Chapter 314: Department of Elders


Chen Feng spent the next period cultivating atop the mountain. He tempered his existing power while attempting to comprehend the domain power. Unfortunately, despite already having that vague sensation regarding domain power, he was never able to grasp it. It was as though there was a very thin fabric obstructing his line of sight. This phenomenon made Chen Feng irritable.

Do I have to open up all the insight acupoints for level 8 of the Concealed stage before I can succeed in condensing my domain power? But I can already sense my domain power. Chen Feng could not stop the thought from rising within his mind.

Tower had also been very quiet. Several times, Chen Feng had wanted to ask Tower some questions, but was answered with silence. After absorbing the world essence fragment, Tower had not only recovered his power. It appeared he had also recovered some memories.

On this very day, Chen Feng was in the midst of cultivation when Sun Xuan and Luo Bo suddenly came to visit him. Chen Feng knew there was surely a reason for their visit. Thus, he halted his cultivation process and waved his hand to open up a passageway through the restrictive barriers around his mountain. Sun Xuan and Luo Bo flew in as two streams of light before landing in front of Chen Feng.

“He he. It seems we have disrupted Brother Chen’s cultivation practice,” Sun Xuan said with a chuckle.

“It’s fine. You two must surely have a reason for this visit, right?” Chen Feng replied with a smile. As they were already well acquainted, Chen Feng did not beat around the bush and simply asked them about it.

“Senior Brother Chen. You have been focusing on cultivation inside the sect recently. So, you are likely unaware that something big happened within our Extreme Celestial Sect,” Luo Bo swiftly said.

“Oh? Something big? What is it? Did more disciples emerge from the immortal mountain with treasures in tow?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“It’s not that kind of matter. Two Sky Human stage cultivators from our sect were killed,” said Luo Bo, who shook his head.

Hearing that, Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump. It’s finally here. He then smiled again and said, “It’s just two disciples, no? What, are they the sons of our Sect Master?”

“Sigh! Brother Chen, you must not talk about this thoughtlessly. If those with an agenda get wind of your words, a great deal of trouble could come for you,” Sun Xuan said.

“He he, there aren’t any other fellows here, no? Who were the two that were killed? Is it very serious?” Chen Feng deliberately asked, putting on an ignorant façade.

“The ones killed are He Tian and Ma Jun,” Sun Xuan said.

“Them?” Chen Feng’s face immediately turned gloomy.

“Brother Chen. This incident is very unfavourable for you. Many people know that there is a conflict between you and them. Additionally, when He Tian and Ma Jun were killed, some people had seen you go out,” Luo Bo said hastily.

“Are there people who think I killed them?” Chen Feng sneered.

“We have so many people in Extreme Celestial Sect. Naturally, there will be those who believe that. Moreover, some people might come looking for you. The sect will most definitely send their men to investigate this matter. We know that you have been focusing on your cultivation all this time. So, you are likely in the dark about this. We rushed here as soon as we received news about this,” Sun Xuan said.

“Not to mention, He Tian and Ma Jun were members of Fairbright Club. Fairbright Club will never let this slide,” Luo Bo said.

“Is Fairbright Club’s Club Leader very powerful?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Very powerful, extremely so,” Sun Xuan said with a solemn tone.

“How strong is he compared to Zhao Long?” Chen Feng asked with a grin.

“Much more powerful. They are practically not comparable,” Sun Xuan replied with a nod.

“Fairbright Club should have plenty of enemies, no? Besides, He Tian and Ma Jun were killed outside. They were probably killed by cultivators from other sects or loose cultivators. Why pin this on me?” Chen Feng smirked, revealing an unconcerned expression on his face.

“That is how things should be. However, sometimes, the way some things unfold can leave people speechless,” Luo Bo said with a sneer.

“Right. You said that He Tian and Ma Jun were killed. Did someone see that happen?” Chen Feng wondered. Did someone find their corpses? But I had buried them so deep back then. If only I had known, I would have burned their corpses.

“Brother Chen is probably unaware. Whenever a cultivator from the sect reaches the Sky Human stage, he or she will light up a Soul Lamp within the sect. The Soul Lamp will go out once that person dies. He Tian and Ma Jun’s Soul Lamps have gone out. That means they are dead,” Sun Xuan said.

“How long has it been since their deaths?” Chen Feng asked.

“Four months!”

“He he! It’s been four months since their deaths. Is the sect only going to investigate this now? Our sect sure is fast,” Chen Feng said with a chortle.

“That’s not it. I hear that the sect has been secretly investigating it for a while now. Additionally, they had found their corpses within Black Origin Mountain Range. They also found traces of battle. However, they have yet to figure out who the killers are. Recently, however, for some unknown reason, this matter was utterly disclosed. Everyone is talking about it and many are pointing at Brother Chen. It seems they must still have designs on Brother Chen’s Sacred artefact.” Sun Xuan analysed. 

“He he! There are countless experts within the sect. Can they not figure out how those two died?” Chen Feng deliberately laughed.

“Probably not. If they were able to figure it out, these rumours would not have spread,” Sun Xuan said.

At the same time, within the sect’s Department of Elders.

A group of elders was having a discussion. Their topic of discussion was none other than the deaths of He Tian and Ma Jun.

