Chapter 312: World Essence


“What else is there?” Chen Feng felt curious.

“It is in the middle of this palace,” Tower said. Next, the Longevity Tower shot a beam of energy out.


A ripple spread out from the space before Chen Feng. Next, a massive, square-shaped crystal appeared in the middle of the palace.

Chen Feng’s eyes immediately widened.

The square-shaped crystal was two zhang square and crystal clear. A perfunctory glance would reveal it to be a massive crystal. However, that was not the part that had attracted Chen Feng’s attention. It was the person sealed inside the crystal.

“There is someone inside.” Chen Feng darted forward to stand before the crystal. When he was finally able to make out the facial features of the person inside, he became shocked.

“Ye Tian? How could it be Ye Tian?” Chen Feng was at a loss for words.

Indeed, the person sealed within the crystal was Ye Tian. His eyes were closed and there were no wounds on his body. However, there was no way to tell if he was dead or alive.

“I’ll break this crystal!” After saying that, Chen Feng swung the Demon Sealing Sword towards the crystal.

“Stop, you cannot do that!” Tower suddenly stopped Chen Feng.

“What? Why?” Chen Feng asked. Seeing Ye Tian sealed inside the crystal, the first thought to come into Chen Feng’s mind had been to rescue Ye Tian.

“This kid is in the process of accepting a legacy,” Tower slowly said.

“Legacy?” Chen Feng grew even more curious.

“He he, this friend of yours has gained himself quite the fortune. If I am not mistaken, the owner of this palace must be a Human Immortal. The person might even be close to the Earthen Immortal stage. This friend of yours is presently accepting that person’s legacy. When he emerges, his cultivation base will soar by leaps and bounds. He might shock even you,” Tower said.

“I didn’t think that Ye Tian would be able to receive a Human Immortal’s legacy. This is good.” Seeing that, Chen Feng sincerely felt joy for his friend.

“But I don’t understand. Ye Tian’s cultivation base is not high. How did he manage to come here?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Since he can receive the legacy, it means he is destined for it. It is not impossible for him to make it all the way here,” Tower said.

Although he had failed to gain anything after coming all this way, seeing Ye Tian unharmed put Chen Feng at ease.

As Chen Feng was about to turn and leave, he noticed Ye Tian open his eyes. He looked at Chen Feng and became stunned. Likewise, Chen Feng too, felt stunned.

Next, a pleasantly surprised look appeared on Ye Tian’s face. Clearly, he had realized it was Chen Feng. 

However, Ye Tian was firmly sealed within the crystal and could not move at all. He could not say anything. Furthermore, it was unknown what the crystal was made of, but not even divine sense could make it past the crystal.

As the two were incapable of communicating with one another, they gave up. In the end, Chen Feng used his fingers to draw the words Extreme Celestial Sect before pointing to himself. He wanted to inform Ye Tian that he was in Extreme Celestial Sect.

Ye Tian’s eyes flickered a little to indicate that he understood.

“Tower, nothing will happen to Ye Tian, right?” Chen Feng was still feeling somewhat concerned.

“Of course not. When he is done receiving the legacy, he will automatically come out. There is no need for you to worry about this.” Tower chuckled.

“All right, then. If there is nothing else, let’s go back,” Chen Feng said.

“Go back? Are you shitting me, kid? We are here for a reason. I haven’t even obtained the divine object, why would I go back?” Tower said with a displeased tone.

“Divine object. Just what is this divine object?” Chen Feng did not understand.

“Humph! You’ll know soon enough.” After Tower said that, the Longevity Tower flew out. Next, a beam of light shot down from the tower. As Chen Feng was wondering what Tower was up to, a cracking sound rang out from beneath him and a circular hole with a radius of one zhang suddenly appeared.

After the circular hole was opened up, an overpowering aura sprayed out from within. Immediately, Chen Feng felt his soul throbbing. The aura was thick and powerful. More, there was an extremely ancient aspect to it. It was such that all of Chen Feng – from his soul to his fleshly body – trembled.

“What lies beneath?” Chen Feng blurted out.

“Ha ha ha! This is what I was looking for! Kid, get in. We’re going down.” Tower laughed loudly. There were excitement and smugness in his tone.

Chen Feng nodded. With a thought, he entered the Longevity Tower. Next, with a wave of his hand, all that was transpiring outside the Longevity Tower was revealed to him.

The Longevity Tower grew to a height of one chi and flew into the hole.

“Tower, hurry up and tell me. What lies beneath?” Chen Feng had only just entered the Longevity Tower, but he could no longer hold himself back.

“It is a world essence fragment.” There was still the same note of joy in Tower’s voice. In his prime, Tower would not have cared for something like this. At present, however, this world essence fragment could quickly restore his power.

“What is this world essence fragment?” Chen Feng grew even more curious.

“He he! You won’t understand if I go into the complicated details. So, I will make it simple. In the vast universe, there are plenty of star fields, planets and worlds. You should understand this, right?” Tower said happily.

