Chapter 351: Easy Victory


For a moment, the arena became filled with black and yellow rays of light. The two rays of light kept clashing against one another, creating a chaotic display of glossy light. 

Chen Feng attacked while Mo Fei defended.

Chen Feng’s attacks were very fierce, but Mo Fei defended steadily. His violent barrage right from the start attracted the attention of many of the cultivators watching from the stands.

“Why did Chen Feng choose this method of combat? This is too energy consuming. I would have simply brought out the Sacred artefact and hack the opponent,” Luo Kong could not stop himself from mumbling.

“Hey! Brother Chen is participating in this Grand Competition to hone himself. Use the Sacred artefact from the start? What is the point in participating then?” Shui Yan said smilingly.

“Makes sense. Still, I didn’t realize Chen Feng is proficient in utilizing the power of earth. However, this alone is insufficient to defeat Mo Fei,” Luo Kong said.

“That is the current situation. Now, we’ll have to see what other follow-ups Chen Feng has,” Zhou You said.

As they were chatting, Chen Feng had unleashed another hundred plus punches. However, all the attacks he sent out were broken by Mo Fei again.

“This new core disciple is too careless. How can he choose this type of offensive right from the start?” another disciple in the stands said.

“Heh! He is just a new guy who thinks he is some hotshot. I am willing to bet, despite his fierce momentum, once his strength is exhausted, he will lose!”

“I also don’t feel too optimistic about this guy. How much foundation can a Concealed stage cultivator possess? I know that Mo Fei. Even though he doesn’t stand out, he still possesses a very solid cultivation base.”

One hundred attacks, two hundred attacks, five hundred attacks. Chen Feng’s attacks did not stop. They did not weaken either.

By the time Chen Feng unleashed his 1,000th attack, the cultivators within the stands had begun growing impatient.

This type of attack was truly fierce and striking. However, to constantly do this all the time was dreadfully monotonous to watch.

This guy’s offensive power is too high. The same thought appeared in everyone’s mind.

“That is an earth-type offensive technique. After linking up with the earth, the power within him becomes endless. The way I see it, this fellow will be able to keep this up until night falls.”

“What? In that case, how are the other disciples going to compete? If this is how it’s going to be, I might as well head home and go sleep. This is too boring!”

As they were chatting, Chen Feng’s attacks suddenly weakened. It seemed as though he had become exhausted.


Mo Fei’s heart gave a thump and he quickly made use of this opening. The potent energy within his body spread out and the black sword in his hand radiated with a black luminescence. Next, a powerful circle of sword luminescence shattered the faint-yellow fists surrounding him. That was not all, the black sword luminescence also shot towards Chen Feng.

“Mo Fei is finally counterattacking. The disciple named Chen Feng will probably lose,” someone spontaneously said.

“Not necessarily.” Someone beside the cultivator shook his head.

In the face of the incoming blast of sword luminescence, Chen Feng did not reveal any look of concern. Instead, he retreated, once step at a time. To the onlookers, Chen Feng was not moving swiftly. And yet, the blast of sword luminescence was never capable of reaching Chen Feng.

After taking 10 steps backwards, Chen Feng abruptly unleashed a punch, which easily shattered the black sword luminescence.

“He he! How do you feel?” Tower snickered.

“Not bad. Looks like I will indeed gain something by participating in this Grand Competition,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had been the one to continuously attack Mo Fei. Thus, Mo Fei had been feeling somewhat vexed. Now that the situation had changed, he quickly took on the role of the attacker.

Mo Fei displayed a strange movement technique while attacking Chen Feng.

A faint-black sword beam sliced through the air to arrive before Chen Feng. It was so fast that even Luo Mingdao and the others, who were watching in the stands, felt concerned for Chen Feng.

In the face of the sword beam, Chen Feng simply brought up his palm. Faint-yellow energy currents surged out from his palm to block the black sword beam.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Mo Fei was not slow in following up. After that attack, he continued with a series of attacks, resembling a great river. One wave of black sword beams followed another, seemingly having descended from the sky to bombard Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s face did not reveal any fluctuations. He moved while waving both palms around to accurately block off each of the sword beams coming at him.

“Mo Fei is utilizing the Demon Subduing Sword Technique and Dark Sword Shine. To be able to cultivate them to this level after just overcoming 1 Lightning Tribulation, he can be considered a talent,” one of the elders in the stands said.

“Yes. Mo Fei’s comprehension skills is good. Looks like overcoming his 2nd Lightning Tribulation will not be an issue. He only needs to gather his strength now,” another elder said.

Truth be told, there were many elders in Extreme Celestial Sect. Their number far exceeded the number of core disciples. However, there were only a few elders in the stands. Just as how Chen Feng’s group had no interest in observing the competition between inner disciples, the elders had no interest in their competition.

However, these elders were also tasked with the duty of selecting talents. Thus, only a few of them had come for the preliminary rounds. Now that the preliminary rounds were over, some more of the elders had come forward. During the finals, some of the seclusive monster-like elders would emerge, either openly or secretly. Some of them would select a few core disciples and accept them as their own apprentices.

They were cultivators who had attained the Human Immortal stage or were close to reaching it. For them, those who had yet to even overcome Lightning Tribulation cannot be considered as geniuses. Only those who had overcome Lightning Tribulation can truly possess the chance to explore the immortal dao.

