Chapter 344: Dire Meridian Grass Acquired


As Chen Feng was chatting with Jian Xiaotian, shockwaves spread towards their location and they knew that Lin Shaokun had begun fighting the Seven Demise Vipers. 

Wave after wave of noxious air blew out from the hill in front to envelop the place. Everywhere the wave of noxious air went, the colour of the air would change. It was as though there was a raging fire burning around the place.

“No wonder there are so few plants here. With the exception of some herbs, there are barely any grasses around. The poisonous energy released from the shockwaves is already so strong. I wonder how poisonous the snake nest is?” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Brother Lin has gone out. It is our turn,” Jian Xiaotian said.

At that moment, Lin Shaokun was in the midst of fighting against several gigantic venomous snakes while retreating. There were also two human-looking fellows with spears in their hands besieging Lin Shaokun.

“Tsk, tsk. There really are Great Yaos there. They have already assumed human forms. I wonder if Brother Lin will be able to handle it,” Chen Feng said.

“Let’s not talk about it anymore. Hurry up! After we succeed, we’ll go help Brother Lin.” After saying that, Jian Xiaotian’s figure rushed forward.

Holding his breath, Chen Feng followed him. In the blink of an eye, he was standing before the hill. As he was about to enter, though, he heard the slight sound of wind coming from either side.

A thought flashed across his mind and both his hands swung out. Two Longevity Swords flashed forward and the poisonous snakes attacking Chen Feng were immediately killed off.

Incredible! There are so many poisonous snakes here. Looks like the entire snake nest is on high alert. Chen Feng saw various brightly-coloured poisonous snakes extending their tongues as they shot towards him. Chen Feng could not even tell how many snakes there were. It was a goose bump inducing sight. Add the increasingly thick poisonous energy, even experts would have to turn tail and run.

One sword beam after another rampaged about as a formidable will to fight charged into the sky. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that Jian Xiaotian was unleashing his might.

This fellow! He is unleashing such a formidable atmosphere. Is he not afraid of bringing those Great Yaos back? Chen Feng gave a wry smile.

“Brother Chen! Hurry over here! There are spiritual herbs here!” Suddenly, Jian Xiaotian’s voice traversed the hill to reach Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump and he swiftly made his way forward, moving deeper into hill.

Wave after wave of poisonous energy swept over and Chen Feng could feel the thick layer of protective astral energy he put up getting corroded.

What a powerful poison! Chen Feng was shocked.

“Here! Here!” Jian Xiaotian’s offensive charge had come to a halt. Although he was constantly cutting poisonous snakes down, the number of poisonous snakes around him was too high. It was hard to even take a single step forward. An average cultivator would have been inundated by the poisonous snakes there. 

Some were multi-coloured, some were several zhang in length, some were as short as two inches, some were bright-looking, some were invisible and some bared their fangs and shot their venom out. Various poisonous snakes that Chen Feng had never seen before or recognize swarmed forward, besieging Jian Xiaotian.

Chen Feng’s gaze swept around and he saw one spiritual herb after another surrounded by the poisonous snakes. Despite the thick poisonous energy, a hint of medicinal fragrance could still make its way out.


Chen Feng waved his hand and sword light erupted. The poisonous snakes blocking his path were all killed. After that, Chen Feng beckoned and two palm-sized herbs fell into his palm. Immediately, Chen Feng could sense strands of earthen power flowing into his body.

“These are Earthroot Grasses.” Chen Feng was quick to understand what type of spiritual herbs those were.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Countless poisonous snakes shot towards Chen Feng from every direction. Potent energy beams and poisonous spits condensed into sharp swords before engulfing Chen Feng.

“Are these all Seven Demise Vipers? Why are there so many types?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from blurting out. As the same time, his body spun like a top.

Sword beams shot out from Chen Feng’s figure, cutting down large swathes of poisonous snakes wherever they went.

“These poisonous snakes should be the Seven Demise Vipers’ subordinates. Strange. Didn’t Brother Lin say there are many Seven Demise Vipers here? Other than a sentry, I have not seen any other Seven Demise Viper,” Jian Xiaotian replied.

“Careful! Powerful poisonous snakes have appeared!” Chen Feng suddenly noticed seven-coloured snakes soaring through the sky towards them. The sky turned colourful and they knew, the Seven Demise Vipers had arrived.

The Seven Demise Vipers were like sharp, seven-coloured arrows. They darted around in the sky while releasing sharp sounds.

“Leave them all to me!” After saying that, Jian Xiaotian displayed his Skywheel Shattersword move. Like a display of fireworks, countless sword beams erupted outwards, immediately killing off half of the Seven Demise Vipers that had arrived.

Jian Xiaotian unleashed a commanding combat prowess and Chen Feng sped up the rate at which he was gathering spiritual herbs. However, almost all the spiritual herbs there were surrounded by the poisonous snakes. In order to collect just one spiritual herb, Chen Feng would first need to kill off a high number of poisonous snakes.


A giant poisonous python slammed against the ground to create a massive crater. As a result, a large crack appeared beneath Chen Feng’s foot.

It was a python that was close to reaching the Great Yao stage, at least six zhang in length and with the girth of a water bucket. It was protecting a strange-looking flower that Chen Feng had never seen before.

Chen Feng knew that flowers and plants that can grow here were no ordinary plants. Next, Chen Feng sped forward. His hand shot out with lightning-like speed to grab hold of the python’s tail. Then, he swung. The python became like a whip and countless poisonous snakes were killed in its wake.


