Chapter 291: Six Unity Acupoints


Chen Feng spent three days setting up restrictive barriers. He also released the Phantom Beast suppressed inside the Longevity Tower. Naturally, that was only after utilizing the Soul Shackle technique to leave his imprint within the Phantom Beast’s soul, allowing him full control over it.

Thus, Chen Feng began cultivating himself. He could faintly sense a potential crisis brewing. He knew that it was just a matter of time before danger approached him. However, he was still too weak. It was imperative for him to improve his strength.

Cultivation base wise, Chen Feng’s level at level 5 of the Concealed stage was truly not worth much. Although he possessed the status of a disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect, no one would care about that if he did not possess enough strength. At any rate, might makes right.

Chen Feng’s next goal was to form his domain power. Only then can he cement his status as an elite disciple.

However, Chen Feng felt somewhat depressed. By following the cultivation methods used by normal cultivators, Chen Feng would be able to swiftly form his domain power. However, according to the Longevity Scripture, he would first have to open up his Eight Trigram acupoints. Only then could he form his domain power and develop a domain.

In order to open up the Eight Trigram acupoints, Chen Feng would have to reach level 8 of the Concealed stage first. There were two levels, level 6 and level 7, in between him and that goal.

As such, he needed to open up the Six Unity acupoints for level 6 of the Concealed stage and the Seven Aperture acupoints for level 7 of the Concealed stage. Thus, Chen Feng understood that it would take him quite some time before he could form his domain power.

If there weren’t any dangers, Chen Feng would have no cause for worry and would be able to slowly cultivate himself. At present, however, Chen Feng could feel a sense of urgency.

“Humph! I refuse to accept this! Given my current level of strength, if I integrate with a few more Prized artefacts, even Sky Human stage cultivators would find it hard to capture me,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Kid, it seems your understanding of the Longevity Scripture is not deep enough. I have already mentioned this last time, but the Five Elemental acupoints are a minor hurdle. After you successfully cultivate it, the later levels will be easy to cultivate,” Tower reminded him.

“Besides, you have so many Prized artefacts and spiritual herbs on you. It will be difficult to cultivate at a normal rate.” Tower laughed.

“Additionally, you can train yourself inside the Longevity Tower. I have recently regained some memories and powers. I have developed some plans for your next cultivation step. You will be able to experience them soon.” There was a slightly ghastly and pleased tone within Tower’s laughter. It was as though he was thinking of something fun.

“I can really train inside the tower?” Chen Feng was doubtful.

“Hey! Are you really treating the Longevity Tower as just a storage-type magic treasure? You obtuse fellow!” Tower was displeased.

The six insight acupoints that Chen Feng needed to open up for level 6 of the Concealed stage were: Essence acupoint, Energy acupoint, Soul acupoint, Blood acupoint, Surge acupoint and Force acupoint.

The six insight acupoints could be considered as great gates within the human body. By successfully opening these acupoints, one can enhance six types of power within the body.

Next up, although Chen Feng did not sit down cross-legged to motionlessly cultivate like the other cultivators, he did not leave his mountain.

During his cultivation process, Chen Feng realized that every set of acupoints had their own characteristics. By meeting the conditions, opening them would be easy.

Take the Five Elemental acupoints for example. With enough power of the five elements, opening the Five Elemental acupoints would be a piece of cake. The same was true for Chen Feng’s attempt to open the Six Unity acupoints. 

The present Chen Feng possessed a mighty fleshly body. His longevity-type primary energy was more potent than the primary energy of a level 9 Concealed stage cultivator. Additionally, after having devoured the soul of demonic beasts, his soul power had improved considerably. Thus, at that very moment, Chen Feng’s Essence, Energy and Soul was in a state of abundance.

Ten days later, he managed to simultaneously open up the Essence acupoint, Energy acupoint and Soul acupoint. Vibrant essence, vigorous primary energy, thriving soul power. All of those began expanding within Chen Feng.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Popping sounds were ceaselessly bursting out from his flesh and bones. Chen Feng’s strength was rapidly rising. It was something that he could clearly feel. In fact, the rate at which it was rising terrified even Chen Feng.

“Kid, what are you spacing out for? Hurry up and take medicinal pills!” Tower suddenly reminded him.

With the Essence, Energy and Soul acupoints opened, Chen Feng felt the appearance of three bottomless pits within his body. It was as though there were three terribly starved monsters hidden within him, monsters which began devouring all the life forces around them.

“I forgot about this,” said Chen Feng, who brought out a pile of Magic crystals. In the blink of an eye, 10,000 Magic crystals were utterly devoured by Chen Feng. 

“Kid, have you become senile? Hurry up and take the Pure Essence Pills! What is the use in devouring these pieces of crap?!” Tower shouted furiously.

Chen Feng was taken aback. Then, he quickly understood. With a wave of his hand, a crystal-clear medicinal pill appeared in his palm. It was none other than the grade 8 Earthen-tier Pure Essence Pill, concocted using the flesh of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm.

“This is an Earthen-tier medicinal pill taken by Sky Human stage cultivators. Not to mention, it is a grade 8 pill. Will taking this blow me up?” Chen Feng felt slightly concerned. However, without hesitating, he swallowed it. 


The medicinal pill abruptly erupted and streams of formidable flesh-type energy charged through Chen Feng’s body, rampaging about as it did. Finally, however, they were all absorbed by his Essence acupoint at a rapid rate.

