Chapter 332: Jian Xiaotian


The three flying swords shot towards Chen Feng. All three were grade 4 Magic artefacts.

When the three cultivators attacked, Chen Feng noticed some other cultivators turning their attentions towards him.

Amongst them were those who had wanted to attack him, but had held back due to fear.

Chen Feng shook his head. In order to reduce unnecessary troubles, he would have to go hard on these attackers.

In the face of the three incoming flying swords, Chen Feng merely reached out with his hand to catch them all at the same time.

A potent stream of primary energy surged forward to utterly destroy the protective seals within the flying swords. Next, Chen Feng waved, sending the three flying swords back at an even greater velocity.

All the onlookers saw were three flashes of light and the three cultivators attacking Chen Feng had their chests pierced by the flying swords before falling on the ground. After twitching for a little, they stopped moving, their body lifeless.

That move from Chen Feng stunned the surrounding cultivators.

Am I hallucinating right now? Is there something wrong with my eyes? He caught those swords with his bare hand! How high is his cultivation base? Is this unassuming youngster a Sky Human stage cultivator?

“Huh! Thank goodness I did not attack just now.” Cold sweat immediately covered the backs of the few cultivators who had considered attacking Chen Feng.

Chen Feng did not even bother glancing at the three cultivators. He simply strode forward, completely ignoring the three cultivators’ spatial pouches.

Could cultivators at that level have anything good on them?

After Chen Feng had left the spot, seven to eight cultivators charged towards the three corpses and another conflict erupted.

“Kid, that was a clean move. Not to mention, you made a heavy-handed move,” Tower said.

“There will likely be more troubles ahead. If I am soft-hearted, others will think I am an easy target.” Chen Feng sneered.

“The reason I am here is to find Dire Meridian Grass for the task, not to get into trouble with these cultivators,” Chen Feng said.

Next up, Chen Feng sped up. Along the way, he encountered some other cultivators. There were males and females, the old and the young. Although most of them were loose cultivators, there were also a good number of disciples from famous immortal dao sects.

Chen Feng knew. The more dangerous a place was, the more harvest could be gained there. Although it was dangerous to the point where even Human Immortals dared not recklessly enter, it was an adventure paradise for many cultivators. 

That was especially true for loose cultivators. Disregarding all else, a few of the Dire Meridian Grasses could be sold for a high price outside.

According to the information Chen Feng had obtained, the peripheral areas of the Seven Kills Direlands used to have plenty of Dire Meridian Grasses. Throughout the years, however, cultivators had picked them all up. Thus, at present, Dire Meridian Grass can only be found by venturing deeper.

The peripheral areas of the Seven Kills Direlands had an outer radius of over 500 kilometres. Additionally, the grasses there were luxuriant. It did not take long for the miscellaneous grasses to rise higher than Chen Feng.

In the beginning, Chen Feng could see some trails left by cultivators. However, as he ventured deeper into the grasslands, the trails gradually disappeared. All that greeted him was the expansive and endless grasses.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng sent out several sword beams in quick succession and the surrounding grasses, rising to a height of tens of zhang, were all cut away.

I still haven’t encountered any yao beasts and poisonous insects, Chen Feng thought.

The Seven Kills Direlands’ peripheral areas – the grasslands – consisted mostly of miscellaneous grasses. However, they also had some spiritual herbs growing sporadically within the grasses.

Chen Feng sent out his soul power to perform a quick scan of his surroundings. Soon enough, he was able to discover that most of them were ordinary herbs. Although there were also some rare herbs, they were too young. Forget Chen Feng, even the average Concealed stage cultivator would not be interested in them. As for the Dire Meridian Grass, none could be found.

After that, Chen Feng simply flew into the sky. He stopped wasting his time on the ground and instead swiftly flew through the sky.

Rising to a higher altitude abruptly expanded Chen Feng’s vision range. Given Chen Feng’s present eye power, peering hundreds of li ahead from the sky should not have been an issue. At that moment, however, Chen Feng could only see the swaying grasses beneath him and what was happening within a range of tens of li. Anything farther escaped his vision, appearing as a blur to him.

“There is chaos within the power of space here. Additionally, there are other restrictions to power in place. Given your present level of strength, the inability to peer far ahead is normal,” Tower said.

Forget it. There is simply nothing good in the peripheral areas. I should venture deeper into the Seven Kills Direlands. At any rate, I just need to find Dire Meridian Grass. As for the inner area of the Seven Kills Direlands, I have neither the strength nor the time to risk it, Chen Feng thought.

Having made up his mind, Chen Feng sped up again. It did not take him long to fly across a distance of nearly 500 kilometres. To Chen Feng’s surprise, the grasses on the ground grew even more exuberant.

Chen Feng quickly landed and found that the miscellaneous grasses there had grown to a height of over one zhang. Some of the thicker grasses there were even taller than trees.

In addition to the miscellaneous grasses, there were also other vegetation, bushes, vines, various small, strange-looking trees, barbed brambles and big, sharp, serrated leaves. Looking at them, Chen Feng found that he only recognized a handful of them.

