Chapter 305: Captured


A pity Purplebolt is not here with me, otherwise I can combine our soul power through our soul link to attack the enemy. Right now, if I want to break the enemy’s illusion, I will have to depend on myself, Chen Feng thought.

Although Chen Feng had realized that he was trapped within an illusion, he could not do anything about it. His heart had loosened, allowing the opponent’s illusion to enter. At that moment, Chen Feng was resisting the growing desires within him while pondering how to deal with his situation.

Chen Feng knew that he had to quickly break this illusion. He could not be certain if there were only one opponent. If there were others who decided to utilize this opening to attack him, he would be in serious trouble.

The opponent’s soul power is stronger than me. The opponent is also a Sky Human stage cultivator. My soul power is far from capable of unravelling his illusion. Thus, I can only depend on secret techniques. Having reached that conclusion, Chen Feng swiftly browsed through the Longevity Scripture.

Chen Feng’s actions were the equivalent of sharpening his spear just before approaching a battle. It was because he had no other options. With the exception of the weapons condensation technique and the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, Chen Feng only knew of a small handful of other secret magics within the Longevity Scripture. 

“Fool, there is the Soul Subduing Mantra.” As Chen Feng was furiously browsing through the scripture, Tower spoke up.

Soul Subduing Mantra. Hearing those words, light immediately flashed out within Chen Feng’s mind. The formula for a secret magic transformed into countless motes of light and they swirled ceaselessly within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Every one of the motes of light was an ancient character.

“After cultivating this secret technique, you can subdue, protect, condense and hone the soul. By cultivating it to a high level, no illusion will be able to shake your heart,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“All right! I will practice this now.” Chen Feng understood that time was of the essence. He quickly learned it up.

“Although this kid’s fleshly body is strong, his soul power is not up to scratch. He fell for my illusion in the end.” Grotto Mistress Hypnosis giggled. The captivating tone within her giggle managed to stir even the hearts of the cultivators around her, albeit slightly.

“Alright. Let’s take action together and deal with this kid.” Golden light glinted across Sage Goldenlight’s eyes.

“Wait! Let me test him first,” Sage Beastdrive said, and his yao beast, the Hissing Windroar, charged towards Chen Feng like a gale.

“Yes. If Chen Feng cannot fight back, there will be no need for us to attack.” He Tian nodded his head.

“My Hissing Windroar recently broke through to the Great Yao stage. Dealing with a Concealed stage cultivator trapped within an illusion is a piece of cake for him,” Sage Beastdrive said.

The Hissing Windroar swiftly appeared before Chen Feng, bringing a sinister wind with him. He then slammed heavily against Chen Feng.


Chen Feng’s figure was sent flying. When his figure smashed against the ground, it bounced up and down, tumbling across over 100 metres before stopping. Witnessing the slam brought feelings of pain to even He Tian and the other onlookers. If they were to be struck by that, they would have suffered from broken bones and torn internal organs.

Chen Feng seemingly struggled to stand back up, but he appeared relatively unscathed. However, he did not block the Hissing Windroar’s earlier attack, signifying that he was still trapped within the illusion.

“He is fine despite that? The kid’s fleshly body is too powerful!” Sage Beastdrive was shocked. Unlike the others, Sage Beastdrive knew just how strong his Hissing Windroar was.

“I’ll say this first. I don’t want any Sacred artefact. I just want the kid’s body armour!” Sage Beastdrive’s eyes turned somewhat bloodshot.

Even though Sage Beastdrive was a Sky Human stage cultivator, his combat power was not too high. He would generally depend on wild beasts to do battle. Armour-type magic treasures were the most enticing treasures for Sage Beastdrive.

“Heh, you wish! I am also interested in the body armour!” Knight Yaoblade laughed out.

“Fellows, let’s not argue about this first. This kid possesses many magic treasures on him. Let’s capture him first before deciding how to distribute the spoils,” He Tian mediated the situation.

“Humph! I’ll let my Hissing Windroar bring Chen Feng over,” Sage Beastdrive said.

“Wait! Just in case, it will be safer to use the magic array to entrap Chen Feng first.” He Tian stopped him.

“He Tian, you are being overly cautious. This kid is currently trapped within an illusion. He is simply incapable of moving.” Sage Beastdrive said coldly.

“We must not be careless. Activate the magic array!” He Tian said.

At that moment, Chen Feng was still in the process of comprehending the Soul Subduing Mantra. Meanwhile the fiery energy within him was growing ever stronger as it kept rising up. In Chen Feng’s opinion, if he could not vent the heretical fire out, the fire would end up immolating his heart. 

Rumble! Rumble!

The ground began protruding upwards and it did not take long for a giant humanoid, formed entirely from soil, to appear. Next, it stretched its large palm to grab Chen Feng. It was a giant golem formed using the magic array by linking up with the earth. It possessed great physical might and spectacular defence.

Chen Feng simply displayed a few attempts to struggle out of the giant golem’s grasp before quieting down. Both his eyes were closed and there was no way for them to figure out what was on his mind.

“There shouldn’t be any more problems,” Sage Beastdrive said.

“Very well. Let’s enter the magic array.” He Tian nodded his head. He had not expected his plan to capture Chen Feng to proceed so smoothly. It would appear that his past actions of facing Chen Feng head on was a mistake. If he had utilized his soul power to attack Chen Feng right from the start, he would not have suffered those losses.

I can’t comprehend anything here. Chen Feng felt his head aching.

