Chapter 355: Battling Chi Lianfeng


After Chi Lianfeng brought out his Wind Mustering Banner, Chen Feng instantly sensed air currents flowing furiously around them.

“Tower, you said that this Wind Mustering Banner is just a grade 1 Sacred artefact?” Chen Feng asked secretly.

“Yes. Not to mention, this little fellow is incapable of fully unleashing its power. Aren’t you lacking magic treasures right now? When you are fighting him, just snatch his Sacred artefact,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“Snatch it? Easier said than done.” Chen Feng secretly frowned. Chi Lianfeng had fully unleashed his aura. It was truly powerful. An ordinary cultivator with 3 Lightning Tribulations would be no match for Chi Lianfeng.

A pity. My cultivation base is too low. I cannot unleash the full power of the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng thought.

“Kid, you are still spacing out? You don’t know the meaning of death!” Chi Lianfeng sneered and shook the Wind Mustering Banner. Immediately, two hurricanes – ten plus metres in height – swept towards Chen Feng.

“Chi Lianfeng is utilizing his Sacred artefact the instant the fight began. Looks like he wants to finish off Chen Feng quickly,” said one of the elders in the stands, a smile on his face.

By now, the number of elders in the stands had increased. They were almost equal to the number of participating core disciples there.

“Ha ha! Elder Wang, it seems you think highly of Chi Lianfeng!” someone beside him spoke up, laughing as he did.

“Yes. I do know a bit about how strong Chi Lianfeng is. Even a cultivator with 3 Lightning Tribulations under his or her belt is no match for him. What level is this Chen Feng at? He is just at level 7 of the Concealed stage. How strong can he be?” Elder Wang shook his head.

“Not necessarily. Isn’t Chi Lianfeng himself a Concealed stage cultivator? Besides, Chen Feng is Sage Enigma Flame’s apprentice. Hey, hey! That old bugger is extremely powerful. Can his apprentice be some ordinary fellow?”

“At any rate, I do not believe that Chen Feng can win this match,” Elder Wang said slowly.

Knowing that Elder Wang had some connections with Chi Lianfeng, those elders beside him simply smiled and said nothing.

In the face of the two hurricanes, Chen Feng stretched out a palm. Next, two hurricanes swiftly spun out from his palm. The two hurricanes were almost of the similar size as the two hurricanes that Chi Lianfeng was sending over.

Bang! Bang!

The four hurricanes collided to create a violent explosion. Without waiting for the result of the explosion, Chen Feng charged towards Chi Lianfeng.

Arriving before Chi Lianfeng, Chen Feng sent a lightning-fast punch out. He had attacked swiftly, but his attack missed. When his fist shot out, Chen Feng realized that he had merely struck an after-image.


Shockingly, Chi Lianfeng appeared before Chen Feng and he sent his palm smashing towards Chen Feng’s chest. His palm was black and a thick noxious smell emerged from the palm.

Scarlet Poisonsource Palm! Chen Feng was startled. Having no time to dodge, he quickly condensed the Longevity Shield out, placing it before him.


The Longevity Shield exploded and Chen Feng was sent flying as a result. Chen Feng’s figure had yet to fall to the ground when Chi Lianfeng pounced at him again like a gust of wind.

Before Chi Lianfeng could approach Chen Feng, three Longevity Swords shot out from Chen Feng’s body to block Chi Lianfeng’s attack.

Such speed! Is this the Freedom Movement Technique? Chen Feng was inwardly shocked. In terms of movement speed, he was no match for Chi Lianfeng.

The Longevity Scripture also has secret movement techniques. However, I have never gotten around to practice them. I wonder, can it match up to this Freedom Movement Technique? Chen Feng wondered. 

“Humph! Humph!” Tower released several snorts and said nothing, seemingly feeling scorn towards Chen Feng’s earlier thoughts.

After shattering the three Longevity Swords that Chen Feng sent out, Chi Lianfeng attacked Chen Feng once more. His movements were like the wind and the entire arena was filled with Chi Lianfeng’s silhouettes.

“Not good! The Freedom Movement technique that Chi Lianfeng practices is extremely fast. Looks like Brother Chen is in a rather disadvantageous position,” Luo Kong said.

“The fight has just begun. Don’t worry,” Shui Yan said seriously.


Once again, Chen Feng was struck and a black palm print could be seen on his chest. Fortunately, Chen Feng was wearing a body armour, otherwise the poison from Chi Lianfeng’s poisonous palm would have invaded his body.

Chen Feng’s figure flipped a few times in the sky and was immediately swept up by a rapidly spinning hurricane.

“Is this the end? Isn’t this a little too fast?” someone within the stands blurted. 

“Heh! And here I was wondering how strong this Chen Feng is. It turns out he is only so-so. He is just using his master’s reputation!”

“Heaven and Earth occupy their positions!” Chen Feng’s voice rang out from within the hurricane. Next, ignoring the hurricane, Chen Feng strode out from the spinning hurricane.

Chen Feng had unleashed the power of his domain. A palm silhouette, formed using the power of mountains and lakes smashed the hurricane into nothingness.

“It is really not as strong as I had expected. It seems Chi Lianfeng can only unleash 20 to 30 % of the Wind Mustering Banner’s power,” Chen Feng said.


Once again, Chi Lianfeng arrived before Chen Feng, one palm spread wide open, becoming incomparably black as it moved to grasp Chen Feng’s forehead.

Ruthless. Knowing that Chi Lianfeng was much faster than him, Chen Feng chose not to face him head on. Instead, he swiftly swung one hand to send two Longevity Swords to hack down on Chi Lianfeng.

