Chapter 299: Visit


“How about we hurry up and leave the sect? We’ll head out and go hide for a bit. I don’t know what is wrong with me today, but I keep feeling jittery,” Ma Yuan said, his brows furrowing.

“I have a suggestion, let’s join Fairbright Club. Didn’t some people from Fairbright Club try to recruit us some time ago? With the protection of Fairbright Club, our situation will not be as bad,” Liu Kai said.

“Hey, do not forget! Chen Feng is not even fearful of the elders. Not to mention, that was an elder from the Zhao Family. Back then, I already knew that Chen Feng is a fearless fellow, but I was just too jealous. In hindsight, had we not leaked the news, nothing would have happened,” Ma Yuan said.

“Enough! Let’s not talk about that anymore. We’ll follow your suggestion, then. Leave Extreme Celestial Sect and hide somewhere for three to five years before returning. An expert at Chen Feng’s level is probably not going to be so petty, right?” Liu Kai nodded his head.

“Sigh! Your jealous emotions were too strong.” Chen Feng’s voice came from the sky above.

“Chen Feng?! Chen Feng is here!” Ma Yuan and Liu Kai were astounded. Immediately, they backed away. Then, they brought out their weapons and got into a defensive stance.

The space before them rippled and Chen Feng appeared before them, an icy smile on his face.

“Some people have no conscience. When you think about it, we can be considered as partners who had fought side by side before. Back in the Demon Trial Grounds, if it weren’t for me, you fellows might have died already. But you just can’t stand the sight of others having good items. Your eyes go red seeing others holding treasures. You don’t want others to have it good because you don’t have good items yourselves, is that it? Seeing me here, are you fellows feeling regretful? Or are you fellows cursing inwardly?” Chen Feng sneered as he approached the two.

“Chen Feng, we were in the wrong! We are fellow disciples here, just let us go. We’ll thank you in the future!” Ma Yuan shouted as he kept backing away.

“Thank me? Betray me, more likely. I will not kill you fellows today. We are fellow disciples, after all. Besides, you fellows are elite disciples. It’d be a serious crime to kill you fellows. However, even if you can escape the death penalty, a punishment is still necessary. If I do not punish you fellows, how am I supposed to continue on in the sect?” Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward to re-appear before the two of them. He then reached out with both hands and placed a palm on each of their heads.

“Go all out!” Ma Yuan and Liu Kai attacked Chen Feng simultaneously. Two top-grade Magic artefacts hacked at Chen Feng’s body.

The two of them were pleasantly surprised to see their attacks connect. However, they then realized that their attacks had not left any mark on Chen Feng’s body. It was as though they had struck an armour of some kind, one with both flexibility and toughness. Next, they felt their primary energies and soul powers roiling about, sucked into Chen Feng’s palm.

“Argh! What kind of cultivation technique is this? It can actually absorb our power! Is it a demonic technique? Chen Feng, you are practicing a demonic technique! Hurry up and let us go, or you’ll blow yourself up!” Ma Yuan shouted.

“Humph!” Chen Feng harrumphed and swung, tossing the two fellows to the ground. In that short span of time, Chen Feng had devoured half of their strength. That included their soul powers. It was not something that they could easily recover anytime soon.

A pity, they are too weak. It is not too helpful for me. However, at the very least, they are cultivators at the domain power realm. Better than nothing, I guess. After that, Chen Feng ignored them and left.

In his opinion, they were already two minor characters to begin with. After the serious blow he landed on their cultivation bases, they would no longer be capable of harming him in the future.

Ma Yuan and Liu Kai watched Chen Feng’s departing figure, feeling dispirited as they did. Although Chen Feng did not kill them, it was a fate worse than death. Their bodies felt empty and a sense of weakness pervaded them. They knew, without the help of spiritual herbs, wanting to recover through gradual cultivation alone would take years. Additionally, it would affect their future cultivation. Should they fail to recover quickly, the later generations would quickly catch up to them. Thinking about their future, they two of them became so dejected that thoughts of suicide began hovering within their minds.

Next up is Ze Fei. I wonder what he is up to? Humph! It has been so long since my troubles began, but he remained a no-show. It seems there is an issue with him as well. Chen Feng considered.

Ze Fei’s residence was slightly farther away and it took Chen Feng one joss stick’s worth of time before reaching his place. This time, Chen Feng did not directly enter. Instead, he hovered high in the sky.

Hey! Ze Fei’s cultivation base is only average, but the restrictive barriers around his residence were set up by Sky Human stage cultivators. There must be something going on here. Chen Feng chuckled.

Chen Feng assessed the place. It would not be an issue for him to break the restrictive barriers, but it would alarm the cultivators inside.

Seeing no other options, Chen Feng had to ask Tower for assistance.

“These are minor restrictive barriers set up by a level 2 Sky Human stage cultivator. Entering is just a piece of cake,” Tower said casually. Next, Chen Feng sensed a wondrous power shoot out from the Longevity Tower to strike the restrictive barriers. The struck spots immediately melted to form a passageway, not triggering any alarm in the process.

Chen Feng then flew forward while considering. If only I had known, I would have bought some high-grade Array Breaker Talismans!

Although they were both elite disciples, Chen Feng noticed that Ze Fei’s residence was of a much higher grade than his residence.

