Chapter 307: Weakened



After the lance was pulled out, a bloody hole could be seen on He Tian’s body. Immediately, copious amounts of blood sprayed out from the hole. Bloody Soul absorbed every drop of blood coming out from the wound.

“Bloody Soul should be able to level up soon,” Chen Feng whispered.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!” He Tian finally became terrified and he screamed out in dread.

“You were doomed the moment you plotted against me. You will die here today. No one will save you and I will most certainly not let you go,” Chen Feng said, Bloody Soul shooting out from his hand with lightning-like speed. Several more bloody holes appeared on He Tian’s body. He Tian, who had wanted to struggle, immediately felt bereft of strength.

In the beginning, He Tian had been able to beg and howl for mercy loudly. But as time passed, he lost more blood and his strength faded.

This time, Chen Feng did not personally absorb He Tian’s power. Instead, He Tian’s blood essence and soul power were utterly devoured by Bloody Soul. Chen Feng could sense it. Bloody Soul had reached a critical point and would probably break through to grade 3 of the Prized tier soon.

Unwillingly, He Tian finally breathed his last. Chen Feng glanced at the people lying on the ground for a moment. Next, with a wave of his hand, he kept them all into the Longevity Tower. After that, his figure shot forward in pursuit of Grotto Master Astral Poison.

Chen Feng was not afraid that Grotto Master Astral Poison could escape from him. Grotto Master Astral Poison had already fallen prey to his Soul Subduing Mantra earlier and was even pierced with the Overwhelming Astral Sword. It was simply impossible for Grotto Master Astral Poison to escape. 

Of course, Chen Feng did not possess much time himself. He had used up too much of his soul power and could not hold on for long.

Riding the Lightstream Shield, Chen Feng sensed the whereabouts of the Overwhelming Astral Sword. After chasing for two joss stick’s worth of time, he finally caught sight of Grotto Master Astral Poison within the Black Origin Mountain Range.

It was something of a funny sight. Grotto Master Astral Poison’s body was constantly bleeding and everywhere he went, grasses and trees would wither and die. Even without sensing the Overwhelming Astral Sword, Chen Feng could swiftly locate Grotto Master Astral Poison.

What a potent poison! Chen Feng praised.

“He he! You sure can flee.” Chen Feng beckoned and the Overwhelming Astral Sword, which was piercing Grotto Master Astral Poison’s body, transformed into a stream of light before flying back into Chen Feng’s grasp. Chen Feng felt amused. In his desire to flee, Grotto Master Astral Poison simply forgot about pulling out the sword stabbing his body.

“Little brother. We humans should always hold back a little. Why kill everyone?” Knowing that he could no longer escape, Grotto Master Astral Poison stopped.

“Fine. Submit to me and I will spare you,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Very well! As long as I get to live, I am willing to submit,” Grotto Master Astral Poison swiftly replied.

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment, but was quick to continue, “All right. Open up your mind so that I can leave a soul imprint in your soul!”

Light glinted within Grotto Master Astral Poison’s eyes for a few times and he said, “No problem!”

Chen Feng split up a portion of his soul power and sent it into Grotto Master Astral Poison’s sea of wisdom. His strand of soul power had only just entered when the clumps of Soulflame within the sea of wisdom surrounded it. Lightning bolts flashed amidst the flames. Chen Feng knew; those were Sky Lightning.

“Ha ha ha! Kid, you got fooled! You want me to submit to you? Dream on!” Grotto Master Astral Poison laughed loudly. At the same time, he mobilized his Soulflame to incinerate Chen Feng’s strand of soul power.

“Humph! I already knew you were planning something. Behold, my Soul Subduing Mantra!” Chen Feng sneered and the strand of soul power transformed into a Soul Subduing Talisman. After it shot forward, Grotto Master Astral Poison’s Soulflame fell into a state of calmness. Even the Sky Lightning subsided.

“Die!” The Overwhelming Astral Sword in Chen Feng’s hand swiftly arced horizontally to cut Grotto Master Astral Poison into two. As Chen Feng’s strand of soul power exited Grotto Master Astral Poison’s mind, another sword beam pierced Grotto Master Astral Poison’s forehead to obliterate the divine sense within his sea of wisdom.

“Huh!” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief and immediately laid his body on the ground. He could sense his soul power weakening rapidly. The amount of primary and blood energies within him were also falling swiftly. Feelings of exhaustion kept assailing him. It felt as though he hadn’t slept for 10 days.

No, now is not the time to lie down. I absolutely cannot fall asleep now. Chen Feng struggled to stand up, but found himself powerless to do so. He failed to stand up.

It shocked him thoroughly. Unexpectedly, using the Soul Subduing Mantra could bring about such a dire consequence.

“Don’t worry, this is just the after-effects,” Tower said with a light-hearted tone.

“When can I recover?” Chen Feng gasped and shoved a few Human-tier Pure Essence Pills into his mouth.

“Hard to say. That’ll depend on your ability to recover. By my estimate, in order to return to your prime and have your soul power at full capacity, you will need at least one month,” Tower said slowly.

“What? So long?” Chen Feng was startled.

