Chapter 340: Disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace


“Looks like the Wolf King knew there is a hive here. He must have led us here to let the firewasps deal with us. If he had fled when we were dealing with the firewasps, we would have been incapable of catching up to him anymore,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Ha ha! That is right. If the Wolf King had not lurked around, wanting to launch a sneak attack on us, he would not have died.” Jian Xiaotian laughed out.

After that, the two of them looked around the hive and quickly found a dense cluster of pupae.

“If these fellows hatch, there will be a high number of firewasps,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Moving them to a mountain is not a bad idea. They can be used as mountain guardians,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from saying.

Next up, the two of them divided the fire nectar before walking out of the hive. Then, they began dividing the rest of the spoils.

The Wasp King’s stinger and the Wolf King’s corpse went to Jian Xiaotian while the fire sword, the Wolf King’s yao core and the massive hive went to Chen Feng. 

Seeing the massive, palace-like hive disappear all of a sudden, Jian Xiaotian was secretly astounded. He did not expect Chen Feng to possess such a high-grade spatial pouch, capable of collecting such a large object.

He didn’t know that Chen Feng had simply stuffed the hive into the Longevity Tower.

Finishing two Great Yaos in a row led Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian to feel slightly more daring. They started a fire and barbequed the Wolf King’s meat while drinking fire nectar, ignoring whether or not there were any more dangers around them.

“Tsk, tsk! This fire nectar is truly a good item. Even if you have the spirit stones, you won’t be able to buy it in the market. It is better than fine wine!” There was a wine gourd crafted from jade in Jian Xiaotian’s hand and it was filled with the fire nectar.

“Not necessarily,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. He was once again reminded of the mysterious cyan-robed man and the immortal wine which allowed his cultivation base to increase by 100 years.

Although the fire nectar could also improve his abilities, it was far inferior compared to the cyan-robed man’s immortal wine.

“We have already entered the inner area of the Seven Kills Direlands. We should be able to find Dire Meridian Grass, right?” Chen Feng shifted their topic of discussion.

“Ha ha! Speaking of which, I have already entered this place a few times now, but I have never come across Dire Meridian Grass. However, many people have managed to get their hands on the grass. Brother Chen, there is no need to worry. Although Dire Meridian Grass can be considered a rarity outside, it is not so here. There are many spiritual herbs that are more valuable compared to Dire Meridian Grass here,” Jian Xiaotian said merrily. 

“He he! I just want to find Dire Meridian Grass as soon as possible to complete my task,” Chen Feng replied with a chuckle.

“Task?” Jian Xiaotian grew curious.

“He he. I keep forgetting to mention this. I am a disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect. I am here to collect Dire Meridian Grass for a promotion assessment,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“So, Brother Chen is a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. Forgive my manners. A disciple from one of the Northern Plains’ Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects. No wonder you are so promising despite your young age,” Jian Xiaotian said with a smile.

“I am from the Central Plains’ Heavenly Sword Faction. Brother Chen, you must have heard of it, right?” 

“Heavenly Sword Faction!”

Chen Feng was taken aback. Although he had never been to the Central Plains before, he knew of some of the large sects from the Central Plains. The Heavenly Sword Faction was a top-level sect from the Central Plains. It was the equivalent of Extreme Celestial Sect’s position in the Northern Plains. Moreover, the Central Plains was the most prosperous place within Eternal World. Thus, the sects and cultivators there were not existences that others could hope to match.

“I have heard that there is a relationship between the Central Plains’ Heavenly Sword Faction and the Northern Plains’ Sword Hall. Is it true?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Humph! A long time ago, Sword Hall was a branch of our Heavenly Sword Faction. That’s all.” A sneer appeared on Jian Xiaotian’s face.


Chen Feng nodded his head and chose not to probe further. He had no desire to inquire about this secret, let alone ask about it.

“Is Brother Chen here just for the Dire Meridian Grass? Although this place, the Seven Kills Direlands, is a highly dangerous place, it is also a good place for cultivation,” Jian Xiaotian said with a smile.

“He he! It is true. I know that this place is a good place for cultivation. However, my sect’s Grand Competition is about to begin. I have to rush back before it starts,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“So, that’s why. I came all the way to the Northern Plains on a trip and had entered this place to hone myself. When the time comes, I will go to Extreme Celestial Sect and cheer for Brother Chen,” Jian Xiaotian said cheerfully.

“You are most welcomed,” Chen Feng said.

After the two of them had had their fill, they extinguished the fire and began venturing deeper into the Seven Kills Direlands.

“I hear that there are seven types of dire killer arrays in the Seven Kills Direlands. Hopefully, we don’t end up inside one of them. It is said that some places could prove dangerous even for Human Immortals,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“This is my first time entering the Seven Kills Direlands. My knowledge of this place came from what I have heard and whatever information I could get my hands on. As for what’s actually inside, we’ll have to personally see it with our own eyes,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile. 

