Chapter 356: Victory


Although Chen Feng appeared somewhat wretched, his eyes were shining brightly. The ability to put up such a fight despite not utilizing any magic treasures gave Chen Feng a feeling that he had made a lot of progress.

“He he. Kid, are you still not going to finish him off? What? Would you feel ashamed?” Tower could not stop himself from speaking up.

“No rush. This is a good opportunity to hone myself. How can I miss out on this? I will play with him for a while longer.” After saying that, the domain around Chen Feng revolved and a palm of wind and lightning bombarded Chi Lianfeng.

He then followed it up with the Yellow Fist of the Earthen Domain, Palm of Five Elements, Four Spiralling Imagery, Seven Stars Array, Icefire Swords of Yin and Yang, Palm of Mountains and Lakes and various other attacks, all aimed at Chi Lianfeng. 

However, Chi Lianfeng’s movement speed was incredibly high. Additionally, he also possessed the Wind Mustering Banner. No matter how many attacks Chen Feng sent out, he would quickly break them all.

Their fight continued for one hour. During the fight, Chen Feng had also taken several attacks. However, with the protection of his body armour, he was not wounded. It was quite the explosive battle and the attacks Chen Feng unleashed bedazzled the spectators. Even so, as time passed, be it the core disciples or the elders, all of them believed that Chen Feng would lose the fight.

Finally, Chi Lianfeng too, grew impatient. Thus, he decided to use his killer move to finish the fight.


Chi Lianfeng’s figure flashed forward to re-appear before Chen Feng. Next, he swung the Wind Mustering Banner in his hand at Chen Feng. Immediately after that, Chen Feng felt streams of formidable power tearing his body. Despite the protection of his body armour, Chen Feng’s flesh could feel pain. It was to be expected. The body armour he wore was just a grade 9 Prized artefact while the Wind Mustering Banner in Chi Lianfeng’s hand was a Sacred artefact.

It's time, Chen Feng thought. He knew that the time had come to end the fight.


The Demon Sealing Sword suddenly appeared in Chen Feng’s hand. First, a dimensional power enveloped both Chen Feng and Chi Lianfeng. Next, a sealing power sealed Chi Lianfeng. 

The sudden display of power from the grade 6 Sacred artefact immediately restricted Chi Lianfeng’s movements. Chi Lianfeng, who was still in the midst of waving his Wind Mustering Banner, found himself incapable of moving. Dread instantly appeared in his eyes.

He he. This is really unfair. Chen Feng sighed. Next, he reached out with one palm to press down on Chi Lianfeng’s shoulder.

Immediately, Chi Lianfeng could feel the power within him gushing out like a great river. All of them disappeared into Chen Feng’s palm.

This, this, this. Chi Lianfeng wanted to open his mouth and scream, but found himself incapable of doing so. Forget moving his mouth, he cannot even move his eyes.

Feeling the severe loss of power, Chi Lianfeng revealed an even greater look of dread.

This fellow is quite impressive. The amount of essence power inside him is even higher compared to a Sky Human stage cultivator. As expected of a genius from the sect, Chen Feng thought.

When one tenth of his power had flowed out, the look of dread in Chi Lianfeng’s eyes turned to a pleading look.

“What is going on?”

“What happened? Why are they not moving?” The spectators began discussing the situation.

“I didn’t think something like this could happen. The tables have turned,” the elder with the short goatee said with a sigh.

“A dimension. It is a dimension created by borrowing the power of a Sacred artefact,” Lei Batian said.

“It looks like something odd is happening inside,” Hua Zhuliu said.

As Chen Feng and Chi Lianfeng were enveloped by the dimension created by the Demon Sealing Sword, the spectators could only see Chen Feng and Chi Lianfeng’s figures. However, they could not actually see what was happening inside.

When Chen Feng had absorbed 20 % of Chi Lianfeng’s power, a voice suddenly flowed into his ear. “Kid, you should stop at the proper moment.”

Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump and he quickly retracted his palm. Next, he waved his hand and the dimensional and sealing power dissipated.

Chi Lianfeng regained the ability to move. However, his face had turned pale. Part of that was due to the loss of power, but it was also due to fear.

After recovering, Chi Lianfeng swiftly backed away, hiding as far as he could. The way he looked at Chen Feng was similar to one who was looking at a ghost.

“You, what kind of technique did you use just now!” Chi Lianfeng could practically feel the paleness in his voice.

“This is just a minor lesson for you. Next time, don’t be so arrogant. Seeing as we are fellow disciples from the same sect, I only absorbed 20 % of your power. I believe it will not take long for you to recover, but if you dare provoke me again, it won’t end with just this. I will devour everything until you are withered up,” Chen Feng said coolly.

Chi Lianfeng said nothing. He simply stood there, his face pale.

“What? Do you still want to fight?” Chen Feng sneered.

“I’ve lost.” There was extreme bitterness in Chi Lianfeng’s voice. This was his first time uttering those words. His will to fight was still burning. However, recalling the ghastly incident earlier, the dread within his heart surged to the fore.

Chen Feng made it through the third round. When Chen Feng and Chi Lianfeng stepped out from the arena, the discussion between the spectators grew heated.

That was especially true for Chi Lianfeng’s companions. Their faces had turned extremely ugly to behold.

