Chapter 293: Core Disciples


“Let’s go!” Ma Yun and Lei Ming exchanged glances and decided to retreat. Having realized how strong the other party was, continuing to go forward was a fool’s errand.

“Humph! What cowards! Retreating just because of that? Watch me!” Suddenly, a tall and muscular cultivator wielding a curved blade, which flashed with bolts of lightning, slashed at the mountain.


The restrictive barriers abruptly opened up, allowing the cultivator to charge inside. Next, everyone present watched as a gold-coloured monkey engaged the tall and muscular cultivator.

“That is the spirit animal that Chen Feng raises. And that fellow is Zhao Meng, a level 9 Concealed stage cultivator,” said Luo Bo.

“The Four-eared Spirit Monkey is a variant beast. It is very fast and its fleshly body is even more formidable. Zhao Meng is unlikely to gain the upper hand,” said the observing Sun Xuan.

“A good opportunity! Come, let’s attack together!” At the same time, two cultivators who were not far away from Sun Xuan, charged towards Chen Feng’s mountain residence after a brief discussion.

Seeing someone entangle the Four-eared Spirit Monkey, the two of them believed that there was an opportunity to enter. Thus, they hastily made their move. However, the moment they entered the mountain, one of them cried out wretchedly and was blasted far away. His figure then smashed against the ground, unconscious.

“Eh, how peculiar? That fellow earlier was ambushed. Did the Great Yao staying around Chen Feng attack? It didn’t seem that way to me.” Sun Xuan grew puzzled.

Despite having witnessed the cultivator getting blasted out, everyone there was incapable of grasping what had happened. Were there other experts living in the mountain?

The other cultivator, seeing his companion sent flying, became shocked. He immediately released his domain. However, he had only just released his domain when a formidable force slammed against him. The domain around him instantly shattered. As for the cultivator, he coughed out blood as his figure was knocked out as well. He could not even see who had ambushed him before fainting. It was truly a depressing matter. 

However, his inability to see who ambushed him did not signify that the others were unable to do so. An elite disciple immediately shouted, “I see it! It’s a demonic beast! Chen Feng is actually raising demonic beasts in his mountain! This is a great crime! Everyone, attack! Break open the restrictive barriers, capture Chen Feng for his crime!”

“There aren’t just demonic beasts. There are also yao beasts! Chen Feng must certainly be a monster. Everyone, hurry up and attack! Slay the yaos, purge the demons!” Another cultivator followed suit to rally the others.


Immediately, tens of elite disciples swarmed forward to assault the restrictive barriers around the mountain.

Naturally, only a small number amongst the hundreds of elite disciples there had chosen to attack.

Truth be told, not all of them had designs on Chen Feng’s magic treasures. A considerable number amongst them was there to simply enjoy the show. Even if Chen Feng was truly in possession of a Sacred artefact, could it be easy to snatch? Besides, even if their side were to succeed, they wouldn’t be the ones to obtain the Sacred artefact. 

At any rate, almost all the ones who came were elite disciples and their level of strength was pretty much equal. At present, the ones attacking were those with some backing. The other average disciples had the heart but not the ability. Thus, it would be better for them to simply enjoy the show. Charging forward like a fool against someone who possessed a Sacred artefact? They’d be on the losing end.

“These fellows are crossing the line! Are we simply going to watch?” Luo Bo flexed his fists, ready to charge forward. 

“Don’t be hasty. If we charge forward, it will result in a group battle. When that happens, matters would escalate to an uncontrollable level,” Sun Xuan said.

“Is this not already a group battle?” Luo Bo pointed at the tens of cultivators attacking the mountain’s restrictive barrier, a sneer on his face. 

“Chen Feng has yet to make his move. He should have a plan. Besides, Chen Feng has a Great Yao on his side. He should be able to handle this. If we step forward now, we’ll just end up causing chaos,” Sun Xuan said.

“There are so many disciples swarming forward. Even if he is strong, I fear that Senior Brother Chen would be incapable of handling it.” Luo Bo was still feeling concerned.

“Don’t worry. Should that happen, the sect will certainly intervene. The way I see it, as long as no Sky Human stage expert appears, this matter will not escalate to a serious point,” Sun Xuan said.

That was true. Disregarding the fact that Chen Feng was still in his cultivation retreat, if he truly did emerge, he would not view these elite disciples as a threat. Given his present level of strength, even if there were more of these elite disciples around, Chen Feng could instantly wipe the floor with them. In Eternal World, cultivators as monstrous as Chen Feng – at his cultivation level – were far and few in between.

Zhao Meng, who was fighting against Four Ears, was defeated. The curved blade in his hand was snatched by Four Ears while his muscular body rolled down the mountain. When his body finally hit the foot of the mountain, it was filled with wounds and he could no longer get up.

After having dealt with Zhao Meng, Four Ears began provoking the others while the Phantom Beast stealthily executed sneak attacks while hiding in the dark.

When Chen Feng had captured this Phantom Beast, it was the equivalent of a level 8 Concealed stage cultivator. After following Chen Feng, it had continued to cultivate itself inside the Longevity Tower. It also received some spiritual herbs from Chen Feng. At present, this Phantom Beast was not far away from breaking through to the Great Demon stage. In terms of combat strength, it was slightly above Four Ears. The Phantom Beast’s most powerful ability was stealth, after all. Back then, it had even left Chen Feng in a frantic state.

