Chapter 309: Shocked to the Point of Vomiting Blood


“Do you know why it was demolished?” Chen Feng asked again.

“I do not know. It hasn’t been too long since I joined Iron Sword Sect,” the youngster replied obediently.

“Do you know Ye Tian?” Chen Feng asked after a pause.

“You mean Senior Brother Ye? Junior knows,” the youngster replied.

“Oh? Where is he?” Chen Feng hurriedly asked. When Chen Feng entered Iron Sword Sect earlier, he had used his soul power to scan through the entirety of Iron Sword Sect, but had failed to detect Ye Tian’s aura.

“Senior Brother Ye has been missing for six months now,” the youngster said, looking cautiously at Chen Feng’s face.

“What? Missing? What happened?” Chen Feng was taken aback. He did not expect to come across such a situation.

“I am unaware of the specifics myself. All I know is that Senior Brother Ye had ventured into Black Origin Mountain Range and had never returned since,” the youngster said.

Due to how high Chen Feng’s present soul power was, he could see that this youngster was not lying.

Chen Feng then waved him away before rushing forward. It did not take him long to look through every part of Iron Sword Sect.

Along the way, Chen Feng had found some of the older disciples from the past and asked them some questions to verify Ye Tian’s disappearance. Back then, the sect had dispatched Ye Tian and several other disciples into Black Origin Mountain Range to capture wild animals. In the end, however, not a single one of them returned. Later, the sect sent some men to look for them, but found no trace of them. Thus, they believed that Ye Tian’s group had encountered a disaster.

There was another piece of news which shocked Chen Feng. The whereabouts of the sect’s Eldest Brother, Tie Yun, was unknown as well. According to the disciples, Tie Yun had left Iron Sword Sect a few years back. He had not returned since. 

Even though it has only been a few years, there were some changes. It seems I will have to investigate Black Origin Mountain Range, Chen Feng thought.

Thinking back on it, although he used to visit Black Origin Mountain Range, he had always stayed in the peripheral areas. 

Compared to the other mountain ranges in Eternal World, Black Origin Mountain Range was extremely small. However, the cultivators residing near it – Concealed stage cultivators included – had never ventured deep into it, because there were some dangers within. It was not as though no cultivators had ever ventured into the mountain range. However, after some Concealed stage cultivators failed to return, no one else dared to recklessly enter.

Chen Feng believed that there was a minor possibility that Ye Tian might have entered deep into the mountain range. Even so, Chen Feng had to go investigate.

Chen Feng, who was about to leave, suddenly raised his head. He had sensed the aura of a Concealed stage cultivator.


Iron Sword Sect’s Sect Master, Tie Jianfeng, descended from the sky to land before Chen Feng. When he recognized Chen Feng, he revealed a hint of wariness.

“He he. Greetings, Sect Master,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Chen Feng, it really is you.” Tie Jianfeng’s eyes stared intently at Chen Feng as he attempted to gauge Chen Feng’s cultivation base. However, he was quickly disappointed. Chen Feng appeared to him like an ordinary person. He had failed to determine Chen Feng’s cultivation state.

“What? You look surprised to see me, Sect Master.” Chen Feng grinned.

“Why have you returned?” Tie Jianfeng dared not let down his guard in the slightest. A few years had passed since that day. For Chen Feng to suddenly return on his own, he was likely not someone Tie Jianfeng could face alone.

“Nothing really. I just wanted to come back and have a look. I thought I’d be able to meet up with my friend along the way. However, I got disappointed.” The smile on Chen Feng’s face disappeared.

“You mean Ye Tian.” Tie Jianfeng’s brows furrowed.

“Yes. Do you know where Ye Tian is?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

“About that…” Tie Jianfeng opened his mouth, but no words came out.

“Where is the little thief, Chen Feng?!” Suddenly, a loud roar rang out, seemingly spreading throughout all of Black Origin City. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Next, one Concealed stage cultivator after another furiously descended from the sky to surround Chen Feng.

“Tsk, tsk. The Four Great Sects and Four Great Families of Black Origin City. There are also cultivators from the City Lord Residence. It seems you fellows look highly upon me.” Even though Chen Feng was surrounded, he did not feel anxious at all.

“What are you fellows doing?” Tie Jianfeng shouted.

“What are we doing? Naturally, we are going to kill him off! Do not forget, Chen Feng had killed off many of us back then,” the Sect Master of Tiger Form Sect, Hu Lie stepped forward and said icily.

“City Lord, this is my Iron Sword Sect’s territory. It is not a place where you can throw your weight around,” Tie Jianfeng said with a sneer. He did not reveal much concern as he faced the newcomers.

“He he. We discussed this earlier and came to the decision to kill Chen Feng. If Sect Master Tie is unwilling, you can stand aside and just watch,” Black Origin City’s City Lord, Mo Yuan, said with a smile.

“Hey, what if I insist on interfering?” Tie Jianfeng sneered.

“In that case, we’ll kill you off as well and divide up your Iron Sword Sect’s territory!” Hu Lie shouted.

“You fellows can indeed kill me off. However, you will likely lose three or four people in the process. I’ll keep an eye out to see who dares attack first. I will kill off the one who dares attack first!” After saying that, Tie Jianfeng’s being seemingly transformed into a sky-piercing sword. It seemed he would be launching a lightning-like attack at any moment.

