Chapter 34: Yao Beast Red-gold Tiger

“Kid, this time, you will not be able to run away anymore. If you can still escape from us Concealed stage cultivators, we will become a laughing stock,” said the Li Family Patriarch with a sneer.

That was true. Forget a minor cultivator like Chen Feng, who had yet to even cultivate up to the Concealed stage, even if he had reached the Concealed stage, he was far from capable of fighting off these people.

Chen Feng said nothing. He continued to run forward with all he had. However, he was secretly panicking.

Am I not going to be able to escape this time? Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Iron Sword Sect Master, it seems this disciple of yours is very disobedient. Why don’t you personally capture him?” Mo Yuan suddenly spoke up.

“Since the City Lord has spoken out, I will do so,” Iron Sword Sect Master said calmly before accelerating his dashing figure to reach the sky above Chen Feng. Next, he extended a hand towards Chen Feng, making a grasping motion. Following Iron Sword Sect Master’s movement, the trees below were all blown away. Trees and leaves were all pulverized. Tie Jianfeng had become like an eagle descending from the sky above to catch a wild rabbit.


Chen Feng shouted loudly as he mobilized all his astral energy. Wave after wave of primary energy radiated out from his body, condensing out luminescent sword beams, which then shot forward. He wanted to disrupt Tie Jianfeng to create an opportunity to escape.

Unfortunately, the sword beams radiating out from Chen Feng’s body, seemingly capable of destroying all in its path, dispersed into nothingness before even reaching Tie Jianfeng’s body. Some of the sword beams, just one chi before reaching Tie Jianfeng’s hand, exploded. They were reduced into strands of energy, which dissipated into the sky (1 chi = 0.333 m).

“What powerful primary energy. If you could have a little more time, it would not be impossible to break through to the Concealed stage. Then, our Iron Sword Sect would have another talent. What a pity! What a pity!” said Tie Jianfeng.

Despite saying that, Tie Jianfeng did not stop. The power of his palm moved ever closer towards Chen Feng. Chen Feng, who was dashing away, could feel a powerful pressure descending upon his body, giving him a feeling that he could not resist it. He knew that he was going to be captured.

“Argh! No, there is a yao beast!”

Suddenly, the Li Family Patriarch, who was hovering in the middle of the sky, exclaimed. At the same time, clashing sounds could be heard as a thick, world-encompassing pressure descended upon everyone present.

Sensing the pressure, Tie Jianfeng flinched for an instant. His hand, which was about to grab hold of Chen Feng halted for a brief moment. That brief moment was instantly seized by Chen Feng. Although Chen Feng had also felt the suffocating atmosphere, he was already in a perilous state of life and death. Ignoring it, he unleashed all his power and sprinted forward, increasing the distance between himself and Tie Jianfeng.


It was then that an unknown yao beast released a ferocious howl, stunning the few Concealed stage cultivators who were up in the sky, forcing them to land. An intense sensation of crisis surged towards all present. Tie Jianfeng, who had been about to move towards Chen Feng again, felt his hair standing on end. Hence, he discarded the thought of capturing Chen Feng. Instead, his figure flashed about and he flew up into the sky, his iron sword in hand as he guarded himself.

“What are you?!” Tie Jianfeng shouted coldly.


A tiger yao whose body flashed with a red-gold colour flew through the sky and roared at those below. Its roar shook the mountains and its powerful sound waves reduced an old tree, 100-metre in height, to ashes.

The tiger yao had the size of a normal tiger. However, its whole body was the colour of red and gold. The surface of its body had strange patterns. It was like a leather armour made of Goldstone. It appeared to possess an astonishing level of defence and was incomparably tough.

“That is a yao beast, Red-Gold Tiger. Its hide is seemingly made of Goldstone. No ordinary weapons can pierce it. Everyone, be careful.” Mo Yuan recognized the tiger yao. 

Yao beasts were an existence which stood at a higher level than wild animals. Not only have they gained intellect, they could, like humans, practice various secret techniques, yao techniques, absorbing worldly spiritual energy and the essences of the sun and the moon. Some of the more talented Great Yaos could transform themselves into human forms, capable of easily killing off Concealed stage cultivators.

The Red-Gold Tiger that had suddenly appeared was a yao beast. The surrounding area, within a 100-li radius, was its territory. The Red-Gold Tiger had only recently won this territory not too long ago. All of a sudden, however, some outsiders stepped into its territory. This incited it, giving it the desire to devour the outsiders (1 li = 0.5 km).


Hearing Mo Yuan’s words, the Red-Gold Tiger quickly turned to fix its stare at Mo Yuan. Both its pupils were the colour of dark gold. Its gaze shot into his heart, giving off the might of a tiger. Next, it descended from the sky, pouncing at Mo Yuan. Even before it made contact with the ground, a powerful pressure had caused the ground to crack open. The strong winds blowing in every direction were like blades, flying in every direction, cutting everything.

“Everyone, quick help me!” Sensing the momentum behind the move, Mo Yuan quickly shouted out loud. At the same time, he sent out his flying sword, sending it forward in a killing move directed at the Red-Gold Tiger.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Tie Jianfeng, Hu Lie and several others quickly flew forward, acting in concert despite not having any prior discussion to attack the Red-Gold Tiger.

However, there were some who did not attack. Two of them exchanged glances before running in pursuit of Chen Feng, ignoring what might happen to Mo Yuan.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The flying sword hacked down on the Red-Gold Tiger’s body, causing sparks to fly. However, all it did was leave a slight line on its skin. It had failed to even pierce through the Red-Gold Tiger’s outermost skin.


