Chapter 313: Seven Aperture Acupoints


“These are the Seven Aperture acupoints.” Chen Feng was taken aback. Next, however, he circulated his cultivation techniques. All Seven Aperture acupoints simultaneously fired out formidable suction forces, causing the streams of primary energy within his body to flow and all the pores on his body opened up. The streams of essence power around Chen Feng were thus sucked into Chen Feng’s body. Chen Feng could feel it. His capacity for storing energy had grown. Surprisingly, even the other opened insight acupoints were slowly expanding.

“What is going on here?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“The Seven Aperture acupoints. For every one of the seven you open, the rate at which you can absorb worldly spiritual energy and your ability to store them would double. This time, I have helped you open up all of your Seven Aperture acupoints. Just take your time and comprehend them, ha ha ha ha!” After saying that, Tower laughed out.

“What?” Chen Feng exclaimed. No wonder this is happening to my body. It’s all because the Seven Aperture acupoints have this function. Every opened insight acupoint would increase my capacity by 100 %. If so, now that all seven are open, wouldn’t that mean my capacity will increase by 700 %?

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng became both excited and a little concerned. He was concerned that his body might not be able to endure it if he were to abruptly absorb too much energy.

“Kid, do you still remember what I said about spiritual roots?” Tower suddenly said.

“Spiritual roots. You mean those people with extraordinary talent for cultivation.” Chen Feng nodded his head as he recalled what Tower had mentioned about the Five Elemental Constitution, Crimson Sun Constitution and the other types of unique constitutions.

“Yes. To be honest, this constitution of yours is utter trash. For the past few years, you have been improving by cultivating the Longevity Scripture. However, there is still a difference between your rate of improvement and those born with spiritual roots. This is a good opportunity. Use this world essence power to temper your body and you might be able to forge out a super strong constitution,” Tower said.

“What kind of constitution?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“The number one constitution since time immemorial, Chaos Constitution!” Tower replied seriously.

“Chaos Constitution.” Although Chen Feng did not understand what type of constitution that was, for Tower to speak of it so seriously, it must surely be no ordinary constitution.

“That is right, the Chaos Constitution. Although your present constitution is trash, it has been transformed by the Longevity Scripture. Additionally, you cultivate both the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and the Demonic Heavengorging Art. It may not succeed. However, even if there is just a strand of a chance for that to happen, you must grasp at it!” 

“Kid, put your life on the line for this! Do you want to cultivate a peerless constitution? This will be your first step towards that goal!” Tower shouted.

“All right! I will succeed!” Tower’s words inflamed Chen Feng’s blood. The various insight acupoints within Chen Feng’s body furiously expanded, especially the newly-opened Seven Aperture acupoints. They spun rapidly, causing the streams of essence power to spiral into cyclones and surge into the acupoints.

By then, the Longevity Tower had gone silent. It had utterly absorbed the world essence fragment outside. However, Chen Feng was still enveloped by a clump of faint-yellow energy.

Tower had specifically left the clump of energy behind for Chen Feng’s cultivation. Although the clump of essence power appeared very small, it was enough for Chen Feng’s cultivation.

Days passed and the amount of faint-yellow energy enveloping Chen Feng gradually decreased. The number of vortexes coming from Chen Feng’s body had risen from two to four and the rate at which he was devouring energy rose even higher.

“He he, this kid’s cultivation of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art have levelled up. It seems I will have to figure a way to obtain the complete version of the Demonic Heavengorging Art.” Tower chortled.

Chen Feng spent a good amount of time for this cultivation process, using up to three months before fully absorbing the surrounding faint-yellow energy.

Finally, Chen Feng finished his cultivation process and slowly stood up. By then, the aura he emanated was no longer the same. It had taken on a mix of qualities: Steadiness, fleeting and distant. It gave off an unfathomable feeling.

“As expected of the world essence power, the oldest and purest kind of energy in the universe. I have only absorbed one tenth of the power while the rest are stored inside my body. Fully refining and melding them into my body will take a very long time,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng had just spoken when the space before him shifted. Next, a faint-yellow clump of light wriggled, condensing and transforming until it took on a humanoid form.

“You are-” Chen Feng was startled.

“He he, kid. Guess who?” Tower’s voice came out from the hologram.

“Tower? Is this your body?” Chen Feng was puzzled.

“No, my body is the Longevity Tower. To simplify, this current state of mine is due to soul projection. Unfortunately, my power is lacking. Thus, I can only do this much,” Tower said.

“Tower, what level are you at now?” Chen Feng asked.

“I am already very close to the Sacred artefact tier. A pity, the world essence fragment was too small. If it were just slightly bigger, I could have broken through to the next tier and unleash the power of a Sacred artefact.” Tower sounded somewhat disappointed.

“You were able to make some breakthroughs, that’s good enough. We’ll have more opportunities in the future,” Chen Feng advised.

“That is right. When your cultivation base is high enough, we’ll leave Eternal World and explore outer space to find the essence power of other worlds,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Kid, your harvest this time is quite considerable. Your strength has increased several times!”

“A pity, I failed to obtain the Chaos Constitution you spoke of.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Hearing those words, Tower instantly broke into laughter.

