Chapter 297: Snatching the Sacred Artefact


A group of cultivators were chatting leisurely within Chen Feng’s courtyard.

In addition to the ones Chen Feng knew, such as Luo Bo and the others, there were five other core disciples. Regardless of what intentions they had for coming, be it good or bad, Chen Feng treated them with a smile on his face. At any rate, before they reveal their intentions, they too, were treating Chen Feng with smiles on their faces.

“It seems we’ll have one more Concealed stage cultivator amongst us core disciples,” the youngster with silvery-white hair said.

His name was Zhou You, a level 3 Sky Human stage cultivator. His cultivation base was higher than Yuan Shan’s cultivation base and he possessed quite the status amongst the core disciples. 

Although Zhou You was a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect, he was not cultivating the cultivation techniques of Extreme Celestial Sect. Rather, he was cultivating his family’s legacy technique, Absolute School’s Mad Asura Blade. The reason he joined Extreme Celestial Sect was so that he could cultivate higher-level techniques.

“In other words, there are other core disciples who are at the Concealed stage?” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked. He had assumed that only those who had overcome Lightning Tribulation could be promoted to core disciples. It would appear that was not the case.

“Ha ha! Brother Chen, you have yet to form your domain power. And yet, you were able to get promoted to elite disciple, no?” A loud and unrestrained voice rang out.

Although the one who spoke up had a loud and unrestrained voice, he actually looked decorous. A fair and tender look, slightly gentle, even. However, not a single one there dared look down on him, because he cultivated the extremely overbearing Great Splitter Sword Technique. His name was Luo Kong and his cultivation base was even higher compared to Zhou You’s cultivation base.

“I wonder. How many within the core disciple rank are at the Concealed stage?” Chen Feng asked after a moment’s consideration.

“Four. It is undeniable that those four are geniuses amongst geniuses,” Zhou You said.

Chen Feng nodded. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that none of the core disciples of Extreme Celestial Sect were ordinary cultivators. However, for them to label those four as ‘geniuses amongst geniuses’, the four must surely be no ordinary cultivators. Chen Feng felt the desire to know them.

“However, that number will soon rise to five,” Luo Kong said with a smile.

“It has only been a few days since my promotion to the elite disciple rank. It is somewhat inappropriate for me to rise to core disciple rank now. At any rate, my cultivation level is too low,” Chen Feng said.

“Brother Chen, you should know, but by becoming a core disciple, you will have a better cultivation environment. You will also receive special training from the sect. Those are not things that an elite disciple can hope to contend against. In cultivation, what we cultivators seek are time and opportunity. Brother Chen should consider this properly. Do not miss out,” Zhou You said.

“Senior Brother Zhou’s words ring true. Chen Feng, you should think about it. Put some time aside to take the assessment, accept the assessment task and rise up to the core disciple rank. Although the competition between core disciples is also very intense, their cultivation conditions are indeed much better. Additionally, after becoming a core disciple, the sect will value you more. Some elders would not have the courage to recklessly trouble you,” Bai Ziyan, who was seated beside Chen Feng, advised.

“I will consider it. Recently, I have been focusing on my cultivation retreat. So, my cultivation base is still not stable. Additionally, as you fellows mentioned, the competition between core disciples is more intense. I want to make proper preparations, otherwise what can I do when I get bullied?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Ha ha ha ha! You are not even fearful of Elder Zhao Long! You are afraid that someone would bully you?” Hearing that, the others laughed out.

Zhou You and the other core disciples were the first to leave. Next, Sun Xuan’s group got up as well. However, before leaving, Sun Xuan sent a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng.

“The ones who leaked the news are most likely Ma Yuan, Liu Kai and Ze Fei. It is possible that all three of them had a hand in it, or maybe just one or two of them.” 

Chen Feng nodded and said nothing. He observed Sun Xuan’s group as they left, a slightly blank look on his face.

“What is it? What is on your mind?” It was then that Bai Ziyan came over.

Regarding Bai Ziyan’s jade-like visage, Chen Feng could not stop his heart from stirring. He recalled the first time he encountered Bai Ziyan. Back then, he had thought of her as a lofty and unattainable fairy. At that moment, however, the distance between the two of them was slowly shrinking.

If I get into a fight with her now, what will the result be? The thought suddenly crossed Chen Feng’s mind.

“He he, I was wondering how powerful are you,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Is that so? Are you thinking of sparring with me? Although you are very strong now, you still have not overcome Lightning Tribulation. Your soul power has yet to undergo baptism. In a fight, you will lose for certain. Of course, things will be different if you have refined that top-grade Prized artefact,” Bai Ziyan said with a smirk. 

“Yes. Back then, if Yuan Shan had been vigilant and displayed his full strength, I would have been no match for him.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

“Only after overcoming Lightning Tribulation can you discover it. There is a world of difference between the Concealed stage and the Sky Human stage. It is very difficult to close up that difference. Still, Concealed stage cultivators with monstrous might like you are extremely rare. Given your current strength, if you can overcome Lightning Tribulation, you would have been able to instantly kill off Yuan Shan. Rather, not even Zhao Long could be a match for you. However, I am somewhat curious. How did you unravel Zhao Long’s Sky Lightning?” Bai Ziyan looked at Chen Feng with unblinking eyes.

Although Bai Ziyan was something of a guide within Chen Feng’s path of cultivation, he could not expose the Longevity Tower’s existence. Thus, he simply smiled and said, “It is as they say, I possess a Sacred artefact!”

