Chapter 329: Battle


As Chen Feng was talking with Tower, ten more bandits blew up, reduced to pieces as streams of blood energy swirled up into the sky.

“So much blood essence. What a waste,” Chen Feng lamented.

“Don’t lament. Go in and deal with this fellow first. When you come out, you can absorb the blood essence here,” Tower said.

Chen Feng nodded and moved forward. He stood at the same spot that the other cultivators had occupied when they blew themselves up. As expected, a powerful call came to him.

“Hurry up and blow yourself up. Offer your life to me!” An alluring voice entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. However, as Chen Feng had the protection of the Soul Subduing Mantra, he was not fearful of the bewitching force of the call.

Bang! Bang!

The two bandits beside him blew up and two strands of soul power swiftly flew into the cave. At the same time, Chen Feng made his move. He followed the two strands of soul power into the cave, still alive.


A shocked voice rang out from within the cave.


Chen Feng sped up, charging into the cave with lightning-like speed. Bloody Soul, which was in his grip, transformed into a beam of light as it shot towards the source of the sound.

A force, both powerful and pliable, stopped Chen Feng’s bloody lance. Next, a potent force flowed through the lance and into Chen Feng’s body.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Chen Feng felt as though a lightning bolt had struck him. Involuntarily, he released his grip on Bloody Soul, which then floated in the air. Chen Feng turned and saw a withered-looking old man seated cross-legged on the ground. He had two fingers stretched out to clip the tip of his bloody lance. 

This opponent’s power was very high, capable of snatching away his lance in just one move. However, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. It would appear that this opponent was not particularly strong.

“He he! Diabolic Nightmares’ fleshly bodies are not strong. It is their soul power that is strong. Moreover, this particular one is a wounded Diabolic Nightmare. He he! And here I thought it was preparing to assail the Yao King stage. It turns out it was trying to heal its wounds,” Tower said with a sneer.

Chen Feng linked up with Bloody Soul. However, Bloody Soul could only shake a little, clipped tightly between this opponent’s fingers. It had failed to extricate itself.


Chen Feng waved and a flaming blade whistled forward to viciously hack the old man.

In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the withered-looking old man spat out black-coloured ripples. Next, Chen Feng felt the force behind his attack unravelling completely.


Having started his offensive, Chen Feng did not stop. The Overwhelming Astral Sword transformed into a sword beam and descended upon the withered-looking old man.


When there was still an inch between the sword and the old man’s forehead, it stopped.

“Junior, hold it.” A husky voice had flowed directly into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, causing it to quake. Thus, Chen Feng had involuntarily halted his attack.

Not good! Soul Subduing Mantra! Soul Subduing Mantra! Chen Feng swiftly activated the Soul Subduing Mantra with all his might. Only then was he able to recover.

“Eh? Human, who are you?” the old man asked.

By then, Chen Feng was no longer in a hurry to attack. Instead, he pondered what he should do.

“You old yao! You have slaughtered so many human cultivators! Today, I will end you!” Chen Feng shouted with such a righteous air, he nearly broke into laughter hearing himself.

“Humph! Self-righteous human. You have not even overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation, yet you dare boast here? You simply have a death wish!” the old man said with a sneer.

“Oh, is that so? Then why aren’t you assuming your original form?” Chen Feng asked all of a sudden.

“Huh? You can see my original form?” The old man grew surprised. Two icy rays of light shone from his eyes towards Chen Feng.

However, before the two icy rays of light could reach Chen Feng, they abruptly disappeared.

“What? Are you thinking of launching a sneak attack?” Chen Feng sneered, brandishing the Thunder Sword in his hand.

“A minor human cultivator like you actually managed to refine so many magic treasures?” Seeing the ineffectiveness of his soul attacks, a trace of fear subconsciously appeared on the old man’s face.

“Tower, something doesn’t feel right. Why isn’t this old yao attacking me? Even if he is wounded, he is still a peak-level Great Yao. It should not be a problem for him to kill a Concealed stage cultivator, right?” Chen Feng, who felt puzzled, asked Tower.

“He he! He is not attacking you out of curiosity. He is wondering how you can resist his soul-bewitching technique,” Tower said with a snicker.

“In that case, should I just give this old yao the Longevity Scripture?” Chen Feng said with a devilish grin. 

“He he! That is actually a good idea. However, there is no time for that. Do not forget, you have another task to deal with,” Tower cackled.

“If so, you will have to find an opportunity to make a move. I cannot defeat this old yao,” Chen Feng said.

“I am preparing. It will take some time,” Tower replied frankly.

When the old man began talking to Chen Feng, he stopped controlling the bandits outside. Thus, all of them woke up. Immediately, they cried out in dread. Some threw up on the spot.

Without turning to look, Chen Feng could imagine how the bandits were reacting. To suddenly wake up right there, not fainting on the spot was already a display of steadiness on the bandits’ part.

Screams of dread, cries of sorrow and sounds of people fleeing could be heard. Chen Feng could also hear some rushing into the cave. He could hear them shouting.

