Chapter 315: Dispute


Hearing that, Zhao Long nearly jumped up. However, he forced himself to endure it. Although Zhao Long was not afraid of Yang Dingfang, this person possessed the status of enforcement elder. Additionally, they were presently within the Department of Elders. Zhao Long dared not say too much.

“Third Elder, fellow elders, I know of Chen Feng, the disciple that Elder Zhao mentioned. I also know some of his hidden affairs,” Yang Dingfang said.

“Oh, there are some hidden affairs?” Third Elder grew more interested.

“Chen Feng had only just recently gotten promoted to elite disciple rank. He is just a minor Concealed stage disciple. And yet, Elder Zhao claims that he is connected to He Tian and Ma Jun’s deaths? Even if I don’t say it out loud, I believe fellow elders would find it unbelievable,” Yang Dingfang said with a smirk.

“Just an elite disciple?” Third Elder’s eyes glinted. As for the other elders, having heard Yang Dingfang’s words, they began discussing in hushed tones.

Some elders who were opposed to the Zhao Family cast looks of ridicule at Zhao Long. Two had scoffed openly.

“Subordinate can testify. Chen Feng is indeed just an elite disciple.” It was then that another enforcement elder, Jin Shijian, stood up to speak.

“As I recall, a few months ago, subordinate was patrolling the mountains with Elder Yang when we saw He Tian and Ma Jun bullying Chen Feng. Outrageously, Ma Jun came to us and wickedly made a report, saying Chen Feng wounded him.” Seeing Yang Dingfang speak up on Chen Feng’s behalf, Jin Shijian pondered for a moment and followed suit.

“Ha ha ha! An elite disciple wounding a few Sky Human stage disciples, how laughable. I think this is obvious. Someone is clearly bullshitting, taking advantage of this situation to slander another disciple. Perhaps, someone has a grudge against this disciple.” One of the elders laughed out.

“That’s right! That’s right! There are some who rely on their family’s power to be insufferably arrogant all the time. And now, they want to frame a minor Concealed stage disciple in this Department of Elders. He he! I can’t stand for this as well!”

“Sky Human stage cultivators plotting against a Concealed stage disciple? I never thought something like this would happen in our Extreme Celestial Sect. If word of this gets out, our sect’s name will fall down the gutter!”

“A thorough investigation! We must launch a thorough investigation! No matter what, we cannot allow any disciple to be framed, otherwise who would come join our Extreme Celestial Sect in the future?”

Some of the elders immediately spoke up. Additionally, their words were fiercely targeting the Zhao Family. Clearly, those speaking up did not like the Zhao Family.

Zhao Long was finally at the end of his patience. He swiftly got up to shout, “Fellows! Our Zhao Family would never frame others for no reason. There is a basis for my words.”

“He he! No need to be anxious, Zhao Long. Truths and lies will come out in the end. If some people want to falsely accuse our Zhao Family, I believe the other elders will not simply sit idly. Isn’t that right, Third Elder?” an old man with yellow-tinted face and white beard said coolly. He had spoken with a calm voice. However, the surrounding clamour immediately came to a halt. Some of the elders who had wanted to provoke the Zhao Family grew silent.

He was Zhao Chongyun, also a member of the Zhao Family. His cultivation base was very high and he occupied quite the position of power within the Department of Elders. Seeing him speak, Third Elder nodded and said, “Yes. Everyone, don’t make a ruckus before we can fully understand this matter!” 

“Zhao Long, let me ask you. Is Chen Feng a Concealed stage disciple?” Third Elder turned his gaze towards Zhao Long.

“Yes. Back then, Chen Feng was at level 6 of the Concealed stage,” Zhao Long said, nodding his head.

“He he! You allege that Chen Feng is connected to He Tian and Ma Jun’s deaths. Do you have any evidence?” Third Elder asked with a smile.

Judging by Third Elder’s attitude, it was clear that he did not believe Zhao Long’s words.

“There is no evidence. This is just my suspicion. Chen Feng had gotten into a dispute with He Tian and Ma Jun before. Not to mention, they had come to blows as well. Moreover, Chen Feng happened to be outside the sect when He Tian and Ma Jun were killed. This is too much of a coincidence!” Zhao Long said.

“Eh heh! You mean to say Chen Feng killed He Tian and Ma Jun?” Third Elder asked.

“That should be the case.” Zhao Long nodded.

When he said that, many of the elders present could not stop themselves from laughing out.

“So, judging by the situation we found at the site, what happened was, He Tian and Ma Jun joined hands with a group of cultivators. They set up a magic array in order to besiege and kill Chen Feng. In the end, however, Chen Feng turned the tables on them and killed them instead. Is that it?” In the end, Third Elder himself could not keep a straight face.

“Pfft! Ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Hearing the amusing description by Third Elder, the other elders began laughing. Zhao Long’s face alternated between flushed and pale.

“Let’s not go into whether or not Chen Feng did kill He Tian and Ma Jun. The fact that they joined forces with others to plot against their own fellow disciple is a crime, a major crime!” Third Elder’s face sank and his voice turned icy.

“Third Elder, He Tian and Ma Jun were killed. This is a fact. We should capture Chen Feng and interrogate him in order to figure out what happened,” Zhao Long said.

“Enough. Don’t talk about it anymore.” Third Elder waved him off. It was clear that he did not want to continue talking about that with Zhao Long.