“There really is a Sacred artefact?” Bai Ziyan was stunned. Chen Feng bringing out the top-grade Prized artefact earlier was already a very shocking sight for her. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng truly did possess a Sacred artefact.

Sacred artefact. What type of existence was the Sacred artefact? It was a magic treasure of a higher tier compared to the Prized artefact. It was the magic treasure that only Human Immortals could fully refine and utilize.

Chen Feng nodded his head and brought the Demon Sealing Sword out. Although it only had the appearance of an ordinary sword, Bai Ziyan’s eyes glinted as she regarded it. No matter how you cut it, Bai Ziyan had overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations before. It was only natural for her to possess a discerning sight and knowledge.

“What a powerful Sacred artefact! This sword is at least a grade 6 Sacred artefact!” Bai Ziyan’s eyes shone ceaselessly.

Chen Feng nodded, not saying anything. Truth be told, he was thinking to himself. That is only natural, otherwise how could it seal that Demon King? A Demon King is the equivalent of a Human Immortal!

Additionally, Tower had identified the sword before. It was indeed a grade 6 Sacred artefact. When Chen Feng recalled that matter, he felt admiration towards Bai Ziyan’s discerning eyes.

“May I have a look?” asked Bai Ziyan after a moment’s consideration.

“Of course. It is not an issue.” Chen Feng smiled as he handed the Demon Sealing Sword to Bai Ziyan.

As Bai Ziyan was about to pick up the sword, something unexpected happened. A black, ink-like palm suddenly reached out from space and grabbed the Demon Sealing Sword.

“Someone is hiding nearby!” Chen Feng cried out in shock.

“Humph! I have long since noticed you. Can you not hold back anymore?” Bai Ziyan shouted and swung her hand. A bolt of lightning – as thick as a finger – shot out to swiftly form a lightning net. The net then enveloped the air. 

The move to utilize Sky Lightning to form a net was done swiftly, eliciting a secret praise from Chen Feng.

However, it missed. After grabbing the Demon Sealing Sword, the black palm immediately hid itself up and Bai Ziyan’s attack missed.

“Humph! Sword Energy Cage!” Bai Ziyan’s face turned utterly cold, different from what Chen Feng was used to. Her Moonbow Sword suddenly appeared in the sky and wave after wave of water ripple-like sword energy spread out. Everywhere it went, space would freeze.

“Transforming sword energy into ripples, firmness and gentleness working side by side. This chick is very strong,” Tower praised.

Chen Feng was slightly surprised. This was the first time Tower had praised someone else. Thus, Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking Tower, “How powerful?”

“At the very least, her comprehension ability is more powerful than yours.” Tower landed a critical hit!

“He he! It is just a matter of time before I surpass her,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“Humph! You have the gall to say that? You possess the Longevity Tower and cultivate the Longevity Scripture. It would be abnormal if you cannot become the number one figure on Eternal World!” Tower scorned Chen Feng’s shamelessness.

“All right, let’s not talk about that. Can Bai Ziyan stop the other fellow?” Chen Feng asked, still smiling. It seemed he was unconcerned that his Demon Sealing Sword had been stolen.

“No. Although this little girl’s cultivation base is decent, the one hiding in the dark is at level 5 of the Sky Human stage. Additionally, the stealth technique he cultivates is no ordinary technique as well,” Tower replied coolly.

“Why aren’t you taking action, then?” Hearing that, Chen Feng grew anxious. This opponent had overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations. If the Demon Sealing Sword ended up getting snatched away, it would be too big of a loss for Chen Feng.

“He he! No rush!” Tower chortled.

“Hey, hey, you want to imprison me with a minor Sword Energy Cage? You should go back and cultivate for another 100 years!” A ghastly voice rang out from the void. Next, Chen Feng felt a formidable killing intent erupt forth from the void. The intensity of the killing intent secretly shocked Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The Sword Energy Cage that Bai Ziyan set up exploded. The cage was no more.

“What a formidable killing intent! You are the Club Leader of Seven Kills Club, Qi Sha!” Bai Ziyan exclaimed.

“You have discerning eyes.” The ghastly voice rang out once again. This time, however, it came from every direction, making it impossible to gauge his location.

“You are a Club Leader. Hiding in the dark and launching a sneak attack, are you not afraid of losing face?” Bai Ziyan sneered. Having known that the other party was Qi Sha, she stopped attacking. After all, Qi Sha was two levels above her. Starting a fight would be pointless.

“Ha ha ha ha! The ultimate goal of us cultivators is power! So what if we resort to certain tricks if we can obtain power?” There was a hint of smugness within Qi Sha’s ghastly voice.

“All right, Junior Sister Bai. Let’s end this here. You are no match for me, so don’t try to attack. The reason I came here is for this Sacred artefact, not to start a fight. Since I have acquired it, it is time I take my leave. Once I refine this Sacred artefact, no one else within the core disciple rank can be a match for me. I can even rise to the rank of sect legacy disciple! In the future, competing for the position of Sect Master will also be a possibility! Ha ha ha ha!” The more Qi Sha spoke, he became even more smug. He then laughed out loudly.

“You want to take the Sacred artefact away? It looks like you haven’t asked its owner’s opinion.” It was then that Chen Feng spoke up. He seriously couldn’t stand it anymore. He increasingly felt that this fellow known as Qi Sha was a buffoon. He had cultivated a stealth technique to such a high level. And yet, after succeeding in his endeavour, he did not hurry up and escape. Instead, he chose to stay and began chatting. In fact, the longer he spent chatting, the more animated he became. In the end, he gave off the feeling of the world’s number one.

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