“This place is teeming with vegetation,” Chen Feng whispered. Next, he carefully sensed his surroundings for a moment. His eyes lit up. 

“So that’s why! This place is thick with energy and very suitable for the growth of grasses and trees. Even more so, it is very suitable for cultivators who cultivate the power of earth and wood. However, I am in a hurry to complete my task. If not for that, cultivating here would be a good option,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from blurting out.

The present Chen Feng had opened his Five Elemental acupoints. Thus, he could rapidly absorb and refine all types of energy. Meanwhile, the Longevity Scripture was more of a wood-type cultivation technique. 

“Cultivate here? Ha ha! Little brother, you are a daring one!” Suddenly a coarse voice rang out from one of the nearby bushes.

Chen Feng was secretly surprised. He did not expect there to be someone nearby. More importantly, he had failed to notice this fellow. However, Chen Feng did not reveal any change in his expression. Instead, he simply smiled and said, “Which friend is it? Let’s meet face-to-face!”

After Chen Feng said that, a beefy-looking fellow stepped out from the bushes. Wind swirled around him and the thorny bushes around him were shattered before falling all over the ground.

“Eh?” Before Chen Feng could react, he heard Tower exclaim.

“What? Is there something wrong with this fellow?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower while looking at the beefy fellow.

Simplistic black-coloured attire, a height of two metres, broad shoulders, thick limbs and carelessly tied up hair. His bright and expressive eyes seemed as though they could unleash blades from them at any moment. His thick beard – each piece of hair looking like a steel needle – gave him a somewhat heroic and experienced aura.

Mighty, overbearing, candid.

Those few words rapidly flashed across Chen Feng’s mind. However, the thing that attracted Chen Feng’s attention the most was none of the above. Rather, it was the sizable sword that he carried on his back.

No. Instead of calling it sizable, it would be more appropriate to call it huge.

From what Chen Feng could see, the huge sword on his back was one chi wide and nearly one zhang long. He looked as though he was carrying a door on his back. Thankfully, the beefy fellow had a big enough stature. If that were Chen Feng carrying that sword on his back, he would look far more incongruous. 

“He he! I did not expect to encounter a decent constitution here. He he he he!” Tower suddenly chortled.

“Ha ha! It is actually a little kid in the Concealed stage. And you are alone to boot! What? Are you not afraid that you might not make it back alive?” The beefy fellow looked at Chen Feng and laughed. And yet, despite his rough and thick voice, it did not sound annoying.

“He he! Greetings, fellow cultivator.” Chen Feng smiled. Only then did he notice the small amount of blood stains on the beefy fellow’s body. However, Chen Feng could not tell if the blood belonged to the beefy fellow or someone else.

“Little brother, your cultivation base is pretty good. It seems I made an error in judgement earlier,” the beefy fellow suddenly said, staring at Chen Feng.

“Oh? How so?” The beefy fellow’s words piqued Chen Feng’s curiosity.

“An ordinary constitution, but an extremely mighty fleshly body. Thick blood energy and a high amount of primary energy. Tsk, tsk. Impressive! How should I address this little brother?” The beefy fellow circled around Chen Feng and a look of surprise was etched on his face. However, when he spoke up, he was able to tell every detail of Chen Feng’s cultivation state.

“He he, my name is Chen Feng. I am just a minor cultivator in the Concealed stage. I am not worthy of senior brother’s praise.” Chen Feng smiled and cupped his fists in salute.

“You look young, yet you could already cultivate up to this level of power. You must be a core disciple from one of the immortal dao sects in the Northern Plains, right?” the beefy fellow asked with a smile.

Before Chen Feng could answer, the beefy fellow slapped his forehead and said, “Where are my manners? My name is Jian Xiaotian, from the Central Plains!”

“Central Plains?” Chen Feng was taken aback. He did not expect this beefy fellow, whose body was innately radiating a formidable atmosphere, to hail from the Central Plains.

When Chen Feng heard the words Central Plains, he was immediately reminded of Ye Ziming. Ye Ziming was from the Central Plains.

I wonder how Ye Ziming is doing right now? Perhaps he has already returned to the Central Plains. Chen Feng wondered.

“Oh? Brother Chen, have you been to the Central Plains before?” Jian Xiaotian asked smilingly.

“No. However, I did have a friend who came from the Central Plains. I am suddenly reminded of him. He he. However, I am a native of the Northern Plains,” Chen Feng said with a grin.

“Just now, I overheard Brother Chen saying you want to cultivate here. Ha ha! It seems this must be your first time here, right?” Jian Xiaotian then changed the topic.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Then, have you not heard about the dangers here?” Jian Xiaotian asked.

“He he. Naturally, I know about the dangers here. However, we are still in the peripheral areas of the Seven Kills Direlands. There shouldn’t be much dangers here, right?” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha! It seems Brother Chen has not encountered any dangers on your way here. However, if you keep moving forward, that might no longer be the case.” Jian Xiaotian laughed.

“Oh? Why do you say that? Is there danger up ahead?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 chi = 0.333 m

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