Chapter 319: Fire Flow Constitution


“Who was that earlier? Why is he so arrogant?” a newly-promoted elder asked in a hushed tone.

“Shh! Keep it down. You don’t know since you are new. That person earlier is Sage Enigma Flame. No one in Extreme Celestial Sect dares to offend him. Don’t you see? Even Third Elder is keeping mum about it?” The one beside him swiftly sent him a vocal transmission.

“Sage Enigma Flame. What level of cultivation is he at? Could he be a Human Immortal?” The new elder grew curious.

“He is not a Human Immortal, but he is already very close to it!”

“Very close to Human Immortal means he has overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations. However, I have heard that Third Elder has also overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations. The two of them should be on the same level,” the new elder said.

“What do you know? Even the same level is split into varying degrees of high and low. Take the two of us for example. Both of us have overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations. Are you a match for me?”

“That makes sense!”

“Everyone, if there is nothing else, then just leave,” Third Elder suddenly said. Seeing Sage Enigma Flame’s departure, Third Elder sighed to himself.

Even though the both of them had overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations, Third Elder knew that not only was he no match for Sage Enigma Flame, even if there were several more of him, going against Sage Enigma Flame was simply an impossibility.

Sigh, he is someone who had assailed the Human Immortal stage before, after all. Although he failed, he managed to stay alive. Additionally, his cultivation base has also improved. Maybe he will be successful in his next attempt!

Since Sage Enigma Flame has intervened, then even if He Tian and Ma Jun were killed by Chen Feng, this matter will have to be swept under the rug, Third Elder thought.

The first batch of cultivators to leave were those from the Zhao Family. Naturally, they brought He Minghui, who was lying on the ground, with them. Judging by his wounds, even if He Minghui could survive, his strength would fall greatly. Not to mention, having offended Sage Enigma Flame, it would be hard for He Minghui to continue staying in Extreme Celestial Sect.

One by one, the elders left. At that moment, a group consisting of enforcement elders were gathered together as they discussed something. Yang Dingfang and Jin Shijian were amongst them.

“No wonder you two would speak up for Chen Feng.  It turns out you fellows already know that Chen Feng has a backer. Not to mention, it is a very powerful backer. This time, you fellows have ingratiated yourselves with Sage Enigma Flame. Your future will be immeasurably great!”

“However, by doing so, you two have offended the Zhao Family. The Zhao Family will probably take action against you two in the future.”

“Humph! Does the Zhao Family dare take action against us enforcement elders?!”

“Don’t forget, the Zhao Family has a Human Immortal. If their Human Immortal takes action, not even Sage Enigma Flame can do anything about it.”

“Human Immortals will generally not come out for something like this. They are hidden who knows where, deeply focused on their cultivation. Those exalted Human Immortals are aiming for the Immortal Plane. This little squabble of ours is not worthy of their notice.”

“That’s right! However, if it were not for the aegis of a Human Immortal, he he, the Zhao Family could not have been so arrogant.”

“Senior Brother Yang, when you make it big in the future, you must remember us,” someone said jovially.

“He he! As enforcement elders, we execute our duties for the masses. I just couldn’t stand the arrogance shown by the Zhao Family,” Yang Dingfang said with a righteous air.

“That is right! Senior Brother Yang’s words are reasonable!”

At that very moment, Chen Feng and Sage Enigma Flame were flying through the sky. There was a cloud beneath their feet, bringing them swiftly through the sky at a high-altitude. They looked like immortal figures.

“Tower, how powerful is this old man?” Chen Feng asked secretly.

“Infinitely close to Human Immortal,” Tower said nonchalantly.

“In other words, he has overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations. However, why does it seem like that Third Elder is fearful of this old man?” Chen Feng was puzzled.

“I understand what you are trying to say. Just take you as an example. You are presently at level 7 of the Concealed stage. He he! Forget cultivators at level 7 of the Concealed stage, even a cultivator at level 9 of the Concealed stage cannot hope to fight you,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Yes. I have nothing to fear even if 100 cultivators at level 7 of the Concealed stage come at me. No matter how many cultivators of this level there are, all of them will be slaughtered by me,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“There you have it. The same is true for your cheap master. The average cultivator with 9 Lightning Tribulations under his or her belt is no match for him. Additionally, this old man actually possesses the Fire Flow Constitution. He has a very high chance of rising up to the Human Immortal stage,” Tower said.

“Fire Flow Constitution! A special constitution?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“He he, it is just an ordinary spiritual root. However, it is much stronger compared to the average cultivator’s body.” Tower chortled.

“If so, when can he break through to the Human Immortal stage?” That was Chen Feng’s biggest concern. If his cheap master can cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage, his position – thanks to his backer – will become more stable.

“Hard to say. Maybe he can break through tomorrow, maybe he will be incapable of breaking through even after 100 years,” Tower said amusedly.

“You should be capable of helping him, right?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“He he he he!” Tower simply snickered, not answering the question.

“Dear apprentice, what are you thinking about?” Sage Enigma Flame suddenly asked with a grin.

“I was wondering when you can break through to the Human Immortal stage,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“Human Immortal. It is easier said than done.” Sage Enigma Flame, who had been smiling, suddenly sighed.

“I have tried assailing the Human Immortal stage several times now, but to no avail. Every attempt had left me in a near-dead state. In my next attempt, I might end up dying to the Immortal Lightning,” Sage Enigma Flame said with a bitter smile.

