Chapter 338: Eight Trigrams Array


“Kid, collect this hive,” Tower suddenly said.

“Naturally. I can already smell the scent of fire nectar. Besides, I managed to acquire a Prized artefact from the last hive. Considering how large this one is, it is surely not just an empty shell.” Chen Feng laughed.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four fireballs flew out from the hive. Each of the four fireballs was even bigger than the previous fireballs, about the size of a child. Additionally, the firewasps within the fireballs possessed humanoid shapes.

“Humanoid transformation. Great Yaos!” Chen Feng was startled.

The four firewasps had clearly defined limbs, hands and legs. Only their faces were a blur. Each of them was wielding a blazing lance. The auras they emanated revealed that they had already overcome Lightning Tribulation.  

“Impressive. This massive hive managed to produce such powerful existences. If they dispatch a couple more of them, I will have a hard time,” Chen Feng blurted.

Chen Feng had only just said that when four more firewasps flew out. They were also humanoid firewasps and the aura they emanated were on par with the earlier four humanoid firewasps.

“Me and my big fat mouth!” Chen Feng gritted his teeth.

“Human, you captured our juniors earlier.” Suddenly, one of the humanoid firewasps spoke with a buzzing voice.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Release them immediately and break one of your arms. That way, you will be able to save your life,” the humanoid firewasp continued.

“You’ve got to be joking! Have you not woken up yet? Not only am I going to capture firewasps, I am also going to collect this big hive!” Chen Feng pointed at the massive hive.

“You have a death wish!”

Two humanoid firewasps shot out, one moving to the left while the other to the right. Straightening their lances, they then plunged towards Chen Feng, leaving flaming after-images in their wake.

It would have been slightly difficult for me if these fellows came at me together. They are too careless. Chen Feng sneered inwardly. He had swiftly determined his next plan.

Ding! Ding!

Two blazing lances pierced Chen Feng’s body. Seeing that, the two humanoid firewasps felt pleased, thinking that they had dealt with Chen Feng. Suddenly, however, a formidable suction force emerged from Chen Feng’s body, causing the flames enveloping the two humanoid firewasps to flow through the lances and into Chen Feng’s body.

The fire-type function of the body armour that Chen Feng was wearing had activated and it devoured the flames on the two humanoid firewasps.

“Get over here!” As the humanoid firewasps were in a state of shock, Chen Feng reached out with his hand to perform the Five Elements Capturing Light to instantly capture the two humanoid firewasps. He rapidly placed seals on their bodies before stuffing them into the Longevity Tower.

Even if the humanoid firewasps were ten times stronger, after getting thrown into the Longevity Tower, their chances of escaping were nil.

Seeing Chen Feng deal with the two humanoid firewasps in such a clean manner, the figures of the six remaining humanoid firewasps immediately erupted with intense flames. Buzzing sounds rang out as they transformed into six flaming beams, which attacked Chen Feng.

“Bring it!” Chen Feng grasped and Bloody Soul appeared. Lance versus lance. One versus six. Fight!

During the fight, Chen Feng noticed that the flaming lances that the humanoid firewasps wielded were similar to the Shadowless Goldshine Blade, tangible objects. Additionally, they were also Prized-tier magic treasures. Realizing that left Chen Feng both shocked and pleased. 

I’m gonna be rich! Even as they fought, Chen Feng could already see how the battle would end.

Chen Feng brandished Bloody Soul, which rampaged about, blocking the attacks from the humanoid firewasps and causing flames to scatter about in the sky. Flames kept erupting into bursts of sparks, courtesy of the flaming lances in the humanoid firewasps’ hands.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Three flaming lances struck Chen Feng’s body, causing three colliding sounds to ring out in quick succession. However, they failed to damage Chen Feng at all. As Chen Feng was thinking of using the opportunity to take care of the three humanoid firewasps, Jian Xiaotian abruptly charged forward. Jian Xiaotian unleashed a ferocious attack the moment he appeared and his great sword cleaved the three humanoid firewasps that were attacking Chen Feng into two each.

“Don’t attack!” Chen Feng hastily cried out. However, it was slightly too late. Feeling helpless, he sighed to himself. Three firewasps at the Great Yao stage was killed off by Jian Xiaotian just like that.

Fearing that the three remaining humanoid firewasps would be killed as well, Chen Feng made his move. With lightning-like speed, he utilized the Longevity Tower to unleash three overpowering suction forces against the three humanoid firewasps. Thus, the three of them simply disappeared.

“Eh, that is?” Seeing that, a look of shock flashed across Jian Xiaotian’s face.

“It’s nothing. I captured the firewasps,” Chen Feng said smilingly. No matter what, Jian Xiaotian had meant well with his earlier attack.

“So, you had wanted to capture them alive. I was too reckless just now.” After saying that, Jian Xiaotian waved his hand and three lances flew into his hand. He then handed them over to Chen Feng.

“Thank you, Brother Jian.” Chen Feng did not reject Jian Xiaotian’s gesture and kept them.

“I didn’t think I would encounter such a large hive here. Ha ha! Brother Chen, such a large hive must surely contain a lot of high-quality fire nectar. Brother Chen, have you tried it before?” Jian Xiaotian asked with a laugh.

“No.” Chen Feng laughed as well.

