just a Sky Human stage cultivator. Our Zhao Family has a Human Immortal!” Zhao Quan retorted loudly. 

“What are you fellows spacing out for? Attack together! Snatch over the Sacred artefact in his hand and you will all be rewarded!” Zhao Quan appeared very pleased with himself as he bellowed at the others.

However, the cultivators there ignored Zhao Quan. Ou Yeqing, in particular, gave Zhao Quan a look that one would usually give idiots.

“Chen Feng, it looks like you are unwilling to cooperate. Fine. Today, we’ll let you know the consequences of offending our Zhao Family. Everyone, attack together! Capture Chen Feng!” Zhao Hai then said.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

After Zhao Hai spoke up, the loose cultivators that the Zhao Family brought over began attacking Chen Feng. As for Ou Yeqing and the others, they rapidly formed a circle, trapping Chen Feng in the middle to stop him from escaping.

They were quite insidious. They were unwilling to attack first in fear of getting wounded. Thus, they simply waited for others to attack.

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