The Essence acupoint kept absorbing the streams of energy, its rate of absorption fluctuating every now and again. It then transformed the streams of flesh-type energy into surging streams of primary energy. The primary energy clashed against the blood energy within him again and again before transforming into strands of mysterious power. That was soul power.

Refine essence to create energy, refine energy to create the soul. The Essence, Energy and Soul acupoints then became connected to form a one-way cycle.

The Pure Essence Pill was an Earthen-tier medicinal pill, after all. It was an excellent supplement concocted from the flesh of a Great Yao. After taking just that one pill, the three insight acupoints slowly stabilized. 

One month later, the Essence, Energy and Soul acupoints reached the major success phase. Thus, Chen Feng began assailing the other insight acupoints.

This time, Chen Feng assailed the Blood acupoint. By opening this insight acupoint, the ability of Chen Feng’s body to produce blood would soar, thereby leading to a more exuberant blood energy and blood essence.

After Chen Feng took a Blood Pill, the pill’s medicinal power spread out. In less than one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng had successfully opened his Blood acupoint. Blood surged ceaselessly through his blood vessels. It was such that Chen Feng felt himself on the verge of exploding. The Blood Pill’s medicinal power was simply too strong and Chen Feng was incapable of swiftly refining it.

“I’ll make use of this medicinal power’s assailing momentum to assail the next insight acupoint!” Chen Feng said through gritted teeth.

The next insight acupoint was the Surge acupoint. It could speed up the circulation rate of his body’s blood energy and primary energy. If circulating a cultivation technique would usually require one joss stick’s worth of time, by opening the Surge acupoint, the circulation time would be greatly reduced to only half a joss stick’s worth of time or less.

As Chen Feng’s blood vessels were on the brink of breaking, his Surge acupoint was successfully opened. Thus, the blood energy and primary energy within his body flowed at an even faster rate. One, two, three. Finally, when the circulation rate was four times faster, it stabilized. 

Chen Feng’s swollen blood vessels slowly recovered their normal shape. At the same time, a swift and forceful aura escaped Chen Feng’s body to spread and smash into his surroundings. The ground and rocks around him were thus turned into powdery bits as a result.

I have opened up five of the six insight acupoints. All that is left is the Force acupoint. I’ll get it done in one go. Charge and break through! Chen Feng shouted inwardly as both his foot thrust deep into the ground, causing the entire mountain to shake.

Chen Feng spent 10 days assailing the final Force acupoint.


The space around Chen Feng seemingly exploded and ripples charged into his surroundings. Chen Feng had successfully opened the Force acupoint and could feel every organ and flesh within his body growing stronger. Pure power began budding into existence from every corner of his body. By then, Chen Feng had stopped his primary energy from circulating. And yet, the aura emanating from his body grew even stronger.

After opening the Force acupoint, Chen Feng felt his fleshly might increasing three times before stopping. At that moment, Chen Feng felt as though he was the God of Might. His fist alone could destroy everything that stood before him.

“The Six Unity acupoints are all opened. In just a few months, my strength has increased by over 10 times.” Light shone from Chen Feng’s eyes as he secretly sensed the changes to his body.

Another 10 days passed and Chen Feng’s 6th sea of wisdom layer was opened. He had officially become a level 6 Concealed stage cultivator. This time, the longevity primary spirit surging out from his 6th sea of wisdom layer was even stronger, causing Chen Feng’s strength to double yet again.

As Chen Feng was about to familiarize himself with his newfound power, everything before his eyes flashed and he found himself within the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, what are you doing?” Chen Feng felt displeased to have his cultivation process interrupted.

“He he! Kid, your cultivation speed is quite fast. However, your foundation is not stable and your power is a chaotic mess. Come into the tower and experience the cultivation plan that I have designed for you,” said Tower gleefully.

“What cultivation plan?” Chen Feng was taken aback.


A formidable force descended upon Chen Feng’s body, causing him to stagger. However, he was quick to regain his balance.

“How do you feel?” Tower asked with a chuckle.

“Ten times the gravity? Is this the cultivation plan you mentioned? It’s not much,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. This level of pressure was truly nothing much for him.

“Is that so? In that case, have a good taste of it,” Tower responded with a snicker.


Immediately, Chen Feng felt the pressure on him growing stronger. 20 times, 30 times, 40 times. It kept increasing until it was 50 times the force of gravity.

This gravity force was not the same as simply putting several tens of thousands of jin upon Chen Feng’s body. Given Chen Feng’s cultivation base, he could easily lift up items weighing several tens of thousands of jin. However, this force of gravity imposed upon Chen Feng by Tower could put pressure upon even his internal organs and blood.

This pressure was acting upon every part of his body. Under 50 times the force of gravity, Chen Feng felt his blood circulation going beyond his control. His internal organs swelled up in pain, his ears buzzed and his sight began going dark.

“This feeling.” Chen Feng took a few steps forward. It felt difficult. Even the circulation rate of the longevity-type primary energy within his body had slowed down.

“How do you feel? Is it tough? He he! You can still move? Looks like this is still not enough.” Tower cackled.

The force of gravity increased by another 10 times. With a plop, Chen Feng sat down cross-legged. He attempted to get up a few times, but was unsuccessful. At the same time, he could sense tears appearing on his internal organs and some micro vessels. Surprisingly, the force of gravity had wounded him.

1 jin = 0.5 kg

Note: Chen Feng captured the Phantom Beast in Chapter 189.

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