“He he! You will grow weaker and weaker from now on. Without the hidden power within your opened insight acupoints, it would take you some time to even get up,” Tower said.

“Hey, lying around like this, if something happens, what then? I need to hurry up and restore my strength.” After saying that, Chen Feng brought out an Earthen-tier Pure Essence Pill, concocted using the flesh of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm, and shoved it into his mouth.

Its medicinal power spread open and Chen Feng could feel his strength rising again. After one hour, Chen Feng slowly sat up. After another two hours, Chen Feng stood up and began walking, albeit slowly.

His physical strength was slowly recovering. However, it would take longer to recover his soul power.

As Chen Feng walked, he analysed the situation inside his body. He also pondered the potential consequences of what had happened today.

He had killed off He Tian and Ma Jun. That would certainly arouse some movements within Extreme Celestial Sect. As they were Sky Human stage cultivators, they could be considered as important figures, even within a sect as large as Extreme Celestial Sect. The sect would certainly send out experts to investigate this matter.

If the sect were to discover that he was the one who killed them, how would they punish him?

Chen Feng was not as worried about the others. They were all loose cultivators. If it came down to it, he could simply stuff them all into the Longevity Tower first. That way, he could hinder Extreme Celestial Sect’s ability to discover and verify what happened. 

Power! In the end, it all falls back to power! If I can overcome Lightning Tribulation, display my might and contribute to the sect, even if they eventually find out about this, it will get swept under the rug as something negligible. Chen Feng considered.

After having recovered 30 % of his power, Chen Feng found a smooth piece of rock and lay down. He then brought out some medicinal pills and stuffed them into his mouth, just like someone stuffing himself with snacks.

Pity, I have no medicinal pills that can increase soul power. Some of the spiritual herbs can do so, but it would be wasteful to simply consume them directly, Chen Feng thought.

I should refine the soul power stored within my sea of wisdom first. Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng immediately focused on Ma Jun’s soul. He used his Soulflame to burn it.

“Chen Feng, you killed me! I’ll drag you down with me!” Ma Jun’s soul roared out and smashed towards Chen Feng’s soul.

“Soul Refinement.” Chen Feng utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra’s Soul Refinement Technique the moment he entered. Swiftly, he refined Ma Jun’s soul.

As expected, utilizing the Soul Refinement Technique, the rate at which he could refine soul power became several times faster than before. Sensing his recovering soul power, Chen Feng grew more confident.

After roaring out, Ma Jun’s soul slowly weakened. In the end, his soul was completely refined. His soul exterminated; Ma Jun was truly dead. Not even Immortal Humans could resurrect him.

Three days later, Chen Feng took another Earthen-tier Pure Essence Pill. The blood energy within him surged and the Essence, Energy and Soul acupoints linked up as one. Thus, his soul power swiftly recovered.

Ten days later, Chen Feng began absorbing Magic crystals. Only after absorbing 10,000 Magic crystals did Chen Feng feel himself reaching his prime. 

The rate at which I am consuming spirit stones is growing higher and higher. How much would I end up consuming when I break through to the Sky Human stage? Chen Feng pondered.

It is time I head to Black Origin City. However, before that, I should deal with those captives within the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng then entered the Longevity Tower.

A total of seven Sky Human stage cultivators had ambushed Chen Feng. He Tian, Ma Jun, Sage Goldenlight and Grotto Master Astral Poison had died to Chen Feng. The remaining three, Grotto Mistress Hypnosis, Sage Beastdrive and Knight Yaoblade were captured and placed inside the Longevity Tower.

By then, the three of them, Grotto Mistress Hypnosis included, had awoken.

Seeing Chen Feng enter, Sage Beastdrive and Knight Yaoblade paled. As for Grotto Mistress Hypnosis, a glint flashed across her eyes. Clearly, she had recovered some of her energy.

“Soul Lock Technique!” Chen Feng unleashed the Soul Lock Technique against Grotto Mistress Hypnosis the moment he appeared. Grotto Mistress Hypnosis did not even get the chance to put up a fight before getting restrained again.



Suddenly, a large black tiger and an ugly bird appeared within the Longevity Tower and they pounced at Chen Feng.

They were none other than Knight Yaoblade and Sage Beastdrive’s mounts.

Boom! Boom!

Two stone steles suddenly descended to suppress the two yao beasts. They roared out ceaselessly, but were incapable of moving in the slightest.

“Do not forget, this is my territory. Not to mention, you fellows are still under the effects of my Soul Subduing Mantra. I can decide the fate of your lives with but a thought. You need to get this fact into your heads.” After saying that, Chen Feng shifted his thoughts and all three captives clutched their heads and cried out in misery. This was especially true for Grotto Mistress Hypnosis, who rolled frantically on the floor.

“Stop it!” Knight Yaoblade bellowed out wretchedly.

“He he! You want me to stop? Sky Human stage cultivators have quite a tough state of mind.” Chen Feng sneered and continued to channel the Soul Subduing Mantra.

“Mercy! Mercy!”

“Please stop! Have mercy on us! We are willing to submit!” After a good amount of time had passed, the three of them were finally incapable of enduring the soul-torturing pain. It practically felt worse than death. Thus, they all began begging for mercy.

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