Chapter 337: Firewasps


“Cunning vipers,” Chen Feng could not help but speak aloud.

If he had failed to notice them earlier, these vipers would have slipped in together with the vines and attacked him.

Although Chen Feng had cut down the surrounding vines, even more were rushing towards him.

They swarmed him from every direction, submerging him like a tidal wave.

Sword beams kept flashing about and pieces of vines and the vipers hidden within the vines were cut down. However, Chen Feng was not here to cut grasses. Frustrated, Chen Feng finally unleashed a gush of flames. Chen Feng waved his palm around and the grasses and vines around him were immediately transformed into a sea of fire.

He used fire to counter wood. Later, the burning flames grew stronger and stronger, causing the surrounding vines and vipers to retreat.

Chen Feng was not the only one. Jian Xiaotian had also decided to use this method. Thus, waves of flames spread around them. The intense power of fire was so high that Chen Feng could feel the heat licking his face.

These flames should be able to force the Wolf King out, right? Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng swung his palm, unleashing a potent palm force to create a passageway through the sea of fire. Chen Feng then walked forward. At the same time, he released his soul power to carefully inspect his surroundings.

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

The sound of vibrations entered Chen Feng’s ears. Next, a high number of red dots appeared on the surface of the Thousand Seeker Mirror.

What are those? Are they some kind of flying insects? But this is a sea of fire! Chen Feng thought.

“Heh heh heh!” Hearing Chen Feng, Tower snickered.

The buzzing sound gradually grew louder. Finally, fist-sized fireballs appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes.

“They truly are flying insects. Those are firewasps!” Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed and he identified the menacing firewasps within the fireballs.

Truth be told, Chen Feng was uncertain what their names were. The term firewasp was just a generalized term. The same was true for these firewasps before him.

Seeing the firewasps, Chen Feng reflexively frowned. He would rather face a powerful Great Yao than face these fellows.

Chen Feng detested creatures that flocked together. Wolves were such a type of creature. So were these firewasps.

No wonder the surrounding flames are becoming increasingly intense. It is due to these firewasps. Last time, I acquired the Shadowless Goldshine Blade and a large hive. There are many unhatched Shadowless Goldshine Wasps within it. There are also plenty of fire nectar inside it. Come to think of it, the Shadowless Goldshine Wasps I encountered in the past are also a type of firewasps. They could not have produced a fire-type weapon like the Shadowless Goldshine Blade otherwise.

Since there are firewasps here, there must surely be a hive nearby. Whatever! Since these firewasps are begging me to kill them, I will just kill my way to their house and snatch away their fire nectar. Chen Feng had been feeling depressed at his inability to find the Wolf King. Having encountered the firewasps, he decided to vent his frustration on them.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

As Chen Feng was considering what to do, the firewasps began attacking him. Several of them buzzed and sent streams of fire out from their bodies. The streams of fire then transformed into fire arrows, which shot towards Chen Feng.

Tsk, tsk! These firewasps are not to be underestimated. They can actually shoot flames out. Chen Feng was slightly surprised. Then, he stretched his hand out to rapidly spread and close his palm. Next, four varying forces shot out from his palm. The four forces spiralled around while intersecting one another.

“Four Spiralling Imagery!”

This was the technique he had cultivated after opening his Four Extreme acupoints.

Before the incoming fire arrows could get near Chen Feng, they began swaying, having lost their momentum. Next, Chen Feng opened his palm once more. His actions caused the fire arrows to explode, reduced to sparks, which then dissipated into the wind. 

“Five Elements Capturing Light!”

Next, Chen Feng’s palm twitched and the four imagery transformed into the five elements. In a flash, the Five Elemental acupoints within his body began circulating. Steel, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. The power of the five elements melded within his palm to finally form a large, multi-coloured palm of light.

That was a Palm of Five Elements formed using the power of the five elements. Although Chen Feng’s understanding of the five elements was not comprehensive enough, it was sufficient for him to deal with these firewasps. 

The large Palm of Five Elements performed a gentle grasping motion and a large, rapidly-spinning vortex immediately appeared in the centre of the palm. The firewasps were all sucked into the palm. Escape was not an option.

A gourd carved out from a spirit stone had suddenly appeared on Chen Feng’s palm. The gourd had the size of a palm, was crystal-clear and possessed a glossy shine. Seals were engraved all over the surface of the gourd.


After a hushed shout from Chen Feng, the mouth of the gourd exerted a powerful suction force, which transformed into countless strands. Each of the strands moved to envelop one of the firewasps.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The seals on the surface of the gourd shone and the firewasps were all sucked into the gourd. In just one breath, all the firewasps besieging Chen Feng had been sucked in.

While the gourd was working, Chen Feng had made a headcount. Over 300 firewasps had been sucked into the gourd.

