Chapter 354: Luo Mingdao is Wounded


The third round began. Since the core disciples’ bracket began, Chen Feng had not left the stands at all. The fights between those below the core disciple rank could not interest Chen Feng at all. In fact, Chen Feng had forgotten to go watch Lu Ta and Luo Bo’s fights as well.

The core disciples who could make it to the third round were all characters that can already be considered as experts amongst the core disciples.

Amongst the 1,200 participating core disciples, only 300 remained. Everyone knew that the Grand Competition was beginning to reach its climax.

Unknown to Chen Feng, the fact that he did not utilize any weapons in the first and second round caused him to become a person of interest to some. Add the fact that his master was Sage Enigma Flame, some of the cultivators there had come to consider Chen Feng as a potential rival.

Naturally, there were also those who held a grudge against Chen Feng. They were secretly preparing themselves as they planned how they should deal with Chen Feng if they had to fight him.

Luo Mingdao’s match came early for the third round. His opponent was a disciple with 2 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. Seeing the opponent step into the arena, Chen Feng and the others quickly understood that Luo Mingdao was most likely going to lose.

“Ge Qingqiu, Luo Mingdao, start!” The supervising elder walked out from the arena.

Luo Mingdao performed a salute. He had wanted to say a few words, but his opponent started attacking without giving a single word. Moreover, he was displaying his killer move. With just one clash, Luo Mingdao had fallen into a disadvantageous position.


Luo Mingdao failed to dodge in time and a wound appeared on his body. The wound was so deep, his white bones could be seen.

“This fellow is too despicable!” Chen Feng felt furious.

“Look at Chi Lianfeng and his gang,” Shui Yan said.

Only then did Chen Feng notice Chi Lianfeng sitting not far away from them. Beside Chi Lianfeng were several other cultivators. They were none other than those who held a grudge against them, He Sanbo and the others.

Noticing Chen Feng’s gaze, Chi Lianfeng’s face immediately revealed a provocative look.

“Could it be? Is Ge Qingqiu one of theirs?” Chen Feng said, frowning.

“Yes. Looks like he did it on purpose as retaliation. However, Brother Luo will be the unfortunate one,” Shui Yan said.

Shua! Shua!

After getting struck a second time, Luo Mingdao finally seized an opportunity to counter attack. His Clear Road Sword blocked his opponent’s attack while his Shadowless Shuttle transformed into a fine line, which attacked Ge Qingqiu.

“Brother Luo possesses two Prized artefacts. He should be able to hold on for a while, right?” Chen Feng whispered.

“It will probably be very difficult. His opponent is one level above him, after all. Additionally, it has only been a while since Junior Brother Luo entered the Sky Human stage,” Shui Yan said.

Sure enough, after just a few more clashes, Ge Qingqiu’s sword attack sent Luo Mingdao flying. Next, a palm-sized conch shell suddenly appeared in Ge Qingqiu’s hand.

Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu!

Ge Qingqiu gently blew the conch shell, causing peculiar soundwaves to ring out from the conch shell.

“No! This is looking bad!” Shui Yan said.

As Ge Qingqiu continued blowing the conch shell, soundwaves filled the arena and Luo Mingdao’s movements became slow. Even the movement speed of his Shadowless Shuttle had become slower.

“Sigh, the outcome is clear. I didn’t think Ge Qingqiu could bring out this treasure. No need to ask. He must have borrowed it,” Zhou You said, sighing.

Ge Qingqiu then stretched one finger out to jab in Luo Mingdao’s direction. Next, his sword, which was hovering in the sky, transformed into a beam of light to pierce Luo Mingdao.

“Senior Brother Luo!” Chen Feng cried out in shock. He jumped to his feet, wanting to rush forward.

“Brother Chen, do not be impulsive. This is a competition. No one may interfere.” Shui Yan held Chen Feng’s hand.

“It is already clear who the winner is. Yet, this Ge Qingqiu had still chosen to inflict such a serious wound. That was clearly intentional,” Luo Kong said, gnashing his teeth.

Luo Mingdao lay on the ground, a bloody hole on his chest. He could no longer move. Some of the elders in the stands frowned, but said nothing. The rest showed no emotions at the sight.

“He he! This is a decent flying-type Prized artefact. It’s mine now.” Ge Qingqiu grabbed Luo Mingdao’s Shadowless Shuttle, a smug smile on his face.

Chen Feng noticed. When Luo Mingdao was injured, Chi Lianfeng and the others had sent more provocative looks at them.

Clearly, Ge Qingqiu’s vicious move had been done under their orders.

“I hope I can meet this Ge Qingqiu in the next round.” Killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Explode!” Luo Mingdao, who was lying on the ground, suddenly hissed.


A large explosion spread out within the arena, engulfing Ge Qingqiu.

Luo Mingdao had gone all out to blow up his magic treasure, further aggravating his wounds. Opening his mouth, he coughed out blood again and again. Originally, that sword wound from Ge Qingqiu had not injured his soul. However, by blowing up his lifebound magic treasure, he ended up wounding his soul as well.


Ge Qingqiu’s figure smashed against the ground and he struggled for a bit before crawling up. His clothes were in tatters and his flesh hung out as blood kept trickling out from all over his body.

“This fellow is fine?” Chen Feng was surprised.

Although Ge Qingqiu appeared terribly wounded, they were all able to see that the wounds on him were not serious. Those were all superficial wounds.

“It is all thanks to his protective clothes. However, the power behind Luo Mingdao’s self-destructing Prized artefact had also destroyed his protective clothes,” Shui Yan said.

“An impressive move by Brother Luo. That was some determination there,” Luo Kong praised.

