Chapter 331: Seven Kills Direlands


“Retreat!” The elder beside Mo Ji swiftly pulled Mo Ji back with him, his face turning grim.

With a sneer, Chen Feng then flew into the sky and quickly disappeared into the mountains. 

Only after Chen Feng had disappeared did Mo Ji recollect herself. A look of shock was etched on her face.

“Earlier, earlier-” She looked at her subordinates who were still incapable of getting up, not knowing what to say.

“That earlier is definitely not his strength. That power far exceeds mine. It felt dangerous, even for me,” the elder said.

“What? Old man, you have already overcome 6 Lightning Tribulations. Chen Feng is actually stronger than you?” Mo Ji was in disbelief.

“Like I said, that is not his strength. There must be some hidden objects within his body,” the elder said.

“Whether or not it is his power, the fact that he can utilize it means the average people would be incapable of dealing with him. It seems we can only get an empty site. Chen Feng has looted all the cultivation materials, but what does he plan to do with the spirit stones here? Is he planning on finding people to mine it on his own?” Mo Ji said, furrowing her brows.

Under Tower’s guidance, Chen Feng had already found the spirit stone mine within Blackwind Mountain. Mining operations had already begun on the mine. It was a fairly decent-sized mine. However, the mining operations were done roughly. One glance was sufficient to tell that the miners there were not professionals. 

“A Magic crystal mine.” By then, Chen Feng could already sense the spiritual energy coming from the mine.

Thinking for a bit, Chen Feng then asked, “Isn’t there supposed to be a Prized crystal mine? Tower, can you feel anything?”

“To the southeast, 25 kilometres,” Tower said.

“Let’s go.” Chen Feng leapt into the sky again.

It did not take Chen Feng long to find the other mine. This mine was smaller compared to the earlier one. However, the thick spiritual energy wafting out from the mine informed him that he had found it.

“What a thick spiritual energy! This should be the Prized crystal mine!” Chen Feng felt pleasantly surprised.

Speaking of which, Chen Feng did possess some spirit stones at the same grade as Prized crystals. For example, there were the demonic soul stones he obtained from the Demon Trial Grounds. However, there were demonic energy within the demonic soul stones. The rate at which he can absorb the demonic soul stones’ energy would be slower compared to his absorption rate of Prized crystals’ energy. Comparison wise, Prized crystals were the standard cultivation item for human cultivators, after all.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

By then, the cultivators that Mo Ji sent out to search the mountain had also found the place. When they saw Chen Feng, they felt surprised. However, they said nothing about it. They assumed that Chen Feng was still in a partnership with Mo Ji.

Likewise, Chen Feng ignored them and flew directly into the mine. He found not a single bandit inside. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt impressed. Blackwind Mountain covered such a large area, and yet, that Diabolic Nightmare had managed to summon every single one of the bandits within Blackwind Mountain.

Looks like those bandits were utterly terrified, otherwise someone would have returned. This spirit stone mine is too tempting, especially for Sky Human stage cultivators, Chen Feng thought.

After entering the mine, Chen Feng let the Longevity Tower out. The Longevity Tower immediately expanded before devouring the Prized crystals within the mine at a furious rate.

As for Chen Feng, he walked back out to block the entrance to the mine, stopping Mo Ji’s subordinates from entering.

“You fellows, go back,” Chen Feng said coolly.

One of them – a sword cultivator – stepped forward and asked, “What do you mean by that?” 

“It’s nothing. I have discussed this through with Mo Ji. This spirit stone mine belongs to me. You fellows can go search elsewhere,” Chen Feng said coolly.

The cultivators exchanged glances. Next, they simultaneously stepped forward, brandishing their swords and blades. They unleashed their attacks at Chen Feng all at the same instant.

“Courting death!” A glint of killing intent flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes. Wielding the Overwhelming Astral Sword, he swung abruptly, once. A sword beam unfolded and the battle formation that the cultivators formed was immediately broken. Next, Chen Feng dashed forward and unleashed several more lightning-fast swings to knock the cultivators down.

Chen Feng chose not to kill them. Instead, he had simply wounded them.

Next, Chen Feng leaned against the stone wall with an impassive face. After the wounded cultivators got up, they looked at Chen Feng. Then, they flew away.

Chen Feng knew that they were going to report this matter to Mo Ji.

I wonder how many Prized crystals we can get here. Hopefully, there are more. That way, Tower can quickly recover his powers, Chen Feng thought.

After less than one joss stick’s worth of time, the Longevity Tower flew out from the mine and into Chen Feng’s hand.

“Come on.” Keeping the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng rode his Lightstream Shield and sped into the distance.

The majority of the bandits from Blackwind Mountain had been killed. As for the survivors, they had fled. Thus, there was no longer any reason for Chen Feng to stay behind.

As for the Magic crystal mine, Chen Feng decided to leave it for Mo Ji. For some unknown reason, he had suddenly come to that decision. Additionally, he was determined to do so.

Thinking about it, Chen Feng was surprised to find that he no longer bore any ill will towards Mo Ji. If that were some other cultivator, Chen Feng might have looted everything of value within Blackwind Mountain.

“He he! Kid, have you taken a liking to that woman?” Tower suddenly said, a peculiar tone of amusement in his voice.

