Chapter 322: Heading to Blackwind Mountain


From the looks of it, the third task is somewhat difficult. However, there are two more months before the sect’s Grand Competition. I should be able to complete the tasks, Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng headed straight towards Sage Enigma Flame’s residence, where he began contacting Tower. It took a while for Tower to respond.

“Kid, what are you up to? If there is nothing going on, don’t disturb me!” Tower sounded displeased.

“I’m going to perform some tasks. Hurry up and come up,” Chen Feng said bluntly.

“You troublesome kid. Finding a good cultivation spot hadn’t been easy, but I ended up getting disturbed by you.” After saying that, Tower transformed into a stream of light and flew into Chen Feng’s Heavenly Origin acupoint.

Truth be told, Chen Feng could go out on his own. However, for some unknown reason, he had this faint sensation. Going out alone was not right. Additionally, all his cultivation materials were inside the Longevity Tower.

“Dear apprentice, are you heading out?” Sage Enigma Flame came over. He had woken up.

“Yes, master. I plan on getting promoted to the core disciple rank before the Grand Competition. I have just accepted the tasks,” Chen Feng said.

“Oh, what are the tasks? Let me have a look,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the piece of jade talisman flew into Sage Enigma Flame’s palm. After feeling it with his hand, Sage Enigma Flame returned it to Chen Feng.

“The Seven Kills Direlands? It seems the elder who gave you this task bears ill will towards you,” Sage Enigma Flame said, falling into a state of contemplation.

“Is it very dangerous? It states that the Dire Meridian Grasses can be found in the peripheral areas,” Chen Feng said.

“Heh! There are indeed Dire Meridian Grasses in the peripheral areas, but there is only a pitiful amount of them there. Countless cultivators have died in their quest to find Dire Meridian Grasses within the Seven Kills Direlands. Don’t do these tasks. One word from me and there is no way they wouldn’t make you a core disciple. Besides, you are cultivating under me. Why do you care about the identity of a core disciple?” Sage Enigma Flame said with a chortle.

“Ha ha! Master, you are wrong about that. I accepted the tasks in order to hone myself. Besides, these are the sect’s rules. Since I have the ability to complete the tasks, I will have to go do it. How can I develop if I just spend my time cultivating under master’s protection?” Chen Feng laughed.

“Hmm, that makes sense. How about this? I have a piece of Messaging Talisman here. If you encounter any danger, immediately crush this talisman. It doesn’t matter where you are, I will be able to get there immediately.” Sage Enigma Flame pondered the issue for a moment before bringing out a piece of jade talisman, which he put into Chen Feng’s hand.

“Thank you, master.” Chen Feng accepted it with a smile. He was, however, thinking to himself. If I really do encounter a danger I cannot deal with, the first thing I will do is jump into the Longevity Tower.

After Chen Feng left. Sage Enigma Flame closed his eyes and began divining. After a while, he suddenly coughed out. A trickle of blood flowed down the corner of his mouth.

“As expected, it is still the same. It seems my apprentice’s Heavenly Plot is veiled. It is as though he simply does not exist within the Heavenly Plot. Rather, it looks like someone had utilized a great deal of magic to veil his fate. Looks like it will be impossible to divine anything. Since my disciple has karmic luck protecting him, there shouldn’t be any issue with this,” Sage Enigma Flame mumbled.

“Whatever! I should just focus on cultivation to break through to the Human Immortal stage as soon as possible!”

After returning to his own residence, Chen Feng informed Lu Ta about the tasks before leaving Extreme Celestial Mountain. After making his way out of Extreme Celestial Mountain, Chen Feng headed directly towards the border between High Clarity Empire and Iron Stream Empire. He was heading towards a place called Blackwind Mountain.

Chen Feng’s objective was the bandits within Blackwind Mountain.

The first task of killing a Great Yao was practically a non-existent task for Chen Feng. In Chen Feng’s opinion, he could just casually find a Great Yao along the way and kill that poor sod. Even if he failed to find a Great Yao, he still possessed some yao cores of that level in his possession. He could simply pick out one such yao core and hand it over.

Thus, for Chen Feng, there were only two tasks.

The High Clarity Empire and Iron Stream Empire were amongst the biggest empires within the Northern Plains. Although they were no match for great immortal dao sects like Extreme Celestial Sect, they held large swaths of territory and plenty of resources. They also had a high number of cultivators and were much stronger compared to the middle-sized sects.

Additionally, the two empires were subordinate to Extreme Celestial Sect. They would provide the sect with talents and members. Chen Feng knew there were many of the empires’ royalty, sons and daughters of the emperor, princes and lords, cultivating within Extreme Celestial Sect.

Black Origin City – where Chen Feng had stayed in the past – was under High Clarity Empire’s control. Of course, that was just an inconspicuously remote area within its territory.

When Chen Feng was participating in Black Origin City’s battle against Steel Stone City, he had seen – from afar – the Inspector from High Clarity Empire. Back then, the Inspector, clad in golden armour and riding the Crimson Gold Flying Sword, was the subject of envy of many cultivators, Chen Feng included.

For the present Chen Feng, however, the Inspector’s cultivation base was terribly average. He was simply not worthy of Chen Feng’s attention.