“How could it be so simple? I’ve already said it from the start. The Chaos Constitution is the number one constitution since time immemorial. You might not even find one after combing through countless star fields and countless great worlds. You want to obtain that peerless constitution after absorbing just a minor piece of a world essence fragment? It is not that easy! The path to becoming a Chaos Constitution is very long. There is another thing I need to tell you. The probability of you obtaining the Chao Constitution is only 1 in 10,000. It might even be less than that,” Tower said smilingly. 

“One in 10,000? Nothing is hard once your mind is set. As long as there is a small chance of it happening, I will not give up,” Chen Feng said as he tightened his fist while nodding his head.

“It’s good that you have this mindset.” Tower nodded his head.

“While cultivating earlier, I have already broken my 7th sea of wisdom layer. I am now a level 7 Concealed stage cultivator. Additionally, I have begun comprehending the power known as domain power. After I hone myself just a little more, I will be able to cultivate out my domain power, allowing me to create a domain around myself,” Chen Feng said.

“Sigh! Although the Longevity Scripture is powerful, its rate of advancement is too slow. Considering the amount of world essence absorbed, any other cultivator could have easily cultivated up to the Sky Human stage. However, I only managed to break through once,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head.

“No need to rush. This time, I had helped you open up the Seven Aperture acupoints inside your body. Thus, your foundation is not too stable. Only after absorbing and refining the world essence power were you able to patch up that issue somewhat. Additionally, there is still a high amount of world essence power stored inside your body, which remained unrefined. When you are done refining and melding with them, you will be able to break through to the Sky Human stage,” Tower said.

“Sky Human stage. It will likely take a while before I reach that stage. It seems I will not be able to do it before the sect’s Grand Competition,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Come on, then. Given your present level of strength, you can already go against core disciples.” After saying that, the Longevity Tower began flying towards the surface.

First, the Longevity Tower brought Chen Feng back to the palace. Ye Tian was still cultivating inside the crystal, his eyes closed.

Chen Feng chose not to bother Ye Tian. Instead, he left the palace and swiftly made his way back to the surface.

After returning to the surface, Chen Feng placed the Longevity Tower back into his Heavenly Origin acupoint and said smilingly, “I didn’t think that there could be such a place within Black Origin Mountain Range. It is no wonder that even Concealed stage cultivators dare not recklessly enter.”

“The legacy left behind by a Human Immortal is not something that anybody could acquire. That friend of yours is quite fortunate. However, this small fortune is probably not enough for him to ascend to the Immortal Plane,” Tower said.

“He he, enough about that. I have already visited Black Origin City. It is time I return to the sect. There is not much time left until the Grand Competition,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

He did not encounter any obstructions along the way and was able to swiftly make his way back to Extreme Celestial Mountain. After that, he headed straight towards his mountain residence.

Chen Feng spread his soul power, which rapidly enveloped the whole mountain. He could sense that nothing was amiss. Lu Ta and Purplebolt were in the midst of cultivation. As for Four Ears and the Phantom Beast, they had dug out a cave and hid themselves inside as they breathed in worldly spiritual energy.

“He Tian and Ma Jun were killed. I wonder how much of a stir that would cause within the sect. I’ll spend the next few days cultivating on my mountain and observe how the sect reacts.” Chen Feng did not even call Lu Ta. Instead, he began to secretly cultivate within his own residence while waiting for the Grand Competition.

Speaking of which, Chen Feng’s trip to Black Origin City had netted him a lot. Disregarding the incident where he killed and captured the seven Sky Human stage cultivators, his biggest harvest was the world essence power.

With the Divine Goldenlight Net, Meridian Sealing Needle, Lightstream Sword, Mountainous Guardbreaker Lance, Aquamarine Poison Staff and the Prudent Sword, seized from Zhao Hai, Chen Feng now possessed six extra Prized artefacts. 

Naturally, Chen Feng could not bring them out for now. Additionally, Chen Feng also did not have a high opinion of some of the magic treasures. He decided to wait for an opportunity to sell those away and buy some magic treasures that he required.

Of the magic treasures he looted, the one that interested Chen Feng the most was the Meridian Sealing Needle. It was He Tian’s magic treasure. Surprisingly, it was a grade 2 Prized artefact. After stabbing the needle into the enemy, this needle could seal up the enemy’s meridians and flow of essence and blood energies. Success meant the enemy could only give up and let himself or herself be captured.

“This magic treasure is quite insidious. Additionally, it has quite the decent function. I’ll refine this Meridian Sealing Needle first.” Chen Feng decided.

Chen Feng spent one day to meld the Meridian Sealing Needle into his Six Unity acupoints’ Surge acupoint. In the process of refining the Meridian Sealing Needle, Chen Feng could feel himself becoming slightly stronger yet again. At the same time, his Surge acupoint expanded, allowing the flow of his primary energy to speed up. Thus, another portion of the world essence power stored within him was refined, melding with his whole body.

My strength has increased again. I have refined enough magic treasures. Time to train my body and not rush into refining the other magic treasures. Chen Feng put a halt to his plan of refining the other Prized artefacts. Instead, he began tempering his body.

The increase in strength Chen Feng acquired had been considerable. Fearing an unstable foundation, Chen Feng decided on polishing his present amount of strength before the sect’s Grand Competition. Thus, he stopped absorbing other sources of energy.

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