Chapter 292: Trouble Arrives


“What a formidable force of gravity! If it were not for the fact that I have already opened up the Force acupoint, I can forget about taking on 60 times the force of gravity. I wouldn’t even be able to take on 50 times the force of gravity.” Chen Feng was seated and he secretly circulated his primary energy throughout his body as he attempted to repair his torn internal organs and the micro vessels. 

“Ha ha, kid! How do you feel now?” Tower sounded quite pleased with himself.

“Not bad.” For Chen Feng, even the act of talking had become laborious.

“In that case, train yourself here. When you can handle 100 times the force of gravity, you can exit,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“One hundred times the force of gravity? Fine, let’s do 100 times the force of gravity!” Even as Chen Feng spoke, he could feel the muscles on his face trembling.

As Chen Feng was focused on his cultivation, a piece of news spread out amongst the disciples of Extreme Celestial Sect. Additionally, it spread farther and farther. It did not take long for even some elders to know about it.

According to that piece of news, Chen Feng possessed both a top-grade Prized artefact and a Sacred artefact.

Once the rumour spread out, many disciples who were in cultivation retreat were aroused. They all ended their retreat. Some who possessed high cultivation bases or powerful backers began scheming how to snatch away Chen Feng’s magic treasures. Even some elders were tempted.

For cultivators who had overcome a few Lightning Tribulations, some could still more or less resist the allure of a top-grade Prized artefact. However, the allure of a Sacred artefact was not something that the average cultivator could resist.

Naturally, not all the cultivators within Extreme Celestial Sect believed that Chen Feng possessed a Sacred artefact. However, there were simply too many cultivators in Extreme Celestial Sect. Even the gathering of one tenth of the cultivators there could form a sea of cultivators.

Hearing the news, Luo Bo and Sun Xuan swiftly met up.

“Who spread this? Chen Feng is going to be in a world of trouble now,” Sun Xuan said.

“Humph! Is there a need to ask? The two of us will never say anything about this. As such, it can only be the others. Those fellows have no conscience at all. Senior Brother Chen had saved our lives back in the Demon Trial Grounds. Unexpectedly, there are some who would make such an unscrupulous action. If I ever find out who, I will never let them get away,” Luo Bo said furiously.

“Guys, we’ve got trouble!” Suddenly, Wang Meng and another disciple, Liu Fei, rushed over.

“You two have heard the news as well?” Sun Xuan asked.

“As of this moment, in all of Extreme Celestial Mountain, the core disciples included, there are probably only a handful who are still in the dark about this matter. Additionally, I hear that our sect’s disciples are openly and secretly surrounding Chen Feng’s mountain residence. Chen Feng is in trouble,” Wang Meng quickly said.

“What? There are people surrounding Senior Brother Chen’s mountain residence? Why didn’t the higher ups from our sect come out to manage this matter?” Luo Bo said furiously.

“Hey, a high-grade Prized artefact and a fabled Sacred artefact. The disciples are not the only ones tempted. I fear that even some elders would secretly take action,” Liu Fei said with a sneer.

“This piece of news must surely have come from one of us. I can be certain; it is either Ma Yuan or Liu Kai. Back then, I noticed something amiss about the way they look,” Wang Meng said scornfully.

“Junior Brother Wang, don’t recklessly conjecture,” Sun Xuan hastily said.

“This is not reckless conjecture. Just look! They have yet to come. They must surely be feeling guilty,” Wang Meng responded with a sneer.

Back then, a total of 17 cultivators entered the Demon Trial Grounds alongside Chen Feng. Two died, leaving 15 who made it back. Thus, all 15 were suspects.

Soon enough, eight more cultivators from the group of 15 arrived to meet up with Sun Xuan and the others, leaving only three cultivators unaccounted for. Two of the three cultivators were the ones that Wang Meng mentioned earlier, Ma Yuan and Liu Kai.

“Heh! Didn’t I tell you? For them to still not come, it must be both Ma Yuan and Liu Kai. Ze Fei hasn’t come as well. There must be something going on with the three of them. I will go catch those three fellows and interrogate them properly,” Wang Meng said.

“That is right! We’ll go together and capture the three of them first,” Luo Bo said in agreement.

“Hold! Fellows, don’t be rash. Right now, we still cannot be certain who leaked this news. What is more important now is to rush to Senior Brother Chen’s residence. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help out if something happens,” Sun Xuan said.

 “Very well. Hopefully, no conflict arises. None of the sect elders are coming out to manage this situation while Senior Brother Chen has quite the temper on him. This will likely lead to troubles,” Luo Bo said.

Fairbright Club…

“Club Leader, we received a piece of news just now. An elite disciple named Chen Feng has a top-grade Prized artefact!” He Tian said.

“It is just a Prized artefact. Why are you throwing such a ruckus?” a handsome young man in white attire, seated on a chair made from jade stone, said coolly.

He was Li Yitian, the Club Leader of Extreme Celestial Sect’s Fairbright Club.

“However, I have heard that this Chen Feng also possesses a Sacred artefact.” Light glinted across He Tian’s eyes.

“Sacred artefact?” Li Yitian straightened himself, a look of shock on his face.

“Does he really possess a Sacred artefact? A minor elite disciple actually possesses a Sacred artefact? Heh! Even our Extreme Celestial Sect doesn’t have many Sacred artefacts,” Li Yitian said with a chuckle.

“This Chen Feng had entered Driftcloud Immortal Mountain in the past. Maybe he had acquired this Sacred artefact back then,” He Tian said.

“Driftcloud Immortal Mountain? Interesting. It seems this Chen Feng is a lucky fellow. When there is time, I must go check him out,” said a smiling Li Yitian.

