Chapter 311: Bottomless Hole


“You need to be alive to enjoy treasures,” Chen Feng retorted.

“Don’t fret, kid! While it might be slightly dangerous, it is not to the point of dying. Besides, how can anything happen with me protecting you?” Tower said supportively.

As the flow of time grew faster, Chen Feng found that there were gradually less trees around. Finally, his surroundings became a barren land.

Desolate and bereft of life. If it were not for Chen Feng’s ability to detect the vitality flowing out from the place, he would have assumed this to be a lifeless zone.

“This place is too desolate. I am beginning to suspect there might be a Devourer Beast here,” Chen Feng blurted out.

“He he! They are essentially different. Devourer Beasts only devour vitality, while the law of time can devour everything. Kid, keep going forward. I sense something interesting,” Tower said.

“Something interesting? What is that? Could it be a divine object capable of restoring your power?” Chen Feng wondered.

“He he. Kid, you managed to get it right quickly. It is indeed a divine object. It is the best item for restoring my power.” Tower laughed.

“What could that be?” Chen Feng grew curious.

“He he. You’ll find out soon enough. Even if I tell you now, you won’t understand,” Tower said with an air of mystery.

“Since it can restore your power, no matter what happens, I must not give up on it!” Chen Feng said.

“Hah! The flow of time here is even stronger. I fear I might not be able to hold on for long,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng could clearly feel the flow of time around him. His vitality was being consumed non-stop. Sensing the rapid rate at which his vitality was disappearing, a sense of urgency rose from the depths of Chen Feng’s soul.


Suddenly, the Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand thrummed. At the same time, a mysterious power flowed out from the body of the sword, moving through his arm towards his body.

Instantly, everything around him returned to normalcy. Chen Feng could feel it. The flow of time was no longer acting upon his body. In fact, his body’s state was similar to when he had just entered this place.

Hastily, Chen Feng swallowed a few Pure Essence Pills to recover the energy he lost earlier. After he had fully recovered his energy, Chen Feng asked.

“Tower, do you know what happened?” Chen Feng brandished the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand curiously. At that very moment, the Demon Sealing Sword no longer had its ordinary appearance. Its body radiated a faint, glossy shine to form an independent space. It had isolated the space from its surroundings with a barrier.

“He he, this Demon Sealing Sword is a grade 6 Sacred artefact. If anyone discovers its value, even Human Immortals would make a move against you.” Tower chuckled.

“This Demon Sealing Sword has quite a high spiritual attribute. Even amongst Sacred artefacts, it can be considered a decent treasure. This sword contains astral lightning power, sealing power, dimensional power and demon subduing power. As it was once used by a Human Immortal, it also contains a Human Immortal’s will power. Tsk, tsk. It is nothing much for me. However, for a little cultivator like you, this is a Heaven-defying magic treasure. If you can unleash its full power, it will be even more useful than the present me,” Tower said slowly.

“If so, this must be its dimensional power.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

“Correct, it is indeed dimensional power. Due to the pressure earlier, this Sacred artefact’s power was activated. Now that the dimensional power is enveloping you, you need not worry about this place’s law of time anymore. It seems this Demon Sealing Sword is not rejecting you. It is good to have pressure. That way, you will be able to refine this Sacred artefact faster,” Tower said in amusement.

With the Demon Sealing Sword’s assistance, some of the concerns within Chen Feng’s heart dissipated. As the surrounding flow of time could no longer affect him, Chen Feng’s curiosity began rising. He quickened his pace, wanting to see what it was that Tower was talking about.

His surroundings grew even more desolate. Everywhere Chen Feng looked, he could not find any signs of life. Even the ground had withered and cracks spread out into the distance. Deep gullies could also be seen in certain places.

“Not even Sky Human stage cultivators would dare step foot here,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes, the flow of time here is roughly 300 times that of the outside world. It is not as simple as calculating the difference between 1 and 300. Tsk, tsk. Three hundred times the flow of time is not something that the average cultivator can endure. If an ordinary human steps foot inside this place, they will lose all their vitality within the blink of an eye,” Tower said.

Chen Feng moved forward one step at a time. He had a feeling that something up ahead was luring him onwards.

“He he! It is not that something is luring you forward. Rather, it is because there is a treasure there. When cultivators reach a certain level of cultivation, they will develop a natural sense for these things,” Tower explained.

Chen Feng did not bother considering Tower’s ambiguous words. Instead, he followed his instincts and headed forward. It did not take him long to reach a large crack on the ground.

The crack was tens of li long. A bird’s eye view of the crack would give the impression that someone had created the crack with a slash.

“It’s here.” Chen Feng stopped. His eyes looked down, past the crack. However, he was incapable of seeing the bottom. It was like a bottomless pit.

“Go down,” Tower said.

Chen Feng was thinking of the same thing. With a jump, his figure fell in. The surrounding layers of ground were soft soil. However, after falling for over 100 metres, it became layers of hard rock.