“I have come here a few times, but never so deep before. We have already encountered two very powerful Great Yaos. If we venture deeper, it might become even more dangerous. Speaking of which, I prefer fighting against those yao beasts instead of facing some bizarre and unpredictable magic arrays. Some can kill you without leaving a trace,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“He he! It is said that this place has seven highly poisonous entities. There are also seven mines that could tempt even Human Immortals. However, I am presently not interested in those things. As long as I can find the Dire Meridian Grass, I will be able to return to the sect. Once the Grand Competition is over, I will return here for an adventure,” Chen Feng said.

“There are people up ahead!”

As the two of them were chatting, Jian Xiaotian suddenly said.

“I see them. They have more people than us. Additionally, their cultivation bases are pretty high. Say, if they see us, will they attack us?” Chen Feng suddenly said, a smile etched on his face.

“The chances of them attacking is slightly high.” Jian Xiaotian smiled as well.

There was a total of eight cultivators. They were besieging an odd-looking yao beast. By the time Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian saw them, they had already killed off the yao beast.

“The strength of that yao beast is not too inferior compared to the two Great Yaos we encountered earlier. All eight of them are Sky Human stage cultivators. Tsk, tsk. I wonder which sect are they from. Brother Chen, you should know, right?” Jian Xiaotian said with a chuckle.

“Judging by their attires and the power of their magic techniques, I think they are probably disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace,” Chen Feng said.

“Nine Firmaments Palace. I hear that Nine Firmaments Palace, Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace are closely connected. They possessed the highest level of power in the Northern Plains,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Yes. Let’s just circle around. There is no need to get into a conflict with them.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

Jian Xiaotian nodded as well. Although he was not afraid of them, he did not want to cause troubles. At any rate, the other party had the advantage in numbers. If the two parties were to encounter one another, a conflict would most likely erupt between them.

However, just because Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian did not want to create any troubles did not mean that trouble would not come looking for them. By the time the two of them decided to circle around, the other party had already noticed Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s presence.

“Who is it?!”

Chen Feng heard a loud shout coming from the distance. Next, the sound of wind rang out and eight young cultivators appeared to block their path.

Chen Feng frowned inwardly. The eight youngsters consisted of six males and two females. All of them had overcome Lightning Tribulation. They were staring at Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian with arrogant expressions on their faces.

Chen Feng detested such haughty expressions the most. Just because they possessed a minor status, they fancied themselves as hotshots and considered others as nobodies. In the Northern Plains, disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace, Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace were the ones with the most extreme display of haughtiness.

“Who are you fellows? How dare you spy on us?” One of them turned his nose all the way up to the sky and used his chin to point at Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. He displayed a most bossy demeanour.

“He he! Greetings, senior brothers and sisters. I am Chen Feng, a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect.” Chen Feng saluted with a smile.

However, Chen Feng was smiling bitterly inside. He did not expect to encounter an acquaintance here. 

“Disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect?” The eight of them were taken aback. They stared at Chen Feng carefully, seemingly attempting to determine something.

“Humph! So, you fellows are from Extreme Celestial Sect. However, how will you explain your actions of spying on us earlier?” Once again, that same fellow spoke up, the same haughty expression on his face.

Chen Feng grew somewhat infuriated. However, he continued to smile and said, “Senior brothers and sisters, it is a misunderstanding. The two of us are merely passing by!”

“Passing by? Humph!” The eight of them looked at Chen Feng before looking at Jian Xiaotian. Their faces revealed looks of disdain.

“Alright, you fellows can scram!” One of them waved his hand. He was treating Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian as nobodies.

A glint of rage flashed across the eyes of both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. They seriously wanted to attack and kill them off right there and then.

“Wait!” Someone suddenly spoke up.

“What is it, Junior Brother Liu? Do you know these two?” The one speaking turned quizzically to look at a youngster in light-cyan attire who was standing beside him.

“Why do you look so familiar?” The cultivator in light-cyan robe stared intently at Chen Feng.

“What? You cannot recognize an old acquaintance?” Seeing that the other party had recognized him, Chen Feng openly admitted it.

“You! It’s you! Back then, in Purplebolt Mountain, you dared to snatch away our Nine Firmaments Palace’s Magic crystals! Humph! Now that you have encountered me, you can forget about escaping,” Liu Mu said with an icy smile.

Liu Mu. Looks like this fellow might be Liu Tian’s little brother. The first time we met, he was just a level 8 Concealed stage cultivator. He had so quickly risen to level 1 of the Sky Human stage. However, a level 1 Sky Human stage cultivator is nothing for me now. Last time we fought, I was no match for him, but things are different now. Chen Feng secretly sneered.


Hearing Liu Mu’s words, the others made their move. They darted out to stand in eight different positions, surrounding Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

Although they had yet to attack, they had already begun to secretly activate their Eight Trigrams Array. They were ready to unleash their killing blows at any moment.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances and a smile appeared on their faces. Unexpectedly, they would have to face an Eight Trigrams Array again.

“What is this? Are you fellows planning on attacking? Do not forget, I am a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect.” Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, there was a smile on his face.

“Humph! Forget your status as disciples of Extreme Celestial Sect. Even if you are elders of Extreme Celestial Sect, you will still die by our hands today!” Liu Mu said, his killing intent rising upwards.

“Everyone, attack together! Kill them both!”

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