Chapter 347: Getting Promoted to Core Disciple


After Chen Feng took two more steps forward, the atmosphere around him grew harsher. The surrounding onlookers could see that Chen Feng was silently gathering his strength and was about to unleash a thunderous attack.

“Who is this guy? How can he act so rampantly?” a cultivator suddenly whispered. 

“That’s right. Not to mention, he is just a Concealed stage cultivator. He is acting rampantly in our core disciples’ territory by relying on the power of a magic treasure. Just what kind of background does he have?”

“Even Chi Lianfeng is in a disadvantageous position against him. He is not to be underestimated. Is he the disciple of some old monster?”

“Heh! Looks like you fellows don’t know about this. He is Chen Feng. His master is Sage Enigma Flame.” One of the onlookers who knew Chen Feng spoke up.

“Oh! So, it’s Sage Enigma Flame’s disciple. No wonder! He he! Chi Lianfeng has constantly been acting wildly, relying on a good magic treasure to do whatever he wants. This time, he ended up kicking an iron plate!” 

“Yes. However, this means we have another savage character amongst us core disciples!”

After bearing witness to Chen Feng’s might, everyone there knew that Chen Feng’s rise to the rank of core disciple was set in stone.

As Chen Feng was about to launch his attack, someone finally stepped forward to stop him. Chen Feng saw a blur before his eyes and a tall, old man in voluminous robes appeared before him.

The old man performed a casual swing of his sleeve and both Chen Feng and Chi Lianfeng simultaneously felt a power capable of rearranging mountains and overturning the seas charge towards them.

Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!

Both Chen Feng and Chi Lianfeng were forced to take around eight steps backwards, leaving deep footprints on the floor.

“Getting into a fight in the Core Hall? What were you two trying to pull?” the old man said seriously.

“That’s an enforcement elder! Looks like they cannot continue fighting anymore!”

“Yes. With the appearance of an enforcement elder, we cannot watch the show anymore.” Some of them felt regretful.

“Our sect’s Grand Competition is going to start soon. If you two want to fight, you’ll be able to do so when the time comes. However, fighting inside the Core Hall is a violation of the sect’s rules,” the old man continued to say. 

Seeing as both Chen Feng and Chi Lianfeng were staying silent, the old man frowned and said, “Well then. If there is nothing else, go back to your respective affairs.”

“That’s it? Attacking others in the Core Hall is a violation of the sect’s rules. Is he not going to punish them?” one of the onlooking cultivators whispered.

“Hey, what do you know? If an ordinary disciple violates the sect’s rules, that person must be punished properly. However, both Chen Feng and Chi Lianfeng have backers. This enforcement elder dare not offend either side,” someone else replied with a scoff.

“Hold it.” Seeing the enforcement elder making to leave, Chen Feng finally spoke up.

“What is it? Do you have anything else to say?” The enforcement elder felt somewhat vexed. However, he turned to face Chen Feng.


Chen Feng waved his hand and the jade talisman with the information for his tasks flew into the enforcement elder’s hand.

“These three fellows gave me false information, tricking me to go to Blackwind Mountain to perform a task. In the end, I nearly died. He he! I wonder how you will deal with this matter?” Chen Feng snickered.

“What? Something like this happened?” The enforcement elder’s face sank.

“True or false, you can check it out on your own,” Chen Feng said.

“Naturally! I will investigate this matter thoroughly. If this matter is true, I will take care of this properly!” The enforcement elder kept the jade talisman.

“No need. I have already investigated it thoroughly.” Suddenly, Third Elder appeared before them all. Not a single one of them was able to figure how the Third Elder had appeared.

“Greetings, Third Elder!” Almost all the cultivators bowed respectfully.

Seeing the sudden appearance of Third Elder, the faces of the three elders responsible for promotion sank. Their hearts palpitated as they realized that their actions might be exposed.

“Zhang Chucai, tell me what is going on,” Third Elder said coldly, looking at the middle-aged cultivator who gave Chen Feng the tasks.

“Third Elder, Chen Feng is simply slandering me!” the middle-aged cultivator said, stepping forward.

“Is that so?” Light glinted across Third Elder’s eyes. Next, he swung one hand and several wind bullets shot out and several bloody holes appeared on the middle-aged cultivator’s body. Following that, blood flowed out profusely from the holes.

“Argh! My cultivation base!” Zhang Chucai’s face contorted greatly and he cried out in pain.

“I just abolished half of your cultivation base. From today onwards, you will be confined to the Cave of Reflection. You will only be allowed to come out after you have overcome your 5th Lightning Tribulation. If you cannot, then you can stay inside for the rest of your life!” Third Elder then waved his hand and two cultivators stepped forward to carry Zhang Chucai out of the Core Hall.

“Now, for you two.” Third Elder then turned his attention towards the other two elders.

Plop! Plop!

The two elders’ faces paled and they knelt down simultaneously before crying out anxiously, “It had nothing to do with us! Zhang Chucai was the one behind it all!”

“That is right! Zhang Chucai is the one behind it all. We are just Deputy Managers. We simply didn’t know about this!”

“Humph! If you say you did not participate in this, I can believe you. However, you say you didn’t know about this? That is an obvious lie. Still, since the main perpetrator is Zhang Chucai, I will not be abolishing your cultivation bases,” Third Elder said.

“Thank you, Third Elder! Thank you, Third Elder!”

The two of them shouted in unison.