“No!” Chen Feng flatly denied it.

“No? Then why would you be so kind as to leave the Magic crystal mine for her?” Tower said with a disdainful voice.

“I am in a hurry to get to the Seven Kills Direlands,” Chen Feng said with a disconcerted voice.

“He he!” Tower chortled and said nothing else.

After some time, Chen Feng asked, “Tower, how is the harvest this time?”

“Just a small mine. It is not enough to fill the gaps between my teeth,” Tower said coolly.

“Did you leave some for me?” Chen Feng asked.

“One million Prized crystals. There are all inside the tower,” Tower replied with a vexed tone. It was as though he already knew what Chen Feng was going to say.

Not long after Chen Feng’s departure, Mo Ji led a group of her subordinates with her to the Prized crystal mine. When she entered the mine, she became flabbergasted. The mine was utterly empty. Not a single piece of Prized crystal was left inside.

“Chen Feng, you vicious fellow! I will never let you go!” Mo Ji said, gnashing her teeth.

“Ha-choo!” Chen Feng wrinkled his nose, feeling puzzled.

“Heh! No need to ask. That Mo Ji is cursing you,” Tower said with a snicker.

Chen Feng shook his head and said nothing about it. He simply increased his flight speed. Blackwind Mountain had delayed his plans for a few days and he wondered if he could complete the Seven Kills Direlands’ task before the Grand Competition began.

It took Chen Feng three whole days to reach the Seven Kills Direlands. That was despite Chen Feng flying at full speed.

“Seven Kills Direlands, Dire Meridian Grass. Just by hearing the name, I can tell that this task is difficult,” Chen Feng said.

“Truth be told, it is very simple. At any rate, you have enough spirit stones on you. You can simply go find a big city and use money to buy it up,” Tower suggested.

“That is a good plan. However, I also want to enter the Seven Kills Direlands. If I can find a whole bunch of Dire Meridian Grasses there, I can get even richer!” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“That will depend on your luck. If your luck is good enough, you will be able to find Dire Meridian Grass in the peripheral areas. That way, you will be able to save time,” Tower said.

“By the way, Tower, how much of your memories did you recover recently?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“That? I only recovered a little.” Tower released a dry laugh.

“Oh.” Chen Feng nodded. Seeing Tower’s unwillingness to discuss the issue, Chen Feng stopped asking.

“The Seven Kills Direlands is just up ahead. Why don’t I feel anything?” Looking at the grasslands appearing before him, Chen Feng recalled the map he had checked beforehand.

“You haven’t even reached the peripheral areas. What can you sense? Besides, in truly dangerous places, the average people will be incapable of sensing any dangers,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“There are people in the grasslands.” After saying that, Chen Feng descended. Before reaching the ground, he could see six cultivators on the ground pulling out their weapons as they assumed defensive stances.

Looking at them, Chen Feng saw that the six of them were only at level 3 and 4 of the Concealed stage. Then, he asked, “Fellows, are you also heading into the Seven Kills Direlands?”

“And what of it?” one of them, a muscular man with big eyes said icily.

Chen Feng was taken aback. He did not expect this level of vigilance from the other party. However, after thinking it through, he understood. In the world of cultivation, killing and plundering was a common occurrence. That was especially so for a dangerous and chaotic place like the Seven Kills Direlands. Acts of plunder frequently happened here. If it were not for the fact that Chen Feng appeared tough to them, these six fellows might have besieged him the moment he landed.

After realizing that, Chen Feng smiled. Saying nothing, he turned and moved forward.

The grasses around him grew tall and there was an abundance of moisture around him. Chen Feng took a few deep breaths and found the air there to be refreshing. The spiritual energy there was very thick. It was a good place for cultivation.

“The peripheral areas of the Seven Kills Direlands are grasslands. How strange.” When Chen Feng had first heard the name, he had thought of the Seven Kills Direlands as a highly dangerous place with a terrible environment.

It did not take long for Chen Feng to encounter some other cultivators. Most of them would reveal looks of vigilance when they saw him. Some, however, appeared eager to attack Chen Feng.

Chen Feng sneered inwardly. All the cultivators he encountered since entering the grasslands were Concealed stage cultivators. For those cultivators, attacking Chen Feng was the equivalent of committing suicide.

Soon enough, Chen Feng encountered a fight between some cultivators. Three cultivators were besieging one cultivator and the resulting beams of sword energy sliced the thriving grasses into pieces.

Finally, with a wretched cry, the besieged cultivator was cleaved into two by a sword beam. Next, the cultivator’s spatial pouch was snatched away.

Murder and plunder. The three words came to Chen Feng’s mind.

After killing the cultivator, the three cultivators had wanted to leave. However, before leaving, they happened to notice Chen Feng. Seeing how young Chen Feng was, killing intent immediately burned within their eyes.

Funnily enough, it would appear that their earlier victory had gone to their heads. They did not even bother checking Chen Feng’s cultivation base before attacking him.

“Sigh! Do you fellows have a death wish?” Chen Feng shook his head.

The three charging cultivators had yet to even condense out their Soulflames. Normally, Chen Feng would not have bothered attacking cultivators at their level.

1 li = 0.5 km

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