Chapter 301: Enforcement Elders


Sure enough. Although my physical strength is higher, my soul power is still far inferior. Additionally, my rate of reaction and knowledge of high-level secret techniques are also far inferior. If it were not for the body armour I am wearing, these two fellows could have finished me off long ago. Chen Feng considered.

In their earlier fight, Chen Feng had been struck plenty of times. In all those times, he had relied on his body armour to take on their attacks. Meanwhile, even though he had inflicted some wounds on He Tian and Ma Jun, the wounds were incapable of obstructing them much. Chen Feng understood that the situation could drag on for who knows how long. It would be bad if others from the sect were attracted over.  

Thus, Chen Feng decided to take a risk to deal with one of them first.


Once again, Chen Feng took on a blow from each of them. He Tian and Ma Jun felt pleased with themselves and wanted to use that opportunity to leave when the magic treasures Chen Feng sent out charged at them from their surroundings.

The Thunder Sword, Poison Needle, Overwhelming Astral Sword and Shadowless Goldshine Blade shot towards He Tian and Ma Jun from four different directions. As for Chen Feng, he hurriedly leapt up from the ground in an attempt to grab Ma Jun.

“So many Prized artefacts!” The two were somewhat taken aback. Due to their moment of panic, Chen Feng succeeded in grabbing Ma Jun.

A level 2 Sky Human stage cultivator. Excellent! This will be enough for me to improve my soul power! Chen Feng felt overjoyed and he rapidly channelled the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Even strands of black energy flowed out from Chen Feng’s body. Those were none other than demonic energy.

“Argh, not good! This is demonic art! He Tian, save me!” Ma Jun struggled for a moment but to no avail. Then, sensing his power dissipating away, he grew terrified.

“You really are a demonic creature. Today, I will take you down!” Having said that, He Tian sent a heavy sword blow towards Chen Feng, sending him flying. At the same time, He Tian used the opening to fly far away, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Hey, your companion has left.” Chen Feng, who was still grabbing Ma Jun, sneered. At that moment, Ma Jun had become like a dead mutt.

“Have mercy!” Ma Jun pleaded. His power was gradually decreasing. Even his soul – despite having undergone tempering from Sky Lightning – was beginning to loosen.

Soon enough, a strand of his soul was absorbed into Chen Feng and devoured. Immediately, Chen Feng could feel his soul power growing stronger.

“Excellent! As expected of a cultivator who has overcome Lightning Tribulation. Your soul power is so strong.” Chen Feng laughed.

“Chen Feng, you are cultivating demonic arts! If news of this were to spread, even the sect would dispatch men to kill you. As long as you let me go, I will not reveal this matter to anyone. Besides, you cannot kill me. If you kill me, you will only make things worse,” Ma Jun hurriedly said.

“Don’t worry, I will not kill you. I will just give you a lesson.” Chen Feng chortled. While speaking, he did not go easy on Ma Jun. Instead, he began channelling even the Heavengulping Absorption Technique.

The two mighty techniques exerted their devouring power simultaneously and Ma Jun was finally incapable of holding on. The rate at which his soul power was flowing out from his sea of wisdom increased.

“My soul power! Argh! That is my essence!” Ma Jun cried out dreadfully.

“Kid, time to leave. Someone is coming.” Suddenly, Tower spoke up.

Chen Feng nodded his head and released his grip on Ma Jun. Next, he mobilized the Lightstream Shield to soar into the sky before swiftly disappearing from sight.

After Chen Feng disappeared, two middle-aged fellows rushed in. They swiftly appeared before Ma Jun.

“Ma Jun, what happened to you?” one of them asked curiously. At that moment, Ma Jun was lying limply on the ground. It looked as though all his bones had fallen apart.

Seeing the two fellows, Ma Jun seemingly found salvation and he hastily shouted, “Greetings, enforcement elders! Hurry, go capture Chen Feng!”

Seeing the enforcement elders appear, Zhao Hai propped Zhao Quan up and walked out in a wretched manner.

“Chen Feng? What is going on here? Give us the whole story,” one of them asked coldly.

Thus, Ma Jun began talking, adding his own twist into the story of what happened.

“This is a wayward and rebellious demonic creature! I ask that you capture and punish Chen Feng severely!” Ma Jun ended his account with a loud voice.

“Don’t worry about this. You should focus on recuperating.” The two middle-aged fellows exchanged glances. After that, they ignored Ma Jun and flew in pursuit of Chen Feng.

“Are we really going to capture Chen Feng?”

“Heh! Even Zhao Long found it difficult and chose to back off. This Chen Feng must surely have a backer. Besides, I believe Chen Feng is only at the Concealed stage, right? And yet, he could beat up Ma Jun and Zhao Hai so badly, even forcing He Tian to retreat out of fear. Zhao Hai is a member of the Zhao Family while He Tian is a member of Fairbright Club. Since Chen Feng is not even fearful of them, it will be a loss for us to go trouble him!” 

“Right, it’s better to avoid this kind of issue. Let’s go someplace else and pretend we never saw that.”

“No, let’s go find Chen Feng.”


“Having one more friend is better than having one more enemy. This Chen Feng is not to be underestimated. Let’s go check him out. He he! This is just an ordinary visit from the sect’s higher-ups. Chen Feng will likely not hold any ill will towards us.”

“It’s not a bad idea to go check him out. Truth be told, although this disciple’s cultivation level is not high, he is not someone we can offend.”

