Chapter 325: Exploring Blackwind Mountain


Hearing Chen Feng’s question, Mo Ji suddenly laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“I didn’t think you would wait this long before asking that. And here I thought you would continue on without asking,” Mo Ji answered.

“What? Are you mocking me?” Chen Feng chuckled. Truth be told, it was carelessness on Chen Feng’s part. He should have realized that Mo Ji was planning something the moment Mo Ji proposed a cooperation. Would she have run over to this place for no reason at all?

“Of course not. There are no problems in telling you about it. I am here for Blackwind Mountain,” Mo Ji said.

“Blackwind Mountain? Don’t tell me you are interested in this place?” Chen Feng said, deliberately putting a smile on his face.

“You are right. I have taken a fancy to this place.” Mo Ji nodded.

That came as a surprise for Chen Feng. Of course, it was just a minor surprise. After Mo Ji replied, Chen Feng stopped pressing the issue and fell silent.

Seeing Chen Feng choose to not ask anymore questions, Mo Ji grew curious. She could not stop herself from asking, “Are you not feeling curious at all?”

“Curious? I do feel a little curious. However, that has nothing to do with me. I am only concerned about whether or not I can complete this task,” Chen Feng said light-heartedly.

“What if there are treasures in Blackwind Mountain?” A teasing look appeared in Mo Ji’s eyes.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment and said, “Split the spoils depending on contributions.”

“Insightful answer. The reason I am here is to occupy Blackwind Mountain and develop it as my base of operations. If the bandits are willing to submit, I will take them in. If they refuse, I will just have to kill some of them. The bandit leaders must die. Although you are here to perform a task for your sect, I will give you a portion of the cultivation materials here if you help me take over Blackwind Mountain. This is a bandit’s nest. I believe there should be a good number of things inside,” Mo Ji said, a smile appearing on her face.

“He he. That’ll depend on the situation. You have command over so many soldiers while I am going at it alone. What I can do is limited. Honestly, I might need your help to complete my task,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“All right. Let’s not discuss that now. Since we have joined forces, we are now partners. I will not hide it from you. I chose Blackwind Mountain for several reasons. Firstly, this is a remote place with a decent amount of spiritual energy. Secondly, there is a spirit stone mine beneath Blackwind Mountain. Although there is a high number of bandits here, that is a non-factor for me,” Mo Ji said.

Spirit stone mine? Chen Feng’s eyes glinted. Unexpectedly, there was a spirit stone mine within Blackwind Mountain.

“There is a spirit stone mine in a place like this?” Chen Feng was slightly surprised.

“I had inadvertently received this news myself. It is said that there is more than one spirit stone mine here. And it’s not just Magic crystals. There might even be Prized crystals here,” Mo Ji said, turning to look at Chen Feng’s reaction.

The shock on Chen Feng’s face grew.

“Prized crystals?”

Prized crystals were of a higher tier compared to Magic crystals. Cultivators at the Concealed stage usually cultivated using Magic crystals while cultivators at the Sky Human stage usually cultivated using the higher-tiered Prized crystals. Magic crystals could no longer make a considerable difference in a Sky Human stage cultivator’s cultivation process.

Forget Sky Human stage cultivators, even for the present Chen Feng, absorbing Magic crystals could no longer satisfy his cultivation needs. Additionally, as his cultivation base grew, the amount of Magic crystals he needed to absorb will grow as well.

Chen Feng was in possession of a great many Magic crystals. However, he had already made the necessary calculations. Even if he were to use the crystals for cultivation only, they would be completely gone before he could even reach the Sky Human stage.

“I cannot know for sure if there are any Prized crystals. I have never seen it before. Again, I had inadvertently received this piece of news. However, there will definitely be a Magic crystal mine,” Mo Ji said.

“He he! Unexpectedly, this place contains treasures. If High Clarity Empire and Iron Stream Empire were to get wind of this, they will surely scramble to dispatch their armies here,” Chen Feng said amusedly.

“Although the two empires hold control over vast territories, they are still not strong enough to annihilate these bandits. Not unless they dispatch out true experts. Additionally, thanks to the spirit stone mine here, the bandits here get to develop swiftly. If these bandits are given more time, tens of years or a hundred plus years, they will be able to grow several times stronger thanks to the spirit stone mine. By then, they will be able to establish a sizable sect of their own,” Mo Ji said.

Chen Feng nodded. At the same time, he was speculating what Mo Ji’s true intentions were. Occupy Blackwind Mountain? Chen Feng believed there were other reasons in addition to the ones that Mo Ji had informed him. 

Moreover, Chen Feng had not lowered his guard. At any rate, he appeared no different from a minor Concealed stage cultivator to others. Any one of Mo Ji’s subordinate appeared stronger than him. And yet, she was now sincerely wanting to cooperate with him. He he. Could it be due to her fear of his strength and background? Chen Feng did not believe that.

“What do you plan on doing next, Miss Mo Ji?” Chen Feng asked, plastering a smile on his face.