“He Tian and Ma Jun were both cultivators with 2 Lightning Tribulations under their belts. They were talents that our sect had painstakingly cultivated. No matter what, we must find their killers. No matter who they may be, they must pay the price for this!” A tall and mighty man spoke with a thunderous voice.

He was Lei Batian from the Department of Elders. His cultivation base was very high, with 7 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. 

“Heh, is there a need for you to say that? Even though we managed to find their corpses, we failed to find out who their killers are. The other party didn’t leave even a strand of aura behind. We have already resorted to various methods, but still nothing. Only by inviting a Human Immortal expert to utilize a space-time reversal magic can we find out who the other party is,” a young-looking cultivator said with a chuckle.

His name was Hua Zhuliu. He was also a cultivator with 7 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. Additionally, he was from Extreme Celestial Sect’s Hua Family.

“If we have to summon a Human Immortal senior for this, there will be no need for our Department of Elders anymore,” Lei Batian said with a sneer.

“Could this be the work of other sects?” Someone else spoke up.

“It’s not impossible. There are some conflicts between the various great sects in the Northern Plains and the competition between disciples are very fierce. Some have led to deaths. However, it is very rare for Sky Human stage cultivators to die!”

“Although He Tian and Ma Jun have overcome Lightning Tribulation, their cultivation bases are not that great. There is nothing about them that is outstanding. Even if the other sects decide to make a move on our sect, it is unlikely for them to make a move on those two!”

“That makes sense. Since it is not cultivators from the other sects, could it be loose cultivators? I doubt there are loose cultivators with such audacity.”

“He he! Guys, what is the point in guessing randomly? We have already looked at the site where He Tian and Ma Jun were killed. The auras and signatures there have disappeared. Clearly, the other party had utilized a very powerful method to cover it up. We can start our investigation from there,” Hua Zhuliu said.

“Elder Hua is right. The other party must possess a powerful magic treasure. Only with that could they cover up their auras. If they could so something like this with their own power, it would have been beneath them to attack He Tian and Ma Jun!”

“You fellows are mistaken. Did you forget the magic array? Judging by the remnant traces of the site, it is clear that He Tian and Ma Jun had joined hands with others to set up the magic array. Without question, the magic array was used to trap someone. In the end, however, not only did that person escape from the trap, he or she also managed to kill off He Tian and the others. No, we cannot say that they were all killed. Some had simply disappeared. There is no way to tell if they are dead or alive,” a stately-looking old man suddenly said.

“Third Elder’s words are reasonable. If so, we can use that as the starting point for our investigation. We’ll investigate who He Tian had met up with before the incident!”

The stately-looking old man was the Department of Elders’ Third Elder.

The three highest ranking elders were the strongest members of the Department of Elders. They were immeasurably powerful, having overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations and were in the midst of assailing the Human Immortal stage. They possessed incomparable authority within the Department of Elders.

“Fellow elders, I have something to say.” Zhao Long, who was seated in a corner, suddenly spoke up.

“Oh, it’s Elder Zhao. Speak up,” Third Elder said after glancing at Zhao Long.

“He Tian and Ma Jun’s deaths might be related to a disciple named Chen Feng,” Zhao Long said loudly.

“Give us the details, then.” Third Elder became curious.

“Thing is, there is a conflict between Chen Feng and the two; He Tian and Ma Jun. Chen Feng had also wounded Ma Jun before. Coincidentally, when He Tian and Ma Jun were killed, Chen Feng was not within the sect.” Zhao Long’s words were simple. However, he had easily turned the spearhead towards Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng? Why have I not heard of this name before? Is he not someone from the Department of Elders?” Third Elder became curious.

“Third Elder, subordinate has something to say.” Suddenly, Yang Dingfang spoke up.

Although the Department of Enforcement Elders was under the Department of Elders, they possessed considerable authority. Thus, despite Yang Dingfang’s low cultivation base, his words caught the attention of the other elders.

“Elder Yang, please speak your mind,” Third Elder said with a smile.

Clearly, Third Elder’s treatment towards Yang Dingfang was better compared to his treatment towards Zhao Long.

“Elder Zhao’s words earlier are utter nonsense,” Yang Dingfang said, gritting his teeth. At the same time, he sighed inwardly. If he had known, he would have rejected Chen Feng’s bribe. However, he had already accepted the benefits from Chen Feng. Now was the time for him to speak up. 

“What? Yang Dingfang, are you trying to provoke me?!” Zhao Long’s eyes were on the verge of spouting flames. He had never expected someone to step forward and refute him. Moreover, Yang Dingfang had been terribly blunt about it.

“Humph! This is the Department of Elders. What are you throwing a fuss for?” Third Elder cast a displeased look at Zhao Long.

“Yes, subordinate had spoken out of order,” Zhao Long said immediately, throwing a look at Yang Dingfang.

“Elder Yang, explain what is going on here. This is the Department of Elders, not the place for nonsense,” Third Elder said.

“Subordinate will not spout nonsense. Truth be told, subordinate had no intentions of speaking up. However, those words from Elder Zhao were simply outrageous and I simply could not hold back,” Yang Dingfang said.

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