Chapter 316: Interrogation


“He he.” Chen Feng simply smiled. He did not say anything about it and simply allowed the two of them to position themselves in front and behind him.

After Chen Feng had left, Luo Bo and Sun Xuan exchanged glances. They could not stop the looks of concern from appearing on their faces.

“Will Senior Brother Chen get in trouble?” Luo Bo asked.

“Hard to say. After going to the Department of Elders, even if nothing happens, they will want to check out something. Additionally, I can see that the two who came are enforcement elders. It’s highly likely that some people believe Chen Feng to be connected to He Tian and Ma Jun’s deaths,” Sun Xuan said.

“Senior Brother Chen did not kill anyone. Our sect elders will likely not treat him unjustly, right?” Luo Bo said.

“Maybe. At any rate, we are incapable of helping. All we can do is wait for the news,” Sun Xuan said.

Truth be told, Sun Xuan was pondering. Did Chen Feng really not kill He Tian and Ma Jun? But if he was the one who killed them, just how strong has Chen Feng become?

Along the way, Chen Feng could feel the elder behind him constantly staring at his back. It felt like there was a thorn sticking into his back.

“He he. Elders, why is the Department of Elders looking for me? Can you reveal a little information?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Is there a grudge between you and the Zhao Family?” the elder behind him suddenly said. 

Immediately, Chen Feng understood. It would appear that this situation was due to the Zhao Family.

He nodded his head and said smilingly, “Thank you.”

“Chen Feng, do you really have a Sacred artefact?” the elder who was flying in front suddenly turned his head and asked.

It would appear these two had a fairly good impression of Chen Feng.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded his head, admitting to it directly.

After that, the two enforcement elders said nothing else. Only when they were about to reach the Department of Elders did one of them speak up again, “You will need to be careful. If you have any backers, hurry up and call them out. The way I see it, the Zhao Family has it in for you this time!”

“Elders, may I know your esteemed names?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“My name is Li Kong. He is Zhang Ye. We are both enforcement elders,” Li Kong said affably.

“I am thankful to you two for the cues. Junior does not have much to offer, only these two spiritual herbs. I hope you two are willing to accept.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and one spiritual herb appeared in the hands of each of the two elders. 

“Demonblood Grass!”

“Nightmare Vine!”

Li Kong and Zhang Ye exclaimed at the same time. The two spiritual herbs were very expensive. More importantly, they were very rare. They were practically non-existent in the outside world. These spiritual herbs only grew in places with demonic energy. Additionally, judging by their appearances, these two spiritual herbs were quite old.

“He he, these are just minor gifts. A little token to show my respect. Please accept them,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

After a moment’s consideration, Li Kong said, “Very well. Thank you, Junior Brother Chen. Coincidentally, we are recently lacking spiritual herbs. If Junior Brother Chen needs help in the future, we will surely not push you away.” 

“Senior brothers, you two are too modest. Right, what is happening inside the Hall of Elders?” Chen Feng stopped addressing them as elders.

“What happened was…” Li Kong hastily informed Chen Feng what happened inside the Hall of Elders earlier.

Is that so? Unexpectedly, Yang Dingfang and Jin Shijian had spoken up for me. It seems I made the right call back then. I can befriend them. All I need to do is spend some spiritual herbs. There are plenty more of those inside the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng thought.

“All right. We’ve reached the Hall of Elders. Junior Brother Chen, don’t worry. Our Department of Enforcement Elders will speak up for you,” Li Kong said.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the Hall of Elders was built within an inconspicuous-looking valley. An inconspicuous valley and an inconspicuous building. Unlike the other halls, this one did not look like a palace at all.

“This is the Hall of Elders?” Chen Feng was slightly shocked.

“He he. Junior Brother Chen, do not underestimate the Hall of Elders. There are many profound seals put in place around it. Not even Human Immortals can casually break in to this valley.” Zhang Ye, who was beside Chen Feng, laughed.

Observing the shape and layout of the mountain, Chen Feng could not help but wonder.

“Kid, you guessed it. There are layer after layer of very formidable arrays set up around this mountain. It is indeed very difficult for outsiders to break in,” Tower, who had gone silent for the longest time, suddenly said.

I was wondering why there is such an ordinary-looking valley in Extreme Celestial Mountain. Not to mention, it is where the Hall of Elders is located. Chen Feng smiled.

After arriving before the Hall of Elders, Chen Feng tidied his clothes and calmed his mind before walking in, his face steady.

Entering the Hall of Elders, Chen Feng immediately felt gazes falling upon him. There were curious gazes, speculative gazes, indifferent gazes, intent gazes and scornful gazes.

However, the most noticeable thing were the sky-encompassing waves of pressure bearing down on him.

There were so many Sky Human stage cultivators within the great hall. Even the random strands of aura emanating from them were not the kind of thing that a normal cultivator could withstand. Moreover, some of them were hostile towards Chen Feng.

Feeling the chaotic mix of auras from the Sky Human stage cultivators, Chen Feng secretly sneered. His expression remained unchanged while he secretly spurred the power within him to resist the chaotic mess of auras.

At the same time, Chen Feng secretly observed the elders within the Hall of Elders.