“If so, let’s enter and explore this hive.” Jian Xiaotian then used a finger to flick the great sword in his hand, causing soundwaves to spread into their surroundings.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, eight flaming beams shot out from the hive. However, they did not attack Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. Instead, they circled around the two of them. After that, eight fire swords hovered in eight different locations around them.

“Oh? The Eight Trigrams Array!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“These eight fire swords are pretty decent. However, they are too weak. They are no match for my Skyroar Spiritsword.” After saying that, Jian Xiaotian swung his sword horizontally, seemingly wanting to hack the eight fire swords apart.

It was at that moment that the eight fire swords – occupying the Eight Trigrams positions – abruptly moved. One by one, the fire swords jumped around and Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian felt as though the world around them was turning into a complete blur. Next, a sea of fire raged around them.

“Heh! Kid, this is the Eight Trigrams’ Fire that the eight swords created. You are now within a fire domain,” Tower said amusedly.

Chen Feng looked around. There was nothing else besides the raging flames. As for Jian Xiaotian, he had disappeared.

“Looks like Jian Xiaotian is also in the same situation as me,” Chen Feng said.

As Chen Feng was mumbling, the flames around him churned and a thick fire swirl swept towards Chen Feng.

Fire acupoint, devour! Chen Feng simply mobilized the Fire acupoint within his body to absorb the power of fire around him.

As Chen Feng was absorbing the power of fire into his Five Elemental acupoint’s Fire acupoint, he secretly assessed the fire domain of his own Eight Trigram acupoints.

The power of fire that Chen Feng had been absorbing recently had increased considerably. His perception of his Eight Trigram acupoints’ Fire Trigram acupoint was becoming increasingly clear. Chen Feng had a feeling. His Fire Trigram acupoint was on the verge of opening up. In fact, it might happen right this moment.  

The amount of flames around him grew increasingly high. At the same time, they were also assuming various forms. They assumed the form of swords, lances and fire swirls to entangle Chen Feng. Once, a gargantuan wild beast made of flames had emerged and swallowed Chen Feng whole.

However, Chen Feng ignored them all. He simply absorbed the power of fire into himself. At any rate, with the body armour protecting him, he had no fear of getting wounded.

Both the Demonic Heavengorging Art and Heavengulping Absorption Technique were displayed as a rapidly-spinning vortex appeared on each of Chen Feng’s palms to ceaselessly devour the power of fire from his surroundings. It was a most peculiar sight.

Chen Feng, who had been constantly using these two cultivation techniques recently, could sense that their powers were growing. At the same time, he was beginning to sense the flaws within the Demonic Heavengorging Art. He knew that it was due to the fact that the Demonic Heavengorging Art he cultivated was not complete.

Soon enough, the fire-type attribute of his body armour displayed a formidable function. Surprisingly, the rate at which it was absorbing the surrounding power of fire had exceeded the rate at which Chen Feng was absorbing them.

“This body armour is pretty good!” Chen Feng blurted out.

“With enough power of ice and fire, it can easily advance to become a Sacred artefact,” Tower said.

“Easier said than done. I haven’t even fully mastered it,” Chen Feng replied with a wry smile.

After an unknown period, Chen Feng felt a certain spot within his body quake. Next, a red dot abruptly erupted and the power of fire surged out, like bursting magma.

The Eight Trigram acupoints’ Fire Trigram acupoint has gotten loose! Chen Feng was so surprised, he nearly exclaimed aloud.

As his Fire Trigram acupoint had become loose, the rate at which Chen Feng could absorb the surrounding power of fire rose further. Finally, the raging flames around him began falling into a state of tranquillity. 

After the surrounding flames had fallen into a state of tranquillity, a fire sword, raging with fire, descended from the sky. It hacked down against Chen Feng’s head. Chen Feng had wanted to dodge, but he found that the fire sword had enveloped the eight directions around him, making escape an impossibility.

I can’t dodge, Chen Feng thought. Then, he quickly stretched both hands out to grab the fire sword. The humongous momentum behind the fire sword pushed Chen Feng’s figure down the ground. By the time the fire sword came to a halt, Chen Feng’s figure was already underground.

There were only three inches left between the tip of the sword and Chen Feng’s head. As for Chen Feng, he grabbed the fire sword tightly even as an aching sensation flowed from his arms into his whole body.


The surrounding flames immediately disappeared. Jian Xiaotian, who was standing nearby, looked around with a confounded expression on his face. He did not understand what had just happened.

Did Chen Feng break the Eight Trigrams Array? Jian Xiaotian guessed.

Next, Chen Feng emerged from the ground, the fire sword in his grasp. Seeing that shocked Jian Xiaotian.

“He he! The Eight Trigrams Array has yet to fully unfold, but you have already broken it using this method.” Tower could not stop himself from chortling.

“Brother Chen, that sword in your hand?” Jian Xiaotian asked curiously.

“This is the combined form of the eight fire swords from earlier,” Chen Feng said. The fire sword was a good item. Before climbing out from the ground, Chen Feng had asked Tower to identify it for him.

The fire sword was a grade 6 Prized artefact. More importantly, it was the Eight Trigrams Fire Sword. It could split into eight fire swords to create an Eight Trigrams Array to trap enemies.

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