“I have heard about it.” Chen Feng nodded. Although Chen Feng did not know much about these matters, Chen Feng knew that the Eternal World was not the only thing in the universe.

“The planets within some of the worlds were, in their earliest, formed from the purest form of cosmic energy. Later, these energies collected the meteorites and dust floating in space and as time passed, they changed to become what you know as worlds and starry objects!”

“You mean the world essence is the earliest form of cosmic energy?” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“Correct! That is exactly it! However, what we found is just a fragment of a world essence." A note of disappointment could be heard within Tower’s voice.

“So, if you devour the Eternal World’s world essence, can you recover your full power?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“He he. Not even the world essences from ten cultivation worlds can let me fully recover. Besides, once I absorb all of Eternal World’s world essence, Eternal World’s spiritual energy will swiftly weaken. It will no longer be suitable for cultivation. In the end, it will be reduced to a normal world.” Tower laughed. 

“So, that’s how it is.” Chen Feng nodded.

Seeing the Longevity Tower descending rapidly, Chen Feng thought, Are you going down another bottomless pit? Since it is a world essence, it should be located deep within the earth!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

After descending for 3,000 zhang, the Longevity Tower suddenly spun and its falling speed slowed.

“What is going on?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Nothing, there are just some soil and rocks below,” Tower said coolly.

It was unknown what the Longevity Tower was made of. It was extremely durable. No matter how hard the rocks in its path were, the Longevity Tower would smash them to pieces.

The Longevity Tower continued spinning, and it descended like a drill, rushing into the depths of the earth.

After descending for 10,000 zhang, the Longevity Tower finally stopped.

“Did you finally find it?” Chen Feng asked immediately.

“Found it. It is right here. A pity, there is only a fragment. However, it is better than nothing. Kid, later on, you must do your very best to absorb as much of its essence power as you can. Do your very best! Remember, you must go all out to absorb it!” Tower suddenly said with a serious tone.

Although Chen Feng did not understand why Tower would say that with such a serious tone, he knew that there must surely be a reason for it.

“Very well. I will go all out to absorb it,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng had only just spoken those words when he saw streams of faint-yellow energy enter the Longevity Tower. After entering the Longevity Tower, the faint-yellow energy streams immediately flowed about haphazardly. Most of them, however, were absorbed and devoured by the surrounding walls.

However, one faint-yellow energy stream enveloped Chen Feng, like a beam of light.

“Hurry! Absorb and refine it. This is the biggest opportunity to appear before you since you began cultivating!” Tower shouted. 

“Heavengulping Absorption Technique, absorb!”

“Demonic Heavengorging Art, devour!”

Chen Feng instantly unleashed the most overbearing and violent cultivation techniques in his arsenal. The two cultivation techniques circulated simultaneously and two rapidly spiralling vortexes immediately appeared on Chen Feng’s body. At the centre of the two vortexes were two black holes connected to Chen Feng’s body.

Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah!

Vast amounts of the faint-yellow energy were pulled into the two vortexes and Chen Feng’s body swiftly devoured them. When the first stream of energy entered Chen Feng’s body, he felt his body undergoing a change. Even his soul power within his sea of wisdom began surging.

“Such overpowering energy!” Chen Feng cried out in shock.

Overpowering, grand, mighty, stable, thick and all-encompassing.

Those were the feelings and sensations Chen Feng felt from the energy. For Chen Feng, even if the grade of the energy within Magic crystals were to be upgraded 10,000 times, it would still be no match for this faint-yellow energy that he was absorbing. The energy was not giving off an overbearing sensation. As long as he could absorb and refine the energy, Chen Feng need not worry about blowing himself up in the process.

Thus, Chen Feng let go, allowing his body to absorb this power from the world essence. Every part of his body, every meridian, every bit of flesh, every opened insight acupoints were constantly absorbing the incoming energy streams.

After just one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng could feel his body brimming with the energy. No matter how much harder he tried, he could absorb no more.

“Kid, hurry up and suck it! This is a golden opportunity that only comes once in a blue moon!” Tower’s voice exploded within Chen Feng’s mind.

“I have already done my best. The grade of this energy is too high. I am simply incapable of absorbing too much of them,” Chen Feng said.

“Forget it! I had wanted to let you cultivate step-by-step for a stable foundation, but it seems I need to spoil you. Kid, you need to learn properly from this experience! I will now help you open up your Seven Aperture acupoints.” Tower’s voice suddenly became heavy and serious.

Immediately after that, Chen Feng sensed seven bright spots appearing within his body. The arrangement of the seven bright spots was most peculiar. It looked like a type of magic array, but it also looked like a picture. Chen Feng had only just wanted to examine them in detail when Tower’s voice rang out again.

“What are you spacing out for? These seven bright spots are the Seven Key acupoints. I have opened them up for you. You can now continue absorbing the power of the world essence!” Tower’s voice exploded within Chen Feng’s mind again.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 chi = 0.333 m


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