Chapter 321: Accept Task


Chen Feng refined three strands of Enigma Flame Extract in quick succession. After the size of his Fire acupoint had nearly doubled, Chen Feng stopped.

These Enigma Flame Extract are good items alright. I wonder if I can extract them on my own. For now, though, I should return and check things out. After that, I will go take the promotion assessment for the core disciple rank. If I don’t, I will end up entering the elite disciple category for the Grand Competition. That is simply an act of bullying. Having reached that conclusion, Chen Feng then turned to look at Sage Enigma Flame, who was still in the process of cultivating himself. Likewise, there had been no news from Tower. Next, Chen Feng’s hands moved to form several hand seals and a passageway appeared before him. Chen Feng then stepped out.

This time, Chen Feng did not appear from the top of the mountain. After having acquired the knowledge on how to control the grotto-mansion’s seals, Chen Feng could now exit using the grotto-mansion’s main gate.

After leaving Sage Enigma Flame’s grotto-mansion, Chen Feng did not tarry. He immediately flew back to his mountain.

Before Chen Feng could enter his mountain, he saw Lu Ta and Luo Bo flying out. When they saw Chen Feng, they revealed looks of shock. However, they were quickly replaced by looks of joy.

“Senior Brother Chen, you are back!” Luo Bo exclaimed.

“Thank goodness you are fine!” Lu Ta breathed a sigh of relief.

“What is wrong with you two? I am fine,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“We were thoroughly worried when you were taken away by the enforcement elders. In the past, none of those captured by the enforcement elders could make it back safely. Besides, we heard what happened back in the Hall of Elders. Is Sage Enigma Flame really your master?” Luo Bo asked curiously.

“Yes. I spent the last few days cultivating at my master’s place,” Chen Feng replied with a grin.

“That’s great. Great. Ha ha ha! Senior Brother Chen, I didn’t think you could have such a powerful master. You should know, Sage Enigma Flame is a highly famed character in the world of cultivation. Even in our sect, he is a legendary character. With this, Senior Brother Chen no longer have to worry about the Zhao Family’s attempts to trouble you,” Luo Bo laughed out.

“I came back this time to take the promotion assessment for the core disciple rank,” Chen Feng said, a grin on his face.

“Assessment for the core disciple rank? Senior Brother Chen, the Grand Competition is just around the corner. Isn’t this a bad timing to be doing that?” Luo Bo said dubiously.

“He he, only by doing this will there be competition and pressure. There are practically no more opponents for me amongst the elite disciples,” Chen Feng said.

If Lu Ta and Luo Bo were to hear that from any other elite disciple, they would have considered it an act of arrogance. However, for Chen Feng, those words ring true. Additionally, the two of them knew how strong Chen Feng was. They knew that Chen Feng’s words were true.

“To get promoted to the core disciple rank, you will need to complete some tasks. Furthermore, the difficulty level of these tasks is very high. I fear Senior Brother Chen might not be able to complete the tasks before the Grand Competition begins,” Luo Bo said.

“Oh, some tasks? I’ll go check it out first. If there is not enough time, then there is nothing I can do about it,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

After that, Chen Feng chatted with them for a while before heading towards the Core Hall.

The Core Hall looked smaller compared to the Elite Hall. However, with just one glance, Chen Feng could see that the Core Hall was built entirely using Starlight Stone. Even from afar, Chen Feng could sense waves of the power of stars emanating from the hall.

Almost all the cultivators going in and out of the place were cultivators that had overcome Lightning Tribulation. Only then did Chen Feng feel some pressure bearing down on him.

These are the core disciples, carefully cultivated by the sect! If you compare it, those who have yet to overcome Lightning Tribulation cannot actually receive the sect’s attention!

However, only with pressure can there be competition. With competition, there can be progress. Hopefully, these core disciples can surprise me, Chen Feng thought.

“Aren’t you Junior Brother Chen? What brings you here?” Suddenly, someone greeted Chen Feng. Turning, Chen Feng saw that the newcomer was an acquaintance, Luo Mingdao.

“Senior Brother Luo, it is you.” Chen Feng laughed.

It had been a while since their last meeting. Luo Mingdao’s cultivation base had risen to a higher height. He seemed close to reaching level 2 of the Sky Human stage.

Chen Feng was slightly surprised by this. When a cultivator reached the Sky Human stage, overcoming each Lightning Tribulation will increase his or her lifespan by 1,000 years.

There were some cultivators who could not continue advancing despite cultivating themselves throughout the 1,000 years. Even so, the majority of them would still choose to cultivate themselves steadily. When they believe that their strength had reached the sufficient threshold, they would assail their next Lightning Tribulation.

When Chen Feng first met Luo Mingdao, he had only just overcome his 1st Lightning Tribulation. At present, however, it seemed Luo Mingdao was close to undergoing his 2nd Lightning Tribulation. Chen Feng could not help but feel surprised.

“Junior Brother Chen, you have been in the limelight lately. Your purpose for coming here must surely be for the promotion to the core disciple rank, right?” Luo Mingdao said, casting a smile at Chen Feng.

In the beginning, Luo Mingdao had thought that Chen Feng’s backer was Bai Ziyan. However, even though Bai Ziyan can be considered a talent, her cultivation base was too low. Anyone from the Department of Elders was stronger than Bai Ziyan.

However, a master had suddenly appeared for Chen Feng. Moreover, this master of his was someone that cannot be casually offended in Extreme Celestial Sect, Sage Enigma Flame. Luo Mingdao knew, Chen Feng’s position in Extreme Celestial Sect will be stable in the future.