The faces of Mo Yuan and the others sank. Tie Jianfeng was Black Origin City’s number one expert. He was also a pure sword cultivator. If it came down to a fight, despite their numbers and assured victory, a determined Tie Jianfeng could certainly wound them badly.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, did not say anything. He simply smiled as he observed all that was going on.

“Sect Master Tie, why make an enemy of the entire city for the sake of a traitor?”

“That’s right. Tie Jianfeng, you need to consider this properly. If we do this, Iron Sword Sect will be no more!”

“Just attack if you wish. The fact that I didn’t protect my own disciple back then have always burdened me. Now, no matter what happens, I will not let any of you attack, not while I am here!” Tie Jianfeng bellowed coldly.

Chen Feng was somewhat shocked to hear that. He did not expect such a side to Sect Master Tie. It seemed he had misunderstood him in the past.

Given Chen Feng’s current cultivation base, he could easily determine everyone’s cultivation bases.

Tie Jianfeng was a level 3 Concealed stage cultivator. As for the others, the strongest amongst them was only at level 2 of the Concealed stage. In Extreme Celestial Sect, all of them could only qualify to become outer disciples. Of course, considering their age, they could not even become outer disciples.

Besides feeling surprised, Chen Feng also understood something. If their cultivation bases were just slightly higher, they would not remain in a godforsaken shithole like Black Origin City. Instead, they would have left this place to explore the world.

Superior ability breeds superior ambition, after all.

“In that case, don’t blame us for being vicious! Everyone, attack together! Kill off Tie Jianfeng and split up Iron Sword Sect’s territory.” Mo Yuan decided.

“He he! It seems you fellows have forgotten about me.” Chen Feng suddenly spoke up.

“Chen Feng, we’ll deal with you after we are done with Tie Jianfeng!” Hu Lie said with a sneer.

“Is that so, you fellows want to deal with me?” Chen Feng suddenly laughed. Next, a burst of overpowering aura broke out from his body. Chen Feng had no intentions of attacking them, because they were simply too damned weak.

As such, all Chen Feng did was to release his most powerful aura.

It was as though they were all struck by lightning. The faces on each and every one of them sank greatly as they fell back. Next, their chests heaved up and down and they opened up their mouths to spray out blood.

Tie Jianfeng was the only one who remained unharmed. However, he was left flabbergasted by what he saw.

Chen Feng had relied solely on the atmosphere he emanated to seriously wound them all. Just how high was Chen Feng’s cultivation base?

For Tie Jianfeng, it all felt so unreal. He recalled how Chen Feng had been the trash of Iron Sword Sect. Even when he was forced to run away, chased by them all, Chen Feng had not been strong. But now, without even lifting a finger, he had wounded all the experts from Black Origin City to the point of vomiting blood.

“You, you, how is this possible?” Mo Yuan’s body staggered as he forced himself to stand up. He could not believe what had just happened to him.

“Sigh, too weak.” Chen Feng shook his head and sighed.

Chen Feng ignored them. He had lost interest in them. He recalled how these figures had once been exalted characters for him. At that moment, however, all of them were staring at him in dread. An inexplicable sensation rose up within him.

If he’d had this level of power back then, the old cultivator who had brought him up would not have died.

After taking a few steps forward, Chen Feng suddenly halted. He turned to Tie Jianfeng and said, “I did stay in Iron Sword Sect for a time, after all. It does mean something to me. If anything happens in the future, you can head to Extreme Celestial Sect and look for me. Black Origin City is too small.”

After saying that, Chen Feng turned and left. His figure flashed forward a few times and he disappeared from sight.

“Extreme Celestial Sect!” Tie Jianfeng’s eyes gradually shone.

Seeing Chen Feng’s departure, Mo Yuan and the others breathed a sigh of relief. Hearing Chen Feng’s words, however, left them all stunned.

“So, Chen Feng has joined Extreme Celestial Sect. No wonder he can become so powerful!”

“Extreme Celestial Sect. That is one of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects!”

Some felt envious and some felt emotional. To them, Extreme Celestial Sect was truly a lofty existence, something that they could only yearn for.

After finding out that Chen Feng had joined Extreme Celestial Sect, the sense of frustration of losing to Chen Feng gradually dissipated. It had to be said, the human heart was a wondrous thing.

“Forget it! Let’s leave. We should never have come here. We were practically begging for a humiliating experience.” Mo Yuan sighed and walked away. Here in Black Origin City, he was the City Lord, someone who could control Heaven itself. However, he was aware. In the outside world, he was the lowest of existences.

Chen Feng did not stop. After having looked around the city, he left. There was nothing else within Black Origin City that could make him linger.

His objective, Black Origin Mountain Range.

Chen Feng moved swiftly. It took him only a few breaths’ worth of time to exit Black Origin City and enter Black Origin Mountain Range. All the cultivators below could see was a streak of light in the sky.

This time, his objective for entering Black Origin Mountain Range was different from the past. In the past, he had done so in order to flee for his life. Not to mention, as his cultivation base was low back then, he only had a superficial understanding of Black Origin Mountain Range. Things have changed since then. After entering the mountain range, Chen Feng released his soul power and swiftly detected something abnormal within a certain location.

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