Chen Feng flew quickly, not pausing along the way. He rode the Lightstream Shield, drawing a line across the sky in his wake.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the most dangerous task was the Seven Kills Direlands. Thus, he should move as fast as possible to finish off the bandits from Blackwind Mountain.

According to the information given, there were over 1,000 bandits in Blackwind Mountain. All of them were cultivators and a good chunk of them were at the Concealed stage. They had three leaders, all of whom were Sky Human stage cultivators who had overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation.

Chen Feng was tasked with killing the three leaders. As for the other bandits, killing them all or dispersing them would depend on Chen Feng.

In short, the final result must be the end of the bandits within Blackwind Mountain.

Three Sky Human stage cultivators. Each of them only has 1 Lightning Tribulation under his or her belt. This is too easy. When I arrive, I will directly charge in and finish off the three fellows, Chen Feng thought.

Blackwind Mountain should be just up ahead. According to the Eternal World book, Blackwind Mountain consists of 36 mountains of varying heights. Black winds often sweep through the place. Thus, it came to be known as Blackwind Mountain. This place is the border area between the two empires. It is a remote location and can be considered an unprotected area. Even if the two empires have the desire to put down the bandits, a bandit group with over 1,000 cultivators is very difficult to handle. Thus, they reported this matter to Extreme Celestial Sect. They are hoping that Extreme Celestial Sect could send some men to handle this problem. He he. Unexpectedly, I ended up getting this task. Chen Feng recalled the contents of the task.

“He he! This action of mine is the equivalent of putting down bandits, purging scourges for the sake of the people.” Chen Feng let out a self-deprecating laugh.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

As Chen Feng was planning on increasing his flight speed so that he could reach Blackwind Mountain faster, a series of fighting sounds rang out from up ahead. Occasionally, some colourful sword beams would pierce the sky.

Eh? Some cultivators are engaged in battle. Are the bandits robbing some passing by cultivators? Feeling curious, Chen Feng sped forward. Air currents roiled and waves of air billowed up in the sky in his wake.

“Ha ha ha! Brothers! I didn’t think we’d end up encountering such a high-quality merchandise! Today’s our lucky day!” A maniacal laughter rang out amidst the sounds of battle.

“It’s definitely a high-quality merchandise. However, this will be a little tricky. Hurry, summon some reinforcements!”


A flower, formed entirely from sword energy, blossomed in the air before finally exploding. The colours of the explosion spread over 50 kilometres.

Eh? This is quite a decent move. Unexpectedly, the bandits have such characters within their ranks. Judging by the purity of the sword energy and its speed, the cultivator is at least at level 8 of the Concealed stage, Chen Feng thought.

Not to mention, he is a pure sword cultivator with a strong offensive power. He should be a high-ranking member of the bandit gang. Very well. I’ll head forward to capture him and use him to bring me into the mountains. It’ll save me the trouble of finding it myself. Chen Feng decided.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng arrived just in time to see three sharp astral blades flash forward to split three bandits into pieces. 

“Not good! These fellows are tough! Our brothers cannot hold on anymore. Hurry up and retreat!” The remaining bandits panicked. Some had already begun retreating.

With a glance, Chen Feng was able to get a clear view of what was happening. There were over 30 people on the bandits’ side and they were fleeing. More than 20 corpses were lying on the ground.

There were nine people on the other side. They were the ones battling the bandits. Eight bodyguards and one woman in black. Four of the eight bodyguards had their blades unsheathed as they killed off the bandits while the remaining four bodyguards defended the woman in black.

The woman in black had a slender and sensual figure. Although there was a veil covering her face, Chen Feng was still able to recognize her.

It’s Mo Ji! Why is she here? Chen Feng was shocked. Back when he had emerged from Demon Soul Valley, Mo Ji was still inside. Unexpectedly, they would meet each other again after so long. 

More shockingly was her cultivation base. It gave Chen Feng the impression of an ocean-like deepness. Even the eight bodyguards she brought with her were very close to the Sky Human stage. Chen Feng noted that four of them were the ones he had encountered in the past.

“Tsk, tsk. Those four were only at level 6 of the Concealed stage back then. Right now, though, they are already on the brink of undergoing Lightning Tribulation. It’s quite fast. Right. Tower, can you determine Mo Ji’s cultivation base? I am unable to find out.”

“He he. This chick is not to be underestimated. She has a Sacred artefact protecting her. There is also a hidden seal within her body. Furthermore, she also has the Exquisite Aquafire Constitution. Not to mention, there is still the fox yao blood within her. Tsk, tsk. At present, she is emanating the power of a level 3 Sky Human stage cultivator. However, once she opens the seal within her, her power will multiply. This girl has quite the background,” Tower said amusedly.

In the past, Tower had been lacking in power. Thus, much of his memories could not be accessed. The present Tower, however, merely needed to give her a casual glance to discover all the secrets on Mo Ji.

Incredible! I knew this woman should not to be underestimated. Unexpectedly, she possessed so many secrets on her. However, is she only passing by or is she here for Blackwind Mountain? Chen Feng was beginning to feel regretful. If only he had known he would be meeting Mo Ji here, he would not have charged in recklessly. Instead, he would have concealed himself to secretly spy on Mo Ji’s movements.

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