Chapter 327: Ghastly Blood Energy


Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The hundred plus mud ropes rapidly formed a massive prison, encaging Chen Feng within. Next, the prison swiftly shrank, wanting to trap Chen Feng inside it.

With a thought, Chen Feng sent the Overwhelming Astral Sword out to swiftly circle around, slashing the surrounding mud ropes apart.

As the same time, Chen Feng wielded the Shadowless Goldshine Blade to send out blast after blast of astral blades. The power of fire contained within the attacks caused the mud ropes to quickly dry up. Finally, they broke.

Good! I didn’t think that the Shadowless Goldshine Blade possesses such a power! Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised.

Chen Feng unleashed his might, sending astral blades and sword beams out against the ropes surrounding him, hacking them into pieces.

Chen Feng had assumed that the Lake array core was broken when the ground wriggled and a monster, formed using mud, rose up. It opened its huge mouth to bite Chen Feng.

“Eh? There is a monster as well?” Chen Feng grasped, bringing Bloody Soul out and placing it within the monster’s mouth, making it so the monster could not close its mouth.  

“Thunder Sword!” Chen Feng shouted in a hushed tone and the Thunder Sword shot out from one of his Magnetic acupoints to circle the mud monster once. The power of lightning hacked the mud monster into two.

Next, Chen Feng brought his swords and blade out to bear, slicing the mud monster with impunity. Finally, the monster exploded, transforming into streams of essence energy, which scattered about.

“Devour!” Chen Feng circulated both the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and the Demonic Heavengorging Art to absorb every strand of the Lake essence energy.

By then, Mo Ji had also finished off the wind beast.

Mo Ji had gotten rid of two array cores while Chen Feng had gotten rid of four array cores. Additionally, Chen Feng had acquired a great deal from the battles.

“This kid can even absorb Lake essence energy? No matter how powerful his cultivation technique may be, this is surely not possible! His body will not be able to handle it!” said the elder, who had appeared beside Mo Ji.

“Maybe he has something on his person,” Mo Ji speculated.

“It’s not that. He absorbed the power of fire, lightning and lake into his body. Additionally, he has already refined most of them. The remnants are also stored within his body. It won’t take him long to fully refine the rest and his cultivation base will grow significantly,” the elder said.

“His fleshly body is so tyrannical?” said a shocked Mo Ji.

“Honestly, this assault on Blackwind Mountain’s killing arrays have allowed you to hone yourself slightly, but this Chen Feng kid has truly acquired benefits from it,” the elder said with a wry smile.

“There are only two array cores left. I will take care of the Heaven array core.” Chen Feng decided.


Reaching the area covered by the Heaven array core, Chen Feng sensed a humongous pressure descending upon him. At the same time, waves of lofty and insurmountable auras were assailing his mind.

“This is the power of Heaven. He he. This domain draws power from Heavenly laws. Although these are not genuine Heavenly laws, they are not the kind of thing that the ordinary cultivator can handle. If you have the Demon Sealing Sword with you, you can easily break this array core,” Tower suddenly said with a chuckle.

“The power of Heaven? I would like to experience it then.” Chen Feng sneered.


The pressure continued climbing. Finally, it grew to 50 times that of normal pressure and the ground began cracking. However, Chen Feng’s figure floated up as he allowed the pressure to bear down on him.

“Only 50 times?” Chen Feng scoffed softly. He’d had to endure much more than this when he was training inside the Longevity Tower. Fifty times the normal pressure was nothing to Chen Feng.

After one joss stick’s worth of time had passed, Chen Feng grew disappointed. The Heavenly laws that the domain brought down were too weak and Chen Feng lost interest in training himself.


Bloody Soul flew out. Next, it charged into the cracks on the ground, stabbing deep beneath. A stone pedestal, with seals engraved all over its surface, shattered under the might of Bloody Soul’s attack. 

The Heavenly laws disappeared, leaving only the power of earth within the killing arrays.

Chen Feng stopped. Instead, he stood nearby and observed Mo Ji.

Boom! Boom!

Two earthen dragons fiercely charged out from the ground to bite Mo Ji. Those earthen dragons were formed entirely using the power of earth. However, when Chen Feng saw them, he grew tempted. The power of earth within the earthen dragons were so condensed, they were practically earthen essence.

However, there was nothing Chen Feng could do about it. He had yet to fully digest all the powers he absorbed earlier. If he were to continue absorbing more power, his body might actually blow up.

Seeing Chen Feng break five array cores in a row, a competitive spirit rose within Mo Ji. A talisman with a water-like appearance suddenly appeared in Mo Ji’s hand. Seeing the talisman gave Chen Feng the impression that there were water ripples flowing across its surface. It was as though the talisman was created using the power of water. 

With a flick of her finger, Mo Ji caused two water ripples to spread out. Immediately after that, the movement speed of the two redoubtable earthen dragon slowed. Piece by piece, wet soil sloughed down its body. It was like dry earth eroded by running water. Eventually, it would turn to mud and be washed away.