“Don’t be too happy just yet. Although I will not be abolishing your cultivation bases, you will still be punished. From this day onwards, you two will also stay in the Cave of Reflection. You will only be allowed to exit after you have broken through. If you cannot break through, just grow old and die there,” Third Elder said with a sneer.

“Yes! Yes!” The two of them hastily nodded their heads. Although they felt dispirited by the punishment, it was already a much better one compared to the one Zhang Chucai had to face.

“Head there yourselves.” Third Elder waved his hand and the two elders swiftly left the Core Hall.

“This matter has been investigated. Zhang Chucai was the one who privately tampered with the contents of the task. Thankfully, there were no casualties from his actions. As the three tasks are complete, I now announce that Chen Feng has officially risen to the rank of core disciple,” Third Elder said coolly. However, his voice spread through the entire Core Hall.

“Thank you, Third Elder. Thank you for dispensing justice,” Chen Feng said, stepping forward to bow respectfully.

“All right. If there is nothing else, go back to your own affairs.” After saying that, Third Elder instantly disappeared, leaving not a single ripple in the air. It was as though he was never there at all.

“Hey! It’s just another spiritwalking technique,” Tower said coolly.

“Spiritwalking technique?” Chen Feng was a little surprised.

“Your present cultivation base is insufficient. After you have overcome Lightning Tribulation and begin comprehending the power of space and Sky Lightning, you will understand,” Tower continued coolly.

After the Third Elder had left, some other elders came to help Chen Feng with the formalities. Matters pertaining to the token to symbolize his new identity as a core disciple and the various benefits of his rank. There was also the matter of changing his mountain residence to that of a mountain residence within the core disciples’ zone. At any rate, there were a number of procedures that needed his attention.

“Brother Chen, congratulations on getting promoted to the rank of core disciple!”

“Yes. It will be easier for us to get in contact with one another in the future.”

Three of Chen Feng’s acquaintances, Shui Yan, Luo Kong and Zhou You, came forward with smiles on their faces.

“Greetings, senior brothers,” Chen Feng said jovially. He had a fairly good relationship with the three of them. At the very least, Chen Feng did not sense any ill intentions from them. They should be sincere in their desire to befriend him.

“He he! It has only been a few days since our last meeting. Unexpectedly, Brother Chen’s cultivation base has grown even stronger. Looks like the sect’s Grand Competition will be even harder now,” Shui Yan said smilingly.

“Brother Chen, for you to be so anxious in getting promoted to the rank of core disciple, looks like you are confident that you can compete with us core disciples,” Luo Kong said.

“Senior brothers, you jest. I just want to experience the pressure of facing the various geniuses within our sect. Only with pressure can there be progress. Take that Chi Lianfeng for example. Even though he is only at the Concealed stage, he already possesses such a high cultivation base. Only now did I realize that our sect possesses such a formidable power,” Chen Feng said.

“There are characters that are even more overpowered. Brother Chen simply hasn’t encountered them yet. Extreme Celestial Hall, Sky Human Hall, Five Elemental Hall and the Mountains and Rivers Club. Nearly 80 % of the experts in our sect belong to the four groups. The winners are almost always the members of these four groups. This Grand Competition will likely end with the same result,” Luo Kong said.

“What is important is that I get to participate. I am not participating for the rewards. Rather, I want to hone myself,” Chen Feng said with a grin. 

“Ha ha ha! That is because Brother Chen still doesn’t know what the rewards are, otherwise you will surely be tempted.” Shui Yan laughed.

“Oh, what are the rewards?” Chen Feng grew curious.

“In the past, the rewards have always been nothing more than medicinal pills and magic treasures. This Grand Competition will be no different. However, according to the information I acquired through certain sources, the rewards this time will be more bountiful than usual. Not only is the number of medicinal pills and magic treasures double the usual, it is said that there are some other wondrous items added in as well,” Shui Yan said.

“I have also gotten word about it. It is said that there is one treasure in particular that is very attractive. Some of the experts who usually viewed participating in the Grand Competition to be disdainful have also decided to enter,” Zhou You said.

“What kind of treasure is that?” Chen Feng grew even more curious.

“The Heart of Seven Apertures,” Shui Yan said.

“The Heart of Seven Apertures? What is it?” Chen Feng felt puzzled.

“It is said to be a type of spiritual object innately born within the world. After acquiring it, a cultivator may refine it into his or her own heart, triggering a world-shaking transformation. More importantly, the ability to absorb and regulate worldly spiritual energy will increase by seven times,” Shui Yan said.

“Such a type of spiritual object exists? It is so Heaven-defying!” Chen Feng was shocked. If Shui Yan’s words were true, the Heart of Seven Apertures would truly be worthy of the title ‘worldly spiritual object’.

“Yes. That is why this Grand Competition will be even fiercer,” Luo Kong said.

“However, there is no need for us to think about it. We will never be able to get it. That item will likely go to someone from Extreme Celestial Hall. I just want to get either a Sky-tier medicinal pill or a top-grade Prized artefact,” Shui Yan said with a grin.

“You wish!” Zhou You replied with a wry smile.

“By the way, there is something that I have been meaning to ask. There should be some restrictions amongst the core disciples for this Grand Competition, right?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

Chen Feng’s question was a logical one. Even amongst core disciples, there were disciples with varying power levels. Some had only overcome 1 Lightning Tribulations while some may have overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations or more. The difference between the two sides was monumental.

Note: Luo Kong and Zhou You first introduced in Chapter 297.

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