Chapter 326: Array Cores


In the face of the many attacks, Chen Feng did not fluster. However, the unending attacks coming from the surrounding magic arrays did give him an unusual feeling of discomfort.

“These killing arrays operate according to the Heaven, Earth, Mountain, Lake, Lightning, Wind, Water and Fire elements of the Eight Trigrams. There are eight cores in total. By breaking the eight array cores, we can unravel these killing arrays,” Mo Ji shouted as she swung her hands to send out streams of light, which pinpointed the directions for Chen Feng.

“Tower, is that true?” Chen Feng asked Tower.

“Yes, this chick is right. She also has very discerning eyes,” Tower said.

Nodding, Chen Feng then made his move, rushing towards the Fire array core.


As Chen Feng was approaching the Fire array core, a one-zhang-tall fire monkey bellowed and pounced at him.

Although the fire monkey was formed entirely from flames, its fur looked authentic and its body looked lifelike. It seemed like a real monkey. The fire monkey smashed against Chen Feng and Chen Feng could sense the formidable aura of a yao beast emanating from it.

The might of a Great Yao, Chen Feng thought. Next, he condensed out a fireball and hurled it at the fire monkey. When the fireball made contact with the fire monkey, it caused sparks to erupt. However, the fireball simply melded with the fire monkey’s body.

After absorbing the fireball, the fire monkey grew even more ferocious. A large, flaming palm swung towards Chen Feng and the air was scorched in its wake.


Chen Feng dashed quickly to snake around the incoming attack. This time, he swung both hands, sending two fire blasts at the fire monkey to send it flying. However, the fire monkey also absorbed the two fire blasts into its body. 

After absorbing Chen Feng’s attacks, the fire monkey grew even stronger. The atmosphere it emanated alarmed even the distant Mo Ji.

“What the hell is Chen Feng up to? The fire monkey is the product of a domain power of fire. The more he attacks it with fire-type attacks, the more powerful it will become. Does he not understand this simple logic?” Mo Ji grew puzzled.

At that very moment, Mo Ji was in the midst of battling a water monster. It was created from the Water array core and its might was in no way inferior to the fire monkey that Chen Feng was facing.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng kept spurring his Fire acupoint and unleashed one fire blast after another at the fire monkey.

As the number of fire attacks absorbed by the fire monkey rose, its body grew more tangible. Additionally, it revealed an excited expression, seemingly having gained intellect.


A large fist hammered the ground, creating a large crater as a result. Chen Feng’s figure, however, flipped away and the attack missed.

“He he, I have doubled this fire monkey’s strength. It’s about time.” This time, Chen Feng stopped dodging the fire monkey’s attack. Instead, both his hands came together to form a hand seal. Next, he shouted.



The fire monkey’s insides erupted and countless flames scattered into its surroundings.

Chen Feng then waved both hands and two black-coloured, rapidly spinning vortexes appeared, one in each palm. Due to the suction force from the vortexes, the countless flames flowed into Chen Feng’s palms. At that moment, Chen Feng had seemingly transformed into a bottomless, Heaven-gorging pit. His palms devoured every single mote of flames available.

All the power of fire generated from the large fire monkey’s explosion was absorbed by Chen Feng, leaving not a single scrap behind. Seeing that shocked the distant Mo Ji.

She herself had yet to finish off the water monster. Observing Chen Feng’s actions, she exclaimed, “He is directly devouring the fire monkey’s Great Yao-level power? Is he cultivating a fire-type cultivation technique? But even Sky Human stage cultivators with fire-type cultivation techniques cannot do it so bluntly!”

“One array core down,” Chen Feng said gleefully.

After Chen Feng was done devouring the fire monkey, the fire-type attacks within the killing arrays disappeared.

“Next array core.” Chen Feng’s figure flitted swiftly. This time, he wanted to get rid of the Lightning array core.

A lightning beast, more ferocious compared to the fire monkey, charged towards Chen Feng with lightning-like speed. It was also formed entirely with the power of lightning. As it was extremely fast, Chen Feng was incapable of identifying its features.

Its offensive power aside, its speed was its special point.

Chen Feng pushed with both his hands and the Longevity Shield appeared before him.


The Longevity Shield abruptly shattered. Next, Chen Feng felt a formidable force slamming against his body.

Chen Feng tumbled through the air a few times. Before he could steady himself, however, the lightning beast unleashed a flurry of attacks at Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of attacks befell Chen Feng’s body. In the beginning, Chen Feng moved to block the attacks. Later, however, he gave up on defending. At any rate, his fleshly body was powerful and he was also wearing the body armour. Although this lightning beast’s attacks were strong, they were not strong enough to wound him.

This was the first time Chen Feng’d had to face such a swift opponent. The constant blows he received from the lightning beast, however, was vexing.

“Will Chen Feng get beaten to death?” By then, Mo Ji had finished off the water monster and was heading towards the next array core.

“Don’t worry. The kid’s fleshly body is very tough. It is even stronger than yours’.” The elder’s voice flowed into Mo Ji’s ear.

“How is that possible?” Mo Ji was in disbelief. She possessed the fox yao’s blood. Her fleshly body should be far superior to ordinary cultivators.

