Chapter 335: Fighting the Wolf King


By the time Chen Feng decided to utilize the Soul Subduing Mantra, Jian Xiaotian was already brandishing his great sword as he charged forward again.

Despite his Absolute Combat Constitution, Jian Xiaotian’s body was still made of flesh and blood. Additionally, he did not possess a top-grade body armour like Chen Feng. There was also the fact that there was a considerable difference in power between him and the Wolf King. Thus, their confrontation earlier had left him with a number of fairly noticeable wounds. However, his will to fight remained unchanged.

Although he is already wounded, his will to fight remains strong and the atmosphere he exudes remain incomparable. Worthy of the name Absolute Combat Constitution, Chen Feng praised.

“Little humans, you don’t know how to live properly, do you? Your actions are the equivalent of smashing eggs against a stone.” The Wolf King finally spoke up.

“Ha ha ha! If you have the courage, you would have rushed out to fight us right off the bat. When you sent your little wolves to their deaths, did you think it would exhaust us? Just watch as I cut you up today!” Jian Xiaotian bellowed furiously.

“Last time, you were lucky enough to escape. Unexpectedly, you’ve brought another fellow to die with you. As it so happens, I have not eaten any Sky Human stage cultivators in a while. I’ll be having a good meal today!” After saying that, the Wolf King’s broad wings flapped furiously, causing the air around it to tremble. Air currents swirled about chaotically and it did not take long for a massive hurricane, connected to both the ground and the firmament, to appear before Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

Chen Feng had never seen such a massive hurricane before. Indeed, it was much bigger compared to those that he had seen in the past. It was bigger, wider, and most importantly, spinning at a much faster rate. Chen Feng felt as though the hurricane could tear apart a mountain.

“Not good!” Jian Xiaotian’s face sank. Before he could reach the Wolf King, the hurricane sucked him in. As for Chen Feng, he had wanted to rush away from the hurricane. Unexpectedly, the hurricane was faster. It abruptly swept forward to suck Chen Feng in as well.

Entering the hurricane, Chen Feng’s figure immediately spun about beyond his control. In less than half a breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng felt stars exploding within his eyes as dizziness beset him. Countless chaotic forces were constantly acting upon his body, attempting to tear him into pieces.

What an overpowering hurricane, Chen Feng thought. He kept unleashing palm blasts outwards as he attempted to steady himself.

However, his actions were futile. The wind forces coming from all around him were simply too strong. The wind forces were like blades slicing at him. It was only thanks to Chen Feng’s strong defence and mighty fleshly body that he was able to endure it. Any other cultivators would have been shredded.

I wonder how Jian Xiaotian is doing? Chen Feng wondered.

Truth be told, Chen Feng had another option: Hide inside the Longevity Tower. Either that or to directly utilize the Longevity Tower’s power. A light pulse from it could unravel this massive hurricane.

However, Chen Feng did not want to rely on the Longevity Tower for everything. Moreover, he did not want to recklessly expose its existence. That was why he had held back on using the Longevity Tower despite having fallen into such a predicament.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Next, Chen Feng unleashed one Longevity Chain after another out to envelop his body. The Longevity Chain could do more than just bind opponents. It could also slice. With a thought, the Longevity Chains around him sliced at the wind forces around him, unravelling them apart. Next, under Chen Feng’s direction, the Longevity Chains began spinning rapidly to forge a path through the massive hurricane. 


Chen Feng’s palm blasted out to propel his figure out from the massive hurricane. Next, Chen Feng wielded the Overwhelming Astral Sword and was about to cleave the massive hurricane into eight parts when bolts of lightning spread out like spiderwebs from within the massive hurricane. After the lightning bolts had spread to the corners of the hurricane, the hurricane then exploded and was reduced to nothingness.

Jian Xiaotian held his great sword in hand, giving off the image of a God of War descending from Heaven. It was not just the great sword. Even Jian Xiaotian’s figure was crackling with bolts of lightning.

Those were not ordinary lightning bolts. Rather, those were Sky Lightning. Only cultivators who had overcome Lightning Tribulation can condense out Sky Lightning.

“Brother Chen, are you all right?” Jian Xiaotian said grimly. Jian Xiaotian’s face was steely. The move he made to break free from the massive hurricane had consumed a considerable portion of his powers.

“I’m fine.” Chen Feng nodded as he kept the Longevity Chains back.

“It seems we won’t be able to kill the Wolf King this time. If only I have overcome my 2nd Lightning Tribulation, I would have the confidence in killing it. It’s wind-attribute is too strong. We cannot gain any advantage in either melee or ranged battles,” Jian Xiaotian said.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment before saying, “I’ll utilize a secret technique. It should be able to stop the Wolf King for a short moment. Can Brother Jian make use of that short moment?”

“There is such a kind of secret technique?” Jian Xiaotian was surprised.

“I am not confident about it as well. However, I want to give it a try,” Chen Feng said.

“Very well. If Brother Chen can hold the Wolf King, I am certain that I can give it a fatal blow.” Sword light flashed across Jian Xiaotian’s eyes.

“All right, then! Let’s do it! We’ll figure a way to get close to this Wolf King.” After saying that, Chen Feng rode his Lightstream Shield to charge towards the Wolf King.

“Lightstream Shield!” Jian Xiaotian was able to recognize the magic treasure that Chen Feng was riding with just one glance.