“The demon must be inside this cave! Everyone, charge! Avenge our fallen brothers and sisters!” someone shouted loudly. Judging by his voice, Chen Feng could tell that he was close to reaching the Sky Human stage. Chen Feng could not stop himself from sighing. He wondered if the fellow had been terrified to the point of foolishness or if the fellow was simply too bloodthirsty of a person.

Naturally, most of the surviving bandits had begun to flee. The scene was too horrifying. Fleeing immediately was the safer option.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The old man’s eyes flashed out a few times and soul ripples swiftly shot towards Chen Feng. Chen Feng, who had been preparing for his, quickly dashed to the side to avoid the attacks.

The soul ripples swiftly shot out of the cave. Next, a series of wretched screams could be heard. There was also the sound of people falling to the ground. 

Chen Feng knew that the bandits who were charging into the cave were most likely dead.

A good opportunity! Chen Feng rapidly dashed forward and the Thunder Sword in his hand flashed with lightning as it swung down against the old man. At the same time, the Overwhelming Astral Sword circled around to entangle the old man while Bloody Soul, which was still held tightly by the old man, shook intensely.

Chen Feng’s attack was very fierce. Any other Sky Human stage cultivator would find it hard to defend against Chen Feng’s attacks. However, the old man simply waved his hand and a wall of energy was formed around him. Next, a light shock ran through Chen Feng’s body and he sensed his magic treasures slipping out of his control. Furthermore, his soul had been shaken from the exchange.

Both the Overwhelming Astral Sword and Thunder Sword were inserted deep into some nearby rocks. Even the Shadowless Goldshine Blade in Chen Feng’s hand had fallen to the ground. The old man waved his hand again and Bloody Soul transformed into a bloody beam of light, which flowed into the cave wall, disappearing from sight.

Soul Anchor Mantra! Chen Feng immediately circulated the Soul Anchor Mantra. His chaotic soul power, shaken by the earlier exchange, immediately converged together.

“Tsk, tsk. Kid, what kind of magic technique did you cultivate?” The old man managed to see the changes occurring within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“The magic technique of humans! Old yao, you can never cultivate it,” Chen Feng said scornfully.

“Is that so? Then, I will just have to capture you and slowly interrogate it out. Under the ministrations of my soul attacks, even the strongest Sky Human stage cultivator would be incapable of holding out.” Having said that, streams of light shot out from the old man’s eyes and intersected one another. In the blink of an eye, they had completely sealed up the entrance to the cave.

Next, the old man got up and walked forward to stand before Chen Feng. Five withered-looking fingers arrived before Chen Feng’s face.

It was a very simple action, a very simplistic attack. However, Chen Feng was simply incapable of avoiding it. By the time Chen Feng managed to react, he could already feel his body going stiff. Only then did he realize, he was already captured.

At that moment, Chen Feng could feel just how terribly weak he was.

“Humph!” Chen Feng gave a harrumph and the Meridian Sealing Needle and Poison Needle silently shot towards the old man’s body with lightning-like speed.

Success! Chen Feng felt overjoyed. Just as he was about to mobilize the two Prized artefacts to destroy the old man’s body, however, he saw the old man reach out with one hand to perform a gentle grasping motion. The two small and sharp needles were caught within his hand.

“He he! You have quite a number of good items on you. You are probably a disciple from some great orthodox sect, right?” the old man said, laughing sinisterly.

A pity, I did not bring the Demon Sealing Sword with me, otherwise, I could have resisted longer. Sigh! This opponent is just too strong. There are more than ten levels of difference between us. Chen Feng struggled for a bit, but to no avail. Thus, he quieted down.

“Let’s see what goodies are inside your soul,” the old man said, jabbing a finger at Chen Feng’s glabella. Next, a potent strand of soul power flowed into Chen Feng’s mind, quickly making its way into his sea of wisdom.

Soul Subduing Mantra! Soul Subduing Mantra! Chen Feng abruptly roared out, unleashing the Soul Subduing Mantra with all his might.

A massive Soul Subduing Talisman struck the old man’s soul with lightning-like speed, causing the old man’s soul to falter for a moment. However, the Soul Subduing Talisman that Chen Feng sent out immediately disintegrated. It would appear that the talisman had failed to damage the old man’s soul in the slightest.

“What kind of magic technique is this? A minor Concealed stage cultivator can actually increase his soul power by tens of times? The average Sky Human stage cultivator would be no match for you.” The old man was slightly shocked.

Greed glinted across the old man’s eyes. Next, that glint of greed expanded relentlessly.

He was originally an expert in soul techniques. If he were to cultivate this magic technique, how much stronger would he become? Perhaps, he would be capable of making contact with the Yao King stage through this soul technique.

When he thought of that, the old man’s eyes burned with passion. His soul power flowed into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom again, wanting to take control of Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom to perform a soul-searching technique.

Suddenly, a small, ancient, nine-level, dark-yellow pagoda tower appeared within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom to block the path of the old man’s soul power.

A small tower? Is this the little guy’s magic treasure? To think that he could refine it to the point of sending it into his sea of wisdom. This is certainly no ordinary item, the old man thought.

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