Incredible, there are so many elders! All of them are Sky Human stage cultivators! Chen Feng was secretly shocked. This was his first time seeing so many experts gathered in one spot.

“Heh! There are 121 cultivators in total. The strongest one is the old man right in front of you. He has overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations. There are another two besides him with 9 Lightning Tribulations under their belts. There are nine with 8 Lightning Tribulations under their belts, eleven with 7 Lightning Tribulations and sixteen with 6 Lightning Tribulations. The rest are not worth mentioning,” Tower gave Chen Feng a detailed account.

“Cultivators who have overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations! Doesn’t that mean they are already on the verge of becoming Human immortals?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Heh! It’s not that easy. It is still comparatively easy to cultivate up to the point of overcoming 9 Lightning Tribulations. However! The success rate of cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage is 1 in 10,000. Remember, we are talking about 10,000 cultivators who have overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations.” Tower chuckled.

“So difficult!” Chen Feng was astounded.

“What do you expect? Cultivation is an act of defying Heaven! How can it be easy? Who knows just how many of those cultivators – who have overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations – had died to Sky Lightning?” Tower said coldly.

As Chen Feng conversed with Tower, he finally reached the centre position of the great hall. Everyone around him was an elder.

“Subordinate Chen Feng greets fellow elders.” Chen Feng stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

“Hmm, not bad. Young and promising. It seems our Extreme Celestial Sect has another talent,” Third Elder, who had been regarding Chen Feng all this while, suddenly said.

“Third Elder is right. From what I can see, although Chen Feng is only at the Concealed stage right now, the might of his body is extremely formidable. He is not inferior compared to the little monsters within the core disciple rank,” someone amongst the enforcement elders said.

“Heh! That might does not translate to true power. He is just at level 7 of the Concealed stage.” Zhao Long sneered. However, he was somewhat shocked. When he had last fought Chen Feng, Chen Feng was only at level 6 of the Concealed stage. In just a few months’ time, Chen Feng had broken through to another level. This cultivation rate was too incredible.

Could this be due to Sage Enigma Flame’s assistance? Zhao Long could not stop himself from wondering.

Thinking about Sage Enigma Flame caused feelings of concern to rise up. Zhao Long feared that this action of his, going against Chen Feng, would displease Sage Enigma Flame. However, He Tian and Ma Jun’s deaths was a good opportunity for him to get rid of Chen Feng. Zhao Long did not want to miss this opportunity. That was especially true after witnessing Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation. He did not want another terrifying enemy for himself.

“Chen Feng, we summoned you here because we require your assistance for our investigations. Later, just answer our questions truthfully. If we find out you are lying, the consequences will be dire,” Third Elder said, his face suddenly turning impartial. 

“Yes, disciple wouldn’t dare lie.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Let me ask you. Four months ago, where did you go?” Third Elder asked.

“Disciple went to Black Origin City,” Chen Feng said clearly.

“It’s him! It is definitely connected to Chen Feng! Back then, He Tian and Ma Jun’s corpses were found inside Black Origin Mountain Range. Not to mention, the timing is correct!” Zhao Long immediately shouted.

“Shut up! Now is not the time for you to be speaking up,” Third Elder berated him.

“Subordinate was wrong.” Zhao Long immediately shut up.

“Humph!” Third Elder merely gave Zhao Long a glance and said nothing else.

“Why did you go to Black Origin City?” Third Elder continued asking.

“I came from Black Origin City’s Iron Sword Sect. As I have been cultivating in Extreme Celestial Mountain for some time, I decided to visit my homeland. I suppose, this is part of human nature,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“Yes, it is indeed human nature. However, during that same period that you went back, two Sky Human stage cultivators from our sect were killed. Someone claims that you did it. What do you have to say?” Third Elder abruptly said.

“Elder, I did not do it!” Chen Feng said firmly.

“If so, do you have any evidence to prove that you didn’t do it?” Third Elder continued.

“He he, I do not. However, since someone is claiming that I did it, I wonder if they have any evidence?” Chen Feng suddenly revealed a smirk.

A look of appreciation could be seen on Third Elder’s face. Forget Concealed stage cultivators, even the average Sky Human stage cultivators would tremble when interrogated by him. However, this youngster was not nervous at all. Even if this was due to his backing, for him to show such steadiness revealed the strength of his mindset.

“Yes. Zhao Long, do you have any evidence to prove that Chen Feng killed He Tian and Ma Jun?” Third Elder stopped interrogating Chen Feng. Instead, he turned his gaze towards Zhao Long.

Hearing that, Zhao Long’s face alternated between flushed and pale. He did not expect matters to develop like this. He had assumed that the knowledge of Chen Feng possessing a Sacred artefact would push Third Elder to do something. However, it would appear that Third Elder was favouring Chen Feng. Evidence? If he had any, he would not have waited until now to bring it up.

Suddenly, Zhao Long’s eyes glinted and he shouted, “Third Elder, subordinate has a suggestion! We can use a soul-searching technique on Chen Feng! That way, we can prove whether or not Chen Feng is the one who killed He Tian and Ma Jun!”

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