Chapter 294: Might of One Punch


“You’re courting death!”

Purplebolt instantly attacked. The five fingers on one of his palms stretched out and silvery-white scales swiftly covered the palm. At the same time, bolts of lightning flashed out, shooting towards Tie Mu.

“You are the one courting death,” Tie Mu said with a sneer. He too, made a grasping motion. His fingers turned black, as black as iron. He was displaying a magic technique from Extreme Celestial Sect, the Iron Rending Hand. Even without cultivating to the Concealed stage, Tie Mu would be capable of tearing iron with it. With his present cultivation base of level 1 of the Sky Human stage, his grip would cause cracks to appear on a grade 1 Prized artefact.

Heh! It is said that Great Yaos have strong fleshly bodies. Let me witness just how strong it is! Tie Mu thought to himself, a sneer on his face.

As Tie Mu’s cultivation base was insufficient, he was incapable of seeing Purplebolt’s original form. If he could, he would not have charged out, not even with twice the amount of courage he currently possessed.


Their two palms collided and a shockwave abruptly erupted from the point of collision. Tie Mu’s five fingers cracked as a result, causing him so much pain that he whined out in misery. If it were not for Yuan Shan, who supported him, he would have been sent flying from the collision.

“You dare put on airs with just this level of strength?” The rage within Purplebolt did not subside. Instead, it rose higher. His palm swung out once more, this time against the nearby Liu Heifeng.

This time, however, Purplebolt’s attack was stopped. Yuan Shan had made his move.

The power contained within Yuan Shan’s palm was wild, thick and deep. A faint-yellow, glossy shine moved across the surface of his palm. With just one exchange, Purplebolt realized that Yuan Shan was cultivating the power of earth. Additionally, Yuan Shan’s level was higher than his.

As Purplebolt was attempting to retreat, Yuan Shan’s palm turned to grab Purplebolt’s talon. Immediately, Purplebolt felt a thick and solid power bearing down against him. It was as though he was facing a great mountain.

“Not good!” Purplebolt was shocked. He brought forth all his power and stream after stream of purple-coloured bolts of lightning flowed through his arm to assault Yuan Shan.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

A series of exploding sounds rang out and the flesh on Purplebolt’s arm burst outwards, exposing flesh and blood. Even Yuan Shan’s arm was trembling, his sleeve having torn to pieces due to the explosions.

Purplebolt used the opening to retreat. He extricated himself from Yuan Shan’s grasp and hastily healed the injuries on his arm. At the same time, he secretly used his soul to communicate with Chen Feng.

As there was a soul link between Chen Feng and Purplebolt, utilizing his soul was the fastest way to communicate with Chen Feng.

“So, you are a wyrm!” Yuan Shan was slightly taken aback.

“However, you have only overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation. You are no match for me. Now, make way!” Yuan Shan continued with a sneer.

Yuan Shan had overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations. By Purplebolt’s estimate, should he attack, he would end up losing. If only he had broken through one more time, the strength of his fleshly body alone would make it so he need not fear them. At that moment, however, he was incapable of stopping them. Additionally, there were two others beside Yuan Shan.

“Senior Brother Yuan, let’s not exchange nonsense with him. Just capture this Great Yao and add a mountain spirit guardian for your Floating Mountain,” said Tie Mu, who was standing beside Yuan Shan.

When the surrounding cultivators were forcing their way into the mountain, Chen Feng was in the midst of honing himself inside the Longevity Tower. By then, he was already training under 70 times the force of gravity. He could already cultivate his body normally. The streams of primary energy within him flowed uninterrupted and his blood energy surged ceaselessly.

“Good! Now, time to increase the pressure.” After Tower spoke up, Chen Feng immediately felt the pressure on his body increasing slowly.

Chen Feng gritted his teeth and was in the midst of resisting it when he suddenly received a message from Purplebolt.

“What? So many people came to cause trouble?!” Chen Feng was taken aback.

In other words, someone had leaked the news. Even core disciples came. It seems the temptation of a Sacred artefact is very big. Chen Feng sneered.

“What nonsense! Sacred artefacts are the standard magic treasures of Human Immortals. Forget the Concealed stage, even Sky Human stage cultivators would want to snatch it. Kid, you are fairly strong right now. Cultivators at level 1 of the Sky Human stage are no match for you. However, if you encounter those at level 2 or 3 of the Sky Human stage, you should still exercise caution. At any rate, the moment they overcome Lightning Tribulation, their souls would have been baptised by Sky Lightning. Their souls will become more condensed and could give birth to some wondrous magics. Most importantly, by reaching the Sky Human stage, they can unleash the power of some formidable magic techniques. In a contest of who has the stronger fleshly body, you will have no need to fear. However, you are still somewhat inferior in terms of soul power,” Tower slowly said.

“Yes. Relatively speaking, even though I have absorbed some soul power from the demonic beasts, my soul power is not at the same level as my fleshly body. It seems I will need to figure a way to improve my soul power,” Chen Feng replied.

“Humph! You are currently cultivating the Demonic Heavengorging Art. You possess an innate ability to suppress demonic beasts. If there is the opportunity, you can go find a few Great Demons and devour them. Besides, the Heavengulping Absorption Technique from the Longevity Scripture is not just there for show. It can absorb all the surrounding life forces. Truth be told, just by cultivating one of these two secret techniques would be enough for you to dominate the Eternal World. Of course, that is assuming you have a high enough cultivation base,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“All right. Let’s stop my training here. I need to go out and have a look, otherwise those fellows will really break in,” Chen Feng said.

“Very well. After training for so long, it is time for you to test and experience your strength.” After Tower said that, Chen Feng felt the force of gravity acting on his body disappear.


