Chapter 330: Finishing Off a Great Yao


Seeing the sudden appearance of the small tower within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, the old man was taken aback. He did not rush forward. Instead, he circled around the small tower, wanting to figure out what grade of magic treasure the tower was at.

Suddenly, a formidable suction force erupted from the second level of the tower. The suction force was both fast and powerful, containing the law of space as well. It instantly enveloped the strand of soul power that the old man had sent inside Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“Argh!” A surprised cry was all the old man could utter before his strand of soul power was pulled into the Longevity Tower.

Outside Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom…

The old man’s face contorted terribly. That incident had resulted in him losing one third of his soul power. He had spent the past few years moving around, absorbing the soul powers of countless cultivators. And yet, the results of his hard work had vanished.

The loss was unbearable, so much so that the old man felt the impulse to puke blood. However, he knew that this was an extremely dangerous situation. Not bothering to consider anything else, his figure flashed, transforming into a stream of light in his attempt to escape from the cave.

“He he! Isn’t it too late to be escaping now?” Tower’s voice echoed within the cave.

The Longevity Tower abruptly appeared above the old man. It released a gentle pulse, causing the old man’s body to explode, leaving a black clump of roiling soul power. Hisses and wretched cries could be heard coming from it.

Finally, the clump of soul power converged and condensed before assuming the shape of a wicked yao. It was something that Chen Feng had never seen before. It roared and swiftly smashed its way out of the cave. The seals placed upon the entrance to the cave had long since disappeared.

“Hurry, he’s is escaping!” Chen Feng shouted.

“He’s not getting away.” Tower’s voice rang within Chen Feng’s ears. Only then did Chen Feng realize that the Longevity Tower was already in pursuit of the wicked yao.

Seeing Tower on the job, Chen Feng relaxed. At any rate, he would be of no help. Thus, he went about collecting his weapons before searching the cave.

Only then did Chen Feng notice how vast the cave was. It possessed its own inner dimension. Striding inside, Chen Feng found one secret chamber after another. The doors of the secret chambers were all crafted from high-quality steel.

“Are these the bandits’ treasure hoard?” Chen Feng could not be bothered to find a way to unlock the doors. He simply pulled out a sword to hack the steel doors open.

As expected, there was a secret chamber behind the steel door. However, the size of the secret chamber was not particularly large. Cultivation materials of varying types were haphazardly strewn across the chamber. After a quick inspection, Chen Feng grew disappointed. Although all those items could be considered a great deal of wealth for Concealed stage cultivators, Chen Feng did not view them highly. Truth be told, Chen Feng had no use for those items. He would have to exchange them into spirit stones before using the stones to buy other items.

Chen Feng rapidly walked out from the secret chamber and moved to open up the other secret chambers. All of them were the same. There was no scene of countless treasures that Chen Feng had imagined.

He he! If I had laid eyes on these things a few years back, I would have whooped with joy. Chen Feng let out a self-deprecating laugh.

Thinking about it, Chen Feng still had some high-grade Prized artefacts that he had yet to refine. Compared to those treasures, the items before him were truly not worth mentioning.

Isn’t there supposed to be a spirit stone mine here? Where did they place the mined-out spirit stones? Chen Feng quickly searched the entire cave, but he failed to find the spirit stones.

Suddenly, a stream of light – the Longevity Tower – flew in and re-entered Chen Feng’s Heavenly Origin acupoint.

“How is it? Did you manage to finish it off?” Chen Feng asked.

“It is done. We got quite the harvest this time.” Tower sounded quite pleased.

Next, Chen Feng hastily shoved everything within the secret chambers into the Longevity Tower before leaving the cave.

By then, all the bandits that were within the valley had fled. The only thing left there was a sky filled with blood energy and a ground filled with blood and bones.

Chen Feng swiftly brought out Bloody Soul and channelled the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art to absorb the blood energy drifting within the valley.

“Too slow. Watch me!” After Tower said that, a great suction force spread out from Chen Feng’s body and all the blood energy within the valley was absorbed into the Longevity Tower.

With a thought, Chen Feng was able to see a Blood Pill appear within the first floor of the tower.

“I used the blood essence to concoct out this Blood Pill. I don’t think there is any need for me to tell you what its functions are. However, the grade of the blood energy is too low. It can only be used to concoct out a Human-tier medicinal pill. In order to concoct out an Earthen-tier medicinal pill, you will need the blood essence of Sky Human stage cultivators,” Tower said.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Suddenly, Bloody Soul thrummed and a violent and bloodthirsty aura radiated from the lance. The killing intent it projected outwards caused Chen Feng’s skin to crawl.

“Bloody Soul wants to level up!” Chen Feng was slightly surprised. However, he was also excited.

“A pity you still cannot undergo Lightning Tribulation, otherwise you can have this bloody lance undergo the baptism of Sky Lightning. The effects will be even better.” After saying that, Tower swiftly brought Bloody Soul into the Longevity Tower. He drew a small magic array and placed Bloody Soul in the centre of the array. At the same time, he directed some streams of blood energy to surround Bloody Soul.

When the streams of blood energy in the sky had almost dissipated in its entirety, Mo Ji led her many subordinates into the valley. Seeing what had happened within the valley left them dumbfounded. That was especially true of Mo Ji, whose face contorted badly, and she ran to the side to retch.

