Chapter 334: Wolf King


Jian Xiaotian became like a Heavenly God descending upon the mundane world. He already possessed a tall and beefy body to begin with. At that moment, however, with rays of sword energy enveloping his body and the great sword in his hand, the atmosphere he radiated was absolutely without peer.

“Last time, I was alone when these Silver-winged Gale Wolves besieged me. I was even wounded by the Wolf King. But now, with Brother Chen’s assistance, I will definitely be able to kill off the Wolf King,” said Jian Xiaotian, who laughed loudly as his figure flashed forward, leaving a series of after-images in the air. Next, he re-appeared amidst a group of the wolves and the great sword in his hand swung out again and again as he began slaughtering the wolves.

Chen Feng, who was standing nearby, blocked off the incoming wind blades while shooting the Poison Needle and Meridian Sealing Needle out. Two beams of chilling light flashed about and the distant Silver-winged Gale Wolves died, one after another.

Chen Feng lacked the domineering atmosphere that Jian Xiaotian was exuding. However, the rate at which he was killing off the Silver-winged Gale Wolves was not in any way slow. In the end, Chen Feng rode his Lightstream Shield to dart around. Every time he changed his position, a Silver-winged Gale Wolf would die.

Suddenly, the barrage of wind blades disappeared. The wolves had seemingly received another command and they instead charged directly at Jian Xiaotian and Chen Feng.

“Bring it!” Jian Xiaotian furiously swung the great sword in his hand and a sword light flashed out, transforming into tens of sword beams. Every one of the sword beams killed off a Silver-winged Gale Wolf.

In contrast, Chen Feng’s performance was not as tyrannical. He simply controlled the two needles, having them circle around him. Whenever a Silver-winged Gale Wolf pounced forward, a chilling light would flash out and the wolf would fall to the ground. A detailed inspection of the fallen Silver-winged Gale Wolves would reveal a minute, needle-sized hole on each of their heads.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, the corpses of over 100 Silver-winged Gale Wolves littered the surrounding area. Even so, the Wolf King hiding in the dark continued to lurk in secrecy. At the same time, the number of Silver-winged Gale Wolves charging at Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian continued growing. They flew across the sky, dazzling with silvery light as they formed an encirclement around Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“Why are they not afraid of dying?” Chen Feng could not help but ask.

“The command of the Wolf King is absolute. Even if these Silver-winged Gale Wolves know that they will all die in the end, they will still not back away,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“In that case, we’ll kill them all!” Chen Feng shouted.

“Kid, Bloody Soul has successfully levelled up. It is now a grade 3 Prized artefact,” Tower’s voice suddenly rang out within Chen Feng’s mind.

“Right on time!” Chen Feng was overjoyed. With a grasping motion, Bloody Soul appeared in his grip and a feeling of familiarity came to his mind.

After Bloody Soul’s advancement, Chen Feng sensed that the degree of integration between him and Bloody Soul had risen by another notch. Although he was not yet fully integrated with Bloody Soul, the amount of power he could call forth from Bloody Soul was several times higher compared to before.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Chen Feng stabbed with Bloody Soul, creating beams of bloody light with it and all the Silver-winged Gale Wolves pouncing at him were killed off. That, however, was not the end of it. Bloody Soul’s bloodsucking function activated as well. Every Silver-winged Gale Wolf to die under Chen Feng’s hands would end up as a shrivelled corpse on the ground.

The aura – containing both bloodthirstiness and carnage – permeated his surroundings. Meanwhile, the blood within Chen Feng surged like a great river.

Jian Xiaotian noticed what was happening with Chen Feng. Setting aside some time to look at Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian became shocked once again. Firstly, he was shocked by the weapon in Chen Feng’s hand. Secondly, he was shocked by Chen Feng’s strength and abilities. He had originally assumed that he had killed off a high number of the wolves. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s kill count was in no way inferior to his kill count.

By the time Chen Feng’s kill count rose above 300, the magic robes he wore had been reduced to tatters. Compared to Jian Xiaotian, Chen Feng cut quite the wretched sight. However, there was not a single wound on Chen Feng’s body. Firstly, it was due to the might of his fleshly body. Secondly, and most importantly, he was protected by the grade 9 Prized-tier body armour.

Despite the absence of wounds on his body, Chen Feng felt fed up. Killing these Silver-winged Gale Wolves gave Chen Feng zero sense of accomplishment. Rather, it was wearing him out.

“It seems we’ll have to deal with the Wolf King first,” Jian Xiaotian suddenly said.

“I’ll think of something.” Chen Feng then secretly mobilized his Thousand Seeker Mirror.

Chen Feng had placed the Thousand Seeker Mirror within the Celestial Fate acupoint to safeguard it. As the Celestial Fate acupoint innately possessed the power of numerology, its present action of melding with the Thousand Seeker Mirror allowed the mirror to display an even greater level of power.

Chen Feng channelled his magic powers into the Thousand Seeker Mirror and it did not take long for a ripple to appear on the surface of the mirror. In fact, Chen Feng could even sense a powerful force coming from the surface of the mirror.

“Found it!” Chen Feng said.

“What?” Jian Xiaotian was puzzled by Chen Feng’s words.

“I’ve found the Wolf King’s position. Come!” Chen Feng swiftly stabbed the Silver-winged Gale Wolf blocking his path before rapidly charging forward.

As expected, the direction he took led him to an increasing number of Silver-winged Gale Wolves. Moreover, they were also stronger.

“It’s actually here!” Jian Xiaotian smashed his way forward, a ten plus metre sword beam shooting forward to send the Silver-winged Gale Wolves in his way flying.

The farther they went, the more Silver-winged Gale Wolves they encountered. The formidable obstruction they encountered slowed their rate of advancement.

