Chapter 317: Attack


Soul-searching technique! Chen Feng’s heart lurched and a desire to murder Zhao Long rose within his heart.

Chen Feng was not the only one. Even Third Elder had reflexively frowned.

By utilizing a soul-searching technique, they can indeed figure out if Chen Feng was the one who killed He Tian and Ma Jun. However, this was unfair towards Chen Feng.

Far from it, this was simply a bullying act.

“Third Elder, this is wrong. Chen Feng is a talent of our Extreme Celestial Sect. How can we use a soul-searching technique on him? It can cause harm to his sea of wisdom. Besides, there is no evidence to prove that Chen Feng is the killer. The way I see it, Zhao Long is just trying to raise a ruckus for no reason,” Yang Dingfang suddenly said.

“Yes. This is indeed overboard. To recklessly perform a soul-searching technique on a disciple? If news of this were to spread, others would feel scared,” another elder chimed in.

“He Tian and Ma Jun’s deaths is something that requires proper investigation. However, we cannot falsely accuse other disciples for it. If we do this, what will others think about this matter?”

“Fellow elders, I am certain that Chen Feng is He Tian and Ma Jun’s killer. As long as we perform a soul-searching technique on him, we will definitely be able to verify that Chen Feng is the killer!” Zhao Long shouted.

“And if it is not Chen Feng?” Third Elder suddenly said.

“If it is not Chen Feng, subordinate is willing to accept any form of punishment,” Zhao Long said through gritted teeth.

“Chen Feng, what do you have to say?” Third Elder turned to look at Chen Feng.

“He he. Naturally, I am unwilling to let anyone perform a soul-searching technique on me,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“In other words, you are guilty!” Zhao Long stepped forward and said.

“How am I guilty?” Chen Feng said derisively.

“If you are not the killer, why won’t you accept this proposal? Everyone here is an expert. There will be no harm to your sea of wisdom in performing a soul-searching technique on you.” Seeing Chen Feng’s refusal, Zhao Long grew emboldened.

“If a soul-searching technique is used on me, everything in my soul will be exposed. I believe no one in this room would agree to be subjected to a soul-searching technique, no?” Chen Feng sneered.

“Humph! A minor Concealed stage disciple like you? What kind of secret can you have in your soul? Fellow elders, Chen Feng is vehemently refusing. He must be guilty! The way I see it, we should immediately perform a soul-searching technique on him,” Zhao Long said.

“That is right! He is just a minor Concealed stage disciple. Subordinate also recommends performing a soul-searching technique!”

“Yes! The righteous are not afraid of slander! If it is not you, what is wrong with accepting the soul-searching technique?” 

“Third Elder. Let me perform a soul-searching technique!” Some wanted to directly take action.

Those who spoke up were either members of the Zhao Family or those with good relations with the Zhao Family.

Seeing the conflict grow more intense and how there were no longer any elders speaking up on Chen Feng’s behalf, Yang Dingfang had wanted to speak up. However, the elder beside him stopped him.

Although there were some elders who could not stand it, they stopped at verbal attacks. Throwing some barbed comments at the Zhao Family was not a problem. However, to get into conflict with the Zhao Family? For the sake of a minor disciple like Chen Feng? None present were willing to stand out.

They were not related by blood. Why would they want to get into trouble for him?

“He he! There are people who wants to perform soul-searching techniques on me? You can try! I’ll see just which of you dares!” Chen Feng noted the expressions of all present and he reflexively sneered.

Meanwhile, he secretly pondered the matter. If someone were to truly utilize a soul-searching technique on him, he would simply bring out the Longevity Tower. The strongest amongst them only had 9 Lightning Tribulations under their belts. Given the Longevity Tower’s present level of power, it was possible for him to charge out. Of course, that was under the assumption that no Human Immortals from Extreme Celestial Sect appeared.

“Fine, I’ll do it!” A gaunt-looking old man stood up and walked towards Chen Feng.

The old man’s name was He Minghui. He was originally a loose cultivator specializing in soul techniques. Later, he was recruited by the Zhao Family. Although he was a member of Extreme Celestial Sect, he obeyed the commands of the Zhao Family and would defend the Zhao Family’s interests.

When He Minghui stepped forward, Yang Dingfang and the others revealed looks of concern. The Third Elder, on the other hand, remained still, an impassive expression on his face. There was no way to tell what he was thinking.

Some of the elders revealed looks of anger, some remained silent and some sighed. However, the majority maintained a nonchalant look.

Chen Feng noted all of it.

“Tower, if we are to make our move, can we charge out?” Chen Feng asked secretly. Seeing the gradually approaching He Minghui, Chen Feng was prepared to attack.

“He he. If I use a powerful technique, I can shock at least half of the hundred plus cultivators here to death. However, charging out of Extreme Celestial Sect will likely be difficult. Additionally, it will likely attract the attention of Human Immortals.” Despite the dire-looking situation, Tower sounded very relaxed. It would appear that the present situation was nothing concerning for him.


Chen Feng stretched his hand out and the Demon Sealing Sword appeared in his grip, positioned right before him. His eyes stared intently at the approaching He Minghui and killing intent charged out from Chen Feng’s body.

“Eh? That’s a Sacred artefact!”