And yet, despite their strength, they were still inferior in the face of tens of elite disciples. These were the elite disciples of Extreme Celestial Sect, after all. They were not the kind of existences that loose cultivators could match up against.

These elite disciples possessed high cultivation levels and magic treasures. They had also cultivated out several magic techniques. They possessed wondrous magic techniques, teeming energies and even several level 9 Concealed stage disciples amongst their ranks. After doing battle for some time, Four Ears and the Phantom Beast began retreating. At the same time, the restrictive barriers around the mountain began breaking, the handiwork of the elite disciples.

“Since Junior Brother Chen refuses to show us respect, we’ll break the restrictive barriers and go in ourselves,” a level 9 Concealed stage disciple said coldly, his voice spreading throughout the mountain.

The disciple had only just spoken when a purple-coloured bolt of lightning pierced the sky to strike the disciple.


The disciple’s whole body turned stiff and his figure began free-falling. He fell straight down. Thankfully, there were some trees to break his fall. If he had fallen head-first, he would be in for a world of hurt.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Immediately after that, six purple-coloured bolts of lightning shot out, one following the other. For every bolt of lightning sent out, an elite disciple would be struck and he or she would fall to the ground, unconscious. Some, who were seriously wounded, suffered from wounds to their internal organs and they kept coughing out blood.


Witnessing the spectacle, the remaining elite disciples who had been engaging Four Ears and the Phantom Beast lost the courage to continue fighting. One by one, they turned around and fled. They feared that they would be struck by the bolts of lightning next.

“As expected, it is a Sky Human stage cultivator. It seems these elite disciples here had come here for nothing.” Unknowingly, a small mountain was floating up in the sky, not too far away from Chen Feng’s mountain residence. The small mountain was 10 zhang wide, with a sharp head and a wide base. If it were not for the small number of flowers and grasses growing on it, others would have assumed it to be a large piece of rock.

Three young cultivators stood atop the small mountain. The one in the middle had a smile on his face as he regarded Chen Feng’s mountain residence.

“Floating Mountain! Yuan Shan is here!” The elite disciples there immediately exclaimed.

“Yuan Shan is a core disciple and the Floating Mountain in his hand is a very powerful Prized artefact. This is a matter between us elite disciples! What are the core disciples coming here for?!”

“A Sacred artefact. We’re talking about a Sacred artefact here! Forget core disciples, even the sect legacy disciples would be moved!” 

“Since the core disciples have made their move, there is no hope for us elite disciples. We’d do well to put some distance between us and them. We’ll just enjoy the show!”

“This is bad! It’s Yuan Shan. There are two other core disciples beside him. What do we do now?” Luo Bo said anxiously.

At that moment, Sun Xuan himself was at a loss. With the intervention of core disciples, the elite disciples there could only step aside.

“Go to the Hall of Elders and ask the elders to come stop this,” Sun Xuan hastily said.

“That is right! Ask the elders to come!” Luo Bo’s eyes lit up.

“Hurry! Go!”

It was one thing for the elders to not show up when the elite disciples were having a dispute. However, not appearing when core disciples were attempting to bully elite disciples would be a tough issue to explain for the ones in charge.

“Core disciple, Yuan Shan, is here to visit Junior Brother Chen.” Yuan Shan suddenly spoke up. His voice rolled like thunder and some of the elite disciples who were close to Yuan Shan’s position, saw stars exploding before their eyes. They were forced to back away.

“Chen Feng is currently in cultivation retreat. If you fellows are sincerely here to visit, come again some other day.” Purplebolt finally appeared. At any rate, the ones coming were Sky Human stage cultivators. For Purplebolt to not appear was unreasonable.

“So, it is a Great Yao.” With just a glance, Yuan Shan recognized Purplebolt. At the same time, he felt somewhat shocked. He was shocked at Chen Feng’s background. He did not expect that Chen Feng could have a Great Yao guarding his residence.

“Just a Great Yao with 1 Lightning Tribulation under its belt. We three core disciples are here to sincerely visit. Is Chen Feng still not going to come out? Who does he think he is?” Suddenly, the core disciple standing beside Yuan Shan, Tie Mu, spoke up with a sneer on his arrogant face.

“That is right! Hurry up and tell Chen Feng to come greet us!” The other core disciple, Liu Heifeng, shouted. He was simply looking down on Purplebolt.

Purplebolt was furious. The two fellows’ cultivation bases were not as high as his. In a fight, Purplebolt was confident that he could fight the two of them at the same time. He could even seriously wound the two fellows. However, the one named Yuan Shan was not easy to deal with. His cultivation base was shocking to Purplebolt. Even the Floating Mountain that they were standing on was a very powerful Prized artefact. Should they get into a fight, he would surely end up losing.

“Fellows, as I mentioned earlier, Chen Feng is currently in cultivation retreat. He is not meeting anyone for now. I think you fellows should come again some other day,” said Purplebolt through gritted teeth. In the past, with his old temper, he would have already started a fight. However, given the circumstances, he had no choice but to bow his head.

“Insolence, you are just a yao beast, an animal! Hurry up and scram!” Tie Mu shouted coldly.

Hearing that, Purplebolt could tolerate them no more. After acquiring human form, a yao beast was no different from a human. However, this fellow was insulting him by labelling him as an animal. No matter how much self-restraint Purplebolt had, no matter how good of a temper Purplebolt had, he could not hold back anymore.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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