“Careful!” Chen Feng heard Jian Xiaotian’s sudden cry before something flashed out before him. Silvery light shone with such a dazzling quality that Chen Feng found it impossible to keep his eyes open.

“The Wolf King is here!” Chen Feng closed his eyes and swiftly stabbed forward using Bloody Soul. This was his fastest attack yet.

However, Chen Feng’s attack struck empty air. Immediately after that, he felt his chest quake and a formidable force spread through his body. It felt as though a small mountain had slammed into him, as though a Heavenly God had just slapped him.

At any rate, Chen Feng was sent flying as a result.

And yet, when the formidable force slammed into him, Chen Feng instantly sensed the power of ice and fire seeping out from the body armour he wore. The power quickly spread across his whole body, tightly enveloping him.

The change happened in just a flash. The body armour Chen Feng wore had emerged in the nick of time to block the ferocious attack.

With the defensive power of a grade 9 Prized artefact, there was no need for Chen Feng to worry. His figure blasted far away, seemingly dead. Jian Xiaotian exclaimed, thinking Chen Feng dead. Next, sword intent radiated out from every part of Jian Xiaotian’s body, charging all the way into the sky. An intense will to fight charged out and he rushed forward to fight the Wolf King that had launched a sneak attack at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s figure spun through the air. After stopping himself from spinning, Chen Feng found that he was feeling slightly dizzy. However, in addition to a slight feeling of suffocation, he was not seriously wounded.

“Thankfully, I am fine.” Chen Feng felt a wave of dread. If it were not for the body armour, things would have ended horribly for him. 

“He he! Who told you to be careless?” Tower cackled at Chen Feng’s miserable state.

“Humph! The opponent is stronger than me. It is only normal for something like this to happen.” Chen Feng smiled and beckoned with his hand. Bloody Soul, which was sent flying earlier, re-appeared within his grip.

The one engaged in battle against Jian Xiaotian was an even bigger Silver-winged Gale Wolf. With merely a flap of its broad wings, it caused air currents to surge within a radius of 1,000 zhang. Its body was seemingly covered by a layer of whitish silver coat, glittering in a bedazzling manner. 

Chen Feng knew that the one who attacked him earlier was this Wolf King.

This Wolf King is very powerful. If I were to encounter it while alone, I would have to run away. Either that or utilize the Longevity Tower to suppress it. Fight it alone? He he! I don’t have the confidence to fight it. Chen Feng chuckled softly.

Silver-winged Gale Wolves were originally yao beasts specializing in speed. This one in particular, was their king. Its speed was comparable to lightning. Chen Feng secretly estimated and determined that it was much faster compared to his flight speed when using the Lightstream Shield.

At that very moment, Jian Xiaotian and the Wolf King appeared equally matched. However, Chen Feng knew that it was just a matter of time before Jian Xiaotian ended up in a disadvantageous position. Once Jian Xiaotian was wounded as a result of his disadvantageous position, it would be difficult for him to flee. Chen Feng wondered how Jian Xiaotian had managed to escape the last time.

After considering that, Chen Feng knew that he could not tarry. With a jerk from his hand, a bloody beam of light flashed and Bloody Soul descended upon the Wolf King.

In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the Wolf King merely flapped its wings once, causing two hurricanes to swirl out. One of the hurricanes blocked Bloody Soul while the other hurricane sped towards Chen Feng.

The Wolf King could afford to attack Chen Feng even though it was already engaging Jian Xiaotian. This showed that the Wolf King was having an easy time with them.

“Brother Chen, you are fine!” Jian Xiaotian shouted, sounding pleasantly surprised.

“Ha ha ha! It seems this Wolf King did not eat its fill today. Its attack was lacking in strength.” Chen Feng laughed loudly and brought out the Thunder Sword to cleave the incoming hurricane with a flash. In the blink of an eye, the hurricane was dispersed away.

“Fine! Today, we’ll join forces to kill this big guy. Then, we’ll barbeque him!” After saying that, Jian Xiaotian’s body abruptly spun and countless sword beams shot towards the Wolf King like a pouring rain.

Chen Feng beckoned and Bloody Soul, which the earlier hurricane had sent flying, returned to him. The bloody lance then charged straight forward, unleashing a flurry of stabs at the Wolf King.

After just one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, one in front and one behind the Wolf King, were sent flying. Chen Feng quickly charged forward again. Jian Xiaotian’s face, on the other hand, turned slightly red. Even though he possessed the Absolute Combat Constitution, the Wolf King was far stronger than him. The fact that he could fight the Wolf King to such an extent was already a testament of how monstrous Jian Xiaotian was.

By then, Chen Feng had also used up practically every attack in his arsenal. The various Prized artefacts he could control was launched forward and he unleashed the cultivation techniques that he had cultivated, one after another. However, none of them was particularly effective.

In terms of physical might, the Wolf King was above him. As a natural flight-type yao beast, the Wolf King was also above Chen Feng in terms of speed. Rather, Chen Feng was simply no match for it in that regard. These two factors allowed it to suppress Chen Feng.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were sent flying once again, and they were nearly mauled to death by the Silver-winged Gale Wolves around them. Chen Feng knew that this could not go on, otherwise the two of them would suffer horribly.

Do I have to resort to using Soul Subduing Mantra? However, by using Soul Subduing Mantra offensively against such a foe, I will become abnormally weak. Although this Jian Xiaotian looks like a decent fellow, I have only known him for a short time, Chen Feng thought.

However, given the present situation, using Soul Subduing Mantra is the only option left. This Wolf King is too powerful. Human cultivators at the same level cannot hope to match up against it. Chen Feng finally made up his mind.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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