Chapter 346: Chi Lianfeng


“Is that right?”

A sneer was etched on Chen Feng’s face as he took another step forward. This time, Chen Feng utilized the power of earth and the entire Core Hall shook.

“Since you fellows want to bring up the rules, then I will be bringing up the rules as well.” Chen Feng’s eyes stared intently at the middle-aged cultivator. The waves of killing intent bursting out from his body gave the middle-aged cultivator the impression that Chen Feng could attack them at any moment.

“What rules?” the middle-aged cultivator forced himself to calm down. However, the onlookers there could see that he was revealing a look of guilt.

“The number of Sky Human stage bandits in Blackwind Mountain exceeded 10. Additionally, the total number of bandits in Blackwind Mountain exceeded 3,000. And yet, the information I received for this task did not say that,” Chen Feng said, bringing out the jade talisman for the task.

The middle-aged cultivator’s face sank.

“Give me that jade talisman!” The middle-aged cultivator’s face sank sharply and he rushed forward to snatch the jade talisman in Chen Feng’s hand.

Chen Feng scoffed inwardly. This middle-aged cultivator’s cultivation base was quite decent. He had already overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations. Normally speaking, it should have been easy for him to deal with a Concealed stage cultivator.

In the middle-aged cultivator’s opinion, this was a simple issue. All he needed to do was to snatch away the jade talisman and quickly modify the contents. Then, even if Sage Enigma Flame were to step forward, he could simply deny it.

However, the middle-aged cultivator forgot one thing. The fact that Chen Feng would bring out the jade talisman meant that he was not so easy to deal with.


Before the middle-aged cultivator’s fingers could reach Chen Feng’s hand, the jade talisman had disappeared.

The middle-aged cultivator’s fingers grasped Chen Feng’s empty palm instead.

Next, the body armour Chen Feng wore swiftly activated and a formidable power of ice and fire surged out. The power flowed through Chen Feng’s palm in a flash and shot forward.


The middle-aged cultivator’s five fingers were snapped by the overpowering force.

However, that was not the end of it. Before the middle-aged cultivator could cry out wretchedly, Chen Feng stepped forward and landed a heavy punch on the middle-aged cultivator’s chest.

Kach! Kacha! Kacha!

The middle-aged cultivator was thrown backwards even as the sound of broken bones rang out. Only after he had fallen to the ground did his cries of misery rang out.

The onlookers fell into an uproar.

How is this possible? With just one confrontation, a Concealed stage cultivator wounded a cultivator with 3 Lightning Tribulations under his belt? This is outrageous! Does our sect have such a powerful disciple?

“You! Chen Feng! You dare attack others in the Core Hall?” The two other elders panicked. One of them stepped forward to prop up the middle-aged cultivator while the other one shouted at Chen Feng, his face filled with dread.

“Every single person here saw what happened just now. I was not the one who attacked first. He was the one who did not know the meaning of death!” Chen Feng replied with a sneer.

“Who is so arrogant? Who dares attack others in the Core Hall?” Suddenly, a young man in red-white robes walked forward. 

A Concealed stage cultivator? Chen Feng was taken aback. He did not expect to see another Concealed stage cultivator here.

This was the Core Hall. The ones to walk about here were either core disciples or elders with high cultivation bases.

“It’s Chi Lianfeng! He is an incredibly arrogant fellow. We have a show now!”

“Humph! Chi Lianfeng, a peerless genius amongst the core disciples. More importantly, he is only at level 8 of the Concealed stage. It is said that he got into a conflict with others just several days after becoming a core disciple. Moreover, he wounded several fellows in the conflict. He is acting wildly within the ranks of core disciples right now!”

“Hey! Even if he is a genius, he will need to survive first. A genius who dies halfway is no longer a genius, let alone an arrogant genius!”

Chi Lianfeng? It’s him! I have heard before that there are four Concealed stage disciples within the core disciple rank. This Chi Lianfeng is one of them. However, I have also heard that he would only challenge experts. For him to be provoking me, there must be something else going on here, Chen Feng thought. 

“Are you the one who attacked earlier?” Chi Lianfeng said, walking towards Chen Feng

“What do you care?” Chen Feng sneered. Against such a rude fellow, Chen Feng too, responded in kind.


Chi Lianfeng’s figure disappeared to re-appear before Chen Feng. Chen Feng knew that he was not utilizing the power of space. This move was performed entirely using speed.

“Fast!” Chen Feng had only just uttered the word of praise when Chi Lianfeng’s palm struck Chen Feng’s chest.

“Earlier, you used this move to wound an elder. Now, I will use this same move to teach you a lesson!” Chi Lianfeng said as his palm unleashed a ferocious burst of magic power, desirous of blasting Chen Feng away.

Chen Feng, however, did not move away. He simply allowed Chi Lianfeng’s power to reach his body.

As expected, his body armour unleashed its power once more. The power of ice and fire countered the attack and Chi Lianfeng’s face sank. Immediately, he backed away, taking over ten steps backwards before steadying himself. Two rows of footprints were left on the floor.

Chi Lianfeng’s face alternated between flushed and pale, his face extremely ugly to behold. Whether or not his hand was wounded earlier was not the issue. The fact that it happened in front of so many people was embarrassing!

“Body armour!” Chi Lianfeng said, every word ringing loudly.

