Chapter 295: Elder


Thankfully for him, the power behind Chen Feng’s fist was already exhausted. If Chen Feng could push out just a bit more power, Yuan Shan would have been blasted away, his body grievously wounded. Even so, dread filled Yuan Shan’s heart. He feared that Chen Feng would send another punch forward. Should that happen, it wouldn’t simply end with him getting wounded. Even his magic treasure, the Floating Mountain, would be shattered.

Witnessing that, Bai Ziyan was shocked, incapable of understanding what had just happened. She recalled the first time she encountered Chen Feng. Back then, he was just a lesser cultivator who did not know anything about cultivation, not even at the Concealed stage. But at that very moment, after just a short span of time, Chen Feng could actually bring a level 3 Sky Human stage cultivator down to the point of him coughing blood; with just one punch! Even Bai Ziyan did not have the confidence in doing so.

Truth be told, Chen Feng had been super lucky. Firstly, Yuan Shan had underestimated him. He did not expect Chen Feng to be so powerful. If Yuan Shan had utilized his secret magics and combat techniques to do battle against Chen Feng, such a result would not have happened. Secondly, Chen Feng had been training under the force of gravity earlier. Every bit of his suppressed power was unleashed in one go in that one punch. The power behind the punch was far superior compared to what Chen Feng could normally unleash.

It wasn’t just Bai Ziyan who was stunned. Even the distant elite disciples, the core disciples and elders, who were secretly observing the situation, were shocked. What happened? Is that really still an elite disciple? How is this possible? This must be an illusion. Absolutely.

After witnessing what just happened, their first reaction was to show disbelief. However, they quickly came to a conclusion. Chen Feng possessed a Sacred artefact. If so, the mighty punch earlier must have been done by borrowing the power of the Sacred artefact.

Can Concealed stage cultivators unleash the power of a Sacred artefact? Some of the Sky Human stage cultivators began pondering.

Seeing the power of the punch shocked even Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, his strength had risen to such a high level.

“Kid, this small mountain is a magic treasure. Additionally, it is a grade 4 Prized artefact,” Tower suddenly said.

A grade 4 Prized artefact! Not to mention, it is formed using the power of earth. It is suitable for me. Chen Feng became desirous of the Prized artefact. Since you fellows are here to cause a ruckus, don’t blame me for being rude. Besides, I am lacking in magic treasures right now.

When the thought crossed Chen Feng’s mind, he swiftly took action. Taking a step forward, he slapped heavily against the Floating Mountain. Following a cracking sound, more cracks appeared on the surface of the Floating Mountain even as Yuan Shan was sent flying from the shockwave.

“This magic treasure is mine.” Chen Feng stretched his five fingers out to tightly grab the Floating Mountain. The Floating Mountain shook intensely for a bit, but was incapable of extricating itself from Chen Feng’s grip. Finally, it grew still.

“What is going on here?” It was then that the sect elders arrived.

Only two elders came from the Hall of Elders. The two of them were middle-aged cultivators. After arriving, they casually asked a question. That simple act from them released an atmosphere of majesty. It was the atmosphere developed from occupying a position of superiority for an extended period of time.

“Greetings, elders.” Suddenly, a ripple spread out from the sky and two Sky Human stage cultivators revealed themselves. The two of them were also core disciples. They had been hiding in the dark while enjoying the show. At that moment, however, they finally chose to reveal themselves.

“You two, come over and tell us what happened,” one of the elders, Zhao Long, said coolly.

“Yes, elder. What happened was…” One of them came forward and informed them what he witnessed earlier.

“Chen Feng? Sacred artefact?!” When he was done, Zhao Long’s eyes glinted. Clearly, he was considering something. 

“Chen Feng, you need to be careful. The two elders who came are Zhao Long and Liu Shan. The two of them have overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations. Zhao Long is also a member of the Zhao Family. As there is a conflict between you and the Zhao Family, I fear he will use his status to throw his weight around.” Bai Ziyan sent a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng.

The Zhao Family again? Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump.

“They are coming,” said Bai Ziyan.

“Greetings, elders!” When Zhao Long and Liu Shan came, Chen Feng and Bai Ziyan stepped forward to bow respectfully.

“So, it is Junior Sister Bai.” Clearly, both Zhao Long and Liu Shan recognized Bai Ziyan. After giving Bai Ziyan a nod, they turned to look at Chen Feng.

“You are Chen Feng?” Zhao Long’s eyes shone and a formidable aura charged towards Chen Feng.

“Yes,” Chen Feng’s face remained unchanged as he replied coolly. He appeared indifferent towards Zhao Long’s aura.

“Humph! Raising demonic beasts and wounding fellow disciples for no reason. Follow me to the Punishment Hall right now and accept your punishment!” Zhao Long’s face contorted and he shouted.

As expected, he is here to give me problems. However, his excuses are somewhat idiotic. Chen Feng sneered inwardly.

“I remember our sect’s rules clearly. I don’t seem to have violated our sect’s rules. May I know why you two elders want to punish me? Surely, you are not making use of your status and cultivation base to suppress us weaker disciples?” Chen Feng said with a sneer, seemingly not giving the two elders any respect.

Moreover, Chen Feng had also deliberately spoken loudly to let even the distant disciples hear him.

“Raising demons and yaos is a big sin,” Liu Shan shouted coldly.

“Is it a big sin just because you said it is? The sect’s rules state that sect disciples can raise living creatures to guard their residences. My actions are approved by the rules. It is very reasonable. You elders are slandering me, saying that I violated sect rules, even wanting to capture me. What are you plotting?” Chen Feng’s expression remained unchanging as he retorted scornfully.