Observing the layers of hard rock whizzing past his falling figure, Chen Feng then turned to look down at the black hole. It was unknown just how deep the hole was. Even though Chen Feng was feeling expectant, he was feeling more wary of what he would encounter.

Humans would generally feel fearful in the face of the unknown. It held true even for cultivators with high cultivation bases.

“Could it really be a bottomless pit?” Chen Feng tightened his grip on the Demon Sealing Sword as he muttered with an air of uncertainty.

“It’s this aura! Ha ha! It really is that thing! Hurry, hurry! Go deeper!” Tower sounded anxious.

Chen Feng did not question Tower. He knew that Tower would not tell him what it was for now. Thus, he simply increased the rate at which he was falling.

“Tower, it’s been 1,000 zhang. Are you certain there is something down here?” Chen Feng brought out several Night Clarity Pearls and hurled them down. Next, Chen Feng descended at the same rate as the Night Clarity Pearls.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

It did not take long for the Night Clarity Pearls to crack and disintegrate.

“So terrible!” Chen Feng was shocked.

“He he! It is not just the laws of time here. There are also the laws of space mixed in. Additionally, the flow of time here is 1,000 times that of the outside world. Not to mention, it is still increasing,” Tower said.

“A thousand times!” Chen Feng sucked in a breath of cold air. If it were not for the Demon Sealing Sword’s dimensional space, enveloping him, he would have had to hide inside the Longevity Tower.

“It’s already 2,000 zhang.” In the end, Chen Feng closed his eyes and simply allowed his body to fall.

“He he. Don’t worry and just keep descending. The item is right below.” Tower sounded increasingly excited.

Chen Feng said nothing. Instead, he silently calculated how far down he had fallen.

If there truly are treasures here, there will be no need for yao beasts to stand guard. The laws of time here alone are enough. Even if Sky Human stage cultivators come here, they would end up dying of old age and be reduced to nothingness, Chen Feng thought.

“Three thousand zhang!”

“Four thousand zhang!”

“Five thousand zhang!”

“Huh! Why haven’t we reached the end yet?” Chen Feng began feeling impatient. With a swing of his hand, the Demon Sealing Sword stabbed into the hard rocks and Chen Feng halted his fall.

“Don’t stop! Hurry, hurry! We’re so close to reaching it!” Tower shouted urgently.

A helpless Chen Feng then continued to descend. After descending for another 1,000 kilometres, he was finally able to see the ground. With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng caused a clump of flames to erupt from his palm. The flames illuminated his surroundings.

“We’ve finally reached the bottom.” Chen Feng stamped forcefully. The extreme hardness of the ground shocked Chen Feng.

Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, he could crush stones and even large blocks of iron with a stamp.

Looking around, Chen Feng walked forward. It did not take him long to notice light up ahead. Thus, Chen Feng extinguished the flames on his palm and hurried forward.

A building quickly appeared before Chen Feng.

Ten zhang high, it had the appearance of a palace. It was constructed using unknown metals and exuded a cold and glossy shine. The gate in the middle of the palace was completely open and a faint light shone out from within.

“It is actually an underground palace. Ha ha! There must surely be something good here.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing out.

Chen Feng hurried forward, wanting to enter the palace to see what was inside. However, an invisible barrier blocked his path. Despite his eye power, Chen Feng was unable to see what was inside. Thus, he grew anxious.

“Open!” In his anxiousness, Chen Feng swung the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand, hacking forward with it.

The sound of metal tearing rang out and Chen Feng could feel the pressure on him weakening.

“Great!” Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. He continued brandishing the Demon Sealing Sword. Every swing would allow him to take several steps forward. Just as he was about to enter the palace, however, something blocked him again.

This time, no matter how hard Chen Feng swung the Demon Sealing Sword, he could not step forward at all.

“Tower, hurry up and help!” Chen Feng shouted.

A formidable power flowed through Chen Feng’s arm to move into the Demon Sealing Sword. Immediately, the Demon Sealing Sword’s power soared. The power within continued climbing. 


One slash. The pressure bearing down on Chen Feng disappeared, allowing him to stride into the palace.

“Why is there nothing?” Wielding the Demon Sealing Sword, Chen Feng walked inside and searched around. However, Chen Feng was disappointed in the end. The entire palace was empty. There was nothing at all.


Chen Feng was so infuriated, he smashed his fist against the wall of the palace, causing a loud sound to echo outwards.

“I had come here for nothing! Tower, rip out and collect this entire palace! No matter what, I cannot leave this place empty-handed!” Chen Feng said furiously.

“Ha ha ha! Kid, you have discerning eyes. This palace is made from Mystic Stoutsteel. It is possible to collect it, but it will take some time. Besides, we did not come here for this,” Tower said.

“There is nothing here except for this palace. Right, what was that divine object you were talking about?” Chen Feng asked, a frown on his face.

“Don’t be anxious. There is still something inside this palace. I believe you’ll be interested,” Tower said gleefully.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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