Chapter 300: Super Strong Defence


“Chen Feng!” Seeing Chen Feng appear, both Zhao Quan and Ze Fei cried out in shock. As for the others, they quickly assumed defensive stances. Only after realizing that Chen Feng was alone did they ease up.

“Chen Feng, why did you come here?” He Tian asked coldly.

“Ha ha ha! Good question! Why did I come here? Ze Fei, you tell me. Why did I come here?” Chen Feng laughed and turned to look at Ze Fei.

“This, this…” Sensing the coercive gaze from Chen Feng, Ze Fei felt his heart panicking. He recalled the scene where Chen Feng had battled the humanoid demon in the Demon Trial Grounds and the news about how Chen Feng had fought against the elder. Fear began festering within his heart.

“Ze Fei, I did not expect this. To think that you could possess this kind of ability. The restrictive barriers around this mountain is immeasurably high. I was nearly incapable of entering. The way I see it, you must have invested quite a lot into it,” said Chen Feng as he approached Ze Fei.

Watching Chen Feng walking over with a suppressive demeanour, Ze Fei panicked. Reflexively, he leaned closer towards He Tian. Only then did he remember there were several Sky Human stage cultivators there. No matter how powerful Chen Feng may be, he was alone. When he thought of that, Ze Fei calmed down.

“Chen Feng, we have yet to go look for you. And yet, you came looking for us?” Zhao Quan stepped forward, gnashing his teeth.

Truth be told, the one Chen Feng despised the most was someone like Zhao Quan. For Chen Feng, there was practically no grudge between him and Zhao Quan. If Zhao Quan had not been so arrogant, there would have been zero conflict between them. However, Zhao Quan had constantly attempted to make things difficult for him. On Chen Feng’s side, he was concerned about the power backing Zhao Quan and was thus unable to kill him off. Due to this, Chen Feng felt very furious towards Zhao Quan.

“He he! I didn’t think there would be some acquaintances here.” Chen Feng halted his steps and chortled at Zhao Quan.

“Zhao Quan and Zhao Hai. Even these two Sky Human stage seniors look familiar. Oh, I remember now! If I am not mistaken, I had encountered a mad dog back when I exited Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. You look just like the dog, ha ha ha ha!” Chen Feng said, his words barbed. Finally, he laughed loudly.

“Kid, it seems you are tired of living.” He Tian gritted his teeth. Anger raged within his heart. A Concealed stage junior had dared insult him. Even if he were to kill Chen Feng, the sect would not say anything about it.

A good chance! This is a good chance! Kill this kid and snatch away everything on him! The thought surged into He Tian’s mind.

Sensing the killing intent coming out from He Tian, Chen Feng smirked. He did not panic. Instead, he said, “No rush, come, one by one. At any rate, I am free today!”

After Chen Feng said that, a stream of light shone out from beneath Chen Feng. The Lightstream Shield in one of his Magnetic acupoints thrummed. Then, with a flash, Chen Feng appeared before Ze Fei.

“You-” Ze Fei was stunned. Just as he was about to fight back, he felt his body stiffening. Chen Feng had caught him. Next, the power within him swiftly flowed out and a sense of pain, dread and ache spread throughout his whole body.


Chen Feng loosened his grip and Ze Fei fell to the ground. Chen Feng had absorbed away half of Ze Fei’s power.

Tsk tsk! The Demonic Heavengorging Art feels more overbearing. Yet, it is not as sustainable as the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Chen Feng felt the difference between the two techniques.

“You attacked for real. Fine, fine! Today, no one can save you! I advise you, it is still not too late for you to surrender peacefully,” He Tian said with a sneer.

“Surrender peacefully? You must be joking!” Chen Feng laughed out. Next, his figure flashed and he re-appeared before Zhao Quan.

“You dare?!” Zhao Hai was quick to react. He swiftly drew his sword to slash at Chen Feng. Lightning bolts coursed through the surface of the sword. Shockingly, those were Sky Lightning.

Chen Feng, however, ignored Zhao Hai’s attack and his hand shot out to grab Zhao Quan’s hand. Amongst all the cultivators present, Zhao Quan was the weakest. He was even weaker than Ze Fei. Thus, when Chen Feng grabbed his hand, he cried out loudly.


Zhao Hai’s sword – containing lightning bolts of destruction – struck Chen Feng’s body heavily. And yet, Chen Feng remained immobile and unscathed. It was as though Zhao Hai’s attack was just a scratch. It had utterly failed to wound Chen Feng.

“How is this possible?!” Zhao Hai was astounded. However, he did not back away. Instead, sword light burst out from his palm to envelop Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, who was devouring Zhao Quan’s power, ignored the hundred plus attacks striking his body. Rather, he felt disdain towards them. He had refined a grade 9 Prized-tier body armour. It would be weird if Zhao Hai could break through his defence. Fortunately for Zhao Hai, Chen Feng’s cultivation base was insufficient and he could not activate the defensive armour’s power of ice and fire. Otherwise, the rebound from all the attacks Zhao Hai unleashed would have grievously wounded him instead.

“Argh! Brother! Save me! My power is disappearing! This guy is a demon! A devil!” Zhao Quan’s wretched cries reverberated across the building.

This time, Chen Feng did not go easy on his opponent. He devoured all of Zhao Quan’s power, leaving his meridians withered. Even his sea of wisdom had become withered, not a trace of soul power left within. Only a small portion of Zhao Quan’s consciousness was left drifting within.

