Chapter 302: Leaving Extreme Celestial Mountain


“Of course! Of course! That is definitely not Junior Brother Chen’s handiwork. That is our consensus.” Yang Dingfang laughed out.

“He he! Elders, you truly possess a good understanding of affairs. I have two ordinary ginsengs here with me, a gift from me. Please take them and use them for tea when you return,” Chen Feng said as he brought out two ginsengs and placed them before the two elders.

“These are Fire Dragon Ginsengs!” Seeing the two ginsengs, each as thick as an arm, Yang Dingfang and Jin Shijian exclaimed simultaneously. They started conversing secretly.

“These are no ordinary ginsengs! It is the rare spiritual herb, the Fire Dragon Ginseng!  Additionally, it looks like they are around three to four thousand years old! Use it to brew tea?! To think he could utter out such words!”

“What do we do? Should we accept? These are really good items. Even when taken directly, they can increase decades’ worth of cultivation base. Concocting Earthen-tier medicinal pills with them won’t be an issue either!”

“This kid is being so generous. But if we accept this, we’ll inevitably create a relationship between us and him!”

“What is there to fear? Only a fool would miss out on accepting something good!”

“What is it, elders? Do you like them?” Chen Feng smiled.

“Ha ha! Junior Brother Chen, please stop addressing us as elders. If you don’t mind, just address us as senior brothers.” Yang Dingfang laughed and he kept the two Fire Dragon Ginsengs.

“Since Junior Brother Chen is showing such kindness, we won’t say no!”

“Senior brothers, these two ordinary ginsengs are just minor tokens to show my respect!” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“He he! We had quite a nice chat today. Unfortunately, we still have our duties to attend to. We’ll have to say goodbye for today. If there is anything, Junior Brother Chen can go to the Department of Enforcement Elders to find us.” After accepting the gift, Yang Dingfang and Jin Shijian felt embarrassed to keep staying behind.

“Take care, senior brothers. If you are lacking any other spiritual herbs in the future, please come find me. While I do not have much on me, I do have some cultivation materials,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

After the two elders had left, Lu Ta spoke up. “Giving them those two spiritual herbs, you are being too generous!”

“He he! I have plenty more spiritual herbs of that grade. Those two are members of the Department of Enforcement Elders. They could prove useful in the future. Besides, if today’s matter is to escalate, it could bring some troubles. Now that the two elders have accepted my gift, they will surely help me cover it up. Besides, to be able to bribe two Sky Human stage cultivators with them, don’t you think that it is a profitable deal?” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Two Fire Dragon Ginsengs. Those two can allow me to break through two levels.” Lu Ta was still feeling slightly sorrowful at that issue.

“He he! If you need, I have a 5,000-year-old spiritual herb here. It is enough for you to cultivate up to the Sky Human stage,” said Chen Feng with a chortle.

“Forget it. I would do well to cultivate steadily. Besides, the medicinal power of such a spiritual herb is too overbearing. I fear blowing myself up.” Lu Ta shook his head.

“It seems I will need to find some time to learn some pill concoction techniques,” Chen Feng could not help but utter.

“Our sect has pill concoction rooms. They are yours to use if you have contribution points. However, the disciples who are proficient at pill concoction prefer to concoct pills in their own mountain residences,” Lu Ta said.

“Naturally. After becoming elite disciples, their mountain residences are connected directly to earthen fire, used for pill concoction purposes. However, there are probably not many disciples that are actually proficient in pill concoction,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“But of course! Pill concoction, artefact forging, talisman inscribing. No matter where you go, these people are rare. The Jade Talisman Sect is no different. They merely have a little bit more talisman inscribers than others. Not all the cultivators in their sect are talisman inscribers. There is also the Pill Ding Sect. They have the name Pill Ding Sect because they have a Dao artefact. Of course, they also have the most pill makers amongst the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects here in the Northern Plains,” Lu Ta said smilingly.

“Brother Lu, I didn’t think you would be in the know about such matters. I myself do not have so much knowledge on the subject.” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Ha ha ha! I am not as crazy as you, cultivating every single day. If there are no issues, I would usually go out on a stroll and have a chat with some inner disciples. Besides, all my contribution points were spent on the Book Keeping Hall. It is only normal for me to know about some subjects.” Lu Ta laughed.

“But to think that Pill Ding Sect actually possesses a Dao artefact!” Chen Feng was shocked. The Dao artefact was one tier higher compared to the Sacred artefact.

“Yes. It is because Pill Ding Sect has a Dao artefact that they could possess a high number of medicinal pills. Many loose cultivators would try to join it. In recent years, Pill Ding Sect has been developing rapidly. If it were not for the suppressive actions from Purple Firmaments Palace, Transcendent Firmaments Palace and Nine Firmaments Palace, Pill Ding Sect would have become the number one cultivation sect in the Northern Plains,” Lu Ta kept going on and on.

“Pill Ding Sect, Dao artefact.” Chen Feng nodded his head. Next, he secretly conversed with Tower.

“Tower, if you devour this Dao artefact, you should be able to restore some of your powers, no?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“A Dao artefact? Well, something is better than nothing,” Tower said arrogantly.