On the other hand, Mo Ji’s subordinates were able to endure it, though their faces were also contorted. Clearly, they possessed astonishing levels of willpower and self-control.

Chen Feng shook his head and flew forward to meet up with them. After some time, Mo Ji finally came back to stand beside Chen Feng. However, her face was still pale. The scene had seemingly left a profound impact upon her.

“He he. Are you feeling better?” Chen Feng asked teasingly. Truth be told, when Chen Feng had first seen the valley, he too, was nearly in capable of holding back the urge to retch. However, the later confrontation caused him to temporarily forget about the situation within the valley. Now that there was no more confrontation, Chen Feng was beginning to feel the oppressive and dispiriting atmosphere again.

“Just what happened here? How did this happen?” Mo Ji asked, labouring to open her mouth.

“All this was the work of a yao beast,” said Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration.

“A yao beast? What kind of yao beast?” the elder beside Mo Ji asked, stepping forward.

“Diabolic Nightmare,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

“What? A Diabolic Nightmare? To think that it would be that monster!” The elder’s face sank sharply. 

“Old man, what is this Diabolic Nightmare?” Mo Ji asked.

“It is a variant yao beast. This yao beast does not possess a powerful fleshly body. Rather, it is their soul that has mutated. Its soul power is incredibly strong. Additionally, it would exclusively devour the souls of other life forms to cultivate itself. When you look at it that way, what happened here becomes clear. This is the monster’s handiwork,” the elder said.

“Chen Feng, where is that Diabolic Nightmare now?” Mo Ji suddenly asked.

“It ran off.” Chen Feng grinned.

“Ran off?” Mo Ji stared at Chen Feng, a look of disbelief in her eyes. Forget Mo Ji, even the elder beside her did not believe Chen Feng.

However, looking at Chen Feng, they knew he would not tell them anything else. Thus, Mo Ji stopped asking.

“You fellows, search the place carefully.” Mo Ji began issuing commands to her subordinates.

Two hundred cultivators dispersed and began searching Blackwind Mountain.

“No need to search. There are some secret chambers in the mountain, but I have looted all the cultivation materials there,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Oh, is that so?” Mo Ji responded calmly.

“What is this? Are you not surprised?” Chen Feng felt slightly puzzled.

“What is there to be surprised about? This is a just minor bandit nest. Could it have any good items? What? Are you afraid I will break our partnership? Don’t worry, I am only interested in this place’s spirit stone mine,” Mo Ji said with a smile.

“Miss Mo Ji, you truly are a rich and straightforward person. You are right. There is indeed nothing good here. Although there is a considerable number of cultivation materials, their grades are too low. It is nothing worth mentioning for me. But spirit stones are a different matter,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Oh? How about this? When we find the spirit stone mine, we’ll split it evenly. However, you must hand over the things you collected from the bandits’ treasure hoard.” Mo Ji cast an ambiguous smile at Chen Feng.

“Ha ha! You sure know how to make a favourable deal for yourself.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing out.

“Originally, Blackwind Mountain belongs to neither of us. However, things are different now. Back when the yao beast was here, Miss Mo Ji had backed off. Now that I have sent the yao beast packing, everything within Blackwind Mountain belongs to me. Every single item of value is mine,” Chen Feng said gleefully.

“You are saying Blackwind Mountain is yours?” Mo Ji’s face darkened.

“Why, is it not?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Chen Feng, it seems you are not aware of your current situation.” Mo Ji’s voice suddenly took on an icy tone.

“He he! Do you mean to pit your power against mine? Very well. If you kill me now, everything here will belong to you. However, if you fail to do that, he he!” Chen Feng said, a murderous tone could be heard within his final few words.

Mo Ji shouted and the eight bodyguards behind her rapidly stepped forward to surround Chen Feng. The tens of cultivators who were in the midst of searching around also rushed forward, forming layer after layer of encirclement around Chen Feng.

The cultivators possessed formidable combat abilities, capable of killing even Sky Human stage cultivators. However, Chen Feng was seemingly unbothered by their encirclement.

“Well? Are you planning on attacking?” Chen Feng sneered.

“Chen Feng, how about this? We’ll split the spirit stones here evenly between us. I don’t need the cultivation materials anymore,” Mo Ji said solemnly.

Chen Feng shook his head, the corners of his lips curling upwards.

“In that case, do not blame me for being rude. No matter how strong you may be, you are still just a Concealed stage cultivator. Not to mention, you are alone.” A glint of determination appeared within Mo Ji’s eyes.

“Attack!” Hearing Mo Ji’s command, the surrounding bodyguards swiftly attacked Chen Feng.


Chen Feng snickered and an overpowering shockwave suddenly spread out from his body. The air quaked and ripples – with Chen Feng as their point of origin – spread into the surrounding area.

“Not good! Retreat!” The elder’s face rapidly sank and he shouted as fast as he could.

The momentum behind the overpowering shockwave sent the tens of cultivators surrounding Chen Feng flying. They became like strawmen, incapable of putting up any resistance. Then their figures slammed against the ground, tumbling across a distance of ten plus zhang before coming to a halt. They cut quite the miserable sight.

1 zhang = 3.333 m


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