Ge Qingqiu was left in a wretched-looking state. A hint of killing intent flashed across his eyes. Next, wielding his sword, he moved towards Luo Mingdao.

“What is he trying to do now?” Chen Feng’s face sank.

“Junior Brother Luo hasn’t surrendered,” Zhou You said.

“I surrender,” Luo Mingdao said, vomiting blood as he did.


Ge Qingqiu put on a façade of not hearing it and unleashed a sword beam towards Luo Mingdao.


A human figure appeared before Luo Mingdao. The figure waved a hand to disperse the sword beam. It was none other than the supervising elder.

“The victor is already decided.” The supervising elder merely said with indifference before bringing the wounded Luo Mingdao out.

Chen Feng and Shui Yan went forward to pick up the wounded Luo Mingdao.

“I’ve lost a lot this time,” Luo Mingdao said with a bitter smile, blood still flowing down his mouth.

“It’s just a minor loss. It’s nothing. You can just get it back.” After saying that, Chen Feng brought out a 2,000-year-old ginseng. His palm exerted a force on it and it dissolved into liquid, which then flowed slowly into Luo Mingdao’s mouth. Next, Chen Feng continued, channelling his longevity-type primary energy to help Luo Mingdao recover.

Although Chen Feng possessed a considerable number of medicinal pills, they were mostly Human-tier medicinal pills. Those pills were not too effective for cultivators at the Sky Human stage. Meanwhile, the grade of those few Earthen-tier medicinal pills he possessed were too high for Luo Mingdao. They were not the kind of pills that Luo Mingdao’s body could handle. Helpless, Chen Feng had to resort to this method. At any rate, he had plenty of medicinal herbs that were thousands of years old.

After his longevity-type primary energy made several circulations through Luo Mingdao’s body, the medicinal power within Luo Mingdao’s body was washed away while Luo Mingdao’s chaotic aura began stabilizing.

As for Luo Kong, he reached out with his palm. “Chi chi chi” sounds rang out as the sword energy hidden within Luo Mingdao’s body was drawn out.

“Heh! This fellow is quite vicious. He better wish he doesn’t meet me next, otherwise I will directly hack him into eight pieces,” Luo Kong said with a sneer.

“Sorry for the troubles. I feel much better now.” Luo Mingdao struggled to get up.

Chen Feng waved his hand and a one chi square, black-coloured spirit stone landed on Luo Mingdao’s hand.

“Demonic soul stone!” Shui Yan cried out in shock.

“He he. It is none other than demonic soul stone. It can strengthen soul power. Senior Brother Luo, hurry up and refine it to recover quickly,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

He had acquired demonic soul stones from the Demon Trial Grounds. There were still plenty of them within the Longevity Tower.

Despite the severity of Luo Mingdao’s wounds, as someone who had cultivated up to his level, his recovery ability was beyond that of ordinary humans. Add the help of Chen Feng and the others, it did not take long for him to keep his wounds under control. Even so, it would take some time to fully recover.

The next amongst their group to fight was Li Lang. As someone who had overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations, Li Lang’s level of strength was close to that of Shui Yan’s team of three. After a fierce battle against his opponent, he managed to make it to the next round.

Next up, Zhou You and the others stepped forward, one after another. Some succeeded in making it through while some lost.

Zhou You, Shui Yan, Luo Kong, Zhan Jin and Li Lang made it through.

Chen Feng’s match had not arrived yet. 

However, when Chen Feng’s turn came, everyone’s face turned odd. Even Chen Feng froze.

Surprisingly, his opponent was Chi Lianfeng.

Wasn’t this too much of a coincidence? Or did the sect deliberately organize this?

“Lucky! I am truly lucky! I didn’t think I’d get to fight you. Your path ends here.” A sneer filled Chi Lianfeng’s face.

“I should be the one saying that.” An icy killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes.

Chi Lianfeng practices a peerless movement technique that very few could practice. Freedom Movement. His movement speed is very fast and even those that are several levels above him cannot match his speed. Additionally, he is also cultivating the Scarlet Poisonsource Palm. It is an extremely peculiar and wickedly poisonous palm technique from the Dark Annals of Mystheaven. It is a peerless secret record, said to be an immortal scripture. Furthermore, he also possesses a Sacred artefact, the Wind Mustering Banner. He is also wearing a powerful body armour. In short, he is very hard to deal with. Not to mention, he is one level higher than me.

Chen Feng swiftly recalled what he knew about Chi Lianfeng. Last time, they had gotten into a fight inside the Core Hall. Back then, Chi Lianfeng had failed to gain the upper hand and had even lost somewhat. In hindsight, it was because he did not know enough about him. The loss was due to him underestimating Chen Feng. However, they were presently participating in the Grand Competition. He would certainly unleash his full power for this. To be able to stand firm within the circle of core disciples with his cultivation base at level 8 of the Concealed stage, this Chi Lianfeng must be quite strong. 

Chen Feng was never one to underestimate his opponent, let alone such a strong one.

“Incredible! These two fellows are going to face each other! We’ve got a show going now!” some of the core disciples uttered.

For most of the core disciples, the fact that Chen Feng and Chi Lianfeng could rise to the core disciple rank meant that they were more promising to the sect that the others. It was inevitable for them to feel envious. Seeing the two of them meeting in the Grand Competition, a desire rose from the bottom of their hearts; the desire to have them both suffer from mutual destruction.

“Alright! Enough nonsense. Just make your move. Let me see what you got!” Chi Lianfeng said, bringing his Wind Mustering Banner out.

1 chi = 0.333 m

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