Chapter 306: Soul Subduing Mantra


In the face of their concerted attacks, Chen Feng knew that getting hit meant he would be sent flying. Although he would not be harmed thanks to his body armour, Chen Feng did not want that kind of result. Besides, there was no way to tell what other moves these people have up their sleeves. At any rate, Chen Feng had just suffered from Grotto Mistress Hypnosis’ Soul Illusion Technique earlier.

My soul power is weak, but I am now going to use soul-type magic. Sigh, how ironic! Seeing the attacks on the verge of reaching him, Chen Feng revealed no trace of panic at all. He also did not attempt to dodge.

“Soul Subduing Mantra!” Chen Feng barked out in a hushed tone and the Soul Subduing Mantra that he had only just comprehended was utilized. Talismans – formed using soul power – transformed into streams of light before shooting into the souls of He Tian and the others.

Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

With the exception of Grotto Mistress Hypnosis, who was already lying limply on the ground, the other six attackers immediately revealed blank expressions on their faces before falling to the ground.

Witnessing that left Chen Feng dumbfounded as well. He did not expect such a display of might from the Soul Subduing Mantra. Although Chen Feng’s combat power was considerably high, he had yet to overcome Lightning Tribulation. His soul power was far inferior to any one of the six attackers.

However, by utilizing the Soul Subduing Mantra, he was able to knock them out.

“Kid, don’t space out! You have suppressed them, but only for the time being. They will be recovering soon enough!” Tower suddenly reminded him.

Yes, the Soul Subduing Mantra can subdue, lock, condense and hone souls. As of right now, their souls have simply been subdued by me. However, this will not last long. Earlier, He Tian wanted to use the Meridian Sealing Needle to lock my meridians, so I will return the favour by locking their souls. Chen Feng was quick to understand Tower.

“Soul Lock Mantra!”

Chen Feng shouted softly and the Soul Lock technique within the Soul Subduing Mantra circulated. Next, a Soul Lock Talisman flew out from Chen Feng’s soul to enter Knight Yaoblade’s sea of wisdom. Since getting hit by Chen Feng’s Soul Subduing Mantra, Knight Yaoblade’s soul power had been struggling to break free. However, when the Soul Lock Talisman flew inside, his sea of wisdom fell into a state of calmness. It was as though a small mountain was pressing Knight Yaoblade’s soul power down, suppressing it.


Chen Feng exhaled deeply. He felt exhausted and his whole body felt limp. It was an extremely unbearable feeling.

What is going on here? Chen Feng was shocked.

“Hey, hey! Did you think the Soul Subduing Mantra is so easy to utilize? Your cultivation level is still not high enough. I helped you out by forcibly giving you comprehension of the technique. By utilizing that Soul Subduing Mantra, you have exhausted pretty much all of your soul power. You then followed it up with a Soul Lock Talisman. Thus, even more of your soul power was drained. This will not be the only effect. When your soul power weakens, your fleshly body will gradually weaken as well. Do not forget, your Essence, Energy and Soul have merged together as one now,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“In other words, if my soul power reserve falls, my essence and blood energy can be used to replenish my soul power.” Chen Feng concluded.

“He he! Correct! That is the only upside here.” Tower laughed.

“Looks like I will have to hurry.” After saying that, Chen Feng condensed out another Soul Lock Talisman, which flowed into Sage Beastdrive’s sea of wisdom.

As Chen Feng was about to condense out the third Soul Lock Talisman, He Tian abruptly stood up. With a bellow, he swung his hand at Chen Feng to send forth a thick cloud of black smoke. Next, his figure swiftly flew backwards. Instead of fighting Chen Feng, the first thing He Tian thought about after waking up was to run away.

“Thinking of escaping? As if! None of you can escape!” Chen Feng sneered.

Sensing his ever-weakening soul power, Chen Feng knew he had to resolve the issue quickly. If the others were to recover, he would end up suffering.


Bloody Soul transformed into a bloody beam and pierced the weakened He Tian’s body, pinning him to the ground. At the same time, Chen Feng stepped forward to unleash a heavy stamp against Ma Jun’s chest.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of cracking sounds rang out as half of Ma Jun’s body was flattened by Chen Feng. The intense pain brought Ma Jun out from his subdued state. Immediately, he shouted, “Don’t kill me! I surrender!”

“Too late!” Chen Feng launched a heavy slap against Ma Jun’s head. The massive force behind his palm obliterated Ma Jun’s sea of wisdom and his soul essence roiled about. Before it could disperse, however, Chen Feng utilized the Demonic Heavengorging Art to absorb all of them. He stored them within his sea of wisdom, to be refined in the future.

“Kid, you can still think about devouring other people’s soul?” Tower reprimanded. Chen Feng’s soul power was gradually weakening. Should the stored soul power lash out against him, Chen Feng’s own soul could be shattered.

“Heh! This is the best way to restore soul power!” Chen Feng smirked.

“Animal! What demonic arts did you cultivate?” Sage Goldenlight had woken up as well. Witnessing Chen Feng kill off Ma Jun, he felt anxious. However, he did not let it show on his face. Additionally, it would appear that he was not planning on escaping.