“He he! Old man, you will surely succeed in your next attempt,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I hope so. Eh? Stinky brat, address me as ‘master’!” Sage Enigma Flame berated him with a smile.

“In that case, you have to call me Chen Feng. You called me ‘dear apprentice’ in front of so many people, that is embarrassing,” Chen Feng said.

“Right, dear apprentice! It hadn’t been all that long since I last saw you. How did your cultivation base rise so quickly? Did you take medicinal pills? I have to tell you, taking medicinal pills once in a while is fine. However, do not consider them as the only asset for cultivation. Doing so will affect your future path of cultivation,” Sage Enigma Flame said solemnly.

“Master, don’t worry. Can’t you see my cultivation base?” Chen Feng laughed.

“Not bad! Your cultivation level is at level 7 of the Concealed stage, but the power inside your body is comparable to a Sky Human stage cultivator. I don’t even know how you cultivate to obtain such a result. Right, that sword in your hand earlier. It is a Sacred artefact, right?” Sage Enigma Flame asked.

Chen Feng felt amused. This old man did not ask him whether or not he was the one who killed He Tian and Ma Jun, not one question. It seemed he was someone who would defend the flaws of those on his side.

“Yes, I acquired this Demon Sealing Sword from the Demon Trial Grounds.” Chen Feng simply brought out the Demon Sealing Sword and handed it to Sage Enigma Flame.

“It truly is a Sacred artefact. In other words, you are the one who released the sealed Demon King from the Demon Trial Grounds,” Sage Enigma Flame said with a frown.

“Yes. I would not have obtained this Demon Sealing Sword otherwise.” Chen Feng nodded his head, admitting to it.

“Keep this matter to yourself and don’t tell anyone, otherwise there could be trouble. There are still many cultivators that are stronger than me in the sect,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

“Right! Master, where are we going?” Chen Feng watched as one mountain after another zoomed by beneath their feet. 

“My grotto-mansion.” After saying that, Sage Enigma Flame increased their flight speed.

Chen Feng saw that they were going deep into Extreme Celestial Mountain. The number of mountains below grew scarcer. However, the mountains were increasingly large, tall and majestic. The surrounding spiritual energy was growing thicker as well. Spirit animals, birds and auspicious animals increased in number, much higher compared to the number found in the elite disciples’ zone.

Occasionally, Chen Feng could see some cultivators fly by. The weakest amongst them had overcome Lightning Tribulation before. Some of them were mounted on powerful yao beasts.

Just now, a massive gold-coloured condor and an incomparably ferocious, but gorgeous-looking massive tiger had flown by, one following the other. 

Sensing their auras from afar, Chen Feng knew that those two were very formidable Great Yaos.

“Golden Flashbolt Condor and Clustercloud Tiger, two decent yao beasts. How is it, dear apprentice? Have you taken a fancy to them? If so, I can go capture one for you,” Sage Enigma Flame said smilingly.

Chen Feng had already asked Tower earlier. Of the two Great Yaos, one had overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations while the other had overcome 6 Lightning Tribulations. They were incredibly strong. Chen Feng was seriously no match for them.

“He he! Forget it. If I need a mount, I can go subdue one on my own.” Chen Feng rejected cordially.

“All right. That mountain up ahead is where my grotto-mansion is located.” Sage Enigma Flame stretched his hand out to point forward.

Chen Feng turned and saw an unusually tall and majestic mountain piercing the clouds. The mountain range connected to this mountain stretched out across thousands of li. This was the tallest mountain Chen Feng had ever seen along the way.

“This mountain is quite good. It is very tall and majestic. It is at least 10,000 zhang tall, right?” Chen Feng said.

“It is 13,000 zhang tall,” Sage Enigma Flame said with a pleased tone.

“But why is it bare?” Chen Feng and Sage Enigma Flame landed on the mountain.

This was the first time Chen Feng found himself on such a high mountain. The surrounding winds felt like blades. For the average cultivator, cultivating here was out of the question. They would not even be able to stand still.

This is a really good place to cultivate. However, this mountain’s surroundings are bare. There are no flowers, grasses, trees, spiritual herbs, spirit animals and birds. What is going on here? Chen Feng wondered.

“He he. They were all burned away when I was cultivating.” Sage Enigma Flame gave an embarrassed smile.

“All right. Let’s not talk about this anymore. Come check out my grotto-mansion.” After saying that, Sage Enigma Flame waved his hand and the peak of the mountain seemingly turned blurry to the eyes. Next, a large hole appeared upon the hard mountain rock. Fiery heat waves kept charging out from the dark hole.

Chen Feng retreated, stepping backwards again and again. However, a scorched scent wafted down from his head. There was no question about it. His hair had been scorched.

“What a high temperature! This must be earthen fire,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes, it is earthen fire. My mountain is directly connected to earthen fire. This is a good place for cultivation. Let’s head in.” This time, Sage Enigma Flame did not pull Chen Feng with him. Instead, he jumped into the cave by himself.

Chen Feng shook his head. After putting up a thick layer of astral energy around his body, he flew into the cave.

Entering the cave, Chen Feng could immediately feel the temperature spiking. In the past, in order to cultivate his Fire acupoint, Chen Feng had gone underground to absorb earthen fire. However, there was a world of difference between that earthen fire and this one.  

Is this even a mountain? This is big furnace, oi!

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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