Despite the assistance of others, a paw swipe from the Red-Gold Tiger was still able to send Mo Yuan flying. His figure smashed through three great trees before coming to a halt. 

“Red-Gold Tiger, stop this now! We do not want to be your enemy!” Tie Jianfeng immediately shouted.

“Humans, entering my territory, death!” The Red-Gold Tiger released a wave of divine sense before pouncing at them once more. The trees in their surroundings shook violently. Some of the trees, incapable of enduring the powerful winds, exploded.

After reaching the level of yao beast, they could, despite their inability to speak the human language, utilize their divine sense to communicate.

“Red-Gold Tiger! Don’t think we are afraid of you! Everyone, join forces and kill it!” Mo Yuan got up and shouted. The paw swipe earlier had torn Mo Yuan’s clothes to reveal an earthen yellow-coloured armour.

“It is actually an armour created using the power of the earth. No wonder it could possess such a shocking defensive property.” Seeing the earthen yellow armour on Mo Yuan, Hu Lie said enviously.

“Killing this yao beast will also be a good harvest.” A spiral-shaped spear had appeared in the hand of the Giant Spirit Faction Master’s hand. With a gentle piercing gesture, it created whistling sounds, seemingly capable of piercing space itself.

“I would like to see if this Yao beast can block my Armour Breaking Spiral Spear.” Having said that, the Giant Spirit Faction Master performed an abrupt thrust and his whole figure seemingly teleported tens of metres ahead. The spear in his hand rotated quickly, seemingly transforming into a dragon charging out from the sea, shooting towards the Red-Gold Tiger.


A roar shook Heaven and Earth. Next, the group of cultivators surrounded the yao beast and began fighting.

So dangerous! So dangerous! That earlier is a yao beast, right? I hear yao beasts can instantly kill off Concealed stage cultivators. I wonder if it could kill them all off. By then, Chen Feng had already run tens of li away. His speed did not decrease. Instead, due to the immense pressure he felt earlier, he had pushed out all his strength. His cultivation base had also increased somewhat. Additionally, by absorbing the leftover medicinal power of the Imperial Blood Grass within his body, his movement speed increased by another notch.

Phew! The depths of Black Origin Mountain Range are truly dangerous. No wonder even some Concealed stage cultivators could die inside. Thankfully, though, a yao beast appeared just now. Otherwise, I would have been captured by them now. 

A yao beast has appeared. If I go further in, the danger will definitely increase. However, I have no way back. I cannot even stop. What a contradictory situation. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Shua! Shua!

Two figures suddenly descended from the sky to land before Chen Feng. One of them raised one hand, creating a wall of energy before Chen Feng. Slamming into the wall, Chen Feng’s figure fell backwards, tumbling a few times.

The ones blocking Chen Feng were the Li Family Patriarch and the Wu Family Patriarch. The two of them had not gone to fight the Red-Gold Tiger. Instead, they used the opportunity to chase after Chen Feng.

“Kid, I don’t have the mood to talk. You had better be obedient.” The Li Family Patriarch revealed a cold smile as he strode forward. He reached out with his hand to grasp Chen Feng. It was a simple move. Yet, Chen Feng could feel powerful energy flowing towards him, shackling him, making it impossible for him to move away.

Powerful! As expected of a Concealed stage expert. Chen Feng knew that he could not dodge away, yet he cannot simply let himself be taken without putting up a fight. With a stamp of his foot, his primary energy surged forth like tidal waves and all his blood energy flowed into his arm. Next, he sent out a punch, one resembling an erupting volcano.


A soft sound could be heard as primary energy exploded out between fist and palm. Immediately, Chen Feng’s whole body felt as though he had been electrocuted and his figure flew through the air before smashing down the ground.

Ta! Ta!

The Li Family Patriarch took two steps backwards, his face revealing amazement.

“Well done, kid! To think that you could actually block a palm from me. Those who have not reached the Concealed stage face a natural chasm when facing a Concealed stage cultivator. It is impossible to challenge someone on a higher stage. It seems your cultivation technique is something else.” The Li Family Patriarch walked towards Chen Feng with a smile.

Chen Feng struggled to get up. However, his whole body felt weak, devoid of strength. There was no way he could move anymore.

“Just be obedient and lie down.” The Li Family Patriarch extended his index finger to tap Chen Feng’s chest. Energy undulated continuously at the tip of his finger. Clearly, he wanted to seal Chen Feng’s movements.


A clear ringing sound rang out from Chen Feng’s chest. Seemingly a sound from steel yet not, seemingly a sound from iron yet not. Next, the Li Family Patriarch’s figure grew stiff. There was a peculiar expression on his face. Immediately, it turned into one of horror.

“What happened?” The Wu Family Patriarch asked curiously. At the same time, his heart could faintly sense that something was not right. It felt as though something huge was about to happen.

“What is this? I cannot move! Quick, help me!” the Li Family Patriarch shouted in panic.

“Insignificant cultivators! You dare infringe upon my dignity?!” A voice rang out from Chen Feng’s chest, sonorous, powerful, lofty and inviolable.

Immediately after those words rang out, an invisible ripple spread outwards. The Li Family Patriarch standing before Chen Feng, the nearby Wu Family Patriarch, the surrounding trees, grasses, even the surrounding space, all were silently obliterated. Not even ashes remained. 

The shockwave spread out from Chen Feng, moving outwards and only stopping after expanding over a distance of 1,000 metres.

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