“Yes. The Grand Competition is about to begin. I want to rise up to the core disciple rank before that. Only then will I be able to experience the might of our sect’s core disciples,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“If I am not mistaken, Junior Brother Chen is presently at level 7 of the Concealed stage. Tsk, tsk. It seems the number of Concealed stage disciples within the core disciple rank will no longer be just four, but five.” Luo Mingdao laughed.

“All right, then. I still have some matters to attend to. I will not be chatting with Junior Brother Chen anymore. However, as of late, the tasks involved for the promotion to the core disciple rank have seemingly become more difficult. I fear Junior Brother Chen will be incapable of completing your tasks before the Grand Competition.” After saying that, Luo Mingdao cupped his fists and bade Chen Feng farewell.

“Until next time, Senior Brother Luo,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

More difficult. What could have happened to make the sect increase the difficulty of the tasks? Chen Feng pondered as he entered the Core Hall.

“I want to take the promotion assessment for the core disciple rank.” After finding the right place, Chen Feng brought out his elite disciple token and placed it before a middle-aged man.

“A level 7 Concealed stage disciple?” After seeing Chen Feng, the middle-aged man revealed a dubious look.

Next, however, the middle-aged man’s eyes lit up. “You are Chen Feng!”

“Yes, I am he.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Your master is Sage Enigma Flame?” The middle-aged man asked again, the look of indifference on his face had disappeared. Instead, there was a mix of cautiousness and respect on his face.

“Yes.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Err.” The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment. Next, he swiftly used his eyes to contact another two fellows.

Chen Feng sneered inwardly. He knew that the middle-aged man was discussing with them on what kind of tasks they should give him.

The three cultivators in front of Chen Feng were responsible for the promotion assessment for the core disciple rank. All three had overcome 2 Lightning Tribulations. They can already be considered high-ranking characters in the sect. Even so, their cultivation bases were insufficient in Chen Feng’s eyes. If it came down to a fight, Chen Feng was confident he could finish them off immediately.

After some time, the middle-aged man finally smiled and said, “Since you are Sage Enigma Flame’s disciple, the contribution points needed for promotion can be exempted. We will also not be checking your strength. You simply need to complete the tasks.”

“What kind of tasks do I need to complete?” Chen Feng asked, a smile on his face.

“There are three tasks in total. All of them are inside this jade talisman.” After saying that, the middle-aged man brought out a white-coloured jade talisman.

Accepting the white-coloured jade talisman, Chen Feng sent his soul power inside to swiftly scan through the three tasks.

“All right. I have accepted the tasks.” Chen Feng nodded his head and kept the jade talisman. Then, he left.

“Aren’t our actions a little inappropriate? Those three tasks are not easy to complete. Any mishaps could lead to his death!”

“That’s right! Chen Feng’s master is Sage Enigma Flame. Even if he kills us, the sect will not pursue him for our sake!”

The two cultivators beside the middle-aged man said, a note of concern in their voices.

“What are you two afraid of? That kid has offended the Zhao Family and Fairbright Club. He will not have long to live. Besides, even if something happens to him when performing the tasks, he was the one who went looking for death. It is not our fault. We are simply following the rules in issuing tasks. Even if this matter is brought up to the Sect Master, we are the ones who hold the advantage,” the middle-aged cultivator said.

“It seems we can only let it be. However, I still feel it to be somewhat inappropriate. Sage Enigma Flame is not someone to be lightly provoked. Didn’t he nearly burn down the Hall of Elders? Third Elder dare not even say anything about it!”

“Don’t worry. If anything happens, I will take sole responsibility for it!” The middle-aged man laughed. At the same time, however, he was secretly sneering. The three tasks he gave Chen Feng were not simply dangerous. They were extreme dangerous. If Chen Feng were to truly attempt to perform those tasks, he would face certain death.

As long as Chen Feng fails to return, the Zhao Family will definitely give me that item. When that happens, even if Sage Enigma Flame wants to trouble me, I will have the Zhao Family’s protection. I hear that the Zhao Family’s Human Immortal will be coming out from his cultivation retreat soon. There will no longer be any need to fear Sage Enigma Flame. Even if the Zhao Family refuses to help me, as long as they give me that item, I can just find a place to hide and cultivate myself, the middle-aged man thought.

At that very moment, Chen Feng, who was flying in mid-air, was thinking about the three tasks he had received.

The first task was very simple. Find and kill a Great Yao. By acquiring the Great Yao’s yao core, he would have completed the task.

For the second task, he was to head to the border between the High Clarity Empire and the Iron Stream Empire and destroy a nest of bandits located there. For Chen Feng, this was a very simple task.

For the third task, he was to head to the Seven Kills Direlands and find a spiritual herb known as Dire Meridian Grass.

By completing the three tasks, Chen Feng will be promoted to the core disciple rank once he returned to the sect.

A perfunctory look revealed that the hardest task was the third task. The Seven Kills Direlands. Chen Feng had heard of the place before. Disregarding how much he knew of the place, the name alone informed him that it was not a hospitable place.

According to the rumours, the Seven Kills Direlands was host to seven absolute killer arrays, seven highly poisonous objects, seven highest mountains, seven lakes, seven different Yao Kings and seven ore deposits.

Everything there was related to the number seven. Most importantly, however, was the danger. It was extremely dangerous. It was a hundred times more dangerous than his trip to the Demon Trial Grounds. Even for Sky Human stage cultivators, they could only move about in the peripheral areas of the Seven Kills Direlands.

No one could tell what was inside the core area of the Seven Kills Direlands. Many claimed that there were seven Yao Kings defending the place and only Human Immortal experts could venture deep into the place. If other cultivators were to venture into the place, they could only end up with one type of ending: death.

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