“It really is a Sacred artefact! Additionally, it is a very high-grade Sacred artefact.”

When the Demon Sealing Sword appeared, many elders – Third Elder included – revealed a fiery look.

He Minghui halted and a hint of fear flashed across his eyes. However, it was soon replaced with greed.

“He he. Kid, since you want to resist, don’t blame me for being rough. The power of your weapon is not your own. Today, I will have you experience what soul power is!” After saying that, He Minghui stepped forward again. When there were ten plus metres left between them, he abruptly jabbed with his finger.

Ripples immediately spread out. He Minghui was a cultivator with 7 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. He could kill an ordinary Concealed stage cultivator with just a jab of his finger.

On Chen Feng’s side, he felt his body freeze, incapable of moving. 

Chen Feng knew that those who had reached the Sky Human stage can begin comprehending the power of space and worldly laws. There was too much of a difference between him and this opponent. After experiencing this casual move from his opponent, Chen Feng could already see that he was seriously outmatched.


The very moment Chen Feng realized he could not move, the Demon Sealing Sword in his grip suddenly shook. Having seemingly sensed the pressure bearing down upon it, it began unleashing its prowess.

The slight vibration from the Demon Sealing Sword immediately gave Chen Feng a feeling of freedom. His body functions returned to normalcy. Due to the Demon Sealing Sword’s high grade, Chen Feng could not unleash the might of the Demon Sealing Sword. However, even a minor strand of aura coming out from the sword was an existence that no Sky Human stage cultivator could endure.


Chen Feng swung the sword at He Minghui. It appeared like a simplistic slash. However, a thunderous force, compressed to the max, shot forward as a result.

According to Tower, the Demon Sealing Sword possessed astral lightning power, sealing power, dimensional power and demon subduing power. This power, unleashed in conjunction with Chen Feng’s slash, was astral lightning power.

The astral lightning power condensed by Sacred artefacts was purer and more powerful compared to the Sky Lightning condensed by Sky Human stage cultivators. Additionally, it was also of a higher grade.

When the thunderous force emerged, the elders within the Hall of Elders immediately felt their hairs standing on end. Some of the weaker ones swiftly stood up and assumed defensive stances.


Sensing the power behind Chen Feng’s attack, He Minghui’s heart lurched. His figure swiftly retreated. On the other hand, Chen Feng never expected such power from his swing. He had simply hoped that he could push out some sword energy through the swing.

Thus, the attack did not lock down on He Minghui. Additionally, He Minghui’s cultivation base was far superior compared to Chen Feng’s cultivation base. Thus, even though Chen Feng was able to successfully activate the power of the Sacred artefact, He Minghui managed to dodge the attack.

The astral lightning power simply grazed He Minghui’s arm. Seeing that, He Minghui grew relaxed. As he was about to rush forward to capture Chen Feng, however, the blast of astral lightning power abruptly exploded, transforming into countless lightning strands. Every one of the lightning strands seemingly came to life and they wrapped up He Minghui’s arm.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

A series of grating sounds echoed out and He Minghui’s left arm disappeared, sleeve included. It was as though he never had a left arm.


Only then did He Minghui managed to let out a wretched scream. His charging figure came to an abrupt halt. At the same time, he swiftly waved his other hand to set up layer after layer of thick astral energy to block off Chen Feng’s next attack.


Chen Feng stepped forward to swing the sword once again, cutting the astral energy shields that He Minghui set up into half. In the face of the Demon Sealing Sword, astral energy of that level was no different from mud.

Seeing He Minghui lose an arm from just one exchange, all the elders present were secretly shocked. They did not expect a Sacred artefact to be so powerful.

“No, that is not right. The way I see it, Chen Feng hasn’t mastered that Sacred artefact. If he had, that slash would have cut this hall into two!”

“That is a Sacred artefact! Chen Feng is just at the Concealed stage. How can he refine and master it?”

“What do you think will happen?”

“Is there any question about it? He Minghui will surely capture Chen Feng. He Minghui has overcome 7 Lightning Tribulations. That loss earlier was simply due to carelessness. Even though Chen Feng possesses a Sacred artefact, he cannot unleash its full power. One soul attack from He Minghui is enough to capture Chen Feng!”

As expected, He Minghui utilized soul attacks. Burst after burst of invisible soul attacks shot into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom in the blink of an eye.

The gap between their levels was simply too vast. He Minghui’s soul was something that had been tempered by Sky Lightning many times before. How could Chen Feng hope to match it? Rather, he did not even have the time to react to the attack.

Not good! Chen Feng was terribly shocked. A soul power of this level could easily destroy his sea of wisdom.

“Humph! Kid, let me see what is inside your soul!” He Minghui’s voice rang out within Chen Feng’s mind. The formidable soul power quaked Chen Feng’s mind, causing it to buzz. His sea of wisdom roiled and his whole body was paralyzed.

“Sigh! He has subdued Chen Feng.” Yang Dingfang sighed.

“Although he possesses a Sacred artefact, the level of his soul is still too low. He has not even overcome one Lightning Tribulation. How can he resist He Minghui’s attack?” Jin Shijian said.

“With this, He Minghui can see everything within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Chen Feng will probably lose even the Sacred artefact,” Li Kong said.

Will the expert behind Chen Feng appear? Yang Dingfang wondered.

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