“Third Elder, He Tian and Ma Jun’s deaths must surely be connected to Chen Feng. I ask that the Department of Elders give the order to capture Chen Feng for interrogation.” Another elder stood up.

The elder’s cultivation base was fairly similar to Zhao Long’s cultivation base. He was also a member of the Zhao Family.

“Humph! Even if you keep saying that, who would believe you? A level 6 Concealed stage disciple could kill off several Sky Human stage cultivators?” Third Elder’s voice took on a somewhat displeased tone.

“Ha ha ha ha! We don’t believe it either!” Nearly everyone there laughed out. Lei Batian’s laughter was especially loud.

“Chen Feng possesses a Sacred artefact!” Zhao Long suddenly said.


Everyone turned quiet. One by one, they turned their gazes towards Zhao Long in an attempt to determine if Zhao Long was lying.

“Chen Feng possesses a Sacred artefact. I believe it would not be an issue for him to kill a few Sky Human stage disciples.” Zhao Long was very satisfied with their reaction.

“Sacred artefact? How could a minor disciple at the Concealed stage possess a Sacred artefact?”

“If he possesses a Sacred artefact, killing off several Sky Human stage cultivators is indeed not an issue.”

“Hey, is it even possible for a Concealed stage disciple to unleash the power of a Sacred artefact?”

“What kind of background does this Chen Feng have?”

“Fellow elders, Chen Feng had once entered Driftcloud Immortal Mountain,” Zhao Long spoke up again.

“What? Driftcloud Immortal Mountain? Did he obtain the Sacred artefact from the immortal mountain then?”

They finally turned their interest towards Chen Feng.

“Send some men to summon Chen Feng. I’ll have to question him properly,” Third Elder suddenly said.


Two enforcement elders immediately got up to fly out.

“Third Elder.” Yang Dingfang, feeling apprehensive, quickly took a step forward.

“What is it? Do you have anything to say?” Third Elder asked coolly, his face regaining its state of calmness.

“From what I can gather, Chen Feng has a backer.” Yang Dingfang forced himself to speak. 

“A backer? What kind of backer can he have? Could his backer contend against our Extreme Celestial Sect?” Third Elder sneered.

“I do not know the details about his backer. However, it seems Elder Zhao had once attacked Chen Feng before. For some unknown reason, though, he suddenly retreated. I believe that something must have happened. Third Elder, please reconsider,” Yang Dingfang whispered. 

“What? There was such an issue?” Third Elder’s pupils contracted and shone with light. Immediately, Yang Dingfang felt a wave of pressure sweep past him. It was a suffocating feeling.

“Zhao Long, tell me the truth. Who is Chen Feng’s backer?” Third Elder spoke loudly.

Third Elder could barely suppress the rage in his heart. He had a suspicion that this incident was not as simple as it looked. The Zhao Family might be trying to make use of the Department of Elders.

“Ah, subordinate does not understand.” Zhao Long was stunned and he hesitated.

“Back then, when you got into a conflict with Chen Feng, why did you retreat?” Third Elder said loudly.

Hearing that, the other elders were once again shocked. What? Zhao Long had gotten into a fight with Chen Feng? Who was Zhao Long? He was a cultivator with 5 Lightning Tribulations under his belt! Someone like him made a move against a Concealed stage cultivator? If news of this were to spread, he would become a laughing stock.

Zhao Long cried inwardly. However, he had no choice but to steel himself and answer, “Err, back then, subordinate received a vocal transmission from a certain person.”

“Hey, hey! Whose vocal transmission could make an elder like you retreat?” Third Elder sneered.

“It’s Sage Enigma Flame,” Zhao Long whispered.

“Sage Enigma Flame.” Third Elder turned silent. There was no way of knowing what was going on within his mind. As for the other elders, they began discussing it in secrecy.

“He he he! It’s finally revealed. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng is supported by Sage Enigma Flame. Say, is the Zhao Family deliberately trying to start something with Sage Enigma Flame here?”

“He he. No matter how powerful the Zhao Family may be, it wouldn’t casually offend Sage Enigma Flame. That old man is not to be trifled with!”

“Yes. Let’s see what Chen Feng has to say when he arrives!”

“Is Chen Feng here?”

Chen Feng was still talking to Sun Xuan and Luo Bo when a voice descended from far above.

Eh? Some people have come. They are Sky Human stage cultivators. Chen Feng revealed a look of surprise. Raising his head, he saw two cultivators hovering in the sky.

“Could they be here for He Tian’s matter? Brother Chen, you need to be careful,” Sun Xuan whispered.

“It’s fine.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

“Seniors, why have you come?” Chen Feng said loudly. Seeing the two newcomers not attempting to smash their way into his mountain residence, Chen Feng eased up a little.

“Follow us to the Department of Elders,” one of them said coolly. However, his voice was filled with a sense of inviolable authority.

Department of Elders. It seems their investigation has reached me, Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng turned to Luo Bo and Sun Xuan before saying, “You two should go back. I will return as soon as I can.”

“When you arrive at the Department of Elders, you must be respectful. Don’t be forceful,” Sun Xuan advised.

“Don’t worry. It should be fine.” After saying that, Chen Feng flew into the sky to hover before the two enforcement elders.

“Seniors, let’s go,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Let’s go.” One of them regarded Chen Feng with a glance before turning to lead the way. The other enforcement elder positioned himself behind Chen Feng.

One in front and one behind, with Chen Feng in between. It seemed they were concerned that Chen Feng might run away.

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