Chen Feng’s trip had brought him a fair bit of harvest. Although the power of Zhao Quan, Ma Yuan and the others were negligible, Zhao Hai and Ma Jun were Sky Human stage cultivators. That was especially true of Ma Jun, a level 2 Sky Human stage cultivator. Having absorbed Ma Jun’s soul power, Chen Feng would be able to slowly refine the power when he returned. Firstly, it would allow him to improve his soul power. Secondly, it would allow him to comprehend both the domain power and Sky Lightning power.

Chen Feng went straight back to his residence. However, before he could settle himself in, he felt two formidable auras moving towards him.

“Enforcement elders, Yang Dingfang and Jin Shijian are here to visit Junior Brother Chen.” A mighty voice travelled towards Chen Feng.

Enforcement elders! They managed to catch up to me so quickly! However, judging from the tone in his voice, it seems they are not here with ill intentions. Still, since they are here for a visit, I should properly entertain them. No matter what, they are Sky Human stage cultivators. Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng waved his hand and the restrictive barriers around his mountain residence opened to reveal a passageway.

“Welcome!” Chen Feng said loudly, a smile on his face.

“Someone else is here.” Lu Ta and Purplebolt approached Chen Feng. 

“They are probably not here to cause trouble,” Chen Feng said. Two middle-aged fellows floated down to stand before Chen Feng. 

They regarded Chen Feng while Chen Feng did the same to them.

“Level 4 Sky Human stage cultivators,” Tower said leisurely.

“He is really a Concealed stage cultivator! However, the amount of primary energy within him is unbelievably high! Even his Soulflame burns bright. Although he still cannot hold a candle to Sky Human stage cultivators, he is far superior compared to the average level 8 Concealed stage disciples.”

“Do you feel the aura of a Sacred artefact?”


Yang Dingfang and Jin Shijian were secretly conversing.

“He he! I wonder, why have the elders come here?” Chen Feng asked with a chuckle.

“It’s nothing. We heard that a genius has appeared within our sect. Today is our turn to patrol the mountains. Coincidentally, we happened to pass by. Thus, we decided to come visit,” Yang Dingfang said smilingly.

“In that case, please enter.” Chen Feng waved his hand to invite the two of them into the small courtyard. Zhang Yan and the others swiftly came forward to bring in some exquisite snacks and fine wine.

“If so, we won’t hold back.” Yang Dingfang and Jin Shijian revealed nonchalant smiles on their faces.

It seems they are not here to cause trouble, Chen Feng thought as he observed their demeanour.

“These two are?” Jin Shijian asked smilingly as he looked at Lu Ta and Purplebolt.

“Greetings, elders. Disciple’s name is Lu Ta, an inner disciple.” Lu Ta stepped forward to bow courteously. While Chen Feng may be able to ignore them, Lu Ta could not. At any rate, Lu Ta held the identity of Extreme Celestial Sect’s inner disciple.

“Purplebolt.” Purplebolt displayed an indifferent attitude. He coolly said his name and left. As these newcomers were not here to cause trouble, he would return and focus on his cultivation.

“He he, that is a friend of mine. He has that temper,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

Jin Shijian and Yang Dingfang nodded their heads. With their level of cultivation and sight, it was only natural that they could determine Purplebolt’s true identity.

“He he! Given Junior Brother Chen’s cultivation base, you can already be promoted to the core disciple rank. If Junior Brother Chen is interested, after you overcome Lightning Tribulation, we can give you a referral to join the Department of Enforcement Elders,” Yang Dingfang said with a chortle.

“Can anyone casually join the Department of Enforcement Elders?” Chen Feng grew curious. It had to be said, the enforcement elders possessed a significant amount of authority within Extreme Celestial Sect. By acquiring that status, most Sky Human stage cultivators wouldn’t dare trouble Chen Feng.

“He he! Naturally not. Firstly, that person’s cultivation base must be high enough. Of course, the most important factor is that the person must have contributed to the sect. Only after passing the assessments laid out by the sect can one join the ranks of enforcement elders.” Yang Dingfang explained the matter to Chen Feng.

Hearing that, Chen Feng secretly sneered. He was not related to the two of them in any way. Thus, he was not going to simply believe them. Besides, these two fellows did not appear to possess the ability to help him join the Department of Enforcement Elders.

The two sides continued with some empty talk for a moment. Finally, Yang Dingfang brought up what happened earlier. “Truth be told, the two of us saw Ma Jun earlier. He he! That fellow would usually use his identity as a member of Fairbright Club to throw his weight around arrogantly. Unexpectedly, he looks so miserable today.”

Here it comes, Chen Feng thought.

“He he, some people are just too arrogant. That is not a good thing. He might be able to get away with bullying the weak, but if he ends up kicking an iron plate, that would be bad. Don’t you think so?” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“He he, of course! That Ma Jun simply does not know when to give up. He even wants us to capture Junior Brother Chen. However, after our conversation earlier, I believe they must be the ones who started it.” Yang Dingfang laughed.

“It must surely be them. I don’t believe that a Concealed stage cultivator would start a fight against Sky Human stage cultivators for no reason. Not to mention, he claims that you wounded him. The way I see it, Ma Jun and Zhao Hai must have faked their injuries.” Jin Shijian, too, chimed in with a smile.

“Elders, you two possess highly discerning eyes and the keen ability to distinguish right and wrong! They were indeed the ones who had instigated today’s matter. If it were not for the fact that I was quick enough to flee, I would have ended up in a half-dead state, no thanks to them. As for their wounds, that is simply impossible. How can an insignificant Concealed stage cultivator like me wound a Sky Human stage cultivator?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

How shameless!!! The thought came to both Yang Dingfang and Jin Shijian at the same time. However, they maintained courteous expressions on their faces.

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