Firstly, the spiritual energy was much more exuberant. The mountain had a more imposing atmosphere. Looking at the trees, grasses, terrain, layout, birds and animals there, Chen Feng could tell that this mountain residence was extraordinary. At the very least, it could be considered very good amongst the elite-rank mountain residences.

Is Ze Fei someone who keeps a low-profile? So, he is someone who actually has a powerful backing? However, it doesn’t seem much. Forget it. No need to think too much about it. I should head inside and check it out first. Chen Feng considered. 

By then, Chen Feng had covered his whole body with Invisibility Talismans. After finding a building, he slowly crept inside. It did not take him long to discover Ze Fei’s whereabouts.

Chen Feng slowly injected his divine sense into his Thousand Seeker Mirror. Immediately, a spiritual wave spread out from the Thousand Seeker Mirror. Next, images appeared on its surface. Inside a building, a group of cultivators was gathered around a red sandalwood table as they discussed something.

Chen Feng’s pupils contracted and he smiled. I didn’t think I’d get to meet so many acquaintances!

In addition to the one Chen Feng was looking for, Ze Fei, there were also Zhao Quan, Zhao Hai, He Tian and Ma Jun. Almost all of them were people who held a grudge against Chen Feng.

Tsk, tsk, what a coincidence! To think that all of them would come together. No question about it. They must be here for me. Chen Feng sneered. 

Chen Feng pointed his finger at the mirror and intermittent sounds could be heard coming from the Thousand Seeker Mirror. Before the soundwaves could spread out, however, they flowed directly into Chen Feng’s ear.

“Ze Fei, what are you afraid of? You have now joined Fairbright Club. Not to mention, our Zhao Family is also protecting you. Even if Chen Feng has 10 times the amount of courage he has, he would not come trouble you,” Zhao Quan said with a sneer. Chen Feng, however, was slightly shocked.

Back then, Chen Feng had wounded Zhao Quan. However, at that very moment, not only was he fully recovered, his cultivation base had risen by another level. He was already a level 7 Concealed stage cultivator. Even Zhao Hai, who was beside him, had overcome Lightning Tribulation. He was presently a level 1 Sky Human stage core disciple.

Zhao Hai’s cultivation talent is quite good. It is only normal for him to break through to the Sky Human stage, but Zhao Quan must have certainly used medicinal items for his breakthrough. As expected of one with a backer, Chen Feng thought.

“However, I have heard that Elder Zhao did not take Chen Feng down.” Ze Fei’s face was somewhat ugly to behold. Like Ma Yuan and Liu Kai, he had – due to his extreme emotions of jealousy – leaked the matter of Chen Feng possessing a Sacred artefact out. Additionally, he was also smarter than Ma Yuan and Liu Kai. He secretly joined Fairbright Club ahead of time. As for Zhao Quan and Zhao Hai, they had visited him after that. The two of them came to inquire information about Chen Feng.

“Humph! Back then, Elder Zhao had only left because he received a vocal transmission from the other elders. Did you think that Elder Zhao could not capture Chen Feng? He is just a minor Concealed stage cultivator!” Zhao Hai said scornfully.

Zhao Hai then turned to look at He Tian and Ma Jun. “He he, I hear that senior brothers also hold a grudge against Chen Feng?”

“That is correct. When the kid came out from the immortal mountain, he had been disrespectful towards us. If it were not for Sage Clearwind’s intervention, I would have captured him there and then. Unexpectedly, in just a short period, his cultivation base has risen to such heights! I suspect he must have acquired some good items from the immortal mountain. Perhaps, he had acquired the Sacred artefact from the mountain,” He Tian said.

“It’s strange. Why aren’t the Club Leaders taking action? Are they not tempted by a Sacred artefact?” Zhao Quan then asked.

“Maybe they do not believe that Chen Feng truly possesses a Sacred artefact,” Zhao Hai replied.

“It is not that. He he! It is because the Club Leaders of Astral Thunder Club, Heavenly Origin Club, Seven Kills Club and even our Fairbright Club are all lofty figures with a certain degree of pride. And if even these figures would not take action, what else could be expected from Extreme Celestial Hall, Sky Human Hall and the other top groups? Or perhaps, those Club Leaders might already possess Sacred artefacts of their own,” He Tian said with a chuckle.

“He he! Senior Brother He, you can be considered as Club Leader Li’s confidant. Don’t you know if he possesses a Sacred artefact or not?” Zhao Hai asked with a chortle.

“He he he he! This is confidential information. I cannot recklessly say anything about that.” He Tian responded with a laugh.

“Fellow brothers, what about my issue?” Unable to hold himself back, Ze Fei interjected.

“Don’t worry. We have already set up restrictive barriers around this mountain. Even if Chen Feng comes, he will be incapable of breaking in. If you are still worried, you can pack up and come stay in our Fairbright Club. No matter how courageous Chen Feng may be, he will not go there to make trouble.” He Tian laughed.

“In that case, I thank Senior Brother He.” Ze Fei breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, he thought to himself. I am already a member of Fairbright Club. They will surely protect me. Once I overcome Lightning Tribulation and become a core disciple, I will no longer need to fear Chen Feng.

“Fine! Let’s move out, then. It just so happens I still have some questions I want to ask about Chen Feng,” said He Tian while getting up.

“Ha ha! Why are you fellows so anxious to leave? Senior Brother He, you said you have something you want to ask? Very well, just ask me.” Chen Feng laughed loudly as he appeared before them all.

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