However, Chen Feng had miscalculated. Chi Lianfeng seemingly did not see the two Longevity Swords attacking him. Instead, he allowed the swords to strike him while his hand kept moving forward to grasp Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang!

When the Longevity Swords were about to hack Chi Lianfeng’s body, they immediately shattered apart. It turned out Chi Lianfeng had already figured out how powerful the Longevity Swords were earlier. He knew that – with his body armour – the attacks could not harm him. Thus, he had calmly chosen not to block Chen Feng’s attacks.

As Chi Lianfeng’s palm was about to reach Chen Feng’s head, the Poison Needle hidden within Chen Feng’s Celestial Metropolis acupoint abruptly shot towards Chi Lianfeng’s palm.


A ringing sound rang out as the Poison Needle struck Chi Lianfeng’s palm. However, that was all. It had failed to break through Chi Lianfeng’s defence.

As the Poison Needle was only a grade 1 Prized artefact, it was only normal that it would fail to break Chi Lianfeng’s defence.

Thus, Chi Lianfeng’s palm managed to make contact with Chen Feng’s head.

“Not good! Chen Feng is in danger,” Luo Kong said apprehensively.


Suddenly, Chen Feng’s body armour – having melded with his body – activated. A formidable power of ice and fire rushed out from his forehead to send Chi Lianfeng flying.

After landing, Chi Lianfeng, fearing that Chen Feng would pursue him, waved his hand to send tens of wind blades towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s figure pulsed and the domain around him abruptly expanded. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, water and fire complemented one another, Heaven and Earth came into place, the mountains and lakes created a harmonious cycle and the domain grew clearer and more tangible.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

When the wind blades struck the domain around Chen Feng, they immediately disappeared.

Chen Feng could see it. Despite having gained solid footing, Chi Lianfeng’s hand was still trembling. It was a testament to how powerful that power of ice and fire was.

Chi Lianfeng waved the Wind Mustering Banner and strong winds rose up all around him. Next, thick and strong winds encased his figure.

This fellow is quite hard to deal with, Chen Feng thought.

“Humph! Unexpectedly, your body armour is quite good,” Chi Lianfeng said scornfully.

“You overpraise me. Your Wind Mustering Banner is quite good as well,” Chen Feng replied with a sneer.

“Fine! I will let you experience my true power.” After saying that, the strong winds around Chi Lianfeng spun furiously and Chi Lianfeng suddenly disappeared.

Next, he re-appeared atop Chen Feng. With a swing of his hand, a fierce hurricane enveloped Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The domain that Chen Feng had condensed out was immediately shredded apart while Chen Feng’s figure smashed into the ground.

“Looks like Chen Feng is no match for Chi Lianfeng. Say, do you fellows think Sage Enigma Flame would come out and watch this match?” said Lei Batian, who was in the stands.

“Hard to say. Maybe Senior Enigma Flame is hiding himself somewhere,” Hua Zhuliu said with a smile.

“Chi Lianfeng’s Wind Mustering Banner is quite good. That magic treasure alone should be able to let him get to the top 20,” Lei Batian said.

“He he! You think that Chen Feng will lose? Do not forget, Chen Feng also possesses a Sacred artefact. Not to mention, he has yet to bring it out. What does that signify?” Hua Zhuliu said, the smile remaining on his face.

“Maybe he still couldn’t use it?” Lei Batian shook his head. The match appeared somewhat one-sided.


Chen Feng had only just stood up when another hurricane swept him up. Once again, his figure smashed heavily into the ground. He cut quite the wretched sight.

“Ha ha ha ha! Don’t you have a Sacred artefact? Why aren’t you bringing it out? Let me experience its power!” Chi Lianfeng felt quite pleased with himself.

“Brother Chen seems to be in quite a disadvantageous situation,” Zhou You could not stop himself from uttering out.

“This Chi Lianfeng is too arrogant.” Luo Kong was somewhat infuriated.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Yet again, Chen Feng was swept up. It was clear that Chi Lianfeng was simply toying with Chen Feng. However, as Chen Feng’s figure was about to smash into the ground…

“Heaven and Earth occupy their positions!” Chen Feng shouted in a low-pitched tone and his domain unfurled once again to keep his figure in place.

“Yellow Fist of the Earthen Domain!” Chen Feng gave a fierce stomp before striding forward. Next, a formidable power of earth rose up from the ground and Chen Feng unleashed an upward punch.

His whole fist was engulfed in yellow-coloured energy streams. In Chi Lianfeng’s eyes, it looked as though a mountain was charging towards him.

“Humph! Offensive techniques from the Concealed stage is utterly useless against me!” Chi Lianfeng said with a sneer as he unleashed the might of his Wind Mustering Banner once more.

This time, the Wind Mustering Banner did not send out a hurricane. Instead, it sent out a huge wind blade. The wind blade, formed entirely with the power of wind, was like a gigantic blade cleaving down against Chen Feng’s fist. Only, it was faster and more powerful.


The yellow-coloured energy streams covering Chen Feng’s fist broke apart and several cuts appeared on Chen Feng’s fist. Blood trickled out from his wounds.

“Now this is the power of the Wind Mustering Banner, a power capable of breaking through my defence.” Chen Feng did not back away. Instead, he unleashed a Five Elements Capturing Palm, which grasped at Chi Lianfeng.

“Humph! A minor trick.” Chi Lianfeng sneered. He waved the Wind Mustering Banner downwards to send another wind blade forward, slicing Chen Feng’s Five Elements Capturing Palm apart. His move caused Chen Feng’s hand to bleed once again.

“Ha ha ha! Is this all you got?” Seeing Chen Feng’s wretched appearance, Chi Lianfeng could not stop himself from laughing out loud.

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