With a flash, Chen Feng’s figure exited the Longevity Tower.

By then, Purplebolt had begun fighting Yuan Shan again. The moment their fight began, Purplebolt had been forced to retreat again and again. Even the restrictive barriers around the mountain were breaking down due to Yuan Shan’s attacks.

“Since this snake is not willing to give way, I will have to capture it first.” Yuan Shan swung his hand and the Floating Mountain slowly descended upon Purplebolt.

Purplebolt wanted to escape, but a formidable energy was locking him down. Even the power of earth was emerging to entangle him.

“Go all out!” Purplebolt gritted his teeth and was about to transform to his original form when a moonlight sword luminescence shot forward from afar. In just a flash, it had arrived before the Floating Mountain. Next, it swiftly swirled around the Floating Mountain. Beams of sword energy raged about and the Floating Mountain’s thick aura was immediately cut into pieces. Even the mountain was shaking as a result.

Purplebolt felt the restraining power on his body loosening. Without giving it much thought, he rapidly dodged to the side.

“Who is it?” Yuan Shan said seriously. With a wave of his hand, the Floating Mountain shrank and landed on his palm.

Bai Ziyan flew forward, her white clothes fluttering in the wind. A glossy shine enveloped her figure, giving off the image of a fairy descending upon the mountaintop. At the same time, the moonlight sword luminescence slipped into Bai Ziyan’s body.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Yuan,” Bai Ziyan said coolly.

“So, it is Junior Sister Bai.” Seeing Bai Ziyan, a captivated look flashed across Yuan Shan’s face.

“Why did Junior Sister Bai stop me earlier?” Yuan Shan asked with a smile.

“Chen Feng is my friend.” Bai Ziyan’s words were very direct. It seemed she did not want to talk to Yuan Shan.

“He he! Truth be told, I did not come here bearing ill intentions. I just wanted to meet Chen Feng. However, this elite disciple doesn’t seem to have any respect towards us core disciples.” Yuan Shan’s eyes glinted.

“Ha ha! You fellows wanted to force your way in right after arriving. Additionally, you even wounded my mountain spirit guardian. If this doesn’t count as ill intent, what does?” It was then that Chen Feng rushed down from the mountain summit, laughing as he did. His feet tapped the ground as he rushed forward and it took him only a few taps to arrive before them.

“Who do you think you are? A minor elite disciple dares act with impudence before us core disciples? Hurry up and apologize! Otherwise, I will let you know the difference between the Concealed stage and the Sky Human stage!” Tie Mu stepped forward and shouted.

“And who do you think you are to be shouting loudly in my place? Hurry up and scram!” Chen Feng shouted. Instantly, he dashed forward and threw out a punch at Tie Mu. 

Seeing Chen Feng attack the moment he arrived, Yuan Shan’s group of three revealed looks of ridicule. No matter how powerful a Concealed stage cultivator may be, he was still a Concealed stage cultivator. There was a world of difference between a Concealed stage cultivator and a Sky Human stage cultivator who had overcome Lightning Tribulation.

When Chen Feng first appeared, a look of surprise flashed across Bai Ziyan’s face. Seeing Chen Feng attack, she did not stop him. Instead, she curiously observed Chen Feng’s every action.

“You are the one who should scram. Watch as I tear both your arms!” Tie Mu sneered. The five fingers on Tie Mu’s right hand were cracked by Purplebolt earlier. In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, he brought his left hand out. In Tie Mu’s opinion, against a cultivator at Chen Feng’s level, using one hand was enough.

However, when he saw a smile appearing on Chen Feng’s face, a foreboding sensation flashed across Tie Mu’s heart.


A formidable aura spread out from Chen Feng’s body. It was as though a peerless beast had awakened from within Chen Feng’s body, as though a volcano had erupted from within him. Stream after stream of potent energy erupted, bringing chaos to the surrounding spiritual energy. Sensing the ferocity of the atmosphere coming out from Chen Feng’s body, Tie Mu felt as though he was facing a colossal monster. He could not even muster the thought of resisting. Instead, there was only fear.

“Not good!” Yuan Shan’s face sank and he swiftly rushed forward, wanting to block Chen Feng’s attack.

Such power! When did this fellow become so strong? Bai Ziyan too, was stunned. Her eyes shone as she watched the scene unfold.

All of the insight acupoints within Chen Feng’s body was roaring. That was especially true of the newly-opened Essence, Energy, Soul, Blood, Surge and Force acupoints. They erupted wildly. The overwhelming power, accumulated from his recent training, charged out from Chen Feng’s fist all at once.

“NO! It’s so strong!” Yuan Shan’s fist had only just made contact with Chen Feng’s fist when he immediately felt a power – strong enough to topple mountains and overturn seas – charge through his fist to bombard him.

First, tears spread out across his fist. Next, it was his arm. Following that, his shoulder too screamed out in pain. Realizing that he was about to be pulverized by Chen Feng’s punch, Yuan Shan sent his lifebound magic treasure, the Floating Mountain, out to block Chen Feng’s attack.


The mighty power from Chen Feng’s fist smashed into the Floating Mountain.

The Floating Mountain shook and Tie Mu and Liu Heifeng were both swept away by the formidable shockwave. Even Purplebolt had to reflexively take several steps back. Only Bai Ziyan remained still.

The ground beneath Chen Feng began cracking, spreading across over 100 metres before coming to a halt. Cracks had also appeared on the Floating Mountain. As for Yuan Shan, he hid behind the Floating Mountain, his whole body shivering as he gritted his teeth. Blood was trickling down the corner of his mouth.

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