“Have you had enough?” Chen Feng swung and grabbed Zhao Hai’s sword.

Seeing Chen Feng grab the sword with his bare hand, He Tian and Ma Jun were astounded. No matter how you cut it, Zhao Hai was a Sky Human stage cultivator with 1 Lightning Tribulation under his belt. Additionally, the sword in his hand was also a grade 1 Prized artefact. At that very moment, Zhao Hai had failed to pierce even Chen Feng’s flesh with it. Chen Feng was only a Concealed stage disciple! This display of strength had exceeded their expectations.

“A cultivator who has overcome Lightning Tribulation, not bad.” Chen Feng’s palm abruptly tugged and the sword was snatched away and kept within the Longevity Tower. Next, Chen Feng stepped forward and landed a heavy blow on Zhao Hai, smashing him to the ground and causing him to cough out a copious amount of blood. 

After that, Chen Feng stepped forward yet again to grab Zhao Hai while activating the Demonic Heavengorging Art.

“Attack!” He Tian and Ma Jun could no longer hold themselves back. They unleashed their attacks against Chen Feng simultaneously.

“Great Fairbright Palm!”

“Black Guardbreak Fist!”

A massive palm silhouette with a glossy shine over its surface and a huge, pitch-black fist bombarded Chen Feng’s body.

Given their level of strength, these two attacks from them would have been sufficient to level even a small mountain. However, when the two attacks landed on Chen Feng’s body, they failed to give rise to even a gust of wind. They felt as though the power they unleashed had been unravelled by Chen Feng’s body.

“This is bad! This fellow must surely be wearing body armour. Additionally, it is a high-grade one!” He Tian shouted.

“Use our weapons!”

“Mountainous Guardbreaker Lance!”

“Fairbright Sword!”

Two raging dragons, one white and one black, attacked Chen Feng, who was still devouring Zhao Hai’s power. Zhao Hai was a Sky Human stage cultivator, after all. He was not like Zhao Quan, whose power can be utterly drained in the blink of an eye.

Due to that, Chen Feng ended up getting hit by their attacks and his figure was launched upwards as a result before smashing right through a thick wall. His figure continued blasting backwards, turning the small courtyard into an utter mess.

“We got him!”

“Did we kill him?”

“Humph! So what if we kill him? This kid came here and provoked us. Even if we kill him, would someone come trouble us?”

“Come, let’s go check it out!”

At that moment, a newly-formed crater could be seen within the courtyard. Chen Feng patted the dust off his body and walked out from the crater, unscathed. In his hand was Zhao Hai, who had fallen unconscious.

“You two are quite vicious. Are you not afraid of killing him?” Chen Feng tossed Zhao Hai’s body to the ground. He had originally wanted to devour all of Zhao Hai’s power. However, due to the interruption, he was only able to devour roughly half of them.

“How can you be fine? Just what kind of treasure are you wearing?!” He Tian appeared nervous, the greed in his heart having dissipated. Although that strike earlier was not his strongest attack, it was close to it. And yet, it had failed to break Chen Feng’s defence. That factor alone placed Chen Feng in an invincible position.

“Didn’t you fellows say I have a Sacred artefact?” Chen Feng sneered. With a grasping motion, Bloody Soul appeared in his hand.

“Is the armour on you a Sacred artefact?” He Tian and Ma Jun’s faces contorted to the extreme. If that was the case, they would only be capable of breaking through Chen Feng’s defence by wielding Sacred artefacts of their own.

“He Tian, let’s just leave.” Ma Jun was already thinking about retreating.

He Tian was feeling conflicted. Disregarding the humiliation of leaving like that, he would have gained nothing from this. However, even if he decided not to leave, he couldn’t do anything to Chen Feng.

However, before He Tian could make up his mind, Chen Feng’s attack had arrived. The speed of Bloody Soul was nearly twice as fast as before, arriving before He Tian in the blink of an eye.

“Careful! Don’t get distracted!” The Mountainous Guardbreaker Lance in Ma Jun’s hand blocked Chen Feng’s attack.

Even so, the formidable force behind the attack forced Ma Jun to step backwards, again and again. If Ma Jun had not stepped backwards to unravel the force acting upon him, he would have been forced to drop the lance in his hand.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s feet fluttered without cease as his figure darted about, leaving blood-coloured after-images, which attacked Ma Jun and He Tian.

The two of them were level 2 Sky Human stage cultivators, the most suitable sparring partners for Chen Feng. At any rate, he was protected by his body armour. All he needed to do was to keep attacking. There was simply no need to worry about defence.

He Tian and Ma Jun wanted to retreat. However, Chen Feng had entangled them. Most importantly, Chen Feng simply didn’t care about his own defence. Instead, he was going all out in his offensive. It was a combat style that would normally bring about mutually assured destruction. After a brief exchange of blows, He Tian and Ma Jun were forced back by Chen Feng. Twice, they had successfully struck Chen Feng’s body with their attacks. However, their attacks failed to even scratch his skin. Chen Feng, on the other hand, made use of the opportunity to leave two bloody wounds on Ma Jun and He Tian’s bodies. It was a highly vexing battle for them.

In just a few breaths’ worth of time, Ze Fei’s courtyard had been utterly flattened. The rocks, the trees and even the surrounding restrictive barriers were destroyed in the wake of their battle. 

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