“I have some plans, but they are not perfect. With the amount of power I currently wield, I can charge into Blackwind Mountain. However, doing so will certainly result in some casualties. Nurturing these cultivators had consumed a great deal of wealth. Even one death is a serious loss for me,” Mo Ji said.

“Oh, I hope you can quickly make your move. I do not have much time. If you will not take action any time soon, I will have to figure a way to deal with this,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“Oh, what is it? Do you have other matters to attend to, Chen Feng?” Mo Ji asked.

“Of course. In two months, our sect will be organizing a Grand Competition. I want to complete my tasks before then and get promoted to the core disciple rank.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Core disciple? It seems you are very confident in your strength. You should know, a sect like Extreme Celestial Sect has many formidable disciples. With your current level of strength, fighting against those who have overcome Lightning Tribulations will be quite difficult,” Mo Ji said, an ambiguous smile on her face.

“If I am to fight against those disciples who haven’t overcome Lightning Tribulations, I’d be bullying them for real.” Chen Feng laughed.

“Two months. That is enough to finish this up,” Mo Ji said.

“At most, five days. I want to finish this up by then because I still need to go to the Seven Kills Direlands to find Dire Meridian Grass,” Chen Feng said. 

“The Seven Kills Direlands! Dire Meridian Grass? This task is quite difficult.” A look of shock flashed across Mo Ji’s face.

Mo Ji pondered for a moment before asking, “We have killed 300 bandits from Blackwind Mountain today. Not to mention, there was a Sky Human stage cultivator amongst them. I fear they will be on guard now. Chen Feng, do you have any suggestions?” 

“He he, what kind of suggestion can I come up with? However, I want to try and explore Blackwind Mountain today and figure out the situation,” Chen Feng said.

“Very well. I was planning the same thing. Let’s go together.” Mo Ji’s eyes lit up.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, Blackwind Mountain entered a state of tranquillity next. The bandits there ignored the 300 dead bandits.

Four hours later, Chen Feng and Mo Ji reached the entrance to Blackwind Mountain. To their surprise, they did not encounter a single bandit on their way there. Logically speaking, such a big bandit’s nest should have a few bandits patrolling the outer areas.

“Is this all due to what happened earlier?” Chen Feng wondered. 

“Possible, but something feels weird.” Mo Ji frowned, adding a flirtatious touch to her appearance. Seeing that left Chen Feng slightly stunned.

“He he, why aren’t you taking off your veil?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“What? Do you want to see my face?” Mo Ji retorted.

“He he!” Chen Feng merely snickered and went silent.

“Tower, is there a spirit stone mine in Blackwind Mountain?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“Yes.” Tower’s answer was very direct.

“In that case, this trip will not be in vain.” Chen Feng felt happy.

“Humph! You only know how to feel happy. Don’t you have any sense of vigilance?” Tower sneered.

“What do you mean? Is there something wrong with Blackwind Mountain?” Chen Feng asked quizzically.

“I can feel a thick blood energy coming from Blackwind Mountain. If I am not mistaken, countless living creatures are being slaughtered there.” Tower’s words caused Chen Feng to shiver somewhat.

“Blood energy,” Chen Feng whispered.

“What did you say? Did you figure anything out?” Mo Ji asked, a puzzled look on her face.

After a moment’s consideration, Chen Feng asked, “Do you sense a thick blood energy coming from Blackwind Mountain?” 

“No. It is too far; I cannot sense it.” Mo Ji shook her head.

“Little Brother Chen is right. Blood energy is rushing up from Blackwind Mountain. Something must have happened.” The elder who was secretly protecting Mo Ji revealed himself.

“Come. Instead of making speculations here, let’s enter and check it out,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“Yes. Let’s go in and have a look.” Mo Ji nodded in assent.

This time, the elder did not hide his figure again. Instead, he followed Mo Ji closely, a contemplative look in his eyes. It seemed he could sense that something was about to happen.

After entering Blackwind Mountain, Chen Feng’s group of three was immediately attacked by more than one killing arrays. Everything before Chen Feng’s eyes flashed and various attacks enveloped the world before charging towards him.

Astral blades, sword beams, flames, lightning bolts, torrential water, large rocks, giant logs and nets kept appearing from their surroundings. With merely a glance, Chen Feng saw at least ten plus attacks coming at him.

“So outrageous?” Chen Feng exclaimed. A stream of light shone beneath his feet as the Lightstream Shield appeared. With a flash, Chen Feng avoided the incoming attacks.

Likewise, Mo Ji chose not to face the attacks head-on. She came to the same decision as Chen Feng and utilized an unfathomable movement technique to dodge the attacks from the killing arrays.

The elder, however, ignored the incoming attacks. Regardless what the attacks may be, they could not even make contact with the elder’s sleeve before getting obliterated.

“These killing arrays are linked together. If we do not break them, they will not stop. We need to figure a way to find the array cores!” Mo Ji shouted.

“Array cores? I don’t have a high understanding of magic arrays. Miss Mo Ji, do you know where the array cores are located?” Chen Feng’s figure flashed about several times as he spoke.

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