Chapter 304: Soul Illusion Technique


“Only so little poisonous smoke? Will it work?” Sage Beastdrive asked. 

“Hey, do not underestimate this poisonous smoke. This is the Aquamarine Poison that I have carefully refined. I had once used this poison to finish off three Sky Human stage cultivators. It doesn’t matter if they close off their pores and hold their breath, just a minor contact with this poison will be enough.” Grotto Master Astral Poison snickered.

“Don’t poison Chen Feng to death. I want him alive,” He Tian spontaneously said.

“Don’t worry, I will just make him half dead!”

By then, the Aquamarine Poison arrow was already upon Chen Feng. Its green colour gave off a ghastly feeling.

A sneak attack? Thought Chen Feng as he stretched his hand out to grab the arrow.


Chen Feng was taken aback. He did not feel any momentum from the arrow.


The arrow exploded, transforming into strands of bluish-green poisonous smoke, which enveloped Chen Feng.

The magic robe that Chen Feng was wearing began eroding as a result. In the blink of an eye, small holes had appeared on the robe. Chen Feng practically looked like a sieve.

What a formidable poisonous smoke! The magic robe was grade 8 magic robe. And yet, it had failed to stop the invasive poisonous smoke.

The poisonous smoke swiftly made contact with Chen Feng’s body. Immediately, Chen Feng felt a searing sensation. However, with just a thought, the body armour that had fused with his skin appeared to block the poisonous smoke.

Chen Feng’s body released a pulse and a powerful ripple of primary energy spread out to sweep the poisonous smoke away. Then, with a wave of his hand, a new top-grade magic robe appeared upon his body.

What a formidable poison! A trace of fear rose within Chen Feng’s heart. If he hadn't been wearing the body armour, the poisonous smoke would have given him a run for his money.

“Kid, you are still too careless. And you lack experience in facing enemies. That poison earlier could even kill off Sky Human stage cultivators, let alone a minor Concealed stage cultivator like you,” Tower said nonchalantly.

“It seems the opponent is viewing me highly. First, they set up such a big magic array. Now, they use poison to launch a sneak attack against me. They are truly treating me like an expert,” Chen Feng replied with a sneer.

However, in doing so, they exposed their position! Immediately, both of Chen Feng’s feet kicked against the ground, causing it to crack. In a flash, Chen Feng re-appeared 100 metres away. His figure was shooting towards the source of the arrow.

“How is this possible? The kid is fine?” Grotto Master Astral Poison cried out in shock. That poison attack was his killer move. It was an extremely valuable one, something that he would usually be unwilling to use. Although the attack managed to corrode Chen Feng’s magic robe, Chen Feng himself was unscathed. 

“Even if he is made of iron, the kid should have been corroded!” Grotto Master Astral Poison exclaimed.

“I said it before, Chen Feng is wearing a very powerful body armour. The body armour must have blocked off the potent poison’s invasive attempts,” He Tian said.

“What an explosive display of power! He is charging towards us,” Sage Beastdrive said.

“He’s wasting his strength. We’ll let this kid have a taste of my Soul Illusion Technique.” Grotto Mistress Hypnosis smirked.

Grotto Mistress Hypnosis was a beautiful and sultry woman. Every move she made could stir countless emotions. Her eyes and her smile contained an alluring charm. At that very moment, her pupils swirled as her soul power swiftly condensed out talisman after talisman that were invisible to the eye.

After the talismans flowed into the space before her, the magic technique took effect.

With the body armour, Chen Feng was not afraid of anything. He had pinpointed a certain direction and was quickly charging forward. He wanted to deploy a blitz attack to force his enemies to come out.

However, as he was charging forward, everything before him suddenly flashed. Everything swirled and various striped wild animals pounced at him.

A cheap illusion. You want to throw my mind astray? Chen Feng sneered. He simply vaulted upwards and sent a three-zhang tall, long-haired ape flying with a punch. The ape cried out wretchedly and disappeared into nothingness.


A striped tiger with long, sharp fangs was punched into smithereens.

Kacha! Kacha!

A golden wyrm, tens of zhang long, were torn into eight pieces.

“Kid, this is the most superficial of illusions. All you need to do is to maintain a tranquil heart. Why waste your strength?” After Chen Feng had killed off 20 wild animals, Tower could no longer hold himself back and he spoke up.

“Hey! My heart is tranquil right now. As for illusions, I will only use one method to deal with them, break them! All these wild animals require soul power to create, no? I will compete with them. Let’s see which one of us gets exhausted in the end.” Having said that, Chen Feng unleashed a sky-blasting punch. Winds were shocked and a monstrous and ferocious bird, with a wingspan of ten plus metres, was torn apart by the punch.

The Essence, Energy and Soul acupoints within him became connected, linking both Chen Feng’s soul and fleshly body as one. His soul brimmed with power as his Force acupoint kept surging, causing Chen Feng’s power to rise continuously.

His Four Extreme acupoints coursed towards East, South, West and North respectively, gradually forming a makeshift domain for Chen Feng. The Thousand Seeker Mirror within his Celestial Fate acupoint kept spinning as it detected everything that was transpiring around him.

The twin Magnetic acupoints in both his legs complemented the Lightstream Shield, allowing Chen Feng to go even faster and becoming more dextrous.