Thus, the old monsters’ objectives were the more outstanding geniuses amongst the core disciples.

 “In other words, this new disciple, Chen Feng, is about to lose.”

“Not necessarily. Don’t you know? Chen Feng is Sage Enigma Flame’s apprentice. He could rise to the core disciple rank even though he is just at level 7 of the Concealed stage. This accomplishment is greater than that of Chi Lianfeng and the other three!”

“Yes. A disciple with this kind of strength, he should be the most promising amongst the core disciples.”

“I still think Mo Fei has a higher chance of winning. Let’s make a bet!”

“Fine. At any rate, this is boring. Might as well put a bet on it to make it more interesting.” The elders in the stands chatted while analysing who would win.

Tsk, tsk. This Mo Fei’s swordsmanship is pretty good. If he did not encounter me, he could have won. A pity, Chen Feng thought.

Mo Fei’s sword beams grew more tangible and stronger. Likewise, his expression grew grimmer. Clearly, he had already unleashed his full power.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, continued to display a look of nonchalance. No matter how much more powerful Mo Fei’s sword beams became, Chen Feng was capable of blocking the attacks with his bare hands.

How is this possible? How? Is he wearing a high-grade hand guard? Mo Fei grew increasingly apprehensive and less confident.

Chen Feng’s cultivation base was clearly inferior compared to his own cultivation base. However, his opponent’s power was so domineering. Chen Feng was blocking his invincible sword beams with his bare hands. Mo Fei firmly believed that Chen Feng must be using a high-grade magic treasure, otherwise he could not have easily blocked the attacks.

“It seems Chen Feng is not just utilizing the power of earth,” Zhou You suddenly said.

“Yes. In order to cultivate the power of earth to the point where it can block off a Prized artefact, one must reach the Sky Human stage. Without overcoming Lightning Tribulation, the power of earth one can mobilize simply cannot reach such a degree of defence,” Shui Yan said.

“I think it’s domain power!” Zhou You’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“The power of earth from the Earthen Trigram, Mountain Trigram and even the power of earth from the Five Elemental powers combined,” said a young-looking elder within the stands.

“Hua Zhuliu, this kid hasn’t actually condensed out his domain power, no? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a formidable youngster,” said a tall and muscular cultivator beside the young-looking cultivator.

“Lei Batian, this is Sage Enigma Flame’s apprentice. It is only normal for him to possess this kind of ability,” Hua Zhuliu said smilingly.

Surprisingly, those two were Lei Batian and Hua Zhuliu from the Department of Elders. The two of them had already overcome 7 Lightning Tribulations. They can be considered as experts amongst Sky Human stage cultivators.

Their appearance came as something of a shock for the other elders and disciples within the stands.

“Sage Enigma Flame is proficient in fire techniques. Does this kid look like he is using fire techniques at all?” Lei Batian said.

“He he! Brother Lei, who do you think will win?” Hua Zhuliu suddenly said with a snicker.

“Is there a need to ask? It will surely be Chen Feng,” Lei Batian directly said.

“He he!” Hua Zhuliu chortled and stopped talking.

By then, beads of sweat had appeared on Mo Fei’s face. For sweat to appear on a cultivator with this level of cultivation base could only mean that Mo Fei’s energy reserve was severely depleted. He was already over exhausted.

“All right. It’s about time. Let’s end this here.” Chen Feng abruptly stamped the ground, causing it to quake. Next, his domain power swiftly spread out. Coincidentally, two tangible, black sword beams were shooting towards him. After entering Chen Feng’s domain, however, they disappeared just like that.


A faint-yellow clump of energy erupted and Chen Feng suddenly disappeared to re-appear before Mo Fei.

Mo Fei was taken aback. He did not expect such a display of speed from Chen Feng. He wanted to attack, but suddenly found himself incapable of moving. Then, he saw a palm – flashing with lightning bolts – swiftly pressing into his chest.


Mo Fei was sent flying. However, his figure merely flipped a few times in the sky before landing safely on the ground.

Chen Feng smiled and retracted his domain.

The expression on Mo Fei’s face flickered a few times. Next, he stepped forward and cupped his fists. “Thank you for holding back!”

After that, Mo Fei walked out from the arena, his face ugly to behold. Chen Feng knew. Although Mo Fei had lost, he was unwilling. It would appear that he believed Chen Feng was using some kind of magic treasure in the earlier fight.

Chen Feng won the match.

“Ha ha! Brother Chen, well done!” Luo Kong gave Chen Feng the thumbs-up when he was stepping out from the arena.

“I just got lucky,” Chen Feng said with a grin.

Immediately after that, two more participants stepped into the arena. The two of them had overcome 2 Lightning Tribulations each. They brought out their flying swords right from the start. Their flying swords flew about to unleash various grand moves, putting on a spectacular display for the spectators. The amount of excitement their fight generated far exceeded Chen Feng’s earlier fight.

“This is quite the magnificent battle,” Chen Feng said amusedly.

“Guys, who do you think will win?” Luo Kong said smilingly.

“I don’t care who wins. All I know is that it will be my turn next,” Zhou You said seriously.

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