“Water counters Earth. Tsk, tsk. I didn’t think Mo Ji could have this move. However, that talisman in her hand is quite good,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Of course it is good. That is a Sacred artefact. Besides, it is clear that the girl has already mastered some of its powers,” Tower said.

“Sacred artefact? He he! She really does have an amazing background.” Chen Feng laughed.

“Let’s go.” Mo Ji kept the talisman and smiled at Chen Feng.

“I wonder if we’ll be encountering more killing arrays,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Naturally. According to the information I received, if outsiders want to enter Blackwind Mountain, they must get past nine levels of killing arrays. We have only made it through the first level,” Mo Ji said.

“Nine levels of killing arrays.” Chen Feng frowned.

“Time is of the essence, let’s hurry forward,” Chen Feng said.

“All right.” Mo Ji nodded. She herself had not expected the killing arrays here to be so powerful. It had even given her a sense of pressure. However, that could be a good thing. She could use this to hone herself. 

After advancing through over one thousand metres, a 10-zhang-long astral sword streaked through the sky to slash both Chen Feng and Mo Ji.

An attack finally came. They had entered the next set of killing arrays.

“Let me.” Chen Feng stepped forward. Bloody Soul, which was in his grip, transformed into a bloody beam of light to smash the astral sword into pieces.

Immediately after that, however, another thick astral blade descended from the sky.

For the next three days, Chen Feng and Mo Ji kept going forward without pause. Relying on their own power, they broke through one level after another. Finally, they broke through the ninth level of killing arrays. By then, they were feeling somewhat tired. Additionally, they had been wounded somewhat. However, they felt that their actions had not been in vain. Although they felt tired, they had gained considerable combat experience and their strength had become more refined.

Chen Feng and Mo Ji had been the only ones to attack on their way forward. The elder had simply followed Mo Ji, watching as she fought with all her might, again and again.

As they fought, Chen Feng began admiring Mo Ji, albeit slightly. As a cultivator, an unwavering heart was essential. In the beginning, Chen Feng had assumed that Mo Ji’s present level of cultivation was obtained by relying on medicinal pills and herbs. Thus, her combat prowess and heart should not be too powerful. However, after ploughing their way through the nine levels of killing arrays, Chen Feng changed his impression towards Mo Ji.

By now, there was no need for Chen Feng and Mo Ji to scan about in order to realize that something was happening within Blackwind Mountain. They could literally see streams of thick blood energy charging up into the sky. The ghastly sight left them shocked.

“This doesn’t look good,” Chen Feng said.

“Indeed. Do not forget, we have not encountered a single bandit so far,” Mo Ji said.

Chen Feng and Mo Ji slowly recovered the energies they consumed earlier. Meanwhile, they also observed their surroundings and what was happening in the distance.

Truth be told, they had only entered Blackwind Mountain. There was still a long way to go before they reached the core area of Blackwind Mountain.

After glancing around, Chen Feng saw that there were still over 50 kilometres between their position and the bloody spot. And yet, both Chen Feng and Mo Ji could clearly sense the blood energy permeating the air.

“Say, did someone round up all the bandits here and slaughter them?” The thought suddenly popped into Chen Feng’s mind.

“That-” Mo Ji was stunned. However, after pondering for a moment, she believed that it was a possibility.

“He he! We will likely see something interesting,” Tower suddenly said.

“Interesting? Tower, what did you sense?” Chen Feng quickly asked Tower.

“Let’s not go there first. You must not let those streams of blood energy go to waste just like that. This is a good opportunity for Bloody Soul to level up,” Tower said.

Chen Feng nodded. His hand pulsed and Bloody Soul began absorbing the surrounding blood energy.

“Little girl, I suggest heading back now,” the elder suddenly spoke up, a look of seriousness on his face.

“What is it, old man? Did you find something?” Mo Ji asked apprehensively.

“I can sense a dangerous aura,” the elder said grimly.

Mo Ji was shocked. She knew full well how strong the elder was. If even the elder considered it to be dangerous, going forward would be suicidal.

“No matter what, I must go check it out,” Chen Feng said with a smile. Next, he ignored Mo Ji and flew forward, alone.

“I want to go look as well.” Mo Ji gritted her teeth and moved to follow Chen Feng.

“No!” The elder’s face sank and he stepped forward to hold Mo Ji. Immediately, a wave of overpowering force imprisoned Mo Ji.

“It is too dangerous. I cannot let you take this risk,” the elder said seriously.

“I just want to see what is going on. If it is dangerous, I will immediately retreat!” Mo Ji said with a defiant tone.

“No!” The elder was quick to refuse.

“I must go! Why don’t we just go another five kilometres forward? My curiosity is now piqued. Even if you pull me away, I will still come back,” Mo Ji pleaded.

“Sigh! Fine, then. Do not stray away and follow me closely. I am not trying to scare you. I can really feel danger. If something happens to you, how am I going to explain myself when I return?” the elder said with a sigh.

“Tower, give me something. Is there some kind of monster up ahead?” Chen Feng flew forward, absorbing the surrounding streams of blood energy as he did. He appeared fairly unconcerned with the situation.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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