Chen Feng had swiftly entered that state and he felt all the opened insight acupoints connecting with one another. Some were even showing signs of integration.

At that moment, Chen Feng did not care what the illusion before him was. He wanted the illusion to become more violent. He was regarding the illusion as a form of training.

These wild animals are too weak. Not to mention, they are too little of them. Chen Feng’s figure flashed six times and six wild animals were torn to pieces.

“Too weak! Too slow!” Chen Feng could not stop himself from roaring out.

“You want to exhaust my power with just these wild animals? Too weak!”

He Tian and the others, who were watching it all, had first watched as Chen Feng charged forward. Then, Chen Feng suddenly lashed out, attacking his surroundings. Seeing that, they knew that Chen Feng had fallen victim to Grotto Mistress Hypnosis’ illusion magic. Thus, they felt overjoyed.

However, as time went by, they felt something amiss. Chen Feng continued sending attack after attack out while Grotto Mistress Hypnosis, who was beside them, started sweating.

“This doesn’t look good. I think we should enter the magic array and capture this kid. Why go through all this trouble?” Sage Goldenlight said.

“Given our numbers and collective power, we can indeed capture this kid. However, there is no way to ensure that none of us will die or get wounded in the process. Is there anyone here with the confidence to face Chen Feng head-on?” He Tian said with a smirk.

They turned their attention towards Chen Feng, who was inside the magic array. The atmosphere he radiated was becoming increasingly violent and explosive. Next, they all fell silent. When they recalled the fact that he was just a Concealed stage cultivator, they felt as though their years spent cultivating had been spent in vain.

“He he! There is no need to overthink this. The only reason Chen Feng can be this powerful is because of the Sacred artefact on him. If we also possess Sacred artefacts, we will become invincible figures amongst those within the Sky Human stage,” He Tian continued with a smile.

“Yes, He Tian’s words are reasonable. However, this kid has a Sacred artefact on him. If we try to face him head on and he goes all out to fight us, we’ll be the ones to suffer. We should slowly exhaust this kid’s power. When he is exhausted, I will use my Divine Goldenlight Net to capture him,” Sage Goldenlight said.

“This kid possesses an immense amount of power. Additionally, the primary energy within him is surging about without end. It seems infinite. In that case, I will have to change my strategy,” Grotto Mistress Hypnosis whispered. Next, streams of light began swirling within her pupils and beams of soul-powered talismans appeared.


Chen Feng’s kick reduced the final giant wolf into fragments and his surroundings fell into a state of calmness.

Chen Feng snickered. “What? Is this all you got?”

There was no response. However, Chen Feng’s surroundings changed once again.

Flowers filled the area, with moist soil beneath, and beautiful rays of sunlight descended. A soft breeze blew and flower petals drifted down. There were the scent of freshness and softness within the air. It was an atmosphere which could give birth to a feeling of laziness.

A young woman in revealing clothes and a sultry demeanour was dancing beside a nearby river. The white gauzy clothes revealed her white and tender skin. Her sensuous body was constantly twisting, causing the silver bells on her to clink softly. As she danced, she slowly made her way towards Chen Feng.

Heh! Isn’t the level of this illusion too low? Chen Feng sneered. Before the woman could approach him, a Longevity Blade shot out from Chen Feng’s hand to pin the sultry woman to the ground.

However, a fragrant aroma burst forth around him. This time, 10 seductive beings, dressed in beautiful attires, surrounded Chen Feng. The tender sound of their breaths flowed into Chen Feng’s ears. An intense fragrance, capable of stimulating the desires of the human body, blew against him. The mass of beautiful white skin, which was constantly twisting, could bedazzle the eyes and cause one to fall into a state of rapture.

“He he! This tactic is useless against me. We are all cultivators. To be able to cultivate up to this point, you can already be considered a capable character. Let’s just duke it out openly,” Chen Feng said with a sneer, ignoring the teasing women around him.

“Is that so? Look and see who I am.” A soft and charming voice suddenly flowed into Chen Feng’s soul and the women around Chen Feng suddenly took on the same facial features. Surprisingly, it was the face of Bai Ziyan.

Chen Feng was taken aback. Immediately, he sensed a surge of heat rising from his lower abdomen area. At the same time, his rate of breathing turned slightly ragged as well.

“Chen Feng, am I not pretty?” One of the women stepped before Chen Feng. Her smile was as beautiful as flowers and her eyes glimmered. The clothes on her fell off to reveal glowing skin. It was a dazzling sight to behold.


Chen Feng felt a clump of flames erupt from within his body. A desire was released from the depths of his soul. Like a seed growing from within Chen Feng’s soul, it germinated swiftly, going out of control.

Blood-red light glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes as his heart palpitated quickly. The blood within his body was throbbing and he wanted nothing more than to pounce on the woman, throw her to the ground and ravage her thoroughly.

Not good! They got me! Chen Feng closed his eyes. However, the fiery images continued to surge into Chen Feng’s mind, affecting his heart.

That is not it! As the saying goes, inner demons are born from the heart. These images are not coming from what is outside. Rather, they are born from the depths of my heart. These are the most primal emotions within every being. He he! Even though I have the power, it cannot do anything against this soul illusion. Looks like I need to figure out another plan. Chen Feng pondered.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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