Chapter 303: Ambush


Chen Feng advanced leisurely, travelling thousands of li per day. Occasionally, he would take a break. Three days later, he exited Extreme Celestial Sect’s territory and began moving towards Black Origin City.

Truth be told, Black Origin City was located at a most remote location within the Northern Plains. Compared to the entire Northern Plains as a whole, Black Origin City was the most remote and most backwards of places. If not for that, minor Concealed stage cultivators would not have been able to become the lords of the place.

When there was still a distance of over 500 kilometres between Chen Feng and Black Origin Mountain Range, he finally encountered an ambush. It was so abrupt, Chen Feng did not even sense anything in advance. The scene before him simply flashed and he found himself in a wholly different place.

In the blink of an eye, the forest – within a mountain range – disappeared. By the time Chen Feng could react, thick clouds of smoke had enveloped him.

Although Chen Feng was quick to close up all the pores on his body, he had still – in his haste – breathed in a small portion of the black smoke. Chen Feng could immediately feel it. Like an agile snake, the black smoke darted about within his body as it furiously destroyed his vitality.

As expected, this is poisonous smoke. Just by circulating his longevity-type primary energy slightly, Chen Feng was able to unravel the poisonous smoke.

“Tower, didn’t you sense someone trying to ambush me?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course I did,” Tower said as-a-matter-of-factly.

“However, I will not warn you. You should deal with something so trivial yourself,” Tower said gleefully.

Chen Feng did not retort. Tower was right. If Tower were to warn him every time there was danger, his path of cultivation would be bereft of pressure, causing a lack of progress.

“Ha ha! Which fellow cultivators laid out this ambush? I believe there must be a misunderstanding. You must have gotten the wrong person,” Chen Feng shouted loudly.

Chen Feng’s had only just finished speaking when the thick surrounding smoke swirled with an even greater intensity. Soon, it formed a massive wyrm, which howled out and charged Chen Feng.

Letting smoke take form. Not to mention, it looks so vivid. This is something that only Sky Human stage cultivators can do. Chen Feng analysed. He did not take the attack head-on. Instead, he utilized his speed to dodge.

Eh? There is a suppressive effect as well. It seems this is from a magic array which borrows the power of its surroundings. A pity, this pressure is only 10 times that of normal pressure. This cannot affect me at all. Chen Feng sneered and he continued to examine his surroundings even as he was dodging the smoke wyrm’s attacks.

He could sense nothing else but poisonous smoke. His detection range had been reduced to less than 100 metres. However, Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, with but a thought, the Thousand Seeker Mirror in his Celestial Fate acupoint thrummed. The images appearing on the mirror instantly entered Chen Feng’s mind.

10 zhang, 20 zhang, 50 zhang, 100 zhang. As Chen Feng’s soul power surged, the Thousand Seeker Mirror’s detection range expanded.

However, after the Thousand Seeker Mirror’s detection range had expanded up to 1,000 zhang, Chen Feng gave up. Everything was dark. The mirror had failed to detect anything.

Huh! It seems they are very well-prepared. They are specifically targeting me. In other words, a fellow sect member must have leaked the news about me. Who could it be? There are quite a few who hold a grudge against me. Chen Feng smiled to himself.


The smoke wyrm roared and it began devouring the surrounding poisonous smoke. As it did, the wyrm’s size began expanding rapidly. At the same time, the outline of scales began appearing on its body and its aura rose higher and higher. In the end, it actually garnered Chen Feng’s attention.

Eh? How peculiar. It actually possesses the aura of a Great Yao. After that, Chen Feng stopped dodging. Instead, he flew towards the wyrm. Arriving before it, Chen Feng then threw a heavy punch forward. His Force acupoint was stimulated and the might within his entire body erupted. Hurricane swept out in the wake of his fist and the surrounding poisonous smoke exploded and roiled about, causing an empty space to appear in the centre.


The massive smoke wyrm was punched into two. Next, Chen Feng unleashed a flurry of lightning-fast kicks and the smoke wyrm broke into a chaotic swirl of poison smoke.

However, another smoke wyrm was condensed out. It opened its huge jaw to bite Chen Feng only to have Chen Feng blow up its head.

Next, more smoke wyrms began appearing, one following the other. Chen Feng knew that his opponent was trying to exhaust his strength. Without breaking the magic array, he could not get rid of the smoke wyrms.


Chen Feng unleashed a heavy stamp against the ground, causing a series of cracking sounds to ring out. A large gully cracked open, over 100 metres long and over 10 metres deep. Next, Chen Feng darted to another location and stamped forcefully once more to create several large cracks on the ground.

A soft exploding sound rang out and Chen Feng could feel the suppressive effect around him weakening.

Since the magic array required a link with the world, Chen Feng’s counter was simple. Just blast the earth.

On a mountain summit 5 kilometres away from Chen Feng’s location was a group of cultivators. Amongst them were He Tian and Ma Jun.

“He Tian, are you certain that this is an elite disciple from your Extreme Celestial Sect and not a core disciple?” an old man in black attire and sinister voice said.