“Sigh! Truth be told, your cultivation level is simply not high enough to be cultivating this Soul Subduing Mantra. Whatever! I will give you a hand, otherwise it would take you forever to successfully cultivate it.” After Tower said that, Chen Feng felt the formula for the Soul Subduing Mantra opening up on their own. They then transformed into strands of light before melding with his sea of wisdom.

It was a peculiar feeling. The cultivation method for the Soul Subduing Mantra and its effects became wholly integrated with his sea of wisdom. It was the equivalent of Chen Feng having successfully cultivated the Soul Subduing Mantra.

“This is a bestowing enlightenment technique. However, its effects are not as good as what you would have gained by personally cultivating the Soul Subduing Mantra. You will have to make up for the deficiencies yourself later on,” Tower said slowly.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Watching the motionless Chen Feng, who was right before him, He Tian could not stop himself from laughing out loudly. Firstly, he was able to take revenge on Chen Feng. Secondly, he could relieve the feelings of resentment within him. Thirdly, he could acquire the items on Chen Feng’s person. He Tian truly could not stop himself from feeling overjoyed. 

“We can unravel the Soul Illusion Technique now, right?” Knight Yaoblade asked Grotto Mistress Hypnosis.

“Wait. Let me set up some seals on this kid first,” He Tian said with a smile.

“Very well. We’ll witness your abilities,” Knight Yaoblade said.

He Tian waved his hand and a small silvery needle appeared on his palm. Although the silver needle did not appear particularly unique, Knight Yaoblade, who was beside He Tian, exclaimed, “Meridian Sealing Needle!”

“He he! You have discerning eyes. This is indeed a Meridian Sealing Needle. I had to use up a great deal of contribution points to have an elder from my sect’s Artefact Forging Hall forge this for me. This will be useful in dealing with this fellow,” He Tian said with a pleased tone.

“As expected of an immortal dao sect. If not for the fact that I cannot stand the restraining conditions, I would want to join an immortal dao sect to cultivate as well,” Knight Yaoblade praised.

“He he, if Brother Yao is interested, you can consider joining our Extreme Celestial Sect. I can be your recommender. Truth is, becoming a member of our sect is much better than being a loose cultivator. Not only are there many cultivation supplies, there are also not many constraints. Everyone gets a place of their own. Most importantly, you will get a powerful backer, he he! It is much better than not having a fixed place to stay in,” He Tian said with a smile.

“Enough with that, He Tian. You have mentioned that a number of times. Unfortunately, we do not have such plans for the time being. If we find ourselves with no other options, we will definitely go rely on you,” Sage Goldenlight said smilingly.

“No problem. All right! I’ll seal this kid’s meridians first. Even if he wakes up, he will be incapable of fighting back.” He Tian then moved to insert the Meridian Sealing Needle in his hand into Chen Feng’s body.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes snapped open. There was a flippant expression on his face.

“I was wondering who it might be. So, it’s you two.” Chen Feng chuckled as he looked at He Tian and Ma Jun.

He Tian was instantly shocked. However, he was quick to recollect himself and he said harshly, “Chen Feng, you are already on death’s door! You won’t be able to remain arrogant for long!”

“Is that so? You and your trash army?” Chen Feng laughed.


Suddenly, Grotto Mistress Hypnosis’ face contorted and she coughed out a mouthful of blood. Both her palms clutched her head and she fell limply to the ground.

“What happened?” Witnessing that shocked the others.

“It’s nothing. It is just the backlash from me breaking her illusion,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Everyone, attack! We’ll cut off this kid’s limbs first!” He Tian suggested. At the same time, he flicked his finger to shoot the Meridian Sealing Needle towards Chen Feng.

The Meridian Sealing Needle softly embedded itself into Chen Feng’s skin. However, the tip of the needle only managed to enter slightly before the body armour Chen Feng wore blocked it.

“Did you forget that I am impervious to weapons?” Chen Feng laughed. Next, a powerful aura radiated from his body. With a furious jerk, Chen Feng destroyed the large palm holding him, reducing it into soil fragments. Next, Chen Feng turned and sent out a punch, which obliterated the massive golem.

“He he! I believe you called this the Meridian Sealing Needle? It looks quite good. I will be taking this, then,” Chen Feng said as he held a small silvery needle in his hand.

“Everyone, attack together!” Knight Yaoblade was the first to attack. A gigantic blade had suddenly appeared in his grip and he swung to unleash a sharp blade beam towards Chen Feng.


As Chen Feng was facing Knight Yaoblade’s attack, a stream of light flashed beneath Chen Feng’s feet and he sped tens of metres away to avoid the attack.

However, attacks from the others had arrived. Sage Goldenlight’s Divine Goldenlight Net descended from the sky, locking the surrounding space as it moved to envelop Chen Feng.

At the same time, He Tian, Ma Jun, Knight Yaoblade, Sage Beastdrive and Grotto Master Astral Poison unleashed their attacks as well. All the attacks were aimed at Chen Feng.

Six Sky Human stage cultivators joined forces to attack a Concealed stage cultivator. If news of this were to spread out, it would rock the world of cultivation.

Chen Feng did not ponder too much about it as he could already sense a mountain-like pressure bearing down on him. In a one-on-one fight, Chen Feng would not feel concerned. In fact, he would be confident that he could deal with his opponent. At that very moment, however, he was facing off against six Sky Human stage cultivators. If it were not for his body armour, they would have reduced him into meat paste.

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