“Ha ha ha! Sage Goldenlight, do you still remember me?” Chen Feng laughed loudly. With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng sent the Overwhelming Astral Sword out. It shot towards Grotto Master Astral Poison.


The Overwhelming Astral Sword easily pierced Grotto Master Astral Poison. However, after crying out wretchedly, Grotto Master Astral Poison sprayed out a clump of black smoke. The black smoke then enveloped Chen Feng. Ignoring the sword piercing his body, Grotto Master Astral Poison then flew upwards to escape. As he flew, his entire body released tens of streams of poisonous smoke. They took the form of poisonous snakes and attacked Chen Feng.

“Attack!” Sage Goldenlight saw an opportunity and he swung his hand to send his Divine Goldenlight Net towards Chen Feng. He was very confident in this magic treasure of his. It had helped him capture countless formidable enemies.

Seeing the casualties around him, Sage Goldenlight felt both fear and joy. By capturing Chen Feng, all the good items on Chen Feng would end up in his hands.

Sacred artefact! The thought alone turned Sage Goldenlight’s eyes red.

Chen Feng waved and the Shadowless Goldshine Blade emerged, unleashing an intense blast of flames. Next, all the attacking poison smoke snakes were cut into pieces. It was at that moment that Chen Feng felt his body stiffening. Unexpectedly, the Divine Goldenlight Net had wrapped him up. The net shrunk rapidly, tying Chen Feng up tightly as it did.

“Ha ha ha! I ended up reaping the benefits!” Seeing Chen Feng getting tied up, Sage Goldenlight could not stop himself from laughing loudly.

Chen Feng struggled a few times but was unable to break free. Seeing that made Sage Goldenlight felt smugger.

“This net of mine is forged using Flaming Silk and Innate Gold Essence. A minor Concealed stage cultivator thinks he can break free? Ha ha ha! Kid, be obedient and hand over the magic treasures on you. That way, I can let you have a clean death!” Sage Goldenlight said after moving to stand before Chen Feng.

“What? Are you here for the Sacred artefact as well?” Although Chen Feng was tied up, he did not panic. It seemed he had a plan.

“Right, kid. Judging from your words earlier, you seem to know me? You do feel familiar somehow.” Sage Goldenlight regarded Chen Feng.

“He he! It is true what they say. Noble people tend to forget many things. Do you still remember the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad?” Chen Feng smiled.

“Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad?” Sage Goldenlight was taken aback. Immediately, however, his eyes lit up.

“You’re the kid who made it off with the Greenjade Magic Soulfruits,” Sage Goldenlight said icily.

“Ha ha ha! If I recall correctly, I had been the one to discover those spiritual fruits first, no?” Chen Feng chortled.

Sage Goldenlight’s eyes shone with a violent light. Back then, he should have been capable of capturing and killing off this kid. However, something unexpected happened. Bai Ziyan suddenly appeared, interfering with his matters. In the end, he was forced to flee in a wretched manner. He never expected that, in but a few years’ time, the ant-like little kid could become so powerful. 

“It is you! What a coincidence! Who could have guessed that you would fall into my hands again in the end?” Sage Goldenlight sneered.

“All right, all right! I don’t have time to waste on you. The only reason I told you that is so that you can die in peace,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“What?” Seeing the devilish smile appear on Chen Feng’s face, Sage Goldenlight was immediately visited by a foreboding sensation.

“If you had attempted to flee right from the start, you might have had a chance of surviving. Now, though, it’s too late for you,” Chen Feng said and a pulse radiated out from his body. The intense shockwave pushed the Divine Goldenlight Net outwards. Next, Chen Feng utilized the Longevity Tower to collect the net.


After witnessing the Divine Goldenlight Net’s disappearance, Sage Goldenlight found that he could not sense its aura as well. Immediately, he fell into a state of panic.

“Soul Subduing Mantra!” Chen Feng’s eyes flared and Sage Goldenlight fell into a state of stupor once again. A struggling look could be seen within his eyes.

“Just die.”

Chen Feng simply sent a punch out to break Sage Goldenlight’s body into pieces. Due to his circumstances, Chen Feng had no desire to devour Sage Goldenlight’s essence power.


Chen Feng exhaled deeply. His head felt dizzy; the amount of primary energy and blood energy within him were quickly decreasing. If it were not for the vast amounts of energy stored within his opened insight acupoints, Chen Feng’s body would have weakened to the point of him falling unconscious by now.

“Argh, Chen Feng! You demon! Ma Jun and I are Sky Human stage cultivators of the sect! It is just a matter of time before the sect finds out that you killed us!” He Tian, who was still nailed to the ground, cried out wretchedly.

“Is that so? Then, you think I shouldn’t kill you fellows?” Chen Feng walked towards He Tian, a smile on his face.

“Chen Feng. As long as you do not kill me, I can help you cover up what happened today,” He Tian said after a moment’s consideration.

“He he! So, you are also fearful of death. If so, why did you keep bothering me again and again? Right, there is one more thing that you are unaware of. The one thing I hate the most is to leave potential threats behind. Just look at what happened today. If I had killed you back in the sect, I would not have gotten ambushed today. However, personally finishing off seven Sky Human stage cultivators is a considerable harvest.” Chen Feng then stepped forward to pull out the bloody lance from He Tian’s body.

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