Chapter 358: Fighting Yuan Shan


After emerging from Demon Trial Grounds and returning to the sect, Chen Feng had gotten into fight with Yuan Shan. 

Back then, Chen Feng, who had only just emerged from his cultivation retreat, was able to unleash his strongest attack ever to cause cracks to appear on Yuan Shan’s grade 4 Prized artefact, the Floating Mountain. If it were not for the interference of the elders back then, the Floating Mountain would have fallen into Chen Feng’s hands.

As for Yuan Shan, as a core disciple who had already overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations, getting wounded by a minor Concealed stage disciple was a serious stain on his reputation within the core disciples’ circle.

Originally, Yuan Shan had wanted to find an opportunity to deal with Chen Feng. However, he later found out that Chen Feng was Sage Enigma Flame’s apprentice and he became scared. As a veteran disciple, he knew all too well just how ferocious Sage Enigma Flame was.

Thus, Yuan Shan had to suppress his anger. He put the issue aside and spent most of his time cultivating bitterly. The reason he chose to participate in this Grand Competition was because he found the rewards to be too attractive.

Unexpectedly, he would encounter Chen Feng in the fourth round. This was truly a coincidence. When Yuan Shan saw Chen Feng, the rage in his heart instantly burst upwards. He also knew that his chance had come.

Humph! If I wound this kid during the sect’s Grand Competition, not even Sage Enigma Flame can say anything about it. I must grasp this opportunity! The rage within Yuan Shan had risen to his chest and he did not bother considering whether or not he possessed the ability to defeat Chen Feng.

“Deal with me?” A smile immediately appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“Last time, if it were not for the interference of the elders, the magic treasure in your hand would have become mine. Did you forget that lesson already? If you know what’s good for you, surrender. No matter how you look at it, you are a senior. It will be a serious loss of face for you to fight and lose to a new disciple like me,” Chen Feng ridiculed.

“You’re courting death!” Yuan Shan was so infuriated, flames nearly burst out from his mouth. He swung his hand and his magic treasure, the Floating Mountain, quickly expanded in size. Next, it descended from the sky, smashing down on Chen Feng.

Truth be told, Yuan Shan’s cultivation base was quite good. He was someone who had overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations and was cultivating an earthen-type cultivation technique. His magic treasure, the Floating Mountain, was a grade 4 Prized artefact. He possessed quite the standing amongst the core disciples. He had relied solely on his own strength to fight his way to the fourth round of this Grand Competition.

Last time, he was wounded by Chen Feng before getting the opportunity to unleash his might. Thus, he had felt highly infuriated. Now, though, he displayed his full strength, radiating a formidable might. Surprisingly, his combat power had surpassed that of his past self.

“I could already punch this Prized artefact to the point of cracking with my bare hands last time. Now?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling. In the face of the descending Floating Mountain, Chen Feng mobilized all his power. When he abruptly shoved both his palms upwards, the spectators felt the arena mountain shudder.

“Impressive! He caught Yuan Shan’s Floating Mountain with his bare hands. That is a grade 4 Prized artefact. How could this Chen Feng possess such a mighty fleshly body?” Lei Batian blurted out in shock.

In fact, Chen Feng loved this method of facing attacks head on the most. Responding to force with force. With every insight acupoints opened, Chen Feng’s fleshly body would grow stronger every day. That was especially true after he opened the Six Unity acupoints. His essence, energy and soul thrived while holding steady. His blood energy soared and the circulation of his primary energy grew faster. Additionally, the Force acupoint gave him a god-like level of divine strength.

Taking on the Floating Mountain with both his hands, Chen Feng felt his body shudder. Although it did put a formidable level of strain on him, it was within his limits. Rather, it had failed to even activate the body armour he wore. Sensing that, Chen Feng grew emboldened.

“He he! Senior Brother Yuan, have you not eaten anything yet?” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Is that so? Just you wait.” Seeing Chen Feng catch his Floating Mountain, Yuan Shan was taken aback. However, he quickly recollected himself.

A cunning look flashed across Yuan Shan’s eyes. Next, he flicked his finger and Chen Feng immediately felt a pulse from the Floating Mountain above him. Suddenly, the strain bearing down on Chen Feng increased.

A talisman had suddenly appeared upon the Floating Mountain’s peak. An earthen-yellow light shone from the surface of the talisman. In the blink of an eye, the earthen-yellow light spread out to envelop the entire Floating Mountain.

Chen Feng’s body shuddered. Instantly, he felt the pressure pressing down on his body becoming ten times stronger. The formidable pressure elicited rumbling and clashing sounds from his bones.

What is going on? Chen Feng felt all the muscles within his body contorting. The pressure bearing down on him had exceeded that of his normal training.

“It is just an Earthen Essence Talisman,” Tower said nonchalantly.

“Earthen Essence Talisman?” This was the first time Chen Feng had heard of it.

“A simple earth-type talisman. It simply increases the strength of earth-type powers,” Tower said coolly.

“How do I break it?” Chen Feng felt his body on the verge of losing out.

“Use your strength to break it,” Tower gave a simplistic answer.

“You-” Chen Feng had wanted to bellow out. What the hell kind of answer is that? If I have the strength to break it with pure strength alone, would I need your advice?