Chen Feng then released his grip and the python was flung so far away it disappeared from sight.

Thus, Chen Feng went forward and uprooted the blood-red flower.

After that, Chen Feng darted forward again as he continued to collect all the spiritual herbs and flowers he could set his eyes upon. Earthroot Grasses, Seven Poison Grasses, Seven Extreme Grasses, Heart Eroding Mushrooms and some other rare herbs fell into Chen Feng’s hands.

Every one of the herbs was highly valuable. Countless cultivators would be willing to offer a high price for any one of them.

“Strange! There are quite a lot of spiritual herbs here, but why can’t I find any Dire Meridian Grasses?” Chen Feng felt puzzled. It was unlikely that Lin Shaokun would lie to him.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

As Chen Feng was ruminating the issue, a group of Seven Demise Vipers quickly surrounded him.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

When the Seven Demise Vipers appeared, the other poisonous snakes immediately backed away, causing the place to become spacious.

“Seven Demise Vipers.” Chen Feng was quick to recognize the seven-coloured snakes.

With just a glance, Chen Feng saw hundreds of the Seven Demise Vipers surrounding him. Additionally, that number was constantly climbing. As for Jian Xiaotian, the sounds of his battle could still reach Chen Feng’s ears. However, he could no longer see Jian Xiaotian. Chen Feng’s surroundings were enveloped by the flying poisonous snakes, which blocked off every single one of Chen Feng’s escape routes.

Before attacking Chen Feng, the poisonous snakes sprayed out stream after stream of poisonous smoke. Upon making contact with the ground, the smoke immediately corroded the ground.

“These Seven Demise Vipers are quite insidious. However, you think you can deal with me with your poisonous energy? How laughable!” Chen Feng sneered.

By then, the protective layer of astral energy Chen Feng put up around his body had grown much thinner due to the corrosion from the poisonous energy. It seemed as though the streams of poisonous energy would seep through at any moment, making their way into Chen Feng’s body.

Shua! Shua!

Finally, the Seven Demise Vipers attacked. Chen Feng felt a blur within his vision as two beams of chilling light descended before him, one attacking from his left while the other attacked from his right.

Ruthless. Chen Feng’s hand grasped forward to capture two Seven Demise Vipers. They were not even half a chi in length.

The two Seven Demise Vipers, possessing small bodies like that of earthworms, preferred using sneak attacks.

Even though Chen Feng had captured them with his hand, the two little vipers refused to stay down. Instead, they snapped fiercely at Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng channelled power into his palms and the two little vipers in his grasp were immediately quaked to death.

Immediately after that, the Seven Demise Vipers surrounding Chen Feng spat out their venom. As their venoms were arcing through the air, the sound of the air getting corroded could be heard.

In the face of the countless venom spit, Chen Feng did not move away. Instead, he formed a hand seal and shouted, “Collect!”

All of the venom spit gathered together to form a ball, which Chen Feng then kept into the Longevity Tower.

“These venoms are good items. I can use them when concocting pills in the future,” Chen Feng said smilingly. After that, Chen Feng waved both hands, unleashing tens of Longevity Blades, which swirled forward to kill off every Seven Demise Vipers near him.


A sword beam blasted out, cleaving apart over 100 Seven Demise Vipers and several hundred of the other poisonous snakes.

Jian Xiaotian strode forward, making his way towards Chen Feng. He stretched his hand out and said, “Brother Chen, look at this!”

“Dire Meridian Grasses!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right! There are ten of them in total. These should be enough for you to complete your task, right?” Jian Xiaotian placed the ordinary-looking Dire Meridian Grasses in Chen Feng’s hand.

“Enough, enough!” Chen Feng laughed.

With this, he had completed his task. Considering how there was still some time before the sect’s Grand Competition, Chen Feng felt relieved.

“Since we’ve found Dire Meridian Grasses, we should quickly leave. I wonder how Brother Lin is faring,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Come, let’s go. By combining our might, we might be able to kill off one or two Great Yaos.” Chen Feng smiled as he kept the Dire Meridian Grasses.

The three of them had made due preparations when planning their course of action earlier. Chen Feng brought out a Messaging Talisman and was able to quickly determine Lin Shaokun’s location.

When Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian arrived at Lin Shaokun’s location, they saw that Lin Shaokun was besieged by ten plus Great Yaos. His gilded staff swept out without respite, but he was incapable of escaping the encirclement.

“These Great Yaos are all Seven Demise Vipers. Some of them have immeasurably deep cultivation bases. Additionally, they have also set up some snake arrays while battling Brother Lin. No wonder they can entrap him,” said a surprised Jian Xiaotian.


After saying that, Chen Feng brought out Bloody Soul. With a swing from Chen Feng, Bloody Soul spun rapidly and transformed into a bloody beam of light.


A Seven Demise Viper with the girth of a water bucket was pierced by Bloody Soul. Next, Jian Xiaotian shot forward. With a flash of sword light, the wounded Seven Demise Viper was hacked into two.

Due to the death of one of the Seven Demise Vipers, an opening appeared within the snake array entrapping Lin Shaokun. The other Seven Demise Vipers did not think that someone would interfere. Thus, their array fell into a state of chaos.


Lin Shaokun grabbed hold of the opportunity. His gilded staff swung forward viciously, causing an explosive sound to erupt as another Seven Demise Viper died, its head shattered. Its yao core, flickering with light, flew out. 

1 chi = 0.333 m

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