Most of the spectators had assumed that Chi Lianfeng would win the fight. After all, the earlier fight between the two clearly showed Chen Feng in a disadvantageous position. In the end, however, Chen Feng brought out his Sacred artefact to turn the tables on Chi Lianfeng.

Seeing that, everyone felt it to be too much of a bullying act. Then, considering the possibility of Chen Feng having to fight against another opponent with a Sacred artefact, some of them felt excited.

“A good master, indeed! With a Sacred artefact in hand, he will surely be able to get a good placing in this Grand Competition.” Some of the spectators grew so envious, their eyes turned red.

Naturally, more of the participating disciples secretly regarded Chen Feng as a potentially formidable opponent. The core disciples whose names were highly lauded within the Grand Competition could not help but turn their attention towards Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen. Unexpectedly, you managed to defeat Chi Lianfeng. I would like to see if that kid dares to continue behaving arrogantly in the future.” Luo Kong laughed loudly after Chen Feng returned.

“I just got lucky. Chi Lianfeng is a very strong opponent. If I did not possess a Sacred artefact of my own, I would have been no match for him,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

Chen Feng felt his heart stirring. Originally, he had assumed that he was strong enough and that there was no longer anyone within the Concealed stage that could mount a fight against him. In fact, he could even defeat those on a higher level. After his fight with Chi Lianfeng, however, Chen Feng realized that he was not that strong. If even Extreme Celestial Sect could possess so many geniuses, how many more geniuses would there be in Eternal World? Besides, in addition to Eternal World, there were many other cultivation worlds and planets out there. And then there was the exalted Immortal Plane.

“Kid, it’s good that you understand this. Amongst all the former owners of the Longevity Tower, you are the weakest. Becoming stronger compared to these ordinary humans? That is not enough! You must be stronger than everyone else. Only then can you restore the Longevity Tower to its former might and glory,” Tower said with a chuckle. 

“Since you are its artefact spirit, you should know how long the Longevity Tower has existed for, right?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“He he, I actually do not. You should know. Although this Longevity Tower is a peerless magic treasure, it did not have an artefact spirit when it was first forged. Only after a long time had passed did it give birth to me. How long have I existed? I cannot remember that as well,” Tower said. 

“Looks like I will have to work even harder. This level of effort is not enough!” Chen Feng resolved, and his eyes grew more firm.

After the third round of elimination, there were less than 200 participants left. Chen Feng secretly looked around and found that the remaining hundred plus participants mainly consisted of cultivators with 3 Lightning Tribulations under their belts. Those with 1 and 4 Lightning Tribulations make up the minority. Naturally, there were also several exceptions like Chen Feng, core disciples at the Concealed stage.

Originally, the number of disciples with 1 Lightning Tribulation under their belts was the highest. However, as they were also the weakest, most of them had been eliminated after just a few rounds.

As for the disciples at level 4 of the Sky Human stage, they possessed a much stronger cultivation base than the other participants. However, some of them felt embarrassed to participate in this Grand Competition. At any rate, they were too strong. Participating in this competition was truly a bullying act. Not to mention, some of them were very rich to begin with. They did not care for the rewards that the sect had put forward.

Still, the smaller the number of participants, the fiercer the competition became.

After spending those few days cultivating there, Chen Feng could feel the Eight Trigram acupoints within his body stirring. Only one thread remained for him to breakthrough.

I wonder if I can break through before my next match. If I can break through to level 8 of the Concealed stage, my cultivation base will multiply, Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng observed the ongoing matches while secretly cultivating himself. The various opened insight acupoints kept stirring and the magic treasures refined into the insight acupoints hovered within them.

At the same time, the spirit stones stored inside the Longevity Tower were continuously breaking into powdery bits as their spiritual energy flowed into Chen Feng’s body.

If I can refine a magic treasure into each of the opened insight acupoints, how much stronger will I become? If I can do that, getting first place in this competition will be a breeze. Chen Feng pondered.

During this period of cultivation, Chen Feng had managed to refine and place the Lofty Mountain Seal into the Six Unity acupoints’ Force acupoint, the Prudent Sword into the Four Extreme acupoints’ South Extreme acupoint (right foot), Divine Goldenlight Net into the Six Unity acupoints’ Soul acupoint, the Mountainous Guardbreaker Lance into the Six Unity acupoints’ Energy acupoint. 

However, there was one distressing issue for Chen Feng. Although he was able to refine them to the point of placing them into his insight acupoints, he had yet to fully refine them. He had only refined their form, at best. It would take him a long time to fully unleash the power of those magic treasures, unless he could quickly undergo Lightning Tribulation and utilize the overpowering might of the Lightning Tribulation to refine the magic treasures.

Having said that, thanks to the Acupoint Aegis Art, Chen Feng’s strength was increasing every day.

“Li Lang is about to lose,” Shui Yan said in a hushed tone.

Li Lang was fighting a tall and mighty-looking disciple. Like Li Lang, he had also overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations. However, the amount of power he possessed was too much. His surging blood energy made it look as though there was a volcano within him. His actions made it so Li Lang could not approach him at all. The staff he wielded had been suppressing Li Lang right from the start and every swing of the staff could seemingly shatter a mountain. After just half a joss stick’s worth of time, Li Lang’s movements began falling into a disorderly rhythm. His defeat was a foregone conclusion.

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