“Club Leader, are you not planning to go there first? What if someone else snatches away the Sacred artefact?” He Tian asked.

“Hey! Snatch the item belonging to a junior? I am not that kind of person! Besides, it’s just a Sacred artefact, not some Heaven-defying magic treasure. If there is nothing else, you can step out first.” Li Yitian waved him off.

“Yes, Club Leader!” A hint of regret flashed across He Tian’s face as he lowered his head before stepping out.

After He Tian left, a sneer appeared on Li Yitian’s face. “A bunch of fools. They don’t focus on cultivating properly and keep thinking about resorting to underhanded actions all the time, can’t reach the apex! However, this Chen Feng fellow must have some background. Let’s see how this unfolds!”

Next, strands of sword light flowed out from Li Yitian’s body to swiftly wrap him up.

Astral Thunder Club…

A tall and muscular man was handling a small, three-inch sword on his palm. The sword kept spinning and the clump of lightning bolts on his palm was ceaselessly transforming into various forms. 

He was the Club Leader of Astral Thunder Club, Zhao Tianlei. The Astral Thunder Sword Technique he cultivated had reached perfection. 

“He he, I didn’t think our sect would become so lively. I hear that an elite disciple has acquired a Sacred artefact and many people have become tempted by it,” Zhao Tianlei said with a snicker.

“That is right, Club Leader. Should we go join in the liveliness?” said a young cultivator who was beside Zhao Tianlei.

“Just some trifling squabbles. I have no time to be watching something like this. Our sect’s Grand Competition will be starting soon. This time, I must defeat Li Yitian, Sun Tianyuan and the others!” Zhao Tianlei swung his hand and the three-inch sword immediately transformed into a beam of light before disappearing. 

Up in the sky, somewhere 5 kilometres away from him, a man, fully clad in black clothes, walked out from thin air. He stretched his hand out and grasped. Next, a three-inch sword, flashing with lightning bolts, was caught in his grip.


The small sword exploded and sky-encompassing lightning bolts enveloped the black-clad man.

“Humph! You dare spy on me? You don’t know the meaning of death!” Zhao Tianlei muttered in a hushed tone.

The lightning bolts disappeared and the black-clad man re-appeared in the sky, seemingly unscathed. The corners of his mouth curled into a sneer. “It seems Zhao Tianlei has improved considerably. I will have to be careful in the Grand Competition.”

After that, the black-clad man disappeared. If there were people around, they would recognize the black-clad man as the Club Leader of Seven Kills Club, Qi Sha.

It was not just Fairbright Club and Astral Thunder Club. Some other groups and clubs were alarmed by the news. However, their leaders, too, revealed the same response. They were unmoved by a Sacred artefact.

By the time Sun Xuan and the others arrived near Chen Feng’s mountain residence, they saw that there were already several hundred cultivators scattered around. To their chagrin, a conflict had already erupted.

By glancing forward, Sun Xuan and the others could see several elite disciples there. They were either bloodied or lying on the ground. Some gritted their teeth and cursed. Clearly, a battle had erupted earlier.

“What happened? Did they simply attack? That’s going overboard! He is their fellow sect member, after all!” Wang Meng blurted out.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two elite disciples vaulted up into the sky. They wrapped their bodies with sword light and smashed their way towards Chen Feng’s mountain residence.

“Those fellows are Ma Yun and Lei Ming! I’ll go teach them a lesson!” said Luo Bo, who moved to face them.

“Hold it! Junior Brother Luo, do not be impulsive. Let’s observe the situation first.” Sun Xuan stopped him.

When Ma Yun and Lei Ming approached the mountain, they sent forth two formidable blasts of sword energy at the same time. However, the blasts of sword energy were only able to cover a distance of over 100 metres before the restrictive arrays on the mountain stopped them.

“Junior Brother Chen, we are simply here to visit you. Is this how you treat your guests?” Ma Yun shouted loudly.

Unfortunately, no reply was forthcoming. Chen Feng was still in his cultivation retreat within the Longevity Tower. He was simply unaware of what was happening outside.

“Junior Brother Chen, please lift the restrictive barriers. Let’s meet up and have a chat. We have no malicious intentions,” Lei Ming said.

“Humph! Chen Feng is currently cultivating himself. If there is nothing, hurry up and leave. If you come raise a ruckus again, don’t blame me for being rude.” A sneering voice spread out from the mountain, shocking Ma Yun and Lei Ming to the point of dizziness. Their blood energy roiled ceaselessly and their hovering bodies became unsteady.

It was none other than Purplebolt. He’d had to exercise great patience for the past few days. Originally, he had been cultivating himself peacefully and was about to make a breakthrough when some cultivators unexpectedly attempted to break into the mountain. He wounded a level 9 Concealed stage cultivator while Four Ears sent the remaining cultivators packing.

Observing the increasing number of cultivators outside, Purplebolt felt his head aching. No matter how you cut it, they were disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect. It would not do for him to go too harsh on them, otherwise some more powerful characters would be brought over instead. As for Chen Feng, he was presently hiding somewhere to cultivate himself. As Lu Ta’s cultivation base was insufficient, it was up to Purplebolt and Four Ears to deal with the present situation.

“What a formidable aura! That is a Sky Human stage cultivator!” Ma Yun and Lei Ming exchanged glances, looks of shock appearing on their faces. They never expected the existence of a Sky Human stage cultivator in Chen Feng’s mountain residence.


Note: He Tian is the Sky Human stage cultivator who attacked Purplebolt in the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain arc. Chapter 262.

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