“Two puny insects. You have quite some tricks up your sleeves. However, this is where it ends.” After saying that, the Wolf King opened its mouth and a whistling sound could immediately be heard from it. Next, a series of sharp, crescent-shaped wind blades shot towards Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

Those were unlike the wind blades unleashed by the average Silver-winged Gale Wolves. They were the attacks sent out by the Wolf King, a yao beast with 4 Lightning Tribulations under its belt. Every one of the wind blades it sent out could kill off a Sky Human stage cultivator.

“This fellow’s attacks are too fast!” Chen Feng only managed to dodge two of the attacks before the wind blades struck him. Blood trickled down from the wounds on his skin.

Chen Feng’s muscles twitched a few times and the minor wounds closed up. After that, his skin regained their original smooth state. It was as though there were never any wounds on it. 

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Colliding sounds rang out as one wind blade after another struck Jian Xiaotian’s great sword. It was as though the wind blades were made of steel.

At that moment, Jian Xiaotian was displaying an even greater level of strength compared to earlier. He took on the wind blades as he rushed towards the Wolf King.

Heh! This Wolf King is truly strong. Even though I am wearing a grade 9 Prized-tier body armour, its attacks could still cut my skin. Looks like my cultivation base is still insufficient. If only my control over this body armour could advance by just another step, I would not have suffered from such injuries. It is also proof of how fast the Wolf King’s attacks are, Chen Feng thought. 

Getting close to this Wolf King will not be easy. In that case, I will have to simply charge straight ahead. After making up his mind, Chen Feng sped up. He ignored the wind blades shooting towards him, simply allowing them to strike his body, causing bloody wounds to appear on his body.

From what Chen Feng could see, the attacks could only cut his skin. With the body armour’s protection, the attacks were simply incapable of truly wounding him. Thus, he would charge straight ahead to approach the Wolf King and unleash his move.

In just a flash, over 100 wind blades had shot out from the Wolf King’s mouth. Additionally, it would appear that the firing rate was not diminishing at all. It almost seemed as though the Wolf King’s mouth was connected to a bottomless hole filled with those wind blades.

Chen Feng’s plan was a good one. However, it was slightly difficult to execute. In the face of the endless barrage of wind blades, Chen Feng’s figure tumbled backwards again and again. It did not take long for blood to completely stain Chen Feng’s body as skin-deep wounds covered his whole body. It was a startling sight.

“Brother Chen, are you all right?” Jian Xiaotian shouted.

“I am fine. These are just flesh wounds.” After saying that, Chen Feng swiftly dodged two incoming wind blades.

Although those wounds were not heavy, those were still wounds inflicted upon his body. It was still fairly unbearable.

Suddenly, two powers seeped out from Chen Feng’s skin, one cool and one fiery. The two powers swiftly flowed across the surface of Chen Feng’s skin and his wounds immediately disappeared. Even the blood trickling out from the wounds had seeped back into his skin.

Next, a pale-red armour appeared on the surface of Chen Feng’s skin. It was none other than the body armour forged using the scales and hide of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. 

Due to the tens of attacks that Chen Feng received, the body armour, which had fused with his skin, finally activated.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

With that, the wind blades could no longer deal much damage to Chen Feng. When the seemingly invincible wind blades made contact with the body armour Chen Feng wore, they were instantly dispersed by its counter force.

A good opportunity! Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. Unexpectedly, the degree of integration between him and the body armour had increased.


Stepping on the Lightstream Shield, his figure became like a curving meteor and he appeared on top of the Wolf King’s head in an instant 

Coincidentally, the Wolf King was in a temporary moment of shock after witnessing Chen Feng’s earlier feat. It knew all too well just how powerful its wind blades were. Unexpectedly, a minor Concealed stage cultivator could take its wind blades head-on. That temporary moment of shock allowed Chen Feng to approach the Wolf King.

“Brother Jian, prepare your killing move!” Chen Feng shouted before unleashing the Soul Subduing Mantra.

As Chen Feng was utilizing the Soul Subduing Mantra, he revealed a bitter and helpless smile. It had not been too long since he cultivated the Soul Subduing Mantra. Unexpectedly, he had been constantly using it since then. More importantly, he was not yet at the level where he could freely utilize this secret technique. Even more so, he had not been the one to personally cultivate the secret technique.

This time, Chen Feng used all his power for the Soul Subduing Mantra. Next, a large Soul Subduing Talisman swirled into the Wolf King’s head. Despite seeing that, Chen Feng was not feeling too confident. The Wolf King was too powerful, after all. At that very moment, Chen Feng prayed that the Wolf King’s soul power was not too strong.

“What is it?” Sensing a stream of light piercing all the way into its mind, the Wolf King was immediately stunned. Immediately after that, it felt its soul quake. It was as though a mountain was suppressing its sea of wisdom.

Due to that, the Wolf King halted for a moment, a mere two blinks’ worth of time. It was something that would make no difference for ordinary humans. However, the same cannot be said for Jian Xiaotian.

A huge sword sliced through the sky, raging with sword intent while unleashing rampaging rays of sword energy. This was the strongest attack that Jian Xiaotian could unleash.


The great sword stabbed forcefully into the Wolf King’s body, eliciting a mournful howl from it. The shockwave from the howl blew Chen Feng away and he tumbled backwards. The Wolf King had recollected itself the very moment the great sword pierced into its body. By then, however, it could no longer dodge the attack.


Its pair of broad wings flapped rapidly to slap Chen Feng’s body. As a result, Chen Feng’s figure became like a meteor and he slammed into the ground, creating a blackened crater on the ground. 

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