Chapter 333: Silver-winged Gale Wolves


As Chen Feng was talking to Jian Xiaotian, he was also secretly communicating with Tower.

“What kind of constitution does this Jian Xiaotian possess?” Chen Feng asked.

“Absolute Combat Constitution. Hey, hey! This is a very rare constitution even within the Immortal Plane. A cultivator with the Absolute Combat Constitution would innately possess a strong will to fight, vigorous blood energy, resilient fleshly body, highly condensed soul and a peerless atmosphere. In the various cultivation worlds, this type of constitution is held in high regard. In terms of cultivation talent, he is far superior compared to you,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“So powerful?” Chen Feng felt slightly dubious. However, the fact that someone could earn Tower’s praise meant that the person was not to be underestimated.

“Hey, hey! Of course he is very powerful! This fellow has only overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation. How powerful does that make him? You’ll know soon enough.” Tower chortled smugly.

“Are there dangers nearby?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“He he he he!” Tower merely snickered, not answering the question.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s ears suddenly perked up as he heard something approaching quickly from afar. Moreover, there was more than one incoming object.

“Speak of the devil! These fellows actually came all the way to the peripheral areas,” Jian Xiaotian said with a wry smile.

“What is it?” Chen Feng made a grasping motion and the Overwhelming Astral Sword appeared in his grip.

“What creature is most commonly found in the grasslands?” Jian Xiaotian instead asked with a smile.

“Is it a wolf-type beast?” Before Chen Feng could finish his words, he saw several silver beams of light shooting out from the grasses. They were charging towards him and Jian Xiaotian.

“Silvery-white wolves.” Chen Feng’s gaze caught them with pinpoint precision. Although they were as fast as the wind, Chen Feng was able to identify them.

“Bring it on!” Before Chen Feng could do anything, Jian Xiaotian, who was beside him, made his move. A thick sword beam shot out from the tip of Jian Xiaotian’s finger, slamming into one of the silver beams, causing it to disperse.

Chen Feng spread open a palm and abruptly pushed forward, sending a large, illusory palm silhouette smashing into the large, silver wolf. The attack sent the wolf flying.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Jin Xiaotian kept flicking his fingers to kill off the remaining silver wolves.

Only then did Chen Feng have the time to clearly inspect the appearances of the silver wolves.

Each of them was roughly one zhang long, silver-coloured, with the appearance of an ordinary grassland wolf. However, there was a pair of broad, silver-coloured wings on its back. Whenever they flapped their wings, silvery light would glitter and swift winds blew about as a result.

“Silver-winged Gale Wolves!” Chen Feng was surprised.

Chen Feng had never encountered this yao beast before. However, he did read up on them before. Silver-winged Gale Wolves. They usually lived in expansive grasslands. Growing a pair of wings behind their backs, they possessed a high flight velocity. Disregarding their individual strengths, the most vexing aspect of the Silver-winged Gale Wolves was the fact that they would appear in packs. Once besieged by these yao beasts, cultivators would find it hard to escape.

Despite not going all out, the earlier palm attack from Chen Feng was something that the average Concealed stage cultivator would find difficult to handle. However, the Silver-winged Gale Wolf he hit had simply flipped in the air a few times before charging at him again.


Chen Feng stretched a finger out to tap the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Next, a blade beam flashed out and a bloody hole appeared in the Silver-winged Gale Wolf’s head.

Only after killing off the yao beast did Chen Feng realize that his surroundings were already littered with ten plus corpses of the Silver-winged Gale Wolves.

They were all killed by Jian Xiaotian.

“Hurry up and leave this place. This is just a small team from the Silver-winged Gale Wolves’ pack,” Jian Xiaotian said. Then, his figure dashed rapidly through the grasslands.

Chen Feng hesitated for a moment before swiftly following him.

Jian Xiaotian was actually heading into the central area of the Seven Kills Direlands. Although Chen Feng felt somewhat surprised by that, he chose to swiftly follow Jian Xiaotian.

Seeing Chen Feng catching up to him, a look of surprise flashed across Jian Xiaotian’s face.

Jian Xiaotian’d had an astonishing cultivation talent since he was a child. His cultivation rate was without peer. Although he had only overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation, cultivators with 2 Lightning Tribulations under their belts would be no match for him. Additionally, he could also do battle against cultivators with 3 to 4 Lightning Tribulations under their belts.

When Jian Xiaotian first encountered Chen Feng, he had not given it much thought. This was just a minor Concealed stage cultivator, after all. How could someone like that attract his attention?

However, after giving Chen Feng a deeper look, Jian Xiaotian noticed the torrential power within him. The domineering power secretly shocked Jian Xiaotian. He had never seen such a powerful Concealed stage cultivator.

Thus, Jian Xiaotian had revealed himself. By approaching Chen Feng, he could better sense the formidable power within Chen Feng’s body. Unlike Jian Xiaotian, who was constantly radiating his power outwards, Chen Feng’s atmosphere was more like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting.

Jian Xiaotian was shocked to find that a Concealed stage cultivator could give him such a feeling. Thus, he began wondering what background Chen Feng possessed.

After killing off the Silver-winged Gale Wolves, he had deliberately run away quickly to see if Chen Feng could catch up to him. Unexpectedly, before he was even done with his thoughts, Chen Feng had already appeared before him. 

“He he! Generally speaking, these Silver-winged Gale Wolves would not come to the peripheral areas of the Seven Kills Direlands. Once they do, the ordinary cultivators will be in trouble,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Oh?” Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump. This Jian Xiaotian appeared fairly knowledgeable about the Seven Kills Direlands.

Pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng then asked, “Brother Jian, have you entered this place before?” 

“Ha ha! Truth be told, I had fought against this pack’s Wolf King before. However, I was wounded. Thus, I have been healing myself in the peripheral areas. Unexpectedly, these wolves could so quickly catch up to me.” Jian Xiaotian laughed.

Is that so? Chen Feng thought.

“However, it seems I have dragged Brother Chen into this,” Jian Xiaotian continued.

“He he! At any rate, I wanted to enter the Seven Kills Direlands as well. If I hadn’t met you, I would have encountered these ravenous wolves long ago.” Chen Feng chuckled. He was not too concerned. The Silver-winged Gale Wolf he killed earlier possessed a considerable level of power, capable of killing even a level 8 Concealed stage cultivator. However, it was not particularly dangerous for Chen Feng.

It was, however, annoying. These yao beasts live in packs, but more importantly, they were very fast and troublesome to deal with. That was also the reason why the two of them were not flying in the sky. In the sky, the Silver-winged Gale Wolves would be able to display their flying prowess.

“A woo!”

A wolf’s howl rang out from afar and soundwaves rippled outwards. The soundwaves spread into their surroundings. Then, more howls rang out from the surroundings.

“Not good! This place puts us at a disadvantage in terms of movements. Although there is no need to fear these Silver-winged Gale Wolves, getting surrounded by them will lead to a prolonged battle. The battle will surely exhaust our strengths badly. If we end up encountering other predatory cultivators, the two of us will likely die here,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“If so, we should hurry up and charge out from the Silver-winged Gale Wolves’ encirclement,” Chen Feng said seriously.

“It’s not that easy. However, that is the only option we have. Brother Chen, follow me closely. We’ll kill our way out!” After saying that, Jian Xiaotian pulled out the great sword on his back.

Chen Feng watched as a curved sword beam exploded out from the great sword, causing the surrounding miscellaneous grasses to shatter to pieces.

When the sword beam disappeared, the grasses – spanning a distance of over one hundred zhang – had turned to ash. In addition, the eight Silver-winged Gale Wolves in the grasses had been cleaved into two each.

“Such power!” Chen Feng clicked his tongue. Next, riding on his Lightstream Shield, he swiftly followed Jian Xiaotian. 

Brandishing the great sword, Jian Xiaotian carved a path forward. One sword beam after another shot out. It mattered not what stood before them. In the face of the sword beams that Jian Xiaotian launched forward, everything was reduced to ash. As for Chen Feng, he simply followed Jian Xiaotian, not doing anything.

A woo! A woo! A woo!

The howls grew closer and closer, coming from every direction. Chen Feng could hear countless air-piercing sounds. He knew that they were from the many Silver-winged Gale Wolves charging forward to encircle them.

“These wolf cubs are nothing to me.” Jian Xiaotian swung his great sword, killing off tens of the Silver-winged Gale Wolves.

“These wolf cubs are easy to deal with. The hard one is the Wolf King!”

“Wolf King. What level is the Wolf King at?” Chen Feng asked.

“A very powerful Great Yao. It should have overcome 4 Lightning Tribulations,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“A Great Yao with 4 Lightning Tribulations.” Chen Feng frowned inwardly. It was truly not easy to deal with. Not to mention, it possessed command over a large number of underlings.

“I wouldn’t be fearful of a cultivator with 4 Lightning Tribulations under his or her belt. However, this is a Great Yao. Furthermore, is it a speed-type Great Yao. More importantly, it possesses a very formidable wind-type arsenal of attacks. It is very difficult to deal with,” Jian Xiaotian said.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

He had only just said that when countless crescent-shaped wind blades shot towards Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian from all around. All the grasses and bushes on the ground would be sliced into pieces in their wake.

“Long-ranged attacks. This is quite troublesome.” The Overwhelming Astral Sword in Chen Feng’s hand swiftly swept out and the wind blades were all dispersed by the sword beams Chen Feng unleashed.

More and more of the Silver-winged Gale Wolves appeared. They emerged without cease from both the ground, the grasses, and the sky. Those that were some distance away would unleash wind blades at Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

Having received the command from the Wolf King, the Silver-winged Gale Wolves stopped rushing forward in a head-on confrontation. Instead, all of them launched long-ranged attacks. One wave of attacks was quickly followed by another and it did not take long for hundreds of wind blades to engulf Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Although the Overwhelming Astral Sword was counter attacking at an extreme rate, Chen Feng had still failed to block off all the incoming attacks. A moment’s carelessness caused the wind blades to cut three holes on his magic robes.

“Brother Jian, forget it. Don’t charge out anymore. Let’s stop and just kill off all these wolf cubs.” Chen Feng grew irritated. In his opinion, even if the two of them did their best, it would be impossible to charge out. Speed wise, the Silver-winged Gale Wolves were not much slower compared to them. More importantly, Chen Feng could not tell how many Silver-winged Gale Wolves were there around them. And how many more were rushing over?

“Very well, let’s fight!” Jian Xiaotian suddenly stopped. Rays of sword energy radiated out from his body, intersecting one another to envelop his body. Lightning bolts could be seen flashing within the rays of sword energy. No matter how many wind blades shot towards him, once they made contact with the rays of sword energy enveloping his body, they would shatter apart. They were like snowflakes making contact with a raging fire.

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