“Your body armour is not bad as well,” Chen Feng said with a sneer. Seeing Chi Lianfeng successfully unravel the power of ice and fire after taking just a few steps, Chen Feng was secretly shocked. It would appear that there were quite a number of capable characters amongst the core disciples.

“Humph! Count yourself lucky this time. We’ll fight each other next time.” After saying that, Chi Lianfeng turned to leave. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt wary of Chi Lianfeng. This kind of fellow, capable of quickly letting go, was the hardest to deal with.


Chen Feng’s figure swiftly darted forward to block Chi Lianfeng’s path.

“You attack whenever you want and leave whenever you want? Not so fast!” Chen Feng sneered.

Without waiting for Chi Lianfeng’s reply, Chen Feng attacked. Knowing that Chi Lianfeng possessed extreme speed, Chen Feng utilized all his aura to lock down on Chi Lianfeng. Next, he brought forth every drop of power within him to launch a punch at Chi Lianfeng.

The punch was not too fast. However, Chi Lianfeng found that he was unable to dodge it. Helpless, he brought up both his hands up to block the attack.


A loud colliding sound rang out and shockwaves spread out from the point of contact. As a result, cracks appeared across the hard floor beneath them.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s figure did not budge. Chi Lianfeng’s figure, on the other hand, took several steps backwards. Clearly, Chi Lianfeng was beneath Chen Feng in terms of strength. However, Chi Lianfeng utilized a high-grade body technique, taking several stances as he unravelled the force acting on his body.

“Since you want to attack, I will accompany you.” After the attack caused him to back away, Chi Lianfeng grew infuriated. He flexed his aching arms. Next, his palm beckoned and a circular, cyan-coloured banner appeared in his hand.

When the cyan-coloured banner appeared, Chen Feng immediately felt the power of wind surging around him. It was a peculiar feeling.

“It’s the Wind Mustering Banner. That is Chi Lianfeng’s magic treasure. Looks like Chi Lianfeng is going to get serious!”

“I have heard that the Wind Mustering Banner is a Sacred artefact. Is that true?”

“It must be, otherwise how could Chi Lianfeng become a core disciple despite his Concealed stage cultivation base? But I hear that this Chen Feng is also not to be underestimated as well. He is Sage Enigma Flame’s disciple. If so, he must also possess some magic treasures on him. This will be an interesting battle. I didn’t think we’d get to watch such a spectacle before the Grand Competition!”

Hearing the discussion between the onlookers, Chen Feng was secretly surprised. He did not expect a Concealed stage disciple like Chi Lianfeng to also possess a Sacred artefact. If that were true, he would be hard to deal with.

Chi Lianfeng gently waved the Wind Mustering Banner in his hand and Chen Feng could immediately sense several wind blades slicing towards him.

Chen Feng was startled. His feet hastily moved to dodge the incoming attacks. Even so, he felt searing pain from two spots on his body.

Despite not checking, Chen Feng knew that he had been wounded on those two spots.

So fast and powerful! As expected of a Sacred artefact. Not even the body armour forged using the scales of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm could defend against it. After getting wounded, Chen Feng grew more vigilant. He could not simply rely on the might of his fleshly body and body armour to take on the attacks of a Sacred artefact.

Chen Feng knew, bringing out other weapons would prove mostly ineffective. Thus, he swiftly brought out the Demon Sealing Sword. With a thought, Chen Feng linked up with the Demon Sealing Sword and a dimensional power enveloped him. No matter how many wind blades shot towards him, Chen Feng was able to stand his ground.


Seeing his attacks fail to wound Chen Feng, Chi Lianfeng swung the Wind Mustering Banner in his hand to aim it right at Chen Feng. Next, the onlookers watched as a one-zhang-long wind blade appeared in the middle of the air before whistling towards Chen Feng.

The wind blade was formed entirely using the power of wind. It was transparent and crystalline in quality. When the onlookers looked at the wind blade, they felt as though the wind blade was slicing their gazes. 


When the wind blade arrived before Chen Feng, however, the Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand slashed down. A burst of astral lightning shot out, shattering the wind blade into pieces. At the same time, remnant strands of thunderous shockwaves charged towards Chi Lianfeng.

Chi Lianfeng hastily waved the Wind Mustering Banner in his hand to send out several more wind blades in order to block the thunderous attacks.

With that one confrontation, the superior and inferior was decided. Chi Lianfeng’s face finally revealed wariness. He knew full well the might of his Wind Mustering Banner. However, Chen Feng’s magic treasure had suppressed it instead. This was not looking good for him.

I didn’t think I can so easily utilize the power of this Demon Sealing Sword. I wonder what the old man did to it. Chen Feng himself was shocked. He was surprised at how easily he could bring forth the power of the Demon Sealing Sword.

If so, I will crush this fellow’s display of arrogance and have these fellows know that I am not to be trifled with. Chen Feng then took a step forward. Astral lightning flashed across the surface of the Demon Sealing Sword. That was pure unadulterated Sky Lightning, condensed by a Human Immortal. Even a smidge of this power could create a suppressive atmosphere upon the Core Hall. Thus, the onlookers reflexively took several steps back.

Seeing Chen Feng on the verge of making his move, a look of dread flashed across Chi Lianfeng’s face. At the same time, he was secretly regretting his decision. If only he had known that this Chen Feng was so hard to deal with, he would not have jumped out. Should he lose to Chen Feng here, he would lose face big time.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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