“Don’t worry about others. This is your training session,” the elder suddenly said with a stern voice.

Tornadoes were sweeping towards Mo Ji. As Mo Ji was going after the Wind array core, she had to face a wind beast created by the Wind array core.

Only Chen Feng and Mo Ji were taking action to get rid of the array cores. The elder was simply observing from a distance. He would only interfere if Mo Ji encountered a threat she could not handle.

After unleashing hundreds of attacks, the lightning beast finally paused for a moment. Immediately, Chen Feng caught it.

First, Chen Feng used Bloody Soul to pin the lightning beast in the air. Next, Chen Feng stepped forward to bash the lightning beast into pieces. After that, he utilized the same move; both his palms grasping to devour the surrounding power of lightning.

This time, it was not just Mo Ji. Even the elder grew shocked.

“He had first absorbed fire. Now, he is absorbing lightning! Does he possess a type of Heaven-defying constitution? However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. In that case, he must be cultivating a Heaven-defying cultivation technique.” The elder sent a vocal transmission to Mo Ji.

The power of lightning used to form the lightning beast was utterly devoured by Chen Feng.

Having devoured two Great Yaos formed using domain power, Chen Feng felt two of his insight acupoints moving slightly. He knew that those were the locations for his fire domain and lightning domain acupoints. 

Unexpectedly, this trip will allow me to advance further. Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. His spirits soared and he charged towards the next array core.

This time, his opponent was neither a yao beast nor an elemental beast. Instead, a massive hand formed using the power of earth brought a mountain-like seal stamp smashing down on Chen Feng.

The palm descended furiously, creating rumbling sounds as it did. Next, the seal in its grasp abruptly expanded in size, transforming into a 10-zhang-tall mountain as it bore down on Chen Feng.

There were three large, golden-coloured words written on the small mountain, but there was no way for Chen Feng to read them.

“Eh? That is actually a Prized artefact!” Chen Feng was taken aback. Next, his face revealed joy.

What was Chen Feng lacking right now? Naturally, he was lacking high-grade Prized artefacts. Many of the insight acupoints he opened up were lacking the aegis of Prized artefacts.

“Good! I will take this small mountain.” In the face of the small mountain’s attack, Chen Feng chose not to dodge. Instead, he held both hands aloft to take on the small mountain’s attack head-on.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Cracks appeared on the ground, spreading out from beneath Chen Feng’s feet. Thick earthen power flowed into Chen Feng’s legs as he used both his hands to hold the mountain, not taking a single step back.


Chen Feng punched the small mountain with lightning-like speed to send it flying.

The massive palm expanded once more and air currents roiled about as it pushed the small mountain down towards Chen Feng once more.


This time, Chen Feng’s attack had been performed with ingenuity. The attack caused the small mountain to spin rapidly. Meanwhile, Chen Feng made use of this opportunity to unleash the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Sword beams flashed out to hack the massive palm into pieces.

Chen Feng then flew up and stretched both his palms out. Next, two illusory palm silhouettes appeared to catch the spinning mountain. Then, Chen Feng exerted his full magic power upon it. Due to the formidable suppression from his magic power, the 10-zhang-tall mountain slowly shrank. Finally, it shrank into a small seal stamp and fell into Chen Feng’s hand.

“Lofty Mountain Seal,” Chen Feng whispered, reading the words on the small seal in his hand.

“He he! A grade 1 Prized artefact can only be considered an entry-level Prized artefact. To name it Lofty Mountain Seal is a bit much.” Chen Feng snickered. Then, he kept the Lofty Mountain Seal.

Chen Feng had taken down three array cores in a row, but Mo Ji was still doing battle against the wind beast that the Wind array core had created.

As the Water, Fire, Mountain and Lightning array cores had been broken, the might of the killing arrays plummeted to less than half of its original might.

By then, the killing arrays were practically of no threat towards Chen Feng and Mo Ji. However, they were viewing the killing arrays as a form of training. That was especially true for Chen Feng. After having collected one Prized artefact, there was no way Chen Feng would stop. His figure flitted forward as he charged towards the Lake array core.

Stability was wrought by Heaven and Earth while the Mountain and Lake created a harmonious cycle.

Chen Feng decided to leave the Heaven and Earth array cores for last. However, before he could reach the Lake array core, he felt the ground beneath him becoming soft. In the blink of an eye, the hard ground had transformed into a land of mud. A quagmire burst into the sky before rapidly condensing out pliable ropes that were as thick as thighs. The ropes shot forward, intersecting one another. In a flash, they had surrounded Chen Feng.

Chen Feng swiftly glanced around and saw that there were over one hundred mud ropes around him. Every one of the ropes could easily tie up a Concealed stage cultivator.

What a formidable killing array. No wonder Mo Ji said that not even Sky Human stage cultivators can recklessly charge in. Even if they make it past this killing array, there will probably be more magic arrays waiting for them up ahead. After breaking all the magic arrays, they would be exhausted. Facing several thousand bandits after that would simply result in with their deaths!

It is also no wonder the two empires did not send their armies here. With these magic arrays, armies consisting of ordinary cultivators will simply die here, Chen Feng thought as he avoided the ropes.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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