“He he! Something is better than nothing? To think that you can utter those words. If so, what kind of artefact can stop you from saying that?” Chen Feng snickered.

“At the very least, an Immortal artefact,” Tower said coolly.

“Hey, hey! If there is really an Immortal artefact, given your current level of strength, the one to get devoured will surely be you.” Chen Feng chortled.

“Sigh! Stop talking about Immortal artefacts, will you? Even a whole Dao artefact would be difficult for me.” Tower sighed.

“Just take it slow.” Chen Feng had to comfort Tower in the end…

The higher Chen Feng’s cultivation base, the more he understood just how difficult it was for the Longevity Tower to recover its full power. Not only did Tower require a vast amount of rare divine objects, he also required certain power of essence and the power of laws. He might even require some objects that were more powerful than that. Those were concepts beyond Chen Feng’s present level of understanding.

“Chen Feng, our sect’s Grand Competition is about to begin. Do you plan on participating?” Lu Ta suddenly said.

“Grand Competition? When is it? What are the rules and what rewards are there?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“I do not have the specific details myself. There should still be half a year before it starts. I hear that some disciples who usually travel outside the sect have started to return. Clearly, they view this Grand Competition as important. However, there will surely be rewards. In the past competitions, the rewards have always been very magnificent. It is said to be separated depending on ranks. Outer disciples do not get to participate. Inner disciples, heir disciples, elite disciples and core disciples get to participate. As for the rules, I do not know. However, I can ask around.” Lu Ta laughed.

“If there are rewards, I must participate. Besides, I also want to experience how strong some of our sect’s geniuses are,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Still half a year to go. I wonder, what level can I reach when the time comes? Chen Feng pondered.

“With your current cultivation base, you are practically invincible amongst those in the Concealed stage. I advise you to sign up for the core disciples’ competition,” Tower could not stop himself from interjecting.

“I was thinking of the doing that as well.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Lu Ta, there shouldn’t be any more issues in the near future. I want to go back to Black Origin City and look around.” The thought suddenly came to Chen Feng.

“Go back to Black Origin City? Did anything happen?” Lu Ta was somewhat surprised.

“He he! There is nothing in particular. However, that is where I had lived in the past. Although there is nothing there tying me down, I am feeling nostalgic. I’ll just go have a look. At any rate, with my level of strength, going there and coming back wouldn’t take long.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Do you want me to go with you?” asked Lu Ta after a moment’s consideration.

“I should go on my own. You should concentrate on your cultivation. At any rate, there is still half a year left. Hopefully, you can condense out your Soulflame and be promoted to elite disciple,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Having made up his mind, Chen Feng stayed for just another three days before leaving Extreme Celestial Mountain. After walking out from Extreme Celestial Mountain, a stream of light flashed out beneath Chen Feng’s feet and he rode the Lightstream Shield to swiftly fly into the distance.

This time around, Chen Feng did not even bring Purplebolt or Four Ears with him. He was going alone. After leaving Extreme Celestial Mountain, Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking Tower. “Tower, what do you think? Will someone try to kill me now that I have left the sect? News of me possessing a Sacred artefact have spread through most of the sect, after all.”

“Hard to say. However, there is no need to be concerned. Generally speaking, even if some cultivators decide to attack you, the strongest amongst them would only be at the Sky Human stage. Human Immortals will not care about something so trivial. And if it is only Sky Human stage cultivators, there is nothing to worry about,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“In that case, I can rest easy.” Chen Feng smiled and slowed down. Truth be told, there was no specific reason behind this excursion. Chen Feng was simply treating this as a vacation. 

“Chen Feng has left Extreme Celestial Mountain. This is a good opportunity! We must kill him while he is outside the sect!”

Not long after Chen Feng left Extreme Celestial Mountain, He Tian and Ma Jun left as well. They followed Chen Feng from a distance.

“Thankfully, I had brought a Tracking Talisman, otherwise it would be difficult to track him down,” He Tian said.

“There is something weird about this kid. We should exercise caution,” Ma Jun said. Ma Jun’s aura had stabilized, but his face remained pale. At any rate, Chen Feng had absorbed so much of his essence power. Even with access to miraculous pills, he would require time to fully recover. If it were not for He Tian’s words of persuasion and his own hatred towards Chen Feng, Ma Jun would not have come out this time.

“Humph! I didn’t think that the enforcement elders would choose to not make a move on Chen Feng. It seems he really does have a backer. If we want revenge, we’ll have to do it ourselves. Don’t worry about it. I have already contacted some friends. Chen Feng leaving the sect is a good opportunity. Wait until he is no longer within the sect’s territory and find an opportunity to kill Chen Feng. After that, the Sacred artefact on him will belong to us.” He Tian gnashed his teeth.

“Although I hate Chen Feng to the extreme, he possesses a Sacred artefact. Additionally, he is also wearing a top-grade body armour. It can even block the attacks from Prized artefacts. He is truly invincible.” Ma Jun was feeling somewhat concerned. Having fought Chen Feng once, a seed of fear had been planted within Ma Jun’s heart.

“Don’t worry! No matter how invincible he may be, no matter how strong he may be, he will fall into my hands this time.” He Tian’s face revealed a sinister smile.


Reminder: A ding is a three-legged cauldron. 

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