Each of the firewasps is at the level of yao beast. Although they are very weak, they have the advantage in numbers. With proper support, they can level up a few times and become a good killer move. Chen Feng smiled.

By then, Chen Feng could already sense the emanations of sword beams coming from afar. He knew that Jian Xiaotian was in the middle of a fight.

Did Jian Xiaotian also encounter these firewasps? Chen Feng continued venturing forward. He could sense it. There were many more firewasps waiting for him.

For other cultivators, these firewasps were fatally dangerous. For Chen Feng, however, they could only become his pets.

It did not take long before Chen Feng encountered another group of sky-encompassing firewasps. The clumps of firewasps gathered up, causing the surrounding grasses to burn with an even greater intensity. The space within a radius of who knows how many li had turned red.

There are so many firewasps here? Surely, the Wolf King did not run here, did he? Chen Feng pondered.

Next up, Chen Feng continued using the gourd in his hand to capture the firewasps he encountered.

As more and more firewasps were absorbed into the gourd, it became heavier. At the same time, waves of heat began seeping out from it.

“Can this gourd handle the heat?” Chen Feng felt somewhat concerned. Even though the gourd in his hand was a good item, it was not a Prized artefact.

“Relax! I empowered it myself. Even if there are ten times more of the firewasps, it won’t be a problem!” Tower said.

After Chen Feng had captured over 10,000 firewasps, several fireballs – each bigger than a head – charged towards Chen Feng.

Impressive! Judging by their sizes, they should already be close to the Great Yao stage. Chen Feng was stunned. He watched as the large firewasps within the fireballs charge menacingly at him.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Minute streams of fire rapidly shot out from them. The streams intersected each other in mid-air to instantly form a net, which moved to envelop Chen Feng.

“They can weave nets!” Chen Feng laughed out.

“Fist of Five Elements!”

Chen Feng punched and the power of the five elements condensed out a large fist, which smashed into the fire net. Next, the fist exploded and the massive force generated from the explosion tore the net into pieces.

Next, Chen Feng stretched his palm out to utterly absorb the power of fire which remained in the air.

Given how strong they are, I will have to personally capture them. Chen Feng kept the gourd in his hand. Next, both his hands moved to create a blurry image before abruptly pushing forward. The Longevity Furnace suddenly spun out from between his palms to envelop the nearby firewasps.

Amongst the Longevity Scripture weapons that Chen Feng had condensed out, the Longevity Blade and Longevity Sword were the ones that he was most proficient at using. However, in terms of grade, the Longevity Furnace was the highest. After rising to the Sky Human stage, Chen Feng would be able to use the Longevity Furnace to concoct out the various high-grade medicinal pills.

The Longevity Furnace appeared all of a sudden and sucked some of the firewasps inside it. After entering the Longevity Furnace, the firewasps had wanted to struggle only to find that there were thin Longevity Chains flying around inside the Longevity Furnace. The Longevity Chains then wrapped the firewasps up tightly.

Those that the Longevity Furnace failed to capture attacked Chen Feng. The firewasps brandished small lances – formed using fire – and stabbed indiscriminately at Chen Feng.

Oh? These firewasps are really impressive. They already know how to use weapons. Chen Feng was surprised again.

When the firewasps arrived before Chen Feng, he waved both his hands. His ten fingers moved without respite, leaving strands of vigorous longevity-type primary energy wherever it went.

In the end, a net formed using the longevity-type primary energy appeared before Chen Feng. The net closed up and the firewasps charging at Chen Feng were all wrapped up and collected as well.

“Ha ha! It is rude to not respond in kind. Earlier, you fellows used a net against me. Now, I am using a net against you fellows.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing out.

For firewasps of this level to appear, I must be close to the hive. Chen Feng smiled.

He strode forward while keeping the firewasps he captured and the flames split to create a path for him. 

It’s up front. Chen Feng could feel an incomparable power of fire. It was as though there was a sun hidden up ahead.

After sweeping the obstructions standing in his way, Chen Feng laid eyes on a massive, circular sun. Heatwaves spread out from the ‘sun’ into its surroundings.

By then, there were no longer any grasses around him. The ground was bare and filled with cracks. There were also roasted stones littered about. Chen Feng felt as though he had entered a flaming mountain.

The big sun is actually the hive. It is so much bigger compared to the Shadowless Goldshine Wasp Hive that I had acquired in the past. This one is comparable to a palace.

The massive hive kept releasing waves of thick fiery energy into its surroundings. There was a high number of fireballs densely covering the surface of the hive. Every one of the fireballs was a firewasp.

“Tsk, tsk! The world is full of wonders. This is my first time seeing such a large hive. If this massive ball of fire is moved to Black Origin City, the city would be reduced to scorched earth in a flash.” Chen Feng felt his emotions stirring.

1 li = 0.5 km

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