“Ha ha ha! Kid, how do you feel now? Can you still hold on? It is still not too late to surrender now, otherwise I will be smashing you into meat paste!” Yuan Shan felt very pleased with himself. This was his hidden card. He had expended a great deal of effort to obtain the Earthen Essence Talisman on the Floating Mountain. Originally, he had planned on using it in the finals. Now, however, he had brought it out against Chen Feng.

“Tsk, tsk. Excellent! Yuan Shan, push harder! Kill him!” Zhao Hai, who was observing the match within the stands, sneered.

“I didn’t think that Chen Feng could make it to the fourth round. I have underestimated him,” said Zhao Quan, who was seated beside Zhao Hai.

“Humph! He is just a minor character. If not for Sage Enigma Flame behind him, I could have found someone to take care of him a long time ago.” Killing intent flashed across Zhao Hai’s eyes.

“Brother Chen was a little careless. He should not have waited for his opponent’s attack to finish. Looks like he is in trouble now. I didn’t think Yuan Shan could have such a killer move up his sleeve,” Luo Kong said.

“Brother Chen will not be defeated so easily. Let’s keep watching,” Zhou You said.

“Earthen Shield!” Chen Feng bellowed through gritted teeth and a yellow light shone from beneath him. The power of earth rose from the ground to converge upon Chen Feng’s body. 

“It’s useless. The level of your earthen magic is too low. You cannot stop my Floating Mountain. Ha ha ha! Chen Feng, looks like you are unwilling to surrender. In that case, do not blame me for being rude.” After saying that, Yuan Shan flew to the top of the Floating Mountain. Next, he stretched his hand out. A small hole opened upon the tip of each of his five fingers and five drops of blood quickly trickled out.


Yuan Shan slapped his palm against the Floating Mountain. Next, the yellow light enveloping the Floating Mountain increased in intensity and wave after wave of pressure flowed through the Floating Mountain to suppress Chen Feng.

Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka!

Cracks spread out from the ground beneath Chen Feng. Experts had already empowered the ground of the arena before the match, increasing its durability so that it would surpass metal. Even so, under the formidable pressure, the ground was showing signs of collapse.

“Fu Yue, who do you think will win this match?” Mu Lingfeng asked with a smile.

“Probably Chen Feng,” Fu Yue answered without considering.

“Oh? But it looks like Chen Feng is on the verge of losing right now.” Mu Lingfeng raised his brows.

“No matter how you cut it, Chen Feng is Sage Enigma Flame’s apprentice. He should not be so weak. Besides, he hasn’t utilized his Sacred artefact. This Yuan Shan only has this much capabilities. It is said that he has spent quite some time at this level and is having difficulties in facing his 4th Lightning Tribulation. Perhaps, this is the end of his path,” Fu Yue said.

“Yes. After reaching the Sky Human stage, every Lightning Tribulation a cultivator overcomes will give him or her an additional 1,000 years of life. Some peerless geniuses can overcome their next Lightning Tribulation within a decade while the average geniuses can overcome their next Lightning Tribulation within several decades. However, if a cultivator needs more than a century to overcome his or her next Lightning Tribulation, that person will not have much of a future,” Mu Lingfeng said.

“Mastery of Essence, Energy and Soul! The Force acupoint overturns the universe!” Chen Feng roared and the rumbling sounds coming from Chen Feng’s body grew even louder.

“The stars align, seven stars unite!”

“Heaven and Earth occupy their positions; the mountains and lakes create a harmonious cycle!”

Chen Feng stirred the insight acupoints within him to resist the pressure bearing down on him while secretly channelling the Heavengulping Absorption Technique to slowly absorb the power of earth pouring into his body.

“Eh?” Yuan Shan was quick to notice the power of earth flowing out from the Floating Mountain. He felt extremely puzzled, but was unable to figure out what was happening. 

After Chen Feng utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, the pressure bearing down on him gradually decreased. Rather than absorbing all the power of earth, Chen Feng channelled most of them through his body down to the earth.

He was currently participating in a competition, after all. He did not want his cultivation technique to be figured out by others.

“Strange. It looks like a secret substitution technique.” There were many experts within the stands. Naturally, they were able to identify what was happening within the arena.

“A pity! There is a barrier covering the arena. I cannot sense the emanations coming from their bodies, otherwise I would be able to figure out what cultivation technique that fellow is cultivating.”

After just a few breaths’ worth of time, Yuan Shan had realized that something was amiss. He understood that this cannot be allowed to continue. Thus, he acted decisively, controlling the Floating Mountain to fly up.

“Ha ha! You want to leave just like this?” Chen Feng’s figure dashed upwards as the power of earth he channelled into the ground earlier suddenly burst out, all of them surging into Chen Feng’s arm.


Chen Feng landed a heavy punch against the bottom part of the Floating Mountain, causing the massive Floating Mountain to quake before shooting higher up into the sky.

“What a fierce punch! This fellow’s fleshly body is too strong!” someone within the stands praised aloud.

After unleashing that punch, Chen Feng did not stop. Instead, he flew up again. When he caught up to the Floating Mountain, he unleashed a series of lightning-fast punches at the Floating Mountain.


Whenever one of Chen Feng’s attacks landed on the Floating Mountain, Yuan Shan would shudder slightly. The Floating Mountain was his lifebound magic treasure. The damage that Floating Mountain received would harm Yuan Shan as well. Seeing no other options, Yuan Shan rapidly ordered the Floating Mountain to shrink down to the size of a palm before returning to his hand.

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