“That is right. Not even guys like us can unleash such a destructive power,” a middle-aged cultivator said.

“Sage Beastdrive, Grotto Master Astral Poison. Do you think I am one to lie to you?” He Tian was somewhat displeased.

He Tian had found five cultivators to help him. Two amongst them were the Grotto Masters from the Seventy-two Grotto-mansions. They were Grotto Master Astral Poison and Grotto Mistress Hypnosis. The other three were renowned loose cultivators. One of them had pursued Chen Feng before, Sage Goldenlight. Even the other two were cultivators that Chen Feng had encountered before, Sage Beastdrive and Knight Yaoblade.

Knight Yaoblade was none other than the mighty middle-aged man riding the black tiger that Chen Feng had encountered in Black Origin Mountain Range in the past. Back then, Chen Feng had nearly died to his black tiger.

A total of seven Sky Human stage cultivators had gathered together to deal with a Concealed stage cultivator. If news of this were to spread out, these fellows would become so ashamed that they would have no place to show their face. Chen Feng, however, knew nothing of that. He continued to blast the ground within the magic array as he attempted to weaken the magic array’s power so that he could escape.

“No matter how powerful he may be, he is still just a Concealed stage cultivator. No matter how you look at it, we are characters with certain renown within the world of cultivation. If news of this gets out, will we still be able to continue on within the world of cultivation?” Knight Yaoblade said with a sneer.

“I don’t care about that. I only want to know, were you telling the truth when you said that this kid possesses a Sacred artefact?” Sage Goldenlight said.

“Of course! Not only does he have a Sacred artefact, he also possesses countless Prized artefacts. There is one thing I did not tell you fellows. This kid had once entered Driftcloud Immortal Mountain,” He Tian said with a smile.

“What? Are you saying this kid entered that Driftcloud Immortal Mountain and successfully made his way out?” Sage Goldenlight asked in shock.

“Of course. It is the truth. I suspect that the magic treasures on him were all found from the immortal mountain,” He Tian said.

“In that case, we must capture this kid alive today,” Sage Goldenlight said.

“Although this kid is only a Concealed stage cultivator, he is extremely powerful. You mentioned that he possesses a Sacred artefact. The magic array we set up will not be enough to trap him,” Knight Yaoblade said.

“Ha ha! Knight Yaoblade, don’t worry. Forget a Concealed stage cultivator, even a level 3 Sky Human stage cultivator would have to exhaust a considerable amount of powers to get out from this magic array. Besides, even if this kid can come out, he will be exhausted. Any one of us could deal with him after that.” Sage Beastdrive laughed.

“The magic array has consumed practically all the materials I have. I do not believe he could break out from there. Alright! Enough chatter. Let’s increase the power of the magic array!” He Tian said.

The ground, spanning a radius of several hundred zhang, had been destroyed by Chen Feng to the point of ruins. Chen Feng could feel it. The earthen energy below had become chaotic. The suppressive effect created by the magic array was almost completely gone. If the other party could not come up with a follow-up move, Chen Feng was confident that he could break out of the magic array soon.


A formidable pressure suddenly descended and the suppressive force – 20 times in intensity – befell Chen Feng. It was a peculiar sensation. It was similar to how he had trained himself within the Longevity Tower.

“Twenty times? This is not even enough to tickle me.” Chen Feng sneered.

“Not enough. More power!” He Tian said.

“Alright. Everyone, do it together!” Sage Goldenlight said.


Thirty times! That was the magic array’s limit. Even for them, such a pressure would affect their bodies and their cultivation bases would end up getting suppressed.

“I do not believe a minor Concealed stage cultivator could be this powerful,” Grotto Master Astral Poison said derisively.

“Ha ha ha! Is this little pressure all you have? Too weak! This is simply too weak! My usual training involves 100 times the normal pressure. Are you fellows joking with me?” Chen Feng laughed loudly and his words travelled far into the distance.

“What? He could remain unaffected by this? This kid does possess some means. Right. He Tian, you mentioned earlier that this kid has a body armour. What grade is it at?” Knight Yaoblade asked.

“It could easily block off attacks from Prized artefacts. Additionally, no marks would be left on him. I believe it to be a top-grade Prized artefact,” He Tian said.

“Top-grade Prized artefact! If that is the case, our attacks would actually mean nothing,” Knight Yaoblade said.

“I have hundreds of fierce poisons that I have yet to unleash. Once I bring them out, even a Great Yao would die from the poison. I do not believe this kid can resist the ferocity of my poison attacks!” Grotto Master Astral Poison said with a sinister tone.

“Preparations for my Soul Illusion Technique is now complete as well. Let’s attack together and capture this kid,” Grotto Mistress Hypnosis said. 

“We’ll observe your display of skills, then,” He Tian said smilingly.

Grotto Master Astral Poison snickered and a small, green-coloured medicinal bottle appeared in his hand. The moment he opened it, a bluish-green smoke charged out. Under Grotto Master Astral Poison’s control, the smoke rapidly transformed to finally condense into a sharp arrow. Next, it became a beam of green light as it shot towards Chen Feng. 


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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