“Humph! Your actions of wounding your fellow disciples is a fact, no? Additionally, you snatched away your fellow disciple’s magic treasure. It is an even bigger sin. Hand over the item!” Having said that, Zhao Long immediately made his move. It was a very simple move. He simply reached out with his palm to grab the Floating Mountain in Chen Feng’s palm.

Chen Feng had long since prepared himself for this. Seeing Zhao Long making his move, and despite knowing that he was no match for him, Chen Feng was unwilling to go down quietly. He furiously exerted his might into the Floating Mountain in his grip and it screamed through the air to smash against Zhao Long. At the same time, Chen Feng used the opportunity to charge forward and followed it up with a punch.

Although this punch was not as powerful as the one he had unleashed earlier, it was the strongest punch that Chen Feng could unleash.

Chen Feng’s response could be considered a fairly accomplished move. However, Zhao Long merely raised one hand to catch the Floating Mountain. At the same time, he gestured with his hand and Chen Feng felt the power behind his punch getting drawn out. The power within his body spilled out continuously.

Chen Feng was shocked. However, he did not panic. With a thought, the Thunder Sword and Poison Needle attacked Zhao Long, one from the left and one from the right.

The Thunder Sword had been forged using the Thunderhawk’s talon while the Poison Needle was forged using the Demon Scorpion’s stinger. Both magic treasures could be used for sneak attacks. This attack from Chen Feng elicited a frown from Zhao Long.

Immediately, however, a burst of astral lightning spread out from Zhao Long’s body to stop Chen Feng’s Thunder Sword and Poison Needle in mid-air.

However, Chen Feng’s attack was not over. The Overwhelming Astral Sword and the Shadowless Goldshine Blade slashed towards Zhao Long, one from the top and one from the bottom.

Two more Prized artefacts! Zhao Long’s heart gave a thump. However, he did not panic. Instead, he simply gave a scoff. Countless electrical currents surged out from his body to swiftly form a massive palm, which shot towards Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, careful! That is the power of Sky Lightning!” Bai Ziyan, who was standing nearby, warned Chen Feng.

By the time Bai Ziyan uttered the warning, however, the massive palm had already caught Chen Feng in its grasp. Only Sky Human stage cultivators, having overcome Lightning Tribulation, could condense Sky Lightning to defend themselves and attack their enemies.

“Humph! A minor Concealed stage disciple dares attack me? Fine. I will capture you back first. All these magic treasures must be confiscated,” Zhao Long said with a sneer.

Next, however, Zhao Long saw something unbelievable. A potent suction force suddenly emerged from Chen Feng’s body and the lightning palm gripping Chen Feng shook before transforming into fragments. The chaotic fragments of lightning power then flowed into Chen Feng’s body and disappeared.

Next, Chen Feng brought out a blood-red lance to attack Zhao Long. When Zhao Long saw his Sky Lightning mysteriously absorbed into Chen Feng’s body, a sense of fear gripped him. Thus, in the face of Chen Feng’s attack, he swiftly flew backwards. Chen Feng then used the opening to keep back his magic treasures, stopping his attack against Zhao Long.

In terms of combat power, there was too big of a difference between Chen Feng and Zhao Long. In the earlier exchange, Chen Feng had relied on his high number of magic treasures in order to unleash several attacks against Zhao Long. The average cultivator, when caught by the lightning palm, formed using Sky Lightning, would be immediately electrocuted unconscious. However, do not forget, Chen Feng’s skin had merged with a grade 9 Prized tier body armour. That level of attack was simply incapable of breaking Chen Feng’s defence. As for the Sky Lightning, it was absorbed by the Longevity Tower.

However, in the exchange earlier, the Floating Mountain in Chen Feng’s hand had been snatched by Zhao Long. No matter how Chen Feng considered it, snatching it back was simply impossible.

Chen Feng had experienced the might of a Sky Human stage expert. All things aside, the Sky Lightning he condensed out was not something that Chen Feng could break through, unless Chen Feng could unleash the might of the grade 9 Prized artefacts within the Longevity Tower.

However, a Concealed stage disciple had gotten into a conflict with an elder, one who had overcome Lightning Tribulation. Additionally, it would appear he did not suffer from any losses. That alone was enough to shock the surrounding disciples. Not to mention, Zhao Long was a level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator.

Although the Floating Mountain was snatched away earlier, Chen Feng did not suffer any loss of face. Instead, he had struck fear into the hearts of the other elite disciples. They feared that Chen Feng would want to settle this account in the future. Given his present display of strength, even if all the elite disciples were to swarm him, they would not be able to beat him.

“Hurry up and scram! This Chen Feng is too monstrous, he is simply a defiance of the Heavens!”

“Yes. To be able to exchange blows with an expert with 5 Lightning Tribulations under his belt even though he is only at the Concealed stage. Could he have refined the Sacred artefact?”

“That must surely be the case. While he still hasn’t found out about us, hurry up and leave!”

Some of the elite disciples who came with certain designs grew fearful. They slowly backed away before surreptitiously leaving. Even some of those who were there to enjoy the show had chosen to back away. In the world of cultivation, might makes right. Having found out just how powerful Chen Feng was, they would do well to hide far away from him. 

The disciples that had taken action to break into his mountain residence had looks of uncertainty on their faces. They had offended such a powerful expert. This was no joking matter. If Chen Feng was someone who wanted revenge for the slightest offence, all the elite disciples that had attacked earlier would be in a world of trouble. Just look at him! He even